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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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Suggestions / deep space the finalest frontier
« on: August 14, 2021, 11:46:32 AM »
i love this game and i find myself playing untill ive explored every inch of the sector i have but still find myself wishing i could bring my fleet to a new sector without starting over... although id really love an import/export feature i think would be HUGE i think this could be fun too soo my idea is...

(mild spoiler) when you get the gates active to be able to use them to jump to "deep space" or something of the like where it would basically be a randomly generated sector that was temporary for exploring and held very difficult advanced fleets but a potential for endless and wonderful loot once you where done exploring yah just go back though the gate and bam your back home and can jump to a new place to explore personally i just want more replayability...

Suggestions / combat tugs
« on: June 07, 2021, 11:36:25 AM »
i can imagine it would be a pain in the butt to implement but i was thinking this would be kinda my idea is....

if you deploy tugs in combat they fly around the battlefield trying to avoid combat and just grab disabled ships in tractorbeams and pull them to a "safe zone" that almost guarantee's recovery of said ship also it could help 0% CR ally ships  retreat

also side request "resupply ship" that can pull up next to other ships to resupply missles/CR ..... im sure this wont get in because it would effectivly allow you to fight forever but... perhaps some system of combat reusply penalty could apply making it a bit more reasonable... i just... think the ideas kinda cool

Suggestions / import/export
« on: April 18, 2021, 03:39:36 PM »
can we please get an Import/Export option i think this would be huge QoL so many times i will start over and get to the mid/late game where i start exploring everywhere only to find no really great system in the entire sector causing me to start over ... and thats dreadfully annoying i dont think it would be that hard to implement eather just... you get to carry over your inventory and ships and character to a "new game" almost like a "new game +" but.... make it so you can choose if you want it harder or the same... this would also allow you to bring your fleet to explore a friends system if he gives you the code... that would be fun to me....  if you really wanted to go the extra mile and allow us to bring the extra crap from our own bases make an abandoned mining station in one of the core worlds (probably near the academy) and when you import it just moves all that stuff to that abandoned station
this would keep me playing the game a lot more than i do at this point as i often do a playthrough find out that my sector is crap then gets unmotivated to play and quit for a month or two till i build up the motivation to start all the way over again

Suggestions / LRM reform
« on: April 16, 2021, 11:28:23 AM »
i love the idea of LRM's in this game but for 10 op 3 sloooowww missiles is... quite potato i cant justify using them ever my suggestion would be... have lrm sets..... 5/10/15/20 ...sorta thing (like battletech) add a lot more ammo too them or.. perhaps make it so you can add OP cost to the weapon to increase ammo... that would be interesting ..... but with how slow and weak the missiles are..... its really a pointless weapon at least this why they could be properly massed

Edit: yah i realize they are 7 now but im gunna keep it in in defense of the post that reminded me ^^

Suggestions / a few suggestions
« on: September 09, 2020, 08:27:18 PM »
mainly i think the game really needs an Import/Export system i know there's a mod but none of them actually import ships/level and inventory and the one that dose anything right now ungp gives me extra skill points that kinda ruins it for me (not trying to become op past what the base game intends) .... i don't see why we cant just do a simple import/export allowing people to bring everything over to a new sector i get why we wouldn't be able to bring our settlements but i think there should be an abandoned station at the starting zone that all of your imported stuff is thrown in like inventory from settlements and such.... this would be a huge step towards making the game more re playable and it would allow you to take your fleet/character you worked hard for into say another friends sector to check it out by using their sector code... or in the event you get a trash sector... well you can hunt for greener pastures elsewhere without having to utterly start from scratch the people that dont like this idea... doesn't matter they just don't have to use it its that simple i think every game should have this feature for those who want more replay ability

Ai improvement.... i donno about you guys but holy crap the AI never follows my orders its like there's no point giving them i tell a ship to retreat and more than half the time they just suicide into the hostile ships.... would be nice if they actually followed orders (and most of my officers are stable/timid)

fleet sizes based on deployment points not a flat 30 i think this could add a lot more fun game play as i feel forced to always use monster ships late game with a handful of medium/small ships to squeeze in those last DP for each encounter i think it would be fun to be able to make a large enough small ship fleet to swarm and still have reinforcements and replacements for a bit more sustainability

a few balancing things i think could be handy like the damn Hyperion yah its good for a frigate but the costs are comical mostly the deployment costs 15 when i can get frigs that do better in some ways for a meer 4 DP (personally id suggest dropping dp down to 10 lowering daily cost a wee bit) still high but a great "light cavalry" chasing down routed foes sorta ship

personally id add a weee bit of flux distribution to the onslaught  as theres little point to use its large slots for large weapons when it overheats so fast it will stop firing them quickly... i favor just putting mediums in its large slots and using MG spam as its too hot

Legion ... im quite fond of the Legion but for 5 more dp the Astral dose way more my suggestion is drop the DP to 35 personaly as its still good... just.. not quite 40 dp good

Odyssey i think its a great battle cruiser especially early on getting this early feels unfair even... but late game costing 45 DP makes it... a bit limp also its a battle cruiser half the point of a battle cruiser is it should be a bit cheaper so id suggest dropping that to 40 as i can see it being 50/50 with the current onslaught who can at least hold its own against a radiant where this guy just gets melted more often than not

atlas mkii i think this ships fairly good where it is DP wise but it just lacks the OP to really make use of all of its hard points... personally id suggest raising the dp a little then adding a modest bit of OP

also would love to see a pass on fighter balancing as quite a few just seem not worth using at all and that's a shame as many look bad ass

other things id like to see is merely more ships and more weapons and more ship hull mods im addicted to just constantly altering my ships trying to tweak everything into perfection
 and more choices would ensure id be addicted for years to come i think some mods have done it before but perhaps negative ship hull mods to add OP in order to further mod ships could be amazingly fun and addicting

also as the hegemony have their 14th battlegroup special ship mod id love to see special versions for each factions favored ships like tri-tachyon perhaps having a version of some energy based ships that say... incrase energy weapon range or fire rate at the cost of shield/damage ratio going for a glass cannon approach in counter to hegemony tank approach or luddic church ship versions who focus on missile weapons or something

perhaps being able to tag ships as "non combat" that makes them only cost half of the space in your fleet that a combat ship would
also adding a battle salvage flag to a ship captured so it dosent take up fleet space but dosent add anything but allows you to drag it back to sell it would be helpful late game

im sure i have a million more ideas but i cant think of more right now and im sure my rambling is hard enough to read already..... thanks if your still reading i rarely take the effort to type so much but i have spent a Lot of time on this game over the last year or so and still am not bored just hoping for new toys soonish =P

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