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Mods / Re: [0.9.1a-RC8] Pearson Exotronics - v0.5.3 29/7/20
« on: August 02, 2020, 08:11:04 PM »
I'm experiencing crash twice with the Kingston from the same battle. I scrap this from the log. I'm on the latest version as well.

249116 [Thread-4] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain  - java.lang.NullPointerException
   at com.fs.starfarer.loading.specs.M$1.super(Unknown Source)
   at Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatEngine.advanceInner(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatEngine.advance(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatState.traverse(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.state.AppDriver.begin(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain.main(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)
   at Source)

If you need my save file, tell me.

Also, Thanks for the mod. Extra green ships made my day, cheers.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] prv Starworks v17 (2020-07-10)
« on: July 20, 2020, 08:58:41 PM »
A swarm host, with a bit of imaginative mod, without fighter, can be made into an almost invincible decoy. The only thing that can harm it a little is Tach-lance and it can still tank it for a few minutes.

Valljud ability is very OP against orbital station.

Gravity mine is very strong and cheap to deploy.

Can you remove Carrier AI from Eidolon? It's such a beefy ship and expensive to deploy while it rarely contributes to the fight cause it always hides behind my Paragon(you are also one damn it).

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3.16
« on: July 03, 2020, 12:13:53 AM »
Hi, I'm currently on my third playthrough with this mod and I just love everything about it. The ships are beautiful, new weapons are great, and all this new stuff together with it's backstory makes it incredibly satisfying to explore the Sector. That being said, I have a question - is it possible to find all Rosenritten ships on one savefile? After exploring nearly all of the Sector twice, non including high level [REDACTED] systems, I've only been able to restore 2 Regalias, while only having a salvage option on 3 more. Is the way they spawn random with no guarantee to find all of them in one playtrough, or should I just keep looking for them?

You won't be able to salvage all the ship but you are guaranteed to be able to salvage 2 Rosenritter capitals which also guaranteed to spawn where one will give you all of the Rosenritter blueprints for you to play with.


Nirvana is the strongest ship right now hands down, followed by Truamtanzer with Sylphon loadout. For Nirvana to be able to refresh armor is just OP. The Reality shell ability seems to trigger glitch with SpeedUp mod when disabling bullet time, as a flagship, the game now runs x4 time faster once trigged in battle.

Astral nerf, ouch. I don't think Fortress Shield is any useful much to Astral. I can't imagine it to go frontline as it's pretty much paper thin, unlike Legion. I would prefer something else, maybe, a temporary boost to crafts speed, temporary remove missile recharge cooldown so it can fire a huge barrage, massive boost to weapon range/damage then overload the ship afterward.

Eagle (AD) nerf. Oh no, my OP zero flux ultimate ship that can face tank capital.

Ship accessibility, ah yes the inevitable. I will let you know that, in my last playthrough, I only got Astral and Onslaught blueprint and nothing else from the entire map. I wonder if a drop rate from a successful raid can be increased somewhat. If you keep NEX agent ability to smuggle a ship then I might be ok with it.

I see that you actually put a lot of my half-ass recommendation in it, I'm honored.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.3.16
« on: June 02, 2020, 05:24:08 AM »
Oh nice, I was thinking about a new playthrough. I updated some mods and caused unknow mem leak.

I found the Traumtänzer on my own but I heard that there is a quest for it that even gives you a carrier that can spawn blueprint... Where do I find that quest? I already flipped the entire star map.

The Disparax Plasma Cannon fire in a burst of 3 but the tooltips is missing the burst size.

Also, The Inferno legion has a pirate tag that rendered it immune to raid and invasion from NEX.

That's not my experience. Sabots are one of the few missiles that pretty reliably get damage on target even when there's PD present for me.
Just to make it clear, I barely test the rest of the missile apart from large mount/high tech one. If you're talking about experience then I think it might be fine I guess, in the early game where Thunderbolt will be very hard to find but I have tested it quite comprehensively and find that it's much worse than Thunderbolt in every situation. Thunderbolt has a much longer secondary projectile fire range which pretty much bypasses most of the PD. Whereas Sabot, its missile is super fragile, any small bullet that hit it obliterate it entirely. I put it in place of Thunderbolts to test it and the result was disappointing. I also tested it on Apogee for a small ship fight and the result is the same. It's the same on a prolonging fight as well where I place the only 4 capitals in test mode in a row.

PS. more test ship would be nice.

My conclusion is SABOT has to be buff in someway either increase secondary projectile range, buff missile HP, buff missile speed, or reduce its mount size from large to medium. Add EMP might not be suitable.

On another hand, Thunderbolt might need its EMP nerf a bit.

Thanks, noted. What are you trying to equip? All end tier stuff or mid tier?
Mostly cheap stuff, Spark, Mid-tier weapon, and still unable to fill many slots without compromise flux vent. It doesn't have enough flux to mount energy weapons properly. I might also have to tone down mods as well cus I always use like 8 essential mods.

Did you look at the Radiant? It's much higher too. This may change, but it is a current experiment with really hard late game enemies.
Radiant is quite easy to kill when it's alone. It's slow and weak against fighters. I can gang it with 2-3 capitals, Tyrant is pretty good at killing it. Brilliant on another hand has strong fighter support and great speed making it hard to 1v1, the ship fighting it can't vent properly as this little pest is super fast and can pursuit aggressively. Lower the speed might reduce its difficulty a bit.

- Sabot secondary projectile range seems to be a little too short. The missile is also a little too slow it never survives close enough to shoot out sabot.

Archean was dead by the way. Not sure why but the trader guild went all out and capture most of their planets while its focus is on Tri-tac lol.

End game (again)

- I am skeptical with Megalith cost of 50 points. It does have a very high flux buff this patch but it still pretty much a dopped Paragon with double the craft.  46-48 range might be better.
- Can install a converted hangar on Tyrant. Missing phase field mod.
- Those bombers are great again. OP Astral, here I come.
- Tachyon Lance is still super tragic with beam not lock-on to target and instant vent after firing for 0.1ms at long range.
- Hivemind orb still hit my Paragon butt. Maybe it has mine tag so it was able to friendly fire. It should pass over friendly ships as other missiles do. From the description, it should be capable to do that much.
- Executor doesn't have enough OP to deploy both weapons and crafts.
- Ion cannon should not be auto fire at fighters. Its flux cost is so much to be wasted on something that can evade it easily.
- Archean loadout is still prime for suicide. Their ships should all have flux capacity bump up a lot as Megalith so it can fire 1.0 flux/damage weapon properly.
- Pirate fleet size feels optimal this time.
- OMG, thic red Terminator beam makes the damage 3 times higher.
- Medium Thermal and Obliterator cannon have too little different stat-wise where one costs nothing and another cost some flux. Maybe Obliterator should be an explosive instead.
- After taking a look at Remnant Brilliant stat, the flux is quite OP. It's higher than most capital ships.

- Luddic Church's defense stations feel strangely strong. The market size is big, as a result. They have the high ground this playthrough and capture quite a few planets.
- Sindrian would like to purchase some more defense stations of its own. Askonia sector has to be fortified as much as possible.
- Persean league planets in Westernesse are too weak. It's close to Adamantine and took quite a lot of beating to the point of decivilized.

Update: Ok there was a shipment for transplutonic ore to Sci-Corps Training facility in the save you linked. Upon accepting it I traveled to Kazeron and got the ore. Then went to the facility. If you are expecting a dialogue on docking that won't happen in every case- its random. If you don't get the dialogue, you have to go to the comm directory. There will be an NPC with a yellow "!" in the box. Choose that person and you will get the dialogue to turn in the quest. Screenshots:

Wait what!? but my save was a delivery quest from the planet underneath to the temple of the dark star. lol. Once you are in just accept the bar quest immediately. It should always be bugged.

If you do a quick skim then the new colonies that were added would be a good thing to check, or balance changes in general. Capitals were overhauled and the Megalith is much more powerful and costly so test play around that would be useful. But no big deal if you want to try other mods- the point is to have fun!

If it's balance thing, yep, Tri-tac is very underpowered. They don't have High Command on their major planet, so, no Paragon for defence. Even on Culann, it's only a military base. Culann falls 5 min into the game from everyone's hatred toward Tri-tac. I think Hybrasil system, maybe, shouldn't have Archean Order there and boost Tri-tac defence in the system with one or more planet and enhance Eochu Bres and Culann with high commands.
Can there also be a ceasefire between Tri-tac and Hegemony for some time like 2-3 cycles or it maybe broke after Tri-tac has a certain number of planets?

I do think that NEX thingy is too aggressive and a bit unsuitable for immersion. If it were me, I would tone down a lot of invasions and more raid instead, an invasion should also triggered a defensive fleet respond.

Is it intended to have Special task forces combine with invading fleet in an invasion? I still observed 1 invasion fleet + 2 Special task forces in an invasion by Hegemony with a prediction force of 1 fleet. Those fleets have the same amount of strength.

Adamantine now fighting with everyone properly but I might miss their pirate base a bit. Oh, they still have a pirate base spawn. Neat.

Hi, I tried for a couple of hours the mod but I found out some things I think aren't working. I got a couple of missions (the "take n items to x colony" kind), and every time the mission is in one of the mod's factions (Adamantine or Archean), I can't complete the mission because reaching the colony does nothing (the colony is shown as the ones in construction, with no market).

Also, trying to play with any of the supported mods is apparently impossible, since the launcher doesn't allow me to select them and Archean at the same time (if I select Archean, say Nex is automatically unselected, and if I select Nex, Archean gets unselected). Any of the mods in the list in the description (all the way back in the main post), present this behavior. :(

Granted, when I tried my first play I didn't edit the mod_info.json, but I just tried again, and even after changing the line for TotalConversion from "true" to "false", the "auto-unselect" keeps happening.  :-\

Anyway, thanks for any help you could give.

I'm running the game with Linux and everything works fine (except what I just posted). :P

Thanks for the mod, hope you finish the dialogues and tutorial soon. :)

Mission can't be complete is a known issue for some time. If you can elaborate more like what kind of mission you take, from, what planet to hand in, would help the author to track the problem. I think this only happens during the first few hours in the game.

You can play this with other utility mods absolutely, do check out "Directions to Enable Nexerelin" in red just under the download link. Be sure to save after edit. It works fine for me.


I'm almost going to start a new playthrough without Archean. Lol. I will do a quick skim through for your patch. Does anything need to be specifically checked?

Edit: I have uploaded a save file with the above bug of not be able to hand in quests. Seem like if I never land at the destination before, I won't be able to hand in the quest. It sounds like some occasional bug on other mod of not being registered as alive by the game.
(have to grab the quest from the planet close by first)

PS. Tri-tac is about to lose once again

Well, no they should be good. Not sure why this would happen to be honest. It appears like they should autoresolve at a higher win rate according to FP stats.
I don't have much chance to observe it but one time I saw 4 Paragons vs 3 moderate size pickets + battle station(not sure which size) and it lost trying to reclaim its rightful planet, that's where I got my first Paragon from. I have revived Tri-tac for a second time and they went all out with Archean Order, orbital bombardment, and whatnot. I thought I would be able to remediate with agents but, nope, it lockout at -100 as in lore. Oh boy. So they went extinct this time for sure with Eochu Bres decivilized.

Onslaught(XIV) is 30+9 now (iirc) (nope checked and still 30+5) and it's Terminator Beams are longer ranged now and represent a cost efficient alternative and higher OP opportunities. This really improved the AI's use of them, specifically.
Have you rechecked the deployment cost yet? cause in my deployment screen I'm able to deploy Onslaught XIV for only 30 deployment points where it should be 35. But in XIV tooltip actually state that it increases deployment cost by 10%. Wouldn't it be 33 instead?

Another weird thing is that when I raided Adamantine planet, the Hegemony gets angry at me for no reason (already -100 with my faction) and sent an invasion fleet immediately on top of the Adamantine vengeance fleet (they were -100 hostile with each other). I also put AD at -100 with pirate so they duke it out in their system, very fun.

I actually want a character skill that increases the com sniffer counts that can't be detected.

(In case this was perceived as sarcastic) The Tyrant might give the Malevolent a run for it's money in the player's hands, but otherwise it's only real competition is the Megalith and the Radiant (in the upcoming update the Radiant got a big buff). I think it's a pretty cool ship, overall.

What kind of big buff? I thought it's already the strongest in the game. Not cruel enough, are you? I think remnant unique weapons drop would be nice addition.

Faction ships review time!!

Remnant: Holy crap fleet. Good thing they can't burn. Actually lost against everyone in auto resolve. Radient has sucide tendency to teleport into battle immediately and of course die. When will I be able to capture one, hurry up dev.

Archean Order: Revenant ship is pretty bad, lacking a lot of weapon mounts, also a very serious matter to all energy base ship is that the weapons flux/damage ratio are the most inefficient. It's usually self suicide all the time by firing till no enough flux for shield. Mine got killed by a Legion(XIV) with no crafts, so bad I don't want to recover it. I think Archean needs one more frontline capital ship or repurpose that Revenant. Megalith is pretty bad in AI fleet as it's so slow, the front line are all gone before it arrive. OP Phase bomber.

Adamantine: Overall OPnessly balance. Hivemind Orb is OP, projectile speed wise, can't be countered with PD. Widow is your best Anti-craft support but usually, shoot ship instead. Great fighters loadout. Has the strongest star fortress of all with so many Reapers. AD>High Tech>AO.

Psi-Corp: Why are you even here? Has the weakest fleet of all. Could make do as a minor faction. Apogee is weaker than vanilla. Odyssey is Odyssily weak.

Tri-Tac: Paragon speed is just superb than vanilla, the second best ship after Tyrant. Astral missing one small mount texture. Harbinger is pretty cheap this time. Auto resolve may never be in their favor.

Hegemony: Strongest fleet below Remnant. Devastator + Boltter is great. Onslaught(XIV), apart from the ability and terminator beams, is very strong for 30+5 points (not sure but look like it’s bug at 30 instead of 35). Terminator is actually a very crappy beam. Can't it be thicker to look more imposing? Normal Onslaught might actually be stronger with more ballistic? Legion(XIV) ability is so good, a very strong fire support ship as well. Dominator with Reaper is scary and can fire guns indefinitely with so little flux cost for some ballistic weapons. Eagle and Falcon (all models except AD) are not so great, easy to kill, can't kill anything maybe due to gun arc.

Persean: A little love for midline ship? Executor and Conquest Feel great but a bit squishy. Has good balance weapons. I do feel that there are too many high tech ships and would like to have more midline for Persean, Diktat, and Independence.

Prate/Ludd: Practice targets. Very threatening early game. Pillager is too squishy. I think the smallest fleet is still too large for starters. Can there be an additional smaller size fleet like a picket roaming out of the system like Luddic mini fleet for pirate? It could also be paired with a mini trader fleet for the would be pirate starter.

Overall Frigates: Too slow to survive. Have no meaning endgame. I think frigate should be half as fast as the average bomber/gunship, at least 120-150 in speed without boost. It should be balanced so that even with navrelay it will still be lower than fighter speed. Frigate should be an annoying ship that is hard to kill. I do imagine frigates as the Millenium Falcon fast but cannot shake away TIE fighters but also won't get swarm by it either. Also, peak performance time is not enough.

Now, what an intense discussion we have here. Generally in this mod, if you rule this sky then you rule the battle. A fighter advantage means an almost 50% increase in winning chance. Fighters can tank bullet, harass capital ship into rotating it shield, cause flameout, PD better than you ship, etc. If you were to fight Remnant without any carrier, I would like to say, it's impossible. If you are looking for a bomber now, hint hint Archean Order.

Burst weapons in this mod are very very strong something a flux free weapons can't be compared to. Don't let those nice DPS numbers fool you. You won't be firing it for more than a few seconds. A single burst can end an enemy ship or cap their flux. Keep in mind that the flux you spend on firing weapons, especially ballistic, is much cheaper than taking it. You will always come out profitable from an encounter every time. The time it takes for the enemy to dissipate flux, you are ready for a second round. If you're having full flux from firing a salvo then I advise you to reconsider your loadout mix and match with low flux cost weapon.

If you're having a problem with the slow carrier then utilise battle formations. Put on an unstable injector also help carrier a lot. Set up the formation in the middle of the map or slightly further if your ships are fast enough. A good battle formation means I can beat any fleet in the game without casualty, heck I already did 3 v 1 with Hegemony and fought with 4 Radiants. A battle formation also means you can now position your fire support ship correctly, tanking/close quarter ship at the front, your huge long range glass canon 1 tiles back with room for them to fall back and vent flux. Your carrier in the middle or hybrid with long range missile in wing formation away from the front line. Fighters are an effective solution to push back enemy ships and maintain the formation, harass small ships that try to break in. In this formation configuration, speed doesn't matter much your ship will always have nearby ships for support. It will automatically sink into the formation when taking heavy fire any ship that tries to follow into the formation will be gang upon.

Also about the speed boost. In early game I usually use little fleet from fast hightech cruisers and battlecruiser for exploration. So I managed to find a pirate horde once - consisting of mainly converted tankers and heavyfreighters + several destroyers. So in my opinion I should have escaped easily as their fast forces are considerably weaker than mine and not able to inflict any heavy damage. But in real it is just need to be tagged once, and all this mass will become faster than you. May be the solution is to implement more engine disruption weapons?
Usually, these guys put on either unstable injector or safety override which boosts speed massively, more intense than vanilla. I also advise you to put on an unstable injector yourself. Once tab, the ship will rotate to fight back unless you order them direct retreat.


I have observed another strange thing weather this is intended. The number of fleets in an invasion seems to exceed the initial report prediction. I found that, at the destination of invasion that predict to have 3 fleets, it's turn out to be 7 fleets which more than double the number.

I'm able to loot 100 Spark Fighters from 3 big Remnant fleets I think the drop rate might be a bit silly here. Also, an evident how OP their fighter capacity is.


Also, my save file.

- Archean Order
- Nexerelin + LazyzLib
- Active Gates
- Resist Inspections
- SpeedUp

Quick Description: I have a lot of gates activated for convenience. One directly in Jahannam Where the high danger sector situated, this save will start off here. All my stuff is stored on Surganna planet in Karkara which also has a gate. Trantor, another settlement, also has a gate as well as multiple places in the core sector but not all of them.

You should check out Directorship Headquarters with 7 industries.

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