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Also about the speed boost. In early game I usually use little fleet from fast hightech cruisers and battlecruiser for exploration. So I managed to find a pirate horde once - consisting of mainly converted tankers and heavyfreighters + several destroyers. So in my opinion I should have escaped easily as their fast forces are considerably weaker than mine and not able to inflict any heavy damage. But in real it is just need to be tagged once, and all this mass will become faster than you. May be the solution is to implement more engine disruption weapons?
Usually, these guys put on either unstable injector or safety override which boosts speed massively, more intense than vanilla. I also advise you to put on an unstable injector yourself. Once tab, the ship will rotate to fight back unless you order them direct retreat.


I have observed another strange thing weather this is intended. The number of fleets in an invasion seems to exceed the initial report prediction. I found that, at the destination of invasion that predict to have 3 fleets, it's turn out to be 7 fleets which more than double the number.

I'm able to loot 100 Spark Fighters from 3 big Remnant fleets I think the drop rate might be a bit silly here. Also, an evident how OP their fighter capacity is.


Also, my save file.

- Archean Order
- Nexerelin + LazyzLib
- Active Gates
- Resist Inspections
- SpeedUp

Quick Description: I have a lot of gates activated for convenience. One directly in Jahannam Where the high danger sector situated, this save will start off here. All my stuff is stored on Surganna planet in Karkara which also has a gate. Trantor, another settlement, also has a gate as well as multiple places in the core sector but not all of them.

You should check out Directorship Headquarters with 7 industries.

Interesting. I would have thought the Radiant was ridiculous due to its system. Any more details you can provide for this would be helpful in this case so I can better understand. Does tanky mean shields or overall defenses, for instance? You already said it should have more DP (thanks for the specifics there!) but why is it scarier than a teleporting Radiant with capital weaponry? (I assume this is considering the effectiveness as a DP group for the comparison)

I'll try and get a mock-mission going for test purposes and see how the synergy works. I haven't fought Remnants en masse very often and so I need some kind of way to test these considerations before I can reliably make any changes. This may be pushed back to a further update if I'm honest. There is a lot of changes yet to be made first.
I fought them every so often in a high danger sector when no one trying to invade my planet. Mostly approaching the end of the combat, AI will deploy all of the remaining Brilliants it has which usually 2 times the numbers of my capital ship if I don't have a fleet size advantage. Its shield flux is very OP when one ship flux is full it can simply teleport back and immediately another ship can replace its position. So, in 2 vs 1 situation, this Brilliant can really shine as its name implied. Consider its superior flux, speed, and fighter capacity about 3 Brilliants should be equal to a Radiant. Or on another hand, if you want players to suffer, you can consider lowering the deployment cost of Radiant instead. I feel that the first half of the battle, where Radiants are present, is considerably easier than the second half, where only Brilliants remain. I don't think you have to low the difficulty in any way. The way it has access to some Archean Order and Andamantine weapon also feels strange a bit.

PS. If you want my save file to test stuff just tell me

Thanks this is helpful. (I always ask questions to get a better perspective if you haven't noticed  :P ) Is the engine homing aspect of the Phantom the issue- or is it the phase defense + projectile hitpoints that cause more reliability in the strike?
I think. Because the rest of the bomber lines are all crappy that I feel this Phantom is the best option. LOL. It's not good against a capital ship target as the bombs hit the thick back armor while your capital shoot the front and the damage is quite spread out. But everything else below a capital, it's very effective against. Its bomb can effectively bypass any unraised shield target. If you want to nerf it a bit then consider made the bomb hit the front instead so AI can raise shield in time. But first, you should buff the rest of the bombers before that.

Not really sure what you mean by this. As in the faction stations that periodically spawn and harass (like pirates/luddic path) make the Adamantine Consortium too strong? What are you specifically observing? It could be that setting pirate behavior has an overall effect in Nex, for instance, that I'm unaware of.
It's the aspect of them be able to colonise new planets where Luddic path and Pirate can't. It's NEX related, so, all other factions treat them as a pirate-like faction. There will be no raid or invasion against a pirate entity, hostility will never change so I can use agents to make them permanently hostile to any faction the same as Pirate/LuddP. No one will be interested in attacking them so they can keep all their newly found planets without worry.

You can keep asking more questions as I'm not native English and I don't know what to type.

Ah yeah I think I figured this out after taking another look at the file structure of Nex config. The JSON merging is duplicating the traits for the vanilla factions and probably doing a couple other unintended things. My fault- Sorry I didn't catch that during the initial Nex tests.
No need to apologise, I'm already grateful enough that you keep updating it.

Remnant Brilliant-class en masse are very tanky and should cost a bit more DP, scarier than a single Radiant.

Remnant Flash Bomber not worths 30 points. Phantom Phase Bomber is pretty OP. All torpedo ships (Cobra and Dagger) have a super short range, almost point blank and a guarantee it will never return from the trip.

Adamantine Consortium is categorised more of a pirate, no one is thinking about capturing their planet, so it can expand freely.

There's a lack of mining weapon options but this should be low in the priority list.

Some bug on Eventide planet under player control, it has 2 star fortresses (one hegemony, one high tech) where one keeps rebuilding and still under Hegemony control even when the planet is no longer. I have shut both down and rebuild a new one instead.

All vanilla factions in Diplomatic Profile seem to have duplicate traits. If it's applied twice, this might be the reason why hegemony is so aggressive in my game. Modded factions don't have any problem. I have checked with NEX only start and that side worked fine with no duplication.

I'm playing with both NEX and Archean Order. Is it normal for Hegemony to have war weariness of 250k and still won't stop sending invasion fleets to everyone else? It sent 5 invasions to 5 out of my 8 planets the moment I retaliated against sudden war declaration.

Good thing or bad thing?
Good thing that I manage to beat all of them. I'm going over to NEX to complain about how things can be this ridiculous. The moment I beat the crap out of one of their station they immediately sent 5 invasion fleets and I only have 8 planets.

There's a problem with NEX Relief fleet that spawn so fast that the moment I fly in with the goods the shortage already resolves.

Also, a minor complaint on Onslaught reload boost ability that down shield which seems to be very very bad in most situations. Downed shield vs Reaper is a very bad idea. Combine with slow speed and quite short of range weapons it has to get into a brawl quite personal and usually get rekt real fast. I would prefer the ability to generate hard flux instead. Most of the heaviest ballistic weapon can only fire two salvos, so, it pretty much not that useful.

I already scout all sectors on the map and only manage to get 2 Andamatine ship blueprint one frigate and one capital carrier. Never managed to get an Andamantine blueprint package or paragon blueprint. You really want it to be hard to get eh?

Archean Apocalypse cannon firing sounds nice to my ear but reload speed is awful. I would prefer low alpha damage but increase rate of fire instead.

Do you wish to know how angry Hegemony look like? Its war-weariness went over 86000. What is war-weariness anyway?

So you have chosen death... not yet.

There's a bug where retreating ship's fighters were left behind in the ongoing fight. Just chasing last remaining ships to find out there are 200 fighters at the map edge.

Ps. Holy crab, I'm pvping 3 fleets at a time.

Wait do you mean the Tachyon Lance? I thought you were talking about the Phase Beam. 3 shots simultaneously from a Tachyon Lance will likely one-shot anything below a capital at over double the range of most weapons. With the Paragon's system active it could probably even one shot lighter capitals. That's worth max flux to me.

I'm pretty happy someone likes the Atronarch Beam more, though. I was worried that weapon felt underwhelming to a lot of players since people typically talk about the legendary weapons more.
Ah yes, Tachyon Lance my bad. It's kind of strong, maybe, if my Paragon doesn't try to turn its hull mid beam and slash three ships. Is there a way to not let it turn during firing?
Atronarch is strong OP. I put three on my Tyrant and it just one shot everything and almost one-shot capital. It seems to benefit greatly from phase acceleration, so the cooldown is minimal and can be fired in quick succession.

The trade off, if I reduce that cost, is that you won't be able to chain battle as much. But yeah corona's are harsh. It does make skills/hullmods that reduce that effect more attractive for capitals as a result though. Would you ever even consider those otherwise? (I know I don't in vanilla). With the hullmod, you can equip the capital specifically for corona missions then unequip it when that isn't a danger.
That would never be in my mind for the first playthrough for sure. I will test it out with two skill points I have left just in case, lol.

As for auto-resolve, it's kind of a chore to do so after main battle, in vanilla, to get rid of all stragglers but if I stop doing it, I notice that I'm able to turn profits a little from a very clean engagement. I only send small ships to do the cleanup afterward.

As in, don't give factions nanoforges? Any particular reason? Does it make it impossible for the player to reduce fleet quality for enemy factions through targeted hits to stability or something?
Oh, I haven't stated clearly. It's my faction. Defense fleets spawn from my own planet. I'm looking at very clean no d-mod capitals then suddenly a 4 d-mods fuel tanker/trader. Only ships that have been tampered with seem to be affected.

Looked into this a fair amount today and can't reproduce it in the current build. Do you remember if it was it from a bar mission or a procurement mission from intel? I assume it was a procurement mission. Those actually don't pop up that often for me, and I almost wonder if I've balanced the economy too well for Nex to the point where these things are rare due the overall stability of each faction.
Yes, after more investigation, I do think that most of the bar quests should work fine as long as it auto accept. The ones that will have a problem are quests that require you to directly hand over to NPC, i.e., smuggle quest that has to be handover with transponder off, procurement quest or, somehow, a quest that didn't get auto accept. The problem is can you create an NPC to accept quests the same as vanilla?

Also, for the ship bumping after comparing to vanilla, I notice a big difference is that you nerf small ships speed by a lot. I install an unstable injector on most of my capital, even one that I did not put in, with entry burn, actually fly faster than smaller ship loitering around at the start. Hence bump fest commence.

On another note, I did get a Paragon to test Phase lance on, with max capacitors, I can only fire 3 shots simultaneously before venting. I think flux/damage ratio does not justify using it, Artronarch beam is much better. The firing delay feels alright.

Thunderbolt MIRV is the new OP sabot.

Ah yeah all of those ships are very powerful and therefore very expensive to repair and deploy. Hazards that decrease CR cap should be avoided at all costs. There are so many ways to turn a nice profit in the game that I kind of wanted combat to cause a deficit. There has to be a deficit somewhere, and out of personal preference I wanted lighter costs for just existing.
I understand that you would like it to be a bit more challenging. But I insist that those environmental damages cost too much that I prefer to reload than wasting 300 supplies. Everyone will one day have to dip into that corona for a research station + salvage 3 times. Another thing is auto-resolve no longer cost effective to do.

Defense fleet with modded ships will never have d-mod for some reason (no nanoforge).

I'm on the latest version of the game and mods but NEX seems to be on updating spree at the moment. I also have combat speed mod, active gates mod and resist inspection mod enable.

Do you happen to remember what faction/market it was and what you were being asked to deliver?
I do remember delivering to Archean Order - Temple of the Dark Stars and some places in Andamantine Consortium.

As in ships seem to collide with each other more in the mod than vanilla??
Prominently at the start of the battle, my Tyrants and Executor just plow through friendly ships, damaged them and, sometimes, directly kill smaller ships. Maybe modded ship hitbox is off?

What capitals were you using? That can make a difference when taking combat damage specifically.
I have two Tyrants, two Onslaught XIVs, an Executor, two Nightreavers, two Apogees, and a Harbinger. Also to note, I haven't put points into Repair skill yet. It may be the combat readiness recovery that costs so much. If I bath in a pulsar beam my recovery per day directly jumps to 300+. And from the tooltips, it looks like it's still in vanilla range. Usually in vanilla, If I were to blow up a large pirate fleet, I will turn a profit on supply but now I'm likely to be in a deficit even with 4 salvage ships. When I'm out exploring, I don't want to be fighting anyone anymore (in vanilla I welcome them with open arms, freebies).

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by this. Can you elaborate? Places like Duzak and Tia-Taxet where bounty missions sometimes spawn? Penelope's Star likely doesn't get those as I've added markets there.
It's a sector wide pirate bounty. On vanilla, you are supposed to get 1300 credit per ship(frigate?) this has been bumped up to 5300. So, if two factions pose bounty in the same system I can get up to 300000 each(x2). If I'm able to intercept 4-5 fleets or more if there is a permanent base in that sector, then I'm rich.

The abundance of XIV ships is by design because I want "at a glance recognition of faction ships" and more differences between factions' tactics and style. Those hulls are powerful (more powerful than the stock hulls in many cases) but not more so than other factions' ships like Tri-Tachyon, Persean League, etc. It shouldn't, ideally, effect Nex campaigns overall balance.
I'm not too sure. Its fleets have so many carriers that auto-resolve usually results in their favor. Tri-tac is a goner now, got ganged by everyone and Hegemony also manages to penetrate the Diktat. Diktat is on its last leg, only Sindrian left (so hot, Hegemony don't want to live there). Trader guild all fell under Hegemony. Adamantine Consortium is, actually, neutral with Hegemony. I do feel they should be a bad guy.

The invasion fleets might be too large, everyone trade planet too easily. The home sector of every faction should be a bit stronger. I do feel that orbital stations should be buff a notch. It cannot withstand any fleet at all. But this is only my opinion, you should wait for more feedback from others.

PS. A few fleets of Achean Order actually stuck in their black hole, a nebula would be a safer choice.

This mod is on another level I like it. I would like to give you some feedback on my first playthrough with this mod plus Nexerelin.

- Bar delivery quest generated for extra faction has no NPC to be handover to.
- Onslaught build in beams is kind of rubbish and the AI doesn't like to raise shield even on low flux.
- Friendly ship collision seems to be in full throttle than vanilla.
- Hivemind orb friendly fire. Usually, missiles will pass over ally ship.
- Phase lance flux cost so much AI don't want to use it.
- Performance issues when fighters fire weapons with a lot of projectiles also small missile tend to fire a lot. I cannot play on 500 CR as my CPU max out on single core (4.3 GHz). Would suggest fighters to use a weapon with lower projectiles count.
- [REDACTED] Radiant class teleport ability cooldown is too quick, slow ships have no chance, so hard to kill, I surround it with 4 capitals and still took a few minutes to kill one.
- Helmmanship + Defensive officer for phase ship is OP and I like it, skate half a map in 2 sec.
- Phase battleship wiggles in front of the enemy ship or ontop until it runs out of flux instead of normally phase through the ship and fire at the engines.
- Mod nerfs supply and fuel drop rate(?), maintenance cost also seems to be reduced a lot but forgot the repair cost, it went through the roof, cost me 1300+ supply to fix my small fleet of 5 capitals after heavily damaged.
- Hunting pirate in the overlap bounties sector is too easy money.
- Hegemony fleet is super OP and plenty, it now owns half of the core world without the player intervention. I feel that XIV ships are too abundant.

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