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Suggestions / Re: (huge spoiler) About unremovable d-mods
« on: May 12, 2023, 08:28:37 PM »
I think if Hull Restoration at the least worked for these it might serve to make the skill more appealing in general, since people don't seem to currently value it as worthy of being a capstone.

Suggestions / Re: Slightly-Less-Augmented Drive Field
« on: May 12, 2023, 08:26:26 PM »
Funnily, with Invictus and essentially every time I use ADF (Atlas/Prometheus), I only want +1 burn so it matches my other capitals sitting at a comfortable 7. Having a lesser version of the mod with lower OP cost (25 instead of 40?) would be a wonderful option.

Suggestions / Re: (huge spoiler) About unremovable d-mods
« on: May 10, 2023, 07:41:39 PM »
I wouldn't mind if investing in both Hull Restoration and Automated Ships would let you repair them. You're telling me I can integrate one of the most brilliant minds of the Sector inside of the ship and it can't help me fix it or help me learn how to fix it, as one of the few Captains - if not the only one - capable of understanding how automated vessels function and methods of restoring hulls in worse shape without an industrial shipyard on hand?

I'd like to think with both of these talents you'd be able to work out something to fix up the damage at a shipyard proper.

Suggestions / Re: Colossus Mk. II does not appear to have carrier AI.
« on: June 17, 2021, 12:57:35 PM »
Hi - thanks for the report! This actually isn't a bug; the Colossus Mk.III is flagged as a "combat" carrier, meaning it's willing to fight on the front line like the Mora or the Legion. That's possibly a questionable tactical choice, but it's a pirate vessel...
Wouldn't questionable tactical choices be covered by the doctrine of the Pirates faction itself, as well as the Aggressive/Reckless personalities common to their Officers? It seems a bit unusual that a player fleet or steady Officer treats it like it's a real combat vessel and not a floating cardboard box.

Suggestions / Re: Make Explorarium Drones 'free' for Automated Ships
« on: June 06, 2021, 07:33:52 AM »
Realized I never replied here - yeah, one thing I want to do is look at the DP of the larger drones. (The small ones are not going to be much good regardless.)

Adding "Rugged Construction" to them may be worth a look, too, since we're likely looking at a drone-junker style if these are involved.
Rugged Construction certainly fits their lore, but from testing I wouldn't say they're limited to a junker playstyle; I'd argue the Rampart is most usable with a build involving makeshift shield generator and hardened shields built-in, further boosted by an (Alpha) AI Core with Shield Modulation. I suspect a similar strategy would work for the Berserker, albeit held back by the inefficiency of 6 DP + 5/7/10 for the AI core meaning you'll have generally 2-4 of them in a fleet at best.

My whole argument for 'free vs skill limit' is that you could then have a fleet of, say: 1 Alpha Rampart, 4 Gamma Berserkers, and fleet-limit-filling amounts of dinky uncored drones and hit your 30/30 leaving the CR pristine. On the other hand if Ramparts/Berserkers/etc. were halved against the skill limit, you'd only really be able to comfortably have... 1 Alpha Rampart, 1 Gamma Berserker and maybe a couple uncored frigates before the skill's limit starts knocking down the CR to stat-lowering levels.

The 'abusable' cases of them being free, such as someone choosing to have 6-8+ Gamma Ramparts in their fleet, would already be kept in check by the low quality of Ramparts combined with the vessel having 25 DP (which is actually close to fair value when it has an integrated Alpha with an s-modded loadout), and as someone mentioned could be solved by lowering the impact of AI Cores on battle DP limit calculations (or in the case of Cored Explorarium drones, specifically lowering it for them).

Suggestions / Re: Make Explorarium Drones 'free' for Automated Ships
« on: June 03, 2021, 04:14:56 PM »
I feel the primary issue with them is that they’re heavily overcost in terms of Deployment Points; you’re giving up a slot that a far, far better ship could have taken.  If Derelict ships were assigned DP values closer to their actual performance, in conjunction with measures like Rugged Construction and perhaps a discount to the AI core assigned to them (maybe -2?), they’d be more competitive.
I'm fine with them retaining their current sub-par DP and battle stats, if only because both SP and Cores can bring them more up to speed - and that using Automated Ships for having a lot of cheaper, sub-par ships with Officers compared to the intense quality of a couple Remnant vessels sounds fun. It wouldn't be far from the challenge of using Pirate vessels, or Pather vessels - sure, most of them suck anyways, but that doesn't discourage me from wanting to build a fleet of them.

Blog Posts / Re: A Tale of Two Tech Levels
« on: June 01, 2021, 06:27:58 PM »
Could some armor friendly hull mods get added that are geared to low tech? I mean we have a rather powerful mods to enhance shields on ships that already have the best shields. Give armor resistance traits or something. Some hull mods specifically designed to most benefit Low tech. Every hull mod seems to be Generalized or clearly just better for High tech and a lesser extent Midline.
I do like the idea of having hullmods to better specialize what your armour protects against. Impact Mitigation before the last couple of hotfixes was very strong, but that was because it was extremely common on Officers and never had a cost for the ship. Hullmods that offer similar armour specialization would be pretty nice, doubly because using them would take away OP the ship might use elsewhere (and so likely wouldn't be ubiquitous picks).

Suggestions / Re: Make Explorarium Drones 'free' for Automated Ships
« on: June 01, 2021, 06:16:50 PM »
I think that would clash with the way officers decide how large your DP share is at the start of a battle.
This already happens with the second popular use of Automated Ships, spamming Gamma Core Glimmers.

Largely mirrors my thoughts, yeah. One thing I was thinking is perhaps AI cores could cost based on the cost of the ship they're in. The derelicts having no cost I think might just mean "you only use the largest one". Their impact on DP would need to be adjusted, though (which, I mean, fine - can't trust them for tactical advice!)
Only using the largest one would still have the inherent limitation of Ramparts being all-around 'far worse Dominators' (point for point when deploying them in battle), off-set only by the power of whatever AI Core you install in them. Without Cores, they're really kind of bad. I really wouldn't mind if Derelicts being free to the AS limit came at the cost of Cores contributing less to battle DP, given that Automated Ships already somewhat treads on the value of Officer Management.

The medium ones might still be appealing for a player who wants to deploy a couple destroyer-sized frigate-priced distractions with maybe Gamma or Beta cores, given that the Berserker can fit a lot of firepower for it's cost (especially with s-mods) and the Bastillon has some limited potential as a PD escort drone. Either way if someone wants to fill out their fleet limit with cheap little spammable Domain Drones, it wouldn't exactly be an efficient/powerful use of that limit anyways compared to just bringing some high-end frigates.

What if they all got... Rugged Construction built-in?
This and the blueprint idea would both be cool!

Overall: I don't want to make these drones statistically better in battle, at least not in any way that'd affect how the AI uses them, I just want them to be be somewhere close to a viable option for the player. I came to the thought of 'free vs AS dp limit, barring the added cost of AI cores'  because you're still choosing to use a tier 5 skill to bring sub-par vessels into battle - mitigating the benefits of the AI Cores you use in them, while leaving you with just crappy un-officered (though uncrewed) ships for any drones you don't install cores in.

Suggestions / Make Explorarium Drones 'free' for Automated Ships
« on: May 31, 2021, 09:50:27 PM »
To pre-face, Explorarium Drones are currently extremely unappealing choices when you're running the Automated Ships skill. They generally underperform compared to Remnant counterparts of similar cost (and even versus crewed ships of similar cost), and the only strong case where you'd consider using them would be in early game if you manage to get the skill before fighting any Remnants til that point.

To that end, I spent some time thinking about how you would make them more appealing: What if the DP of Explorarium Drones simply didn't count against the limit of the Automated Ships skill? AI Cores in them would still count against the skill as usual, but this means that if you're feeling funky, instead of a Radiant with an Alpha Core that dominates the battlefield - at the same CR limit you could do something silly like 5 Ramparts with Alpha Cores, being brought in one after the other as they fall in battle. Or, more reasonably, you could field 3 Alpha'd Ramparts and have a trio of below-average Cruisers with powerful Officers bringing them more up to speed.

This would both suit the lore given that these droneships are old, modular and designed for fairly independent operation - as well as offering an alternative playstyle for Automated Ships that focuses more on Quantity over Quality (Explorarium vs Remnant). Plus, it would bring a greater emphasis on droneships in your fleet without making the player overpowered, as the fleet limit that exists would serve to prevent bringing an 'infinite' amount of no-Core droneships (as well as that they're fairly abysmal vessels without Cores in them already).

Suggestions / Re: Separate notification for speeding up time
« on: May 29, 2021, 09:33:00 PM »
The suggestion makes sense, then. Blocking pertinent information really shouldn't occur, even if it might be a subtle way of 'punishing' players for not paying attention.

Suggestions / Re: Atlas MK II, Prometheus MK II, and Buffalo MK II
« on: May 29, 2021, 01:10:31 PM »
In all seriousness, I am literally talking about atlas MK II which is the ship you mentioned as one you would want to buff with AS. I've tried to do that, but the issue is just that ship doesn't have enough OP, and burning 20% of it's OP just to leverage the skill with MS + assault package. Plus even with just one Atlas MK II, the AS bonus is already like only 150% which just kinda gets it back to normal capital stats, not even particularly good stats. The ships is still bad with AS, because it has awful dissipation and is super OP starved, and AS doesn't fix either of those problems. At least built in MS would help make your one altas MK II a bit better by freeing up 25 OP.
I wouldn't be against Aux Support giving you an 'extra s-mod slot' available exclusively for Militarized Subsystems, but I disagree that an Atlas II is truly OP-starved. You just need to be a bit more focused in your build; be willing to sacrifice PD, the missiles, shields or anything your build 'won't need' to optimize the flux stats and more importantly optimize how your Officer will pilot it. It's a good gunship/missile boat/artillery platform for it's DP that can be built in a plethora of ways, you just need to specialize it for your fleet's needs.

Suggestions / Re: Three skill ideas
« on: May 29, 2021, 01:06:16 PM »
2: Categorize skills not by aptitude but by epoch. Same mechanics, different themes: instead of the current Combat/Leadership/Technology/Industry it will be Core Epoch/Mastery Epoch/Expansion Epoch/Fall Epoch
This wouldn't be very easy for a new player to understand (unless the codex had a history section and these skills had mouse-over lore panels), but it's a very interesting idea as far as flavour goes.

Suggestions / Re: Separate notification for speeding up time
« on: May 29, 2021, 01:02:15 PM »
.. Isn't this a mod feature? Shouldn't this feedback be on the mod's page? I don't use SpeedUp and I don't recall any sort of feature akin to it in vanilla, unless I've missed a button somewhere.

Suggestions / Re: Atlas MK II, Prometheus MK II, and Buffalo MK II
« on: May 27, 2021, 07:13:07 PM »
We're talking about the combat ships that you would specifically take that skill to benefit though? Like I can't imagine taking auxiliary support and then using a bunch of civilian military ships without trying to buff them with the skill. The skill also sucks too, you have to burn so many OP just to get the benefits of the skill, and most civilian ships don't have a ton of OP to begin with. The whole idea behind the skill doesn't really work IMO.
To the contrary, no. You take the skill to generally benefit either a single large vessel like an Atlas II/Venture, or a few smaller vessels like Kites. Whatever you use it for precludes ever using ANY other militarized vessel in your fleet. As-is, the skill does work, it just has a very specialist-focused offering: Making a very, very small portion of your fleet more powerful. In a sense, it's akin to running Automated Ships - you do it with a very specific strategy in mind around a large vessel or a few smaller ones.

When you suddenly make the hullmod a 'default', you run into an issue currently limited (in vanilla) to the fleet carrier skills: You suddenly don't want extra militarized vessels in your fleet, only very specific vessels. In the case of the carrier skills this applies to fighter bays, with logistic/support vessels like the Gemini or Colossus Mk. III suddenly becoming worse-than-worthless trash just by existence of their fighter bays nerfing your combat carriers.

As-is, when using the skill you burn less OP on average than SO for a significant overall boost to the performance of the very specific ship you want boosted. This can turn an Atlas II into a respectable kinetic-focused artillery platform, or a Venture into a Capital-grade armour tank. I haven't experimented closely enough with the smaller vanilla vessels to get a feel for Auxiliary Support builds for them, but neither of the two I mentioned run into any OP problems using Auxiliary Support.

Suggestions / Re: Atlas MK II, Prometheus MK II, and Buffalo MK II
« on: May 27, 2021, 02:11:50 PM »
The capitals will single handedly ruin the sensor profile and burn of your fleet without MS. You have to invest tons of OP just to make them usable ships before you can even spend OP on combat related stuff. I think built in MS would be nice just to free up a bit of OP. I'll still never use them though. You're better off with some high end cruisers.
I really hate the idea of ships with built-in Militarized Subsystems in this latest patch, given it makes those ships potentially worse than worthless for playing using the Auxiliary Support skill. It's for the same reason I despise every idea to do things like make the Mule a civ-grade with built-in militarized, as I'd just stop using the ship entirely. It's a cute thing for Hegemony Auxiliaries because it fits their theme (and is effectively a niche variant of the vessel), where they 'properly' militarize their civilian vessels instead of the Pirate way of jury-rigging and haphazard modifications.

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