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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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To answer regarding ECM: hopefully? The past link was about the skill not unapplying I thought- because it was removed via console commands (which presumably doesn't call the relevant code). The fact that the bonus was 0% was not intended as it was supposed to be 5% (or half of the standard value). That part has been fixed at least. If you are respeccing skills via the normal method and the 5% bonus (instead of 10%) is still showing up under the same circumstances, then that is a separate issue that I'll need to try and handle if I can.

The issue actually occurs before I'm messing with the console command. It might be related to the skill not being applied correctly. So this one can be put on hold. I will reconfirm it when your new version comes out.

So just to continue to narrow things down, was this a vanilla issue that was/is being fixed and now I should account for that in faction balance, or is this issue still at large in the current version? To be honest, if its the latter then I'm not really sure what could be causing it other than possibly a miscommunication of the UI regarding the actual d-mod chance. It certainly doesn't seem to meet the average based upon the screenshots though.

This issue is exclusive to your mod. I never encounter it in vanilla or in other combinations of mods. It might be that it doesn't pull the quality value properly or there's no D-mods version of the ship to choose from? or they don't know the new modified D-mods? Also adding or removing nano forge (by stealing) doesn't affect the D-mods. Most of the factions have quality over 100% so they will be fine even with this bug initially but if the player stole the nano forge the quality issue will not be reflected correctly as well.

I haven't tested this on .1a yet. I will try to test it today.

I heard the ECM problem has been fixed already? The other thing would be that the D-mods free NPC fleet that does not follow ship quality policy nor present of nano forge. It's going to break faction balance for sure when fixed, so you better deal with it early.

You mean how the skill was completely negating the range bonus?

What D-mods free fleet? You mean a faction? Sorry, I'm not quite understanding the context.

The ECM is referred to this post;topicseen#msg340631
Where enemy weapon range reduction is -0% instead of -10% or something.

And the D-mods is referred to this post
Only some of the mod modified ship has D-mods when spawning in an NPC fleet. Majorly, they are all pristine even pirate Atlas.

I heard the ECM problem has been fixed already? The other thing would be that the D-mods free NPC fleet that does not follow ship quality policy nor present of nano forge. It's going to break faction balance for sure when fixed, so you better deal with it early.

Great stuff. I haven't started a new run on .1a yet. So, I will wait some more.

Comments on new skills in .1a
- The skill gate system I always talk about, better diversifying. So the last two perks require 4 and 6 lower skill's skill points respectively.
- Damage Control: big hit Damage reduction once every 2 sec is kind of interesting but I'm certain it's not enough to do anything in my kind of large combat.
- Best of the Best: 10% DP bonus in outnumber fight is also a good addition.
- Support Doctrine: It's borderline OP
- Neural Link: Honestly the most interesting of all, I want that in your mod.
- Ordinance Expertise: Should be hard to balance. Just ditch it.
- Polarized Armor: At the moment, I think there should be a new hull mod or for this skill to provide 100% EMP immunity when hitting just armor. If the armor has a hole in it then it's another story.
- Hull Restoration: OP. I also want this kind of perk for Frigates only. So players won't be afraid to use smaller ships. Actually, the frigate perk should be built-in.

What to implement? I think you should keep your skill tree. I like that one more, we have more interesting stuff like missile mod. Just port that into this new layout. Add some interesting things to it such as Neural Link. The new system doesn't have any implication in adding more lower-tier skills. The permanent skills seem to be no more, I'm not sure what Alex did to solve all that mess behind the scene when reassign.

An actual skill tree should look like this.

Yours definitely have something wrong with it. When you reinstall the AO mod, be sure to delete the old folder first and not to replace it. Recheck Lazylib version as well. I would appreciate it if you could post your mod list screen.

So, you can spend 4 op for the range and burstyness of a Graviton Beam (Which technically would be better anti-armor being a delivery of 600 damage in a burst) that can't be retasked a PD and fire through your own ships, but then low tech ships can just flicker their sheilds unless you're right next to them with torpedoes ready to go or have enough nearby threat for them to be willing to risk an overload. And with how long flux disipation takes in this mod and how well the coding works, they're not going to do that unless they'd die anyway or have a good retreat path while overloaded. Or you're lucky.

Do you mean Gravitron "Driver" and not beam? You can always mix and match multiple weapon types in one group that will be fired together. For example, I can put my Gravitron Driver in a group together with Heavy Ion Cannon. In this situation, the enemy ship risks losing all frontal weapons if it ever thinks about lowering the shield.

Since the High-tech class isn't supposed to have a kinetic projectile weapon. The stat is lower than its ballistic counterpart to discourage usage but is still an option.

Yeah, I always prefer it because it's dirt cheap and works pretty well. In a huge fight with 30+ crafts running at you, it also works great at mowing them down. Usually quicker than projectile PD but not as fast as AoE PD.

There's another ship with Salvage Gantries which is the high-tech capital-class Odyssey. Not easy to come by early game.

Also, you shouldn't compare weapons in this mod with DPS stat alone. It's very very deceptive as the majority of weapons fire in bursts plus has a magazine. A Burst weapon has more advantages than a continuous weapon in which it can overload the opponent quicker, can dodge without losing much DPS in a small ship. You will not be able to fire those continuous weapons all the time so you are losing in DPS while finding another target/dodge whereas you can use that downtime to reload magazines. High yield, low DPS. A very high alpha damage weapon such as the Antimatter Blaster can nuke the enemy before it can retaliate. But still, burst weapons can be overwhelmed if there are too many enemies nearby and the ship itself is slow. In that situation, you might consider yourself switching to a lower flux continuous weapon to use the majority of the flux to tank damage instead.

How about making the Assault beam not pierce crafts? That should lower the effectiveness somewhat.


I haven't played for a while now. I will drop an end game save file here for anyone interested in peaking a bit. Or if you wondering what a 6 Paladins Paragon can do.

Required mods
Archean Order - Beta
Console Commands
Detailed Combat Results

By buffing interceptors wing size, speed and maneuverability! Interceptors doesn't have to have good armor or high hull HP, basically paper thin, but they should deal shitton of damage to fighters and fighters should be struggling to destroy interceptors

There are already crafts of this type in the build, mainly drone interceptors, and a slight problem with how AI utilizes them. Since we barely have any control over it, what most likely going to happen with paper-thin armor is that the interceptor will be sent against ships instead of other crafts or strafe far enough into PD range and they will all go poof, turned into space dust.

lowering redeployment time for a specific type of wings but twice the extra time for the other type
I mainly put only one type of craft onto any ship so this penalty will not apply to me.

Heyo folks, I'm currently running into an issue with Archean Order where I am completely incapable of invading anything, as in I don't even HAVE the option to invade a planet. I'm running AO exclusively, and have looked through the entire thread for the mod, as well as the guide book that's linked in the mod page, but found no answer. Any help would be great!

You're going to need this mod:

I noticed a problem with EMC range reduction. I did have the ECM skill but removing it with cmd doesn't seem to change anything.

The Vanilla version seems to work fine.

Salvaging is permanent so that the player doesn't exploit the elite benefit to tech mining until tech mining no longer generates much reward and then respecs skills.

I was going to do that lol. Generally, the best I would get from a rich tech mining would be a single Alpha core which is honestly not that valuable. Blueprints are also no longer finite with the addition of the academician. And respec from Elite skill also cost a lot of points as a downside but anyway.

Catalyst Bomber's torpedo sprites are a bit off from where they should be.

Kraken Normal version has a behavior problem while the Ludic version doesn't.

Talking about additional bugs.

Apparently, the new REDACTED ships can't be piloted by AI cores and can be sold not-so illegally to market. Automate Ship hull-mod is missing.

Secondly, I'm not sure why Salvaging has to be a permanent skill. None of the benefits are long lasting even if the skill point were to be redistributed.

I'm back again. I am having the same issue with my game crashing when I launch it with a the mod. I can't seem to find the .log file unless it is the jar executable. I may be completely incompetent and just missing something so any help would be great.

It's the one that says "starsector" text document 699 KB. Normally the file extension will not show up as default, sorry I forgot. You can change that by messing with the File Explorer a little. On the View tab above, there's a tick box for file extensions on the right hand side.

Wait, I just noticed you're on the wrong game version. The latest version is 0.95a while yours is 0.91a

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