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General Discussion / Campaign Questions
« on: March 24, 2012, 07:48:26 AM »
So, I just bought the game, and am absolutely loving it (as an aside to Alex, I would suggest setting up a donate option like the SPAZ devs did, I would gladly pay more to see this effort completed), though I have a few questions:

What's the difference between Attack/Defend/Escape?  It seems like there is some interplay between the 3 options for both sides.  If one side escapes and the other defends -> no combat; if one side escapes and the other attacks -> combat.  I've also heard, but not checked myself, that attacking gives you fewer initial fleet points than defending (not sure where escaping lies on that spectrum).  There also seems to be differences in the retreat mechanic--if you attack you can retreat off of any edge, defending only lets you retreat off of your starting edge, while escaping only lets you retreat off of the opponents starting edge.

So, first of all, is all of the above correct?  If so it seems like a fairly robust system with one exception: if I were truly interested in running, whats to stop me from selecting defend/attack and then simply exiting off of my edge immediately?

Secondly, what determines the number of fleet points you'll have available without controlling any points?  I've noticed it does seem to vary.

Finally, my last major question revolves around capturing points.  From the missions I had gathered that capturing all the points would halt all enemy reinforcements.  I rather like that mechanic as it is a direct incentive for keeping and deploying some faster ships in the fleet as opposed to an all heavy fleet being strictly superior.  However, it seems that this mechanic doesnt hold in the campaign...  I had a very rude awakening when I spent half my fleet fighting a massively numerically superior fleet, while capturing all the points, only to wipe the wave and have two fresh battlecruisers dropped on me.  Is something else going on here or does that mechanic really not hold?  If it doesnt hold I'd really like to petition that it should, as otherwise there is virtually zero incentive (and very little hope) in attacking fleets larger than yours.  I know that there have already been discussions about the wonky difficulty curve, but although this would ostensibly make the game even easier once you acquire a fleet composition capable of capturing the points, I feel it vastly improves the game if only because it means I can actually do more than either save-scumming, or spending the entire game trouncing unchallenging inferior fleets only because I have no hope against superior fleets...

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