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thank you for updating the mod with descriptions(and actual working blueprints sir)
if I may ask, is it intended that the salvage defender has no salvage gantry?

also as a note, it might be a good idea to team up with someone who is good at writing. apologies if i am wrong, but i would assume you are japanese or korean or something and used google translate to make the descriptions(or maybe it was just a quick description). either way, by having someone translate or write the descriptions of the ships and game things you could both possibly have a higher quality of descriptions and more time to program. it is of course okay if you do not do that, it is your mod after all

talking about descriptions, the titan's gate, or whatever the destroyed gate is named has no description either so far

Reverse engineering and the printing chain are entirely seperate from each other. You can not use printed ships for reverse engineering in any way.

i meant by reverse engineering the hull forge line, with reverse engineering being the hull deconstructor or hull forge, or whatever the thing is called
I see! To answer the question, then - since printed ships can't be deconstructed again, the limit for total S-Mods is 6 - 3 from vanilla, 3 from the Forge - any additional mods notwithstanding.

ahh, i see. well, that is  balanced, i guess, heh. so i cannot have infinite ships by just deconstructing one ship, nor reverse engineer more ships with the actual reverse engineering hub either. well, thanks for explaining sir!

i guess no ziggurats for all my patrolls

so after getting myself a game start with a large carrier fleet, i have to admit, i have no idea what is going on to be honest. so apparently i can equip my drones with weapons, which honestly is a cool feature. however i did not realize that my ship actually gets all the flux from the weapons they fire. in general there is no description here, which does kind of make  me not know anything of what what does. i have abilities but do not know what they are, i do not know how to make my drones act in a different way and in general, i feel like there is a lot of everything that needs some guiding around but, well, has no form of easing you into it.

i reccomend to focus on first adding some descriptions so you know what you are dealing with and/or to focus on having a way to give the player information about how the special drones work.

question: is it intended that the systems have no descriptions yet?

anyways, as a side note, this, esentially temporal field for allies, you might wanna change it if it does not scale with size

what i mean is if it applies universally to anyone then it is completely useless on a frigate but always needed for say a paragon. so perhaps the duration might scale with deployment cost(deployment cost specifically so later on if you have junker ships they will be able to do things for longer. right now it is recovery cost anywqays)

i am an idiot. such a *** buffon

the mod _already does_ utilize drone lib. and here i am commenting on reddit you might do some fun stuff with drone lib...

Mods / Re: [0.95a] No Such Org - Phase ships and minor faction v0.3.1
« on: July 28, 2021, 10:46:10 AM »
i wish that this is how the armor regeneration from unusually gullible hullmods would work as well. right now it is 0.15 % per second or so across all the armor and you recieve more armor damage from kinetic and fragmentation damage with the hull mod, it feels so darn useless for purposes outside of the extra armor it provides(a flat amount and 20% iirc) which makes your armor so incredibly slow to regnerate... in comparison the hull regenerates for more per second, and it increases the more hull you have lost at the cost of decreased flux vent capacity also based on hull lost

Reverse engineering and the printing chain are entirely seperate from each other. You can not use printed ships for reverse engineering in any way.

i meant by reverse engineering the hull forge line, with reverse engineering being the hull deconstructor or hull forge, or whatever the thing is called

So wait, that's worth using?
I kinda just viewed it as an inferior reverse engineering...
Reverse Engineering gives you a blueprint. The derelict Chain gives you one to five (depending on hull size / AI cores) carbon copies of the ship you used, including installed S-Mods, and has the ability to apply three more S-Mods for free if the correct cores are used.

so wait, i can decide what S mods a ship has by reverse engineering a ship that in the way that i want and then all the reverse engineered ships coming from this ship will have those S mods?

that sounds incredible. incredibly OP but it is so late game who the hell cares. as a side note, if i reverse engineer a ship with the automated ship construction hull mod for 3 extra S mods and the skill to mod one more in, so that i create a ship woth 6 S mods and then let it go trough the chain with only alpha cores again, will i then gain a ship with 3 of the hull mods i built in(because my max is 3 after all), 6 because it only cares about the max amount of hull mods after applying hte automated construction hull mod or never cares or will it be added another time to it for say 9 max hull mods?

i wanna see how ridiculous i can be

hmm, i see. so it will probably take a while, and new updates will only make it an even longer wait. if i may ask, when might RogueSynth come out if you are working towards a full release? and also i did not completely get what you meant, did you mean like there are new hullmods which do weird things? so is it like the "incredibly gullible hullmods" mod?

now we only need a mod that turns our ships into transformers so we can do heresy with paragons and whatever other ship we can find

so a random thought

Can i disassemble a zigg for more ziggs?
also this whole scanning error thing, mabe it's just me but i did not notice a difference in installed hull mods and errors to be honest when using an alpha core at the disassembler or whatever it is called

so ummm, if i may ask, if i remember correctly you said something about bringing out a mod which uses drone lib. may i ask when it might come out/how far it is developed, if you already started developing it?

Huh, I just got Safety Overrides s-modded into a frigate by the Hull Forge. Dunno if you want that to happen as a special bonus for running the Forge pipeline but it seems unlikely.
intentional, nothing's off limits for the forge since it's a real hassle to get it to work

what the hell is the forge pipeline? this sounds like some sort of industry allowing me to have even more S mods in my hulls. do i just build it or what is it?

also how can i change up what my ships get? expanded missile racks for the omen are kind of useless tbh

Opening a comm link with any Remnant Nexus while being anything but hostile with them results in a bunch of nullEx messages appearing.

how do you do this

when i try to use an attachement it says that it's too big because you do not even have 200kb for uploading. so how did you do it?

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