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Starsector 0.96a is out! (05/05/23)

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Yeah, while I like the Hegemony more than most people, the fact that they somehow allied with the Persean League and now all resistance is futile only a couple years into the game kinda kills the whole warring sector idea...

Sorry if this has already been discussed, I just can't find it in the settings:

Is it possible to make Automated ships storable in outposts?

Maybe google drive?

Finishing up skill thresholds and then I'm likely releasing the .95 Beta later today.

I'll update here when its been uploaded.

I can finally play Starsector again since it's latest release lol.

Same for me lol

I really like the changes to the T5 skill, that makes it much more appealing.  You may have a hard time balancing out the opposing option for that!

not to bother anyone but is this m,od getting an update for 9.5?

curious for purposes of a playthrough

Yeah the mod author is working on it.  Will release a test version first and then handle flavor text and other non-functional updates in a later release.

Hey! im new, those feature mods, do i need to download them also, or are they included in this?? thanks :)

The feature mods are "potentially" compatible mods made by other people, you have to download and install them separately, and they may not work with this one, or may not be updated.

0.95a just came out recently, so some of them (and this mod) are not yet updated. 

Concerning the Gunnery Implants vs Energy Weapon Mastery debate, perhaps try changing it to a ballistic weapons boost vs an energy weapons boost?  I'm not sure where everyone is on the "one or the other" type of gameplay mechanic, but I do like being shepherded towards choosing a specific faction or at least technology level of ship design to stick with, it helps with the RPG elements of the game in my opinion.

I really don't like the range limitations on the vanilla EWM skill, that alone makes it substantially less attractive to me than gunnery mastery.

I'd also be happy to help beta test the update, if you are in need of such help...

Yeah I stopped playing because of some of the standout issues, it seems R14 really fixed a bunch.  Looking forward to the mod

How many total fighter bays are in the average late game fleet for the player in this mod?

I ask because Carrier Group is one of the main skills that will need to be adjusted since the mod obviously adds a lot more bays to most ships.

I'm tentatively setting the threshold to 20 bays for the maximum bonus (so capital carrier + two cruiser carriers - or 7-10 destroyer carriers, etc), but the bonus has been reduced to 30% down from 50%.

Thoughts? Should it be higher to account for warship bays?

(And yes I will override the Automated DP threshold for that skill as well so in addition feel free to suggest a number for that one too.)

I typically have two fleets, one with the hightech battelship (forgot the name) and 8 apogees, no other carriers.

Other fleet depends on parent faction, but typically 5-6 battleships and only 1-2 carriers.  I don't typically go for light/medium carriers in late game.

Yes, rest assured there are a lot of us looking forward to your progress, and I'm very sorry to hear about your wrists.  Perhaps try a different chair/table, to change the angle that you use with the mouse?

Looking forward to the update!  Let us know if you need help...

Registered a forum account just to say thank you for all the time you've put in this mod, between this and Nex's mod you have tripled the content to an already great game.  Also glad you're still adding content and keeping it up to date, thank you!

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