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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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Suggestions / Re: a few suggestions
« on: September 10, 2020, 11:45:30 PM »
I made some new threads to continue discussion about the fighter mechanics and dissipation balance since this thread felt like it was going in a lot of different directions.

probably a good idea i am glad to see a nice spread of opinions though! ..... also it seems my biggest desire that of an import/export feature hasn't really gotten much conversation but i feel at least for me personally this would add the most replay ability as i could explore my friends sectors see what sorta planets they are dealing with or... just feel like i didint waste my time with a dud sector that has all crap planets like the one my current play though is .. or... pick up schematics i may have missed

Suggestions / Re: Carrier Mechanics Discussion
« on: September 10, 2020, 11:41:23 PM »
i honestly like the current system (though i wish improvised fighter bay was a flat cost across the board and not a creeping higher cost making it overly expensive to add to a capital ship)

my biggest issue with carriers is as i stated in the earlier thread that theirs only a few really good fighters and a ton of sub par fighters that i only use to experiment or for the cool factor than actual usefulness .... what about.... balancing a lot of the fighter wings and making the size of the wings a bit more dependent on the size of the ship or making a slider allowing more OP to be spent on a wing to add more fighters in said wing (within reason) i think this could be neat i suppose id like to see fighters across the board be weaker but more plentiful myself personally i think fighters add a cool... chaotic fast pace to the battles that are quite fun

Suggestions / Re: Overall Dissipation vs Weapon Flux Balance
« on: September 10, 2020, 11:32:50 PM »
personally ... and i may catch flack for this but just throwing it out there.... one on ones often feel a bit one sided where its like one ships constantly over fluxed the others just slowly pounding away till it melts.... and i think this is fixable by.....  splitting weapon flux and shield flux into two totally different bars many ways to do this but i think if done right it could make for very fun brutal slug fests where it feels less one sided

Suggestions / Re: a few suggestions
« on: September 10, 2020, 05:40:32 PM »
wow thank you for all the responses guys and i agree and disagree with a lot here and thats totally what i was hoping for is to get peoples thoughts!

the Astral i actually think raising it to 50 dp wouldn't be a a bad idea it is strong but i still think legion should be dropped to 35 perhaps one or the other but i think lowering the legion would be better also a suggestion for builds for both..... 2 MIRV with missile racks.... link em .... they are devastating to support from a distance and still decent close too used to carry dovers in large numbers but after the dual mirv build i dont see a point anymore unless to squeeze in a ship with limited remaining dp

i didint nesssisarly mean it was easy to get odyssey early on its just the off chance you do get it early on and are able to make it... yah it can be amazing its great vs smaller ships and a great chase ship to hound retreating ships but i find it funny its a battle cruiser and costs more than many actual battleship capital ships i mean in a slug fest the onslaught even with its flux problem can take more of a beating and dishes out more of a punch... (though i know it will get out maneuver and likely lose by an actual player) but ai vs ai i bet it would get spanked in a slug fest and it should its a battle cruiser with half the large hard points and its hull is squishy compared as it kinda should be

atlas mk2 yes ive done the build where you put 2 gauss and 2 mirvs its good for a sniper for sure (though ai suicides it too often) but im just saying its a damn shame to not be able to use said hard points.... though admittedly i dont mind the idea of giving ships more hardpoints then their OP can properly fill just for added customization though that dose trigger my OCD a little =P

as for fleet size.. sorry i dont know the older versions of the game i only found this about a yearish or so ago  i wouldn't be against smaller overall fleet sizes but when we have a deployment point limit anyways... i honestly don't even see a point of a fleet size limit at all =P let fuel and supply's be your limit! =p...

as for fighters yah i feel many eather have way too small a wing size and or way too high a OP cost to compete with some of the others i have seen some people compain the fighters are too large i always just RPed it as they arnt as large as they appear but they appear that size on the sensors =P to justify that for my RP reasoning =P also i Love to actually be able to see the designs any smaller and we would miss out on a lot of cool ship designs by them being like 2 pixels =P

phase ships... i may not be in the popular opinion on this one but personally id love the option to disable phase ships at the start... i hate them with a passion not like the little teleporty ones but the full on become untargetable then zoom around and cause the battle to last 2 minutes longer than it needs too ones and when i use them the ai seems so potato  they just zoom in and get killed or they just stay phased for so long they flux out and never really do their share of damage so i don't use em at all i love and respect the work it took to make em i think they are creative and neato i just.... dont feel they add much but its just a minor point and they surely dont ruin the game for me

as for more weapons yah small laser really needs more all i end up ever using is LR PD for large ships and for brawly ships trying to use ships that use non laser hard points =P
perhaps add a ship hull mod or so that converts laser hard points to ballistic or missile... could be fun to toy with (though i feel may make some too op so im 50/50 on that)

missle weapons i think are great in a lot of ways though i would love to see some more unlimited ammo missile variants though i think they should be far weaker than limited ones also perhaps more ship variants with the "missile 3d printer" =P

ballistic i feel could use some longer range PD but honestly i feel is in a great place right now other than having so few high end ships using them (as i feel the onslaught hardly counts as i cant use it with the flux limit i just spam MG and heavy needlers replacing large slots with medium weapons)

as for more ships id personally love to see more battle cruisers and more cruisers in general i find most of the time im constantly rotating out my medium ships to find my strongest fleet but i feel with the AI's desire to suicide my medium ships into hostile capital ships.... i dont really seee myself ever being fully content with cruisers and feel its one of the reasons for capital ship spam being so good frigates and destroyers fairly easy to replace... cruisers easy late game but annoying especially when you get a rarer variant like a 14th falcon

"Speaking of Gryphon, Gryphon today has much in common with modern carriers (at least in stats), except it has the misfortune of specializing in real missiles instead of fighters, and given more aggressive warship AI, which combined with destroyer-level stats, dooms it in a brawl.  It should hang back automatically like a carrier would, so it can lob homing missiles a safe distance away." -Megas

i agree with the Gryphon it is a carrier for missiles i tend to give it orders to follow my carriers personally i think its one of the best ships in the game  because of its amazing ship quirk (missile 3d printer) =P but it still finds its way to the front lines to suicide sometimes. Im really sad the laser variant just falls shamefully short of being a comparable counterpart having a speed boost instead of a cool laser quirk

"AI orders are never intended to be 100% set orders they are suppose to carry out, they prioritize their own safety over anything else. " -WesternFail

there are 2 retreat options direct retreat and fighting retreat and neither seems to offer me much success seems to be a  huge crap shoot.. .trust me i get it in the chaos of a battle like these there would surely be some delay before orders get there sure... but i dont even feel like theres a delay they just refuse to disengage ive givin an order to a 75% hull onslaught (who refused to use its shields 80% of the time btw >.>) and watch it slowly get pounded away as it keeps charging and what felt like a good 30 seconds (probably less but in the heat of battle it felt like ages) and it still dosent even respond to the order just keeps fighting full ham  and lets itself get surrounded and killed

i think "form battle line" would be a great command option have you draw a line and put ships on that order to try to have em hold line then you could draw a second line for carriers/gryphons and maybe a third line for reserve/chase ships

also perhaps a "anti encirclement" command that keeps the escorting ship behind the ship its escorting but said ship dose everything in its power to prevent the escorted ship from being encircled thus preventing the escorting ship from  potatoing in front of the escorted ship and getting melted by hostile fire as they prevent the escorted ship from getting line of sight on said foes

i am aware you can change fleet sizes in settings and im sure you can mod many of the things i talk of like more weapons and more ships and more hull mods but im looking at it from a point of zero mods for the sake of these suggestions that being said 100% much love to the modding community

also love the comments guys keep it up be civil and remember we are all here because we find this game worth our time to comment on! =P lets do our part to ensure it only gets better from here!

Suggestions / a few suggestions
« on: September 09, 2020, 08:27:18 PM »
mainly i think the game really needs an Import/Export system i know there's a mod but none of them actually import ships/level and inventory and the one that dose anything right now ungp gives me extra skill points that kinda ruins it for me (not trying to become op past what the base game intends) .... i don't see why we cant just do a simple import/export allowing people to bring everything over to a new sector i get why we wouldn't be able to bring our settlements but i think there should be an abandoned station at the starting zone that all of your imported stuff is thrown in like inventory from settlements and such.... this would be a huge step towards making the game more re playable and it would allow you to take your fleet/character you worked hard for into say another friends sector to check it out by using their sector code... or in the event you get a trash sector... well you can hunt for greener pastures elsewhere without having to utterly start from scratch the people that dont like this idea... doesn't matter they just don't have to use it its that simple i think every game should have this feature for those who want more replay ability

Ai improvement.... i donno about you guys but holy crap the AI never follows my orders its like there's no point giving them i tell a ship to retreat and more than half the time they just suicide into the hostile ships.... would be nice if they actually followed orders (and most of my officers are stable/timid)

fleet sizes based on deployment points not a flat 30 i think this could add a lot more fun game play as i feel forced to always use monster ships late game with a handful of medium/small ships to squeeze in those last DP for each encounter i think it would be fun to be able to make a large enough small ship fleet to swarm and still have reinforcements and replacements for a bit more sustainability

a few balancing things i think could be handy like the damn Hyperion yah its good for a frigate but the costs are comical mostly the deployment costs 15 when i can get frigs that do better in some ways for a meer 4 DP (personally id suggest dropping dp down to 10 lowering daily cost a wee bit) still high but a great "light cavalry" chasing down routed foes sorta ship

personally id add a weee bit of flux distribution to the onslaught  as theres little point to use its large slots for large weapons when it overheats so fast it will stop firing them quickly... i favor just putting mediums in its large slots and using MG spam as its too hot

Legion ... im quite fond of the Legion but for 5 more dp the Astral dose way more my suggestion is drop the DP to 35 personaly as its still good... just.. not quite 40 dp good

Odyssey i think its a great battle cruiser especially early on getting this early feels unfair even... but late game costing 45 DP makes it... a bit limp also its a battle cruiser half the point of a battle cruiser is it should be a bit cheaper so id suggest dropping that to 40 as i can see it being 50/50 with the current onslaught who can at least hold its own against a radiant where this guy just gets melted more often than not

atlas mkii i think this ships fairly good where it is DP wise but it just lacks the OP to really make use of all of its hard points... personally id suggest raising the dp a little then adding a modest bit of OP

also would love to see a pass on fighter balancing as quite a few just seem not worth using at all and that's a shame as many look bad ass

other things id like to see is merely more ships and more weapons and more ship hull mods im addicted to just constantly altering my ships trying to tweak everything into perfection
 and more choices would ensure id be addicted for years to come i think some mods have done it before but perhaps negative ship hull mods to add OP in order to further mod ships could be amazingly fun and addicting

also as the hegemony have their 14th battlegroup special ship mod id love to see special versions for each factions favored ships like tri-tachyon perhaps having a version of some energy based ships that say... incrase energy weapon range or fire rate at the cost of shield/damage ratio going for a glass cannon approach in counter to hegemony tank approach or luddic church ship versions who focus on missile weapons or something

perhaps being able to tag ships as "non combat" that makes them only cost half of the space in your fleet that a combat ship would
also adding a battle salvage flag to a ship captured so it dosent take up fleet space but dosent add anything but allows you to drag it back to sell it would be helpful late game

im sure i have a million more ideas but i cant think of more right now and im sure my rambling is hard enough to read already..... thanks if your still reading i rarely take the effort to type so much but i have spent a Lot of time on this game over the last year or so and still am not bored just hoping for new toys soonish =P

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