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Suggestions / Re: Possible "Empty mounts spam" solution?
« on: August 22, 2020, 01:35:01 PM »
What if... empty sockets come with [Mining Laser equivalent of type/size] and you can only "upgrade" these stock weapons? I'm not thinking far ahead here.

General Discussion / Re: Most underdeveloped aspect of game?
« on: August 22, 2020, 10:44:40 AM »
As an olive branch: If we had reason to create and maintain multiple fleets, control them, and use them almost like Stellaris' grand strategy style, there'd be something.

5th fleet is guarding the home front, 4th fleet wards off against Hegemony threats, 3rd fleet is out, patrolling our most used trade route with TriTachyon, 2nd is currently doing suppression work against remote Pather cells, and 1st is out in the *** boonies, preparing another colonization. And you hope from fleet to fleet, and in your absence, your admiral-officer continues preset tasks.

General Discussion / Re: Most underdeveloped aspect of game?
« on: August 21, 2020, 12:30:31 PM »
My biggest issues are either a lack of endgame (purpose of the game)

Endgame is a mistake []. I do not want something I need to grind towards to finally enjoy the "real" game, I much rather want a flattened power curve, with an interlinking system of story missions spawned from templates, where I can participate at every fleet size. If the game is pointless until I get to endgame, then the development of anything but endgame is wasted development time.

Can confirm the above as happening on my end, too. Currently ComCrews and Polaris do not work together. Sad times.

Bug Reports & Support (modded) / Re: Battle Not Ending
« on: August 17, 2020, 04:02:13 AM »
If you have ConsoleComands, you can solve this with the "nuke" command, which should destroy anything that counts as hostile and alive. Also helps with Yuri Expedition's spaceborne infantry pseudo-fighters.

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Level 21 Captain Bug
« on: August 16, 2020, 02:56:58 PM »
This game is highly resilient against screenshots but I'd be happy to take one if someone can tell me how (printscreen does not work).
Open Imgur in one tab.
<Windows + Shift + S> activates the Screenshot mode.
Click, drag, let go.
Ctrl+V onto the Imgur site.
Wait for Upload Complete!
Right-click the image, "copy image address".
[img]Ctrl+V the URL[/img]


Looks like this:

Care to elaborate on the benefits, drawbacks, and reasons of your suggestion?

Modding / Re: Star Wars Reboot?
« on: August 14, 2020, 09:05:23 PM »
Let's see...
  • ships too big or too small
  • different scale of battles
  • StarWars is fantasy, Starsector is SciFi
  • copyrighted content by a very litigious company - this is no joke, friend.
  • multiple planetkillers
  • ... and it might just be more interesting to make something of your own.
The hurdles and concerns are just way, way bigger than the payout of yet another SW mod in a videogame.

Modding / Re: quest only mods?
« on: August 13, 2020, 10:20:21 AM »
Vayra's Sector adds High Value Bounties, which are unique fights.
Ship & Weapon Pack adds the International Bounty Board, which adds bar quests sparking more unique bounties with the option to recover unique ships.
Legacy of Arkgenesis adds the "Adventure"-Quest with several fights, a unique ship, and a few unique blueprints.
Arsenal Expansion adds the "Promise"-Quest, again with several fights, a unique chat encounter and a unique ship, and a unique new player ability.

Agreeing with John there, putting these six-digit items into quests or dedicated rumor missions that require deep space exploration would be cool, finding them in Penelope's Star isn't. Reduced RNG, and a higher sense of accomplishment while also putting that carrot more visibly in front of a player sounds like a good idea.

That being said, I would appreciate it if we could argue from personal opinion, rather than trying to blanket dissent with claims of "most players want this". Personally, I would want to skip some of the starting bits and rather go into the wild of the deep reaches of space relatively soon, so the frigate slog doesn't do much for me. Later on, I also prefer the strategizing and fleet management, while letting the officers handle the fighting. Anecdote for anecdote, I know of people who see it the same way; that line of argumentation is a bit fruitless.

Now, if I recall correctly, there are different start options and a difficulty toggle, too. Retooling the game to cater more to single ship frigate bouts would take away from the aspect of fleet and supply management, which seems vital to me. Colonies fund fleets, fleets defend colonies. Fundamentally, Starsector presents itself as a rags to riches story of a plucky captain making their way against the big factions and [REDACTED], with all the grandiose frontier expansion that entails. It never really struck me as a game that wants you to stay in the frigate forever; it's but a stepping stone. At that point, I could make the argument that the game isn't wrong, Imaginary just seems to want something from the game that it doesn't focus on.

During the forum maintenance, I managed to reproduce the issue with 400 battle size, so that's not a safeguard. What I saw in thread dumps was 20% of CPU time alloted to CampaignState.advance and 15% Econ.advance (sp?) over about an hour after first experiencing the slowdown. Turning off campaign map "speed-up" smoothed my FPS experience, but still ran noticeably slower than before that "big battle" event. This time, with Vayra's off, it wasn't an HVB, and it wasn't an IBB - just a regular "Personal Bounty" and a Vengeance Fleet.

Trying to bore down onto the higher rated advance elements did not yield anything I could understand or associate with anything in particular.

Edit: Here's the saved snapshot.

Edit²: After 3h, 30 battles, and a excruciatingly slow campaign map traverse with slow menus...

... I now have 3 hours of CPU sampling, and these are my "hotspots":

I've been trying hard, but after 300 minutes / 30 battles / 50 market interactions, I still had no return of the slowdown.

Which is the darndest thing, because you'd think something that pops after "one big battle" would have popped in that time. "One big battle" in this case was three fleets in one, which was a slog, but, ultimately won.

I did reduce my battle size from 500 to 400 intermittently, though. Maybe that helps? Maybe that averts it from reoccurring? Show of hands, what's your battle sizes?

5.6GB came from task manager. Nevermind that number then!

I did save my dumps, just in case someone was curious, and also because navigating the Thread dump or finding the GC root has been largely elusive to me. I don't know enough to execute Alex' instructions, since VisualVM seemingly has slightly different menu structure.
  • Heap Dump, ~5 secs after event. (Warning: 3GB)
  • Heap Dump, 15 minutes later. Performance is still impacted. (Warning: 2.5GB)
  • Thread Dump from second time heap dump was made.
Maybe one of y'all can interpret these dumps. :(


So... is this a leak?

Edit: 15 minutes later, letting it sit for a while, GC seems to have cleaned up some, but not all of them. Performance has recovered from 1 FPS to ~8FPS. At this time Starsector us using 5.6GB out of 7GB assigned.

The mod in question would be Vayra's Sector, which spawns these IBB bounty missions. The IBB in question does not seem particularly relevant, as this does track with previous events in retrospect; IBB missions of higher level are bigger battles, and it has not always been this specific IBB. I am led to believe that there's something off with Vayra's Sector.

The plain binary search is an option I'll go with next, and I'll simply disable the entire Vayra's Sector mod for it. After that, I'd escalate to Vayra and go from there.

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