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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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Suggestions / Asteroid Storms
« on: April 23, 2012, 06:54:44 AM »
A'ight everyone here plays the game, mind their business blowin' fleets up and all that shazz...

But it would be neat as all hell to have natural hazards such as Asteroid storms

In MY head here is how I see it happen

Asteroid Storms would behave like any fleet only thoses would have not a single form of "tracking"
(or maybe perhaps allow them to curve their trajectories when coming close to a planet due to the whole "GRAVTITATION PIT B*TCH" thing).

If a fleet comes into contact with it, it would force a sort of "engagement" with no choices at all.

The idea would be that at the start of the engagement you get a countdown, when countdown reaches zero, hundreds of rocks are hurled at your fleet from one angle of the map and basically the only thing your fleet could do would be to outlast the storm by either dodging the rocks or or blowing the living sh*t out of it.

Now I'm not saying to do that just so some big fleets get screwed over just by a bunch of dumb rocks, but also as a sort of "Mining minigame"

See, I can see the whole "farming rocks to victory" become QUITE boring...

But lets say the f*cking rocks are hurled at you from across the map , forcing you to either shoot em to bits (and thus liberating whatever's inside of em) or just not give a crap and dodge right through em without a care in the world, Then YEAH I'd be game, it would also make a good trainning as to what your ship CAN and CANNOT do...

Also PLEASE....For GOD'S SAKE give us a sorta vault where we can store up the ships and ressources we don't need....That would just go hand-in-hand with that....

Suggestions / About plasma cannons....
« on: April 20, 2012, 03:11:01 AM »
Okay so....

I'm sorry but 900 Flux per shot seems overkill, I'd rather use Auto-pulse cannons or High intensity lasers and then switch to tachyon lances if I can somehow find a good supply of thoses, but REALLY atm the Plasma Cannon feels kinda....Well stupid really...

Damage output comparable to a tachyon lance but the range, OP cost and the overall fact that the Plasma bolt bursts are NOT insta-hit/fast-moving completely kills the point of even using that damn gun...

I just don't see the damn point in using thoses when just about everything else in its class is better while even sometimes costing less OPs AND less creds....

Suggestions / Few thing i noticed that would or not be good or bad
« on: April 12, 2012, 12:21:17 AM »
Okay so I've had one of the most INSANE fleet growth rate yesterday and a few things I do feel like they need to be said

1:Mercenary groups are game-breaking

Yup, went there: it is not uncommon that a mercenary fleet engages a fleet and barely comes out of it in one piece the purest example is that when started a new game and gotten a vigilance class (yay good ship)

Later I found a mercenary fleet with a single cruiser in it, for sh*ts and giggles I engage it and there before my teary eyes the beautiful words "no battle ready ships" appear....

BOOM one free cruiser even though I only had my vigilance class and no fighters whatsoever,

After that I started litterally FARMING thoses, a few minutes later BOOM a Aurora class (fully weaponned up) a few more minutes BOOM a falcon class, my fleet grew so damn fast I litterally ran out of money to crew thoses things

So yeah, play your cards right and you can also get a fully armed Odyssey class at the BEGINNING OF THE GAME wich is just completely insane...No really...

1a: What would be nice in thoses cases would be communication jammers, like this attacking succesfully certain fleets wouldn't affect your rank....Yeah i know you see where im going with this but HEY its not MY fault if thoses guys always pick up ships they cant repair in time...HELL see if THEY care, besides its the future yet you're trying to tell me buttpirates let peoples broadcast SOS' when you want to horribly plunder em ?

2:Balance issues

I think I can safely say no matter how many times I start over the Tri Tachyon fleets ALWAYS end up decimating just about everything in th system HELL at one point Corvus two had FIVE gigantic fleets just buzzing around it and any Hegemony fleet trying to take it back got horribly mauled....I mean....REALLY ?!
a 1 VS 3 odds and yet they still kick that much ass ?

3:comandeerable fighters

Is it even possible ?

4:Non obeying ships

That awkward moment when ships are not where I tell them to be, seriously WHY would a ship suppoed to defend a point on the map is chasing a lasher class across the whole effin' map ?
It has been proved to happen....

5:Scrapping Hardpoints and turrets points

Sometimes some of the ship designs I come up with don't need ALL their weapon slots used, and to me it just seems daft that thoses points can't be refitted to grant a little more OP to add more usefull stuff...Like Integrated targetting or even amplified engines or even Auxiliary Thrusters...I think a LOT of peoples can vow for their usefullness, so the Idea would be that for each non-used weapon slot you get ONE "free of charge" hull mod...

General Discussion / energy weapons: discuss
« on: April 09, 2012, 08:32:02 AM »
Finally got to the point where my fleet is relatively impressive and I noticed that what I had a big tendency in using was lasers and other energetic weapons

Currently my favorite ship being an Apogee Class with a tachyon lance a full set of LR laser PDs and two ion cannons...

I went only with that because i didn't really like the idea to be forced to retreat simply because my stupid ship ran out of ammo...

In the end i restarted again and again until I got myself a Wolf class frigate...


Right now my fleet is soon gonna need a capital ship and I was thinking

"What the hell am I gonna field on it ?"

Recently I saw Some high intensity lasers and Plasma Cannons for sale

Considering I'm aiming at getting a Odyssee class what you guys be betting in your cases ?

Suggestions / A few ideas on my mind...
« on: March 27, 2012, 10:25:32 AM »
Hi its my first post here so I'll try to get right down to it

1: Ramming weapons
Starfarer is one of the rare space sims out there that has good collision physics so i thought
"how about ships able to use drills or other things alike as weapons ?"
It could have drills, dozer blades, saws or heck even other things !
That could really develop the interrest in civilian sorta ships so they actually have their own "gimmick" so to speak

2: Formation tool
It would be sweet as all hell if we could set our ships in set patterns so they actually don't end up in *** places were their weapons are either not reaching OR virtually useless

3:Tactical weapons
ITS THE DAMN FUTURE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, its not like they'd give a damn about using nukes in space, like they care anyway...
Thoses weapons could be used BEFORE actual battles to weaken/damage incoming fleets, however use of said things would require to one: buy the actual bloody thing and two: having the right ship in your fleet to launch the boom stick of doom, to be developped I say

4:Production facilities
I know its just the early alpha and all but will there be actual facilities in space we'll be able to build/hijack so we can produce various things like ships, fuel, know an actual economy wich would allow to escalate to fully blown out wars against other factions were dozens upon dozens of ships may compose each fleet

5:toggleable difficulty setting
Some peoples may find the game a wee bit too hard so I wondered if it was possible to add to the options menu the ability to disable certain things at will like destroyable weapons/engines....

thats just my two cents right there...

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