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It just feels kinda crappy to force myself into the strategic view and out of my ship when I want to give some commands to my fleet. I dont really know why this was even done to begin with, but I'm guessing the game would only get better without it.

Suggestions / Add flux gauge to tacmap overview + other info
« on: December 20, 2022, 08:36:02 AM »
As it stands, the tacmap is really minimalistic and barely shows anything. To actually gauge how a ship is doing in combat, you have to physically switch camera to it, which is annoying when you just want to have a glance at your fleet for a few moments before getting back into the action.

A really big part of this problem is the lack of a flux gauge. The only things you can really easily tell is the current hull level and armor grid of ships you hover over, and their orientation, as well as incoming missiles, when a big part of knowing when a ship is in trouble is with flux. I often see one of my small frigates fighting a group of ships from a distance, and I assume "oh it's probably okay, it has 100% hull", but when I focus in on it, it's flamed out, it's nearly fluxed out, it's shield is facing the wrong way, and half it's weapons are disabled. At the very least, having a flux gauge (and maybe a shield arc visualization) would be really helpful for actually determining how much trouble a ship might be in at a glance.

Suggestions / Put total burst flux next to sustained flux in refit screen
« on: November 27, 2022, 11:35:02 AM »
Burst weapons like the ion pulser have burst flux (sustained flux), but the total flux doesn't show that, which can be misleading when refitting (I have more dissipation than flux generated, so clearly I'm fine, says the man using 5 ion pulsers).

Mods / [0.97a] More Combat Terrain Effects 1.3.2
« on: October 31, 2022, 07:28:19 PM »
More Combat Terrain Effects


Adds custom combat effects to all terrain that did not have an effect previously, and spruces up the rest.
Currently implemented:
Magnetic field - Reduces weapon range, fighter range, missile maneuverability/guidance, vision range, and adds a small chance for missiles to have guidance scrambled.
Slipstream - Force SO on all ships, fighters, and MISSILES, (venting allowed but with reduced effectiveness, for things like excelsior), slowly passively generate hardflux.
Nebula (DISABLED BY DEFAULT): Nebula clouds reduce weapon range, vision, speed, and disable zero-flux boost while inside of them.
Deep hyperspace: Spawn nebula clouds. Hyperstorms will cause these clouds to zap anyone who draws near them, periodically, with a very powerful EMP bolt.
Black Holes: Drags all entities in combat towards the black hole, and increases time dilation of all ships.
Pulsars: Pushes all entities in combat away from the pulsar, reduces shield stats (efficiency, more upkeep, emp arc pierce chance), slowly generates hardflux, randomly EMPs ships, and charges all projectiles with a flat bonus to EMP damage.
Planned to implement:
Debris fields: Spawn junk. TODO: get a better damn effect

All effects follow the same rules (for the most part) as their campaign counterparts! Ex. hyperstorms strike you more often if you have a lot of mass or if you're moving fast. Conversely, moving slowly enough will prevent you from being struck at all.

Possible effects I may do at some point:
Giving system-wide buffs for campaign-layer objectives, ex. comm relay increasing DP limit by 10
Sensor ghost interaction with combat

Safe to add and remove from saves.


Hotfix for nexerelin crash

1.3.1 (Again):
Finally using the correct version num in changelog

Now using reflection to call obfuscated functions which allows this to work on Mac and Linux

Update to starsector 0.97

Disabled nebula effects by default
    Too annoying
    Restore settings to default in lunasettings to see this change

Added a new MCTE_settings.json preset: "Release"
    More forgiving
    Magnetic fields nerfed in it

    Old "standard" preset no longer the "standard"


Migrated most lunalib settings to json
    Allows me to change settings between versions
        If you had any custom settings, migrate them, please
    Some settings may have been erronously changed in this migration
    You can now use MCTE_reloadSettings config in-combat and some things may change to config

New settings
        MCTE_hyperstormTimesToArc: 5
            The amount of arcs the final damaging arc will be split into
                Higher = more spread out damage
                High EMP damage values spread out across many points = devastating
        Add SO range debuffs
            If range threshold isnt modified, SO range is mimicked
            Not guaranteed to always work, especially if you have psuedo-SO like forced overdrive from tahlan!

    EMP damage of projectiles -> 70 base
        You REALLY feel the damage, now
    Range of arcs -> 1200 from 1000
    Min/Max strike timers -> 2/5 from 5/7
    Grace period -> 3 from 5
    Arc emp damage -> 12000
        For such a rare effect, you'd better bet the effects are gonna be pretty significant


New settings:

Solar Shielding Effect Mult: Control the multipler applied to solar shielding for effects that use them
    E.g. Black holes

Updated tips.json to reflect the fact we use lunalib

Default lunalib settings changed
    Nebula no longer removes zero flux boost

Fixes a long-standing bug with pulsars making weapons do infinite EMP damage (finally)
Adjusts hyperstorm targetting math again

Adjusts default lunalib settings, please reset your configs to default

Fixes a long-standing bug with pulsars making weapons do infinite EMP damage (finally)
Adjusts hyperstorm targetting math again

Adjusts default lunalib settings, please reset your configs to default

Update to newest version, again

Hyperstorm nebula creation now works better and can even arc across clouds
Hyperstorm targetting now lowers your speed-to-not-get-hit threshold if your mass is above the given threshold

New lunalib settings:
Untargetability mass threshold
Targetting coefficient: Mass
Maximum multiplier: Mass
Targetting coefficient: Speed
Maximum multiplier: Speed

Update to Starsector 0.96a
Updated LunaLib config, sliders now work woo

Hyperstorm targetting is now far more random and less predictable
Hyperstorm targetting now favors fighters and missiles far less
Hyperstorm targetting now favors mass more
Hyperstorm radius doubled (Will cause a few visual errors)

Default settings to lunalib changed

New lunalib settings:
Randomness threshold for hyperstorms - Decide how "random" the targetting is
Toggle for sidebar info - No more spam in the side of your screen

Fixed a bug where slipstreams would infinitely stack speed onto SO-d ships
Fixed a bug where slipstreams would consider tangible objects intangible and vice versa

Hyperstorms are now much less likely to strike low-mass targets

Once again, changed how the OS detection works to maybe fix the *** classnotfound crash

Replaces most timers with intervalutils

All effects now constantly re-apply their stat changes, to allow for dynamic changes, such as the slipstream change
Slipstreams no longer affect intangible ships
If solar shielding/ECCM/whatever changes during combat, terrain effects will now change their values to account for it

New config option: Determine if slipstreams affect intangible entities or not

Fixed a bug where pulsars kept their EMP damage increase applied even after the battle ends, and applied it to all weapons
Please watch pulsar battles for excessive EMP damage as I realized a flaw in my implementation that may still be broke

Adds lunalib headers
Fixes hyperspace crashes for non-windows
Some nebula adjustments

Removes magiclib dependency

Removes redundant feature that doesnt work
Adjusts some values in settings, notably hyperstorm lightning delay
Makes things like hardflux gen and gravity respect time dilation better

Migrated settings to data/config/LunaSettings.csv (Press F2 to configure your settings in-game)
Added lunasettings dependency
Made the code safer and less likely to break the game
Made pulsars and black holes more intense
Deep hyperspace now spawns a ton of clouds
More changes that I do not remember! Woo!

Brute forces a fix to the NaN crashes. Give me your log if you see an error.

Fixes a rare crash with nebulae's cellsize being 0, causing division by zero

Fixed a pulsar bug
Nebulae now slow you down less if you have insulated engine assembly
Misc polish
New config settings, adjusted config settings

1.0.0: RELEASE
Hyperstorm lightning now launches it's target super fast
Hyperstorms now respect mass and speed of any ship that it wants to strike
Some adjustments to hyperstorms to make the AI less likely to vent while in danger of lightning
Adjusted lightning values to do far less energy damage, as it's really annoying to watch my carriers keep blowing up to lightning because they don't know how to react
Hyperstorms now properly function when their target is no longer available to be struck
Adjusted some magfield values to make it more functional

Slipstreams now double your 0 flux boost if you already have the 0 flux boost permanently active
A few adjustments to slipstreams

The next 2 effects replace or mitigate the vanilla CR penalties, this is configurable in the config
Drags all entities in combat towards itself with a rather powerful pull, missiles and projectiles will drift, and slow ships will struggle. Not affected by solar shielding
Increases timeflow on all ships. This effect is reduced by solar shielding, making solar shielding affect your combat performance negatively

Pushes all entities in combat away from itself with a modest push, the only things that will struggle are things like MIRV warheads. Affected by solar shielding
Decreases shield efficiency and EMP arc penetration resist, increases shield upkeep
Randomly EMPs ships that don't have a 360 degree shield
Slowly increases hardflux on all ships that arent fighters
Charges all projectiles with a flat bonus to EMP damage (vulkan spam is now VERY viable), NOT affected by solar shielding

Some more tips

0.3.3: Last update before fully release probably
I hoenstly forgot most of the changes I made
Hyperstorms now have a bit of variation in the area they do the telegraph strieks in

GraphicsLib enhancements for lightning
Telegraph arcs now progressively get louder to audibly warn you of your imminent demise
Some balance tweaks
A few fixes
Interstellar Imperium hypercloud integration

Significant hyperstorm backend rework
Nebulae center is now approximated using a config option
Soem hyperstorm balance changes
Possibly fixed a crash with nebulae and hyperstorms?

Deep hyperspace beta

A bit of backend work
Full settings integration-everything is now fully configurable, check the settings


InDev release

Hey so, I've got a really baffling problem on my hands, at least for me. I'm trying to basically make it so that, when a market has a specific condition, whenever combat happens in a certain radius of the planet, it's automatically joined by a group of satellites that will remain stationary on the defender end of the battle. Of course this is assuming the satellite's faction lines up with the defender.

How the hell do I do this? I know how to make it so the fleet is never targetted, through memkeys, but how do I make it /invisible/? How do I make it not target other fleets itself? Is it even a good idea to do this? Is there a /better/ way to do this? Other methods I can think of would be something like a listener that reports if combat has started or is about to start near the planet, but I don't know a listener method that gives that info, only gives info on if a autoresolve round ends.

I'm leaning on the fleet idea because this way, it would all work as expected: Fleets would hopefully avoid the area the satellites can attack in, because they recognize theyd be dragged into a scary fight, autoresolve would accurately resolve with the satellites FP taken into account, player combat dialogue would show the satellites in friendly/opposing forces, etc...

Although, if I do it this way, who's to say it won't also cause issues, such as the fleet dragging enemies inward, towards the planet, or the fleet being dragged out, due to fleets clumping together in combat?

Mods / [0.97a-RC11] More Planetary Conditions 3.0.2
« on: August 27, 2022, 12:33:19 PM »
More Planetary Conditions

THE OVERGROWN NANOFORGE HAS HAD SOME ISSUES IN DEV, including one very worrying deserialization bug I have been unable to fix, or even replicate, but I know it happens. A fix that should maintain total stability has been implemented and tested, but Im unable to test it in the context of the bug, meaning it might still not work. If you want to help me debug this, play with the mod, and search "overgrown nanoforge corruption detected, replacing handler so the game doesnt crash, stability cannot be guaranteed" in your starsector.log every time you load your game. Tell me about it, and send me your save + modlist, if you find it.
If you want a COMPLETELY stable game, you go into data>campaign>procgen>condition_gen_data.csv and delete both the "overgrown nanoforge" rows, so they dont spawn.


Adds a number of custom planetary conditions, each with their own unique mechanics, scripting, and behavior, that hopefully set them apart from everything else.

Probably not safe to put into a existing save.
DEFINITELY not safe to remove from a existing save.

Current conditions:

Anti-asteroid satellites
Arrays of anti-asteroid satellites surround certain planets. These satellites suppress the asteroid condition, increase ground defense, decrease pather interest, and reduce accessability. However, what they're most useful for is the fact that they bolster the orbital defenses.
If you attempt to interact with a planet with satellites in orbit, and 1. its uncolonized, 2. your transponder is off, or 3. youre hostile to the planet, you cannot interact with the planet. Period. Not until you defeat the satellites and any nearby fleets in combat (or turn your damn transponder on).
In combat, the satellites are cruiser-sized modular ships. Their core and connector modules have incredible range and can harass you from a distance further than a station, and a pair of heavy combat modules prevent any damage from being snuck in. The satellites have one achilles heel-they cannot turn, they cannot move, and can be flanked. You can also shoot out the connector module from between the heavy combat modules to instantly destroy the connector module, frontal struts, and heavy combat modules.

These satellites will respond to ANY combat thats on top of the planet. AI, player, you name it, as long as its neutral with one side and hostile to the other.
The satellites ally with whoever holds the planet at the moment. They also engage anything that attempts to preform hostile actions on the planet (raids and such) much like a station would.

Overgrown Nanoforge
An old abandoned industrial nanoforge, endlessly expanding in a grey-goo scenario.

Is essentially a very needy bansai tree. There are three main "modes" of a nanoforge: The core, its growths, and its spreading progress.

The CORE outputs a large amount of commodities, costs no upkeep, and is all in all a pretty nice thing to have. The problem, though, comes in the fact that it spreads. As time progresses, it will progressively spawn more and more "growths", which are smaller structures with upsides and downsides, that take a structure slot. When the market is full of structures, the growths will begin eating non-junk structures, until they get to population & infrastructure, at which point, the market decivs. This growth can be monitored in real time via intel (see the gallery), so its not as scary as it sounds.
These growths can be culled, but it takes a concerted effort. You must use the intel screen to "cull" these growths, which takes credits and time. You can over-exert your government by surpassing 100% "culling capacity" for a cost, but you can also underutilize it by going below 20% for a massive discount to all costs (useful for suppressing growths!). Once all growths are culled, the core nanoforge may be attacked, allowing for its destruction.

Each growth, except for the core, has positives and negatives, with the positives usually greatly outweighting the negatives. An example: +7 supply output, but +20% hazard rating.

Apon destruction of the core nanoforge, you get an "overgrown nanoforge" item, which massively increases supply of any industry, while increasing demand, as well as increasing upkeep. When installed in your primary heavy industry, it quadruples fleet size of all planets in your empire, but quarters their ship quality. It's worth one million credits, which is probably going to be a lot less than what it took for you to cull the nanoforge.

Upsides and downsides of these growths include:

Supply alteration - Either increase or decrease the commodity output of the core nanoforge. Allows for incredibly high amounts of commodity output.
Hazard (Negative) - Increase hazard rating of the market.
Accessability (Negative) - Decrease accessability of the market.
Indefensible (Negative) - Decrease defense rating of the market.
Ungovernable (negative) - Decrease stability of the market.
Derelict Auto-Forge - Creates a fleet spawner, capable of spawning up to 500 FP. Spawns a fleet every month or so. These fleets roam the system and attack anything they are hostile to. If positive, is the faction of the controlling government (hostile if none). If negative, is ALWAYS hostile. Try using this with ind.evo's salvage yards!
Volatile - When destroyed, disables a random industry.

All positive effects are disabled if you exceed 12 structures, as this is a core balancing part of the mod. You can disable this in config, but I recommend against it.

These are VERY RARE. You might get none, one, or two, in any given run, but often no more than that.



Fixes intel crashes, use niko_MPC_convertObjectsToEnum command if updating from previous versions
Makes overgrown nanoforges a bit rarer
Overgrown nanoforges have 1 less intel tab

Update to Starsector 0.97a

Update to Starsector 0.96a-RC10

New condition: Overgrown Nanoforge:
    A old abandoned industial nanoforge, endlessly expanding in a grey-goo scenario.
Adds industry: Overgrown Nanoforge
    Has a inherent costless and demandless output of goods
    Will continuously generate structures that augment it's stats
        Ex. A structure that increases the industry's supply output by 3, but increases upkeep by 2000 credits.
        A structure that increases accessibility, but lowers fuel output by 1.
    These structures do not instantly deconstruct, and the process of creation cannot be instantly stopped
        It takes time and money to do so
    Prior to construction, the effects of the structures become progressively more known as it nears the end
        Encourages you to make early judgements on if you want to start destroying it before it's made, at less cost
    The main industry is only destroyable once all connected structures are destroyed
        Once destroyed, you receive a unique nanoforge item that massively increases commodity output of any structure it's inserted into,
        but has various negative effects
        If installed in heavy industry, increases faction-wide fleet size by 400% but reduces ship quality by 400% as well
    The growths cease to grow and benefits are unapplied if the visible structure amount exceeds the vanilla cap
        Sorry grand sector
    At max structures (NOT ABOVE!), growths will begin to destroy and overtake existing structures
        A really needy bonsai tree
        Encourages you to stay on top of it
        Always targets pop&infra last
            If it is destroyed, the market decivs
        Alter Supply: Increases/Decreases core industry output of a random commodity by x amount
        Alter hazard: Increases hazard by x
        Alter accessability: Decreases accessability by x
        Alter stability: Decreases stability by x
        Alter defense: Decreases ground defense by x
        Spawn hostile fleets: Periodically spawns a friendly/hostile derelict fleet (no guardians) that patrols the system, up to x fp

    This encourages you to treat this as a sort of bonsai tree, constantly minmaxing the effects, minimizing negatives, maximizing positives
    Extremely rare - only 1-2 if any will spawn in a given game

Anti-Asteroid Satellites:

    Fixed a rare bug taht caused a crash in campaign due to ai

Num of satellites per planet reduced to 2
    FAR less oppressive, now, yet still very helpful

    Overclocked targetting (Frontal plate system) now 1. Overloads for far longer 2. Lasts for far less
    Infinite range removed from core and connector, replaced with a long-lasting infintie range system that doesnt overload
        Works on a cycle of, say, 23 secs of infinite range and 7 secs of normal
        Gives you a bit of breathing room
    Harpoon MRM small removed from most variants, as it was way too spammy
    All weapons either now have secondary or primary PD capabilties
        PD_ALSO and PD tags respectively
            Rebalanced the frontal plates to be far more ballistics-focused
            To compensate for the lost OP, the left plate now has harpoon doubles
            Replaced annihilator pods with jackhammer/typhoon respectively
            Variant weight drastically reduced
            Replaced most missiles with DEMs
            Variant weight moderately reduced
            Connector module Locust replaced with hellbore to reduce spam
            Variant weight slightly reduced
            Overfluxed, overgunned
            Energy focus
            Plasma cannons, heavy blasters, and antimatter blasters
            *** terrifying -- But with a very small variant spawn chance
            About 20 mining blasters in total, is capable of stripping armor off anything
            General mining theme
            Pretty rare
        Do not fire through added - modules will no longer fire through the core, enhancing flank capabilities
        Weapons adjusted in general
        Max recoil of weapons reduced to 10%
            Sounds like a buff, but is actually a fat nerf as it makes it way easier to dodge projectiles

SOme misc balance changes, such as reducing the time the superheavy damper is active for, increasing targetting overclock cooldown, switching the ordnance locust to a hurricane


Satellites significantly buffed: Heavy combat modules now have the system "Overclocked Targetting", which multiples weapon range by a factor of 100 for ~10 seconds, before overloading the module for 10 seconds. Has custom AI so that it doesn't activate when it's fighting a nearby ship. The satellites were a little sucky at their role as a long-ranged artillery platform, and this will significantly alleviate that flaw.
Core given "Superheavy damper field", a damepr field that reduces damage taken by 90% but only lasts for 2.5 seconds, has a 1 second cooldown, has 2 charges, and takes a while to recharge. The intent is to give cores a small amount of survivability against strike attacks, so you cant just rush in and burst it down. You're forced to at least hit it for 2.5 seconds, and at worst, 6 full seconds.
Heavy combat modules have been given armored weapon mounts.
Their beams are now modded weapons, that have instant travel time. This makes the beamer varient scary.
Raised DP/FP to 60.
Swarm variant is more common and now is composed almost entirely out of wasps. :)

Misc. cleanup

Removes magiclib dependency

Makes satellites work a bit more consistantly
Raesvelg now starts with satellites (You can generate satellites on planets via the config)
Hopefully fixed an edge case crash

Massively refactors most of the mod
Fixed a few critical bugs
Fixed a few misc bugs
Changed some satellite stats
Game should be significantly more stable


Fixes up a few things from the last updates and polishes it



Laid very initial groundwork for next condition
Made a workaround for a bug that caused a crash when a game was loaded


Added a few config options for discovering every satellite at once
Added a stopgap for the satellite fleet drift issue by forcing the satellite fleet on fleets interacting with the planet to orbit the planet
Improved station digging code so that it almost always finds the satellite entity and returns important data, even if the entity we interact with isnt a station
Added a lot more debug code that should hopefully catch and resolve scenarios where entity is null apon application of the satellite condition
Improved code for fighting your own faction's satellites to use a better method
Increased satellite sensor profile to 3 from 1

Documented campaignplugin heavily
Misc documentation and annotations
Misc nullchecks
Misc naming improvements
Deleted unneccessary files, renamed a few to be more descriptive and accurate

Added a few config options for enabling/disabling a few features
Reworked some of the backend
Satellites now always defend markets and stations if you interact with them
Upgraded debugging
More station compatibility

Fixed NPE on fighting station markets

Fixed NPE on simulation
Removed weapons from the game, they were unused
Added tips
Satellites can no longer turn
Most likely save compatable? Probably?


Satellites no longer spawn in core worlds.
Fixed up some combat AI.
Polished some things
Fixed the console command


Added a new console command, FindPlanetsWithConditionId (conditionId). Lists all planets in the game with a given condition. Syntax: FindPlanetsWithConditionId (conditionId)


Finishing up the beta stage. All major bugs seem to have vanished and functionality has never been better.
Added a new very rare swarm variant. This one will kick your ass.

Adds a bunch of questionably balanced variants. Fixes a few bugs. Reduces satellite DP to one to hopefully let their allies deploy more ships.

Reworked a lot of the backend. Improved a lot of ***, although in a way that makes me unhappy.

Next update will probably be a huge quality pass.

Fixed a few crashes.

Improved polish further.
Buffed satellites FP.
Buffed satellite range.
Nearly perfects fleet interception.

More misc changes. All in all, its way more playable now.

Fixed a few crashes.
Improved the functionality of hostile fleet interception. It now works. Somewhat.

You can now fight your own colony's satellites.
Improved the description of the condition.
Added illustrations that arent placeholders.

Misc polish and ***.

Fixed a NPE when loading saves. Hopefully.

Please tell me if you get any strange crashes at random, I found a possible hole in the logic of my design (I am assuming many variables will not be null, they may be).

Satellite balance: Nerfed the range of the satellites, reduced the number of the satellites, reduced the amount of harpoons on the heavy combat modules, reduced the health/armor of the heavy combat modules. Satellites now start at 70% CR.

New features: Untested framework for fleets being attacked by satellites if the fleets want to attack the planet.

New description for satellites. New sprite for satellites in orbit of entities.
Cleaned up some backend code.

Many more misc changes I won't be assed to document until release.

Beta release

Also, if you can help it, resolution being standard an fullscreen being on.

I often find myself using console commands rather than just setting the variable to true in the config when I'm testing stuff because it's just kinda annoying to have no sound and stuff.

Suggestions / Blindspots for weapons
« on: July 29, 2022, 12:29:31 PM »
Instead of forcing two-say broadside ships to have 2 weapons to broadside in both ways, why not add functionality for blindspots? Allow a part of the arc to be designated a "blindspot", wherein the portion will not appear when selecting the turret slot, and if a weapon's firing line goes into that arc, the weapon will be greyed out or something and it will be unable to fire.

I feel like this'd solve a good few balance headaches that are introduced when making a broadsider. At the very least, for modders.

Weapon descriptions should include projectile speed, missiles should say how much health they have, and a bunch of other things I can't exactly remember right now, but those are the main two. This'll be good because projectile speed and missile survivability are really important stats that are extremely important for a weapon's balance, and it's only fair that the player gets to know them.

Hi, I've got a problem that probably has a simple solution but I'm too dumb to figure it out. With intellij as my IDE, and after even reinstalling starsector after a uninstall, whenever I try to look at classes like ShipAPI I get a warning telling me that the bytecode is different between the API and the .class file. Sure enough, when I look at it, it is in fact different. This easily could've been just a corrupt download, so I reinstalled starsector, but there was still a difference. To make things worse, ShipAPI is trying to import a class that doesn't even exist (com.fs.starfarer.api.combat.listeners.CombatListenerManagerAPI). The only thing I can think of is that the most recent hotfix comes packaged with a broken API.

Yes, I've set starsector as a library, and yes, I'm pretty sure I've set it up properly.

General Discussion / What will Personal Contacts add to station contacts?
« on: February 06, 2021, 12:08:41 PM »
I plan to make a mod that dramatically expands apon the interactions you can have with station contacts. Ex. quartermasters can now give you supplies based on faction relation, personal relation, colony stability, their own personality, their own faction influencing them, etc. Will Personal Contacts affect this at all? From what I read, contacts are only found in the bar, thus, comm channel contacts are left untouched. But I'd just like to make sure that these contacts will be untouched prior to making this mod, so I don't waste my efforts.

Mods / [0.9.1a] Nexerelin Queued 1.1.0/DEFUNCT
« on: January 28, 2021, 07:18:25 AM »

So, with histidine's permission, I've queued all non-essential intel of Nexerelin. No more incessant intel spam in the outer rim! (NOTE: All player agent intel is added for functionality.) The Nexerelin 0.9.8 version will be in the NEXT nexerelin update. When that happens, this post will be deleted.

If you're interested in a somewhat early and unpolished BUT STILL FUNCTIONALversion of the Nexerelin 2.9.8 queued, you can download the zip at the github:


TODO: Deal with the new dynamic of rarer missions (maybe make them expire after a longer time?), find a way to queue alliance intel (this isn't much of an issue; alliance intel is infrequent enough to land on my list of low priority intel), make a version up-to-date with the latest nexerelin version, do something about the massive amounts of intel stacking that can happen, move the project onto github and (hopefully) get it implemented as config option into base nex

Version 1.0.0: Initial release
Version 1.0.1: Queued more intel (I may have been sorta lazy with this one, PLEASE REPORT ANY PROBLEMS! However there really shouldnt be any issues, I just kinda spaced out halfway through.)
Version 1.0.2: Queued defense fleet intel, cleaned up the folder, removed unused options, and made the have .java files, not .class.
Version 1.0.3: i made a dumb mistake with the standard version that broke everything. i fixed it.
Version 1.1.0: Completely removed 99% of Nexerelin files, code, you name it. All that remains is the (almost) essentials. Reduced file size by 80%! Added a tip! NOW USABLE WITH NEXERELIN! In fact, it doesn't work WITHOUT nexerelin. Added crashcode so you can't run both versions at once. Fixed a random bit of debug code I had lying around. Made the mod IDs unique. Fixed a bug that caused the mods to not appear in the mod list.
Version 1.2.0: Added version checker functionality

"Added" intel is intel you receive instantly. These are things such as damage repair reports, income reports, AI inspections. Nexerelin, by default, sets almost EVERYTHING to be added. Queued intel is only added when the player is within range of a comm relay, or removed from the queue when a specific criteria is met. This mod sets most Nexerellin intel to be queued.

But won't this cause imbalance?
Yes! But, it can be mitigated; just build comm relays whenever you want to receive intel.

I can't find disrupt or conquest missions anywhere!! Is this a bug?!
Nope! Due to the way missions work, ALL MISSIONS are only viewable (when queued) when you are near the system the mission is targeting. A jangala conquest mission will only appear when you are near jangala!

Important legacy versions

This is here, and not in mods, mostly because I only *just* got the mod fully functional. I'm still bughunting and polishing it up! This is also my very first legitimate mod, so, please excuse any dumb things in this post. I hereby deem this amateur coding project ADEQUETE!

I give full permission to histidine to use this modification for their own mod, however I encourage them to contact me if they choose to implement this into their mod!

Suggestions / Add some sort of indication of the behavior of scavengers
« on: January 19, 2021, 12:36:02 PM »
I'm pretty sure every single starsector player has been blindsided by scavengers at least once, usually unfairly. Such a crucial mechanic that can often make or break a situation should REALLY have some kind of explanation or way for a player to learn about it without having to ask people about it.

I've got a really good PC, ryzen 2700x, 1660 TI, 16 GB of RAM, and the game lags *badly* when it really shouldnt. And I mean BADLY. If I use the HMI mod, and engage a large mess swarm with 400 battlesize, graphicslib off, at cactorum (the station in the mess system) with a fairly small defense, holy GOD the game lags. I reached framerates of 3 just because of the goddamn fighter spam. I could elaborate more but only really if you're legitimately interested in knowing what else I had enabled at the time, which I wont be able to answer perfectly.

This isn't even to mention vanilla, which, yes, does in fact lag quite a lot before even reaching a fight that maxes out the battlesize of 400. Theres numerous other scenarios, too, where my game lags when it really shouldn't.

I understand it's more important to cater to the lower end of the spectrum when the higher end usually is doing pretty good, but this is just really disappointing.

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