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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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Hey there! I wanted to help out and it was a good chance to see what I could learn so I added a section about adding star systems. I only covered the programmatic generation for now, haven't made one using just csvs/config yet.
Let me know if there's anything I need to fix/move/change.
I really appreciate the effort you've put into making a tutorial! It has been a lot of reverse-engineering to make anything so far :D

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Red Legion
« on: March 27, 2020, 08:44:27 AM »
Hey Starfarers! I like to learn by teaching, so I helped by adding a tutorial on making your own star system to Vayra's initial Intro_to_Modding page. Maybe I should make my own child pages? Not super good at wikis but I hope it is helpful. It was very useful for me to have to organize and think about what I did to present it as well as I could. Anyway, check it out:

With that I've got some better screenshots of what I'm up to, and will try to make a release of the game just to test how that all works since I have an absolutely tiny MvP I will be iterating on. Even made it work with the VersionChecker:



Modding / Re: New Map of the known Modiverse
« on: March 26, 2020, 11:00:19 AM »
This is a pretty cool and useful tool! Helped me avoid a system name collision  8)

I also added mine, but couldn't seem to figure out how to set the colors. I tried changing the cell background for my lines to try and see if it auto-picks up but it didn't :(

Any help would be appreciated.

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Red Legion
« on: March 26, 2020, 10:07:30 AM »
Finally got the faction to spawn correctly with a system and everything!

There are a lot of options for how to do so. I dug into a dozen other factions mods and they all do it a little different. Evidentally you can use csv files to define most stuff, but as a programmer I really don't like them as much even if they're very tidy for a lot of information. I found some modders use a lot of java script code to make stuff. In particular, tahlan by Nia Tahl was very well written and provided a fairly clean example of an alternative to tons of csv files (you'll still need some!)

Again, tutorials and docs:
But mostly I ripped into Anvil, Tiger, and Tahlan for some examples for their factions.

Just a reminder to anyone who is new to coding, please don't just straight copy other people's code. Learn from them and try it yourself - their code is their property even if they give away the product for free like a mod - you should seek their permission to just duplicate their work.  8)

Also, fortunately the game is very forgiving about loading json formatting issues like dangling commas which is nice. There are a lot of defaults needed for the faction, too.

Here's some screenshots I'm way too proud of :P


I also made a flag by editing an old flag from a DnD game (just a cut and inverted, trimmed triangle) and added the letters from giant font letters lol
Again with more

I also found this neat map modders have been maintaining
I added myself to the modiverse map! Got good locations. I first made a copy for myself on G-Drive so I could play with the formatting and locations to find good places. Check it out :D
It also helped me find out someone already had "Argos" so I renamed my system to "Argon" to avoid any possible scripting collisions or problems. Lots of code stuff has ids and stuff by string so it seemed likely.

Anyhow, next up is to flesh out the faction's home system and get them spawning some stuff in vanilla to interract with, add some descriptions, starting relationships, etc.
Then I can work out how to do a release! Then comes integration with other mods like Nexerelin, Vayra's, and Commissioned Crews and then I have to make real content lol


Oh man, so much stuff. Finally got the home system more or less done, and some basic faction stuff done too now. Will post again in the morning and update the tutorial wiki with my findings, and post some more pretty pictures yay. Can prolly look to do first release for simple test too. Got version checker working, totally had version_files.csv in the wrong directory  ::)

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Red Legion
« on: March 25, 2020, 03:45:04 PM »
Today I finally got my mod to run in the game; it took a bit to link sources in and remember StarSector was built using java 7  >:(
Found some useful tutorials I will help fill out over time since I'm making a faction. Figure having to explain what I'm doing will help me do it right and learn better.

Vayra has a good tutorial started here:  :D

It is a bit older but I found this helpful:
and also

I also made a background for Argos, the home system of the Red Legion by blending the cool star I found in Pexels with a vanilla background. For some of you I'm sure it's very simple but for me it was like an hour of not figuring it out in GIMP. Then I switched to use and figured it out in like 15 minutes :D

Aiming to have an initial test release with just the faction, systems, and basic generic markets and use pirate fleets from vanilla to get stuff to exist since it is the basis for all the extra stuff to go on top of. It also means I can work on integrating with Nexerelin and Commissioned Crews with less other pieces to juggle!

Modding / [0.9.1a] Red Legion
« on: March 25, 2020, 07:02:09 AM »
This is a work in progress! Please be patient, this is my first StarSector mod  :D

Download: 1.1.4 <--- I am a Link, so is the flag :D


Red Legion is a faction mod with its own ships and refits and a short series of story missions to become their ally or help others topple their regime. It contains several new hand-crafted star systems in conflict with various factions from the base game. Regardless of whether or not you join the Red Legion or seek to destroy them, they add an aggressive, expansionist high-tech faction to the game.

Built on top of an original pirate force, the Red Legion fits within the game's lore and vanilla balance. I've used existing ships and their strengths and weaknesses to keep them in line with the base factions. There is a string of missions to uncover the source of their technology and ultimately become their ally or destroy them. While obviously not canon, my goal is to explore something very plausible within the game's lore.

I also intend to use this as a means of learning to make ships, weapons, a reasonable faction, integrate with other mods, and even make some custom intel items and missions. In the end this will become a functional high-tech, post-pirate force in a hotbed of interesting conflict systems.

My goal is to not only add some fun additional content, but explore a faction which could reasonably exist which expands the lore of the game (obviously my own interpretation of the sector). The Red Legion should feel like it is a player controller faction - aggressively expanding, using diplomacy and conquest to grow and overcome the other factions.

This is very much a work in progress and is not close to completion at this time. Thank you for your patience and I welcome feedback from new players and veterans alike.



To Do
  • 13 new ships, 11 refits, 5 weapons, 6 fighter/bombers, 3 hullmods are currently planned
  • 4 star systems, 3 of which are contested with other vanilla factions. (2 of 4 complete)
  • A short mission series culminating in a Boss Fight with the leadership of Red Legion - or their enemies.
  • Mission line to uncover the source of the Red Legion's technology. What did Lady Crimson find out there on the rim?
  • Integration with Starship Legends

Requires LazyLib 
GraphicsLib not yet
MagicLib not yet

  • I have not tested any "overhaul" mods at this time


Bandits roam about looking for the vulnerable who have something valuable. They take these to sustain themselves, but like an early hunter-gatherer this is inefficient for long term growth or survival. In time, a bandit will discover a place which provides them with everything they need. They set up shop, using their predilection for violence to protect their new home. These stationary bandits become kings, lords, and despots. Now they cannot flee from trouble - they must protect their investments and so they create laws and alliances. Now they are a polity. They create civilization.

One such bandit mercenary is Sable Crimson. After taking an impossible contract and completing it, the independent world which hired her could not pay. Instead, she took their planet and began exploiting it for her own needs. In time pirates former associates came seeking their cut, and conflict ensued. Seeing such terrible troubles, Lady Crimson ventured out to the rim in search of answers. In this time her husband, Frederick, was nearly killed and much of the Crimson Guard was destroyed protecting what little was theirs. Nigh upon the hour of their defeat did Lady Crimson return with a terrible and unknown warship. She crushed the fleets of the invaders and setup a new government. Her military oligarchy, the Red Legion, was formed from her former Crimson Guard with herself and her husband at the head. They struck out at once to conquer near-by worlds and even settle a few new ones. They roamed far to strike pirate outposts for the materials needed to establish basic infrastructure and their well-guarded freeports attracted immigration.

Hegemony Intelligence has long suspected the Red Legion has been using AI to bolster their administrative capabilities, and their ship production clearly involves a nano-forge with newly recovered blueprints. The invasion began after only a cycle of intelligence gathering. During this time the Red Legion used its special flagship and supporting fleet of advanced ships like a wrecking ball. With so many threats, the Hegemony was forced to adopt a more passive "wait and see" initiative for an opportune chance to strike.

The Red Legion expanded to encompass 4 star systems. They began to trade technology with corporate interests such as Tri-Tachyon. They continued to funnel material and ships into pirate and independent forces through free ports. They attracted a lot of Pather interest. They even located an old orbital ship-yard from the Domain-era. This was the time for the Hegemony to strike - with so many fronts open and the Red Legion stretched thin they pushed in to seize the ship-yard. Even now, the battle rages on.

The Red Legion represents a considerably useful faction. Be it a stronghold to conquer to strengthen your own realm, or a source of new technologies and plentiful salvage from their many conflicts. Perhaps you're looking for a new job? The Red Legion has room for new commissioned officers.



Ships are broken down into a couple of design sets. The Red Legion has

  • Red Legion Ships - these are built from the presumably new blueprints they found and a few high-end refits. They are high tech ships with supplemental tech to make up for missing components and parts from the blueprints. These are mostly destroyer and cruiser hulls focusing on speed, shield efficiency, forward striking power, and overlapping pd. Most Red Legion ships have more weapon hardpoints than is reasonable to try to use, allowing flexibility but not offering obvious designs. They offer a mix of energy and ballistic weapons, but few hybrid slots. They represent the bulk of the Red Legion ships and fleets and are the cutting edge of their "Strike Hard, Strike First" policy.
  • Red Legion Auxiliary - these are the pirate ships, junk ships, refits of refits, and other low-tech and scav-tech ships which would normally make up desperate militias and pirate forces. There are also a few new hull designs which did not fit primary military functions without further iteration. These 'originals' are more mid-tech with more hull and armor and less speed and shields and more limited number of weapon mounts (like existing sector ships). They round out the additional roles and the rest of the Red Legion fleets. They make up the bulk of manufacturing outside of the capital, Argon. Without more advanced ship-yards or a nano-forge, most planets make due with supplementing their Red Legion Ships with these auxiliary hulls.
  • Crimson Guard - these represent the old, custom ships of the elite forces which used to make up the mercenaries formerly known as the "Crimson Rangers". They have had numerous upgrades, custom refits, and additional tech loaded onto them. Most of these are Battle Cruiser and Battle Ship hulls with a focus on the individual power a strong, generalist captain would need. These are the elite guard built from the old world - lots of low-tech and pirate-tech bases with new equipment. Most of these ships are built as duelists and generalists in much the same way a StarFarer might build them. The few custom hulls are not produced directly, but are after-market upgrades applied and sold through the Red Legion orbital yards.
  • Hell - Any ship design with "Hell" prefixed is a special after-forge design. With a strong emphasis on the "alpha strike" and higher speed, agility, and flux capacity, these are upgraded, tuned, modded, and otherwise "premium" versions of the core Red Legion Ships. They are high-tech with high-cost addons. Expect these ships to be fancy and top of the line, but with often crippling costs. Be it expensive deployment and maintenance or very limited combat time and fragility. These are useful for the Red Legion because they can be used directly around the shipyards and perform short-range defensive strikes and home-fleet operations. For anyone else... well you'd better have quite the budget and be careful with these expensive High-tech ships.
  • Crimson Dragons - 3 Custom ships exist with this classification. Flying a pair of custom ships of an unknown design, it is possible you may encounter the Lady and Lord Crimson, or their mysterious friend, Drakas, in one of the 3 Crimson Dragons. Each represents a boss-like end game fight with the hopes you may salvage their ship. These unique modified ships are based off some prototype developed right around the collapse. Note, if you should ever conquer Argon Prime by taking the White Citadel (Nexerelin only) you will be able to recover the fourth Dragon they are building. This is a "fail-safe" way to end up with the ship for your own playthrough if you have the force of arms.


Size: Shuttle (Frigate)
Tech: High Plus Low
Design: Red Legion Auxiliary
Role: Cargo or short-range assault craft
This clear design iteration on the kite has advanced it with high-tech updates. The Antagonist was designed as a civilian shuttle, but the Red Legion has bolted missile hardpoint extensions onto either side to fulfill auxiliary wartime roles. Its only real advantage is its speed.
Contains an efficient cargo variant and several combat variants centered around their missile armaments.
Availability: Global - One of the Red Legion's first mistakes was allowing this blueprint to find their way into everyone else's hands.
Hardpoints: 1 Small Energy (Turret) 2 Small Missile
Strengths: Moderate availability, Speed.
Weaknesses: Civilian design, Short deployment time, Flimsy

Blood Seeker
Size: Light Frigate
Tech: High
Design: Red Legion and Red Legion Aux variant
Role: Fast Attack / Interception / Pursuit
Description: Designed to chase down fleeing enemies and groups of two or three, the Blood Seeker is fast, even for a light frigate. Light frigates are often overlooked by junior captains who are less judicious with deployment and assignment. Able to apply pressure, relieve another ship who is out of position, or run down fleeing pirates, the Blood Seeker is well built for rapid, short-range strikes. Given its logistical limitations and short deployment time, it is best to either lead an attack with a group of Blood Seekers, or keep them in reserve where their high speed will allow them to quickly join the fight where they are needed most. Cheap, expendable, and fast, it lacks any civilian application and often makes a poor escort on its own.
Availability: Red Legion
Hardpoints: 2 Small Energy (Turret) 2 Small Missile (mounts) 2 Small Ballistic
Strengths: Moderate availability, Speed, Ability to spread Armor damage
Weaknesses: Short deployment time, Flimsy, Weaker than a Lasher or Wolf but it is faster.

Blood Thirster   Red Legion   Destroyer   Medium Destroyer
Blood Drinker   Red Legion   Cruiser   Medium Cruiser
Gore Hound   Red Legion   Frigate   Heavy Frigate
Gore Fiend   Red Legion   Destroyer   Heavy Destroyer
Gore Drinker   Red Legion   Cruiser   Heavy Cruiser
Burning Brand   Red Legion   Frigate   
Iron Stitcher   Red Legion   Frigate   Strike Frigate
Hell Seeker   Red Legion   Frigate   Elite Frigate
Hell Drinker   Red Legion   Cruiser   Elite Cruiser
Hell Hound   Red Legion   Frigate   Elite Heavy Frigate
Hell Fiend           Red Legion   Destroyer   Elite Heavy Destroyer
Hell Brand           Red Legion   Frigate   
Hell Knight   Red Legion   Cruiser   Elite Cruiser
Hell Guard           Red Legion   Cruiser   Elite Cruiser
Hell Champion   Red Legion   Capital   Battleship


Red Legion Ships have several common Variants:

  • Strike are designed to punch above their weight class and deal high damage at the cost of high flux. They perform opening and finishing strikes on enemies working with other ships
  • Assault are designed for sustained close DPS with moderate survivability or speed to achieve their assault position
  • Pursuit are designed to run down and destroy fleeing or isolated targets by using high speed and well grouped weapons, often supported by limited high damage missiles
  • Support are designed to provide extra missile firepower, PD coverage, and EMP damage in support of other ships. They vary between being long range supporting ships and smaller close range escorts
  • Artillery are designed to pour continuous fire down range and act as second line ships, often using large volumes of ballistic, long range lasers, or reforgable missiles to lay withering suppressive damage into the enemy line


  • Argon is the capital of the Red Legion. Contains their star-fortress, The White Citadel, their homeworld (formerly an independent planet) Argon Prime, and two supporting colonies providing organic and mineral wealth.
  • Dawn is the hopeful expansion of new colonies that brought challenges to the Red Legion's control. A moderate independent world was conquered to offer a strong base, and a second planet has recently been terraformed and colonized, representing the technological capabilities the Red Legion has recently come to possess. This has attracted both pirate and Pather presence who have setup bases in the Dawn system.
  • Gale is remarkable only because of the domain-era ship-yard discovered in system. The Hegemony has setup a pair of starbases to establish a foot-hold and claim the system. In response, the Red Legion has setup a starbase and colonized two small moons to provide material support in-system. The ship-yard appears to have become active, and has produced a small defensive fleet of autonomous defenses - in direct defiance of previous laws and doctrines!
  • Tradewind is the fourth expansion which provides trade routes out to the rest of the sector, and ample ruins for tech-mining. A major freeport colony has been setup at a gas-giant, and Tri-Tachyon has established a light presence in system to establish easy trade access. However, sensing the "evils" of both groups, the Luddic Church has dispatched forces to establish a foot-hold in the region to disrupt both polities ongoing operations. With so many ruins in this system, it is clear the Luddites plan to "cleanse" them, but the Red Legion and Tri-Tachyon would prefer to exploit them.

More to come

Fixed Antagonists - I removed the medium energy hardpoint which was added by accident. It was hidden under the small energy hard-point so likely you didn't notice. If you somehow added/used the medium hardpoint, then this will break your save.

  • added ship_data.csv
  • added first png of the antagonist
  • antagonist gets better sprite and update stats and now 4 varients
  • fixed file loc
  • Maxxing efficiencies of v/c for firesupporter
  • roudning out the goodies in tradewind and adding utility to make debris clouds
  • better descr for antagonist and blood seeker
  • Adding blood seeker variants
  • Adding default roles for the blood seeker
  • Changing redlegion blue print tags to redlegion_bp for consistency with other mods and vanilla
  • updated hardpoints and bounds for the updated antagonist art
  • Updated data for blood seeker and descriptions for my ships
  • moved varianets to variants folder oops
  • updated attributions

  • Moved homeworld (nex) to Argon Prime
  • Changed music from tritach to diktat
  • Made RL hate ideology from -.5 to -.75
  • Added Tradewind system with free storage station and conflict and lots of descriptions and even some market change descr for other factions in the system
  • Moved inner JP for argon to be nearer to argon prime
  • Internal code cleanups and description fixes
  • Added abandoned gate to Argon to imply it was once part of the edge of the Domain in the sector. Also works nicely with any gate-related mod for insta-travel etc
  • fix for commissioned crews to it inputs the description and will format nicely. This was it applied highlighting in desc of hullmod and also when i change value in the future it will auto work itself out for display to the user
  • cleaned up tips
  • vayras integration and testing complete
  • adding redlegion as a raider faction, focuses on hegemony, pirates, and luddites
  • added a test uniquebounty to see how it goes
  • nexerelin support fully working, corvus, random, and custom
  • small cleanup on descriptions
  • more expansive market options for red legion
  • high tech pieces and some mid-line for red legion markets and fleets
  • color cleanup on gui and red legion coloration
  • starting blueprints for red legion player
1.0.1 Contains working integration with Commissioned Crews. The Red Legion possesses True Grit and so can hold their ships together a little longer, increasing Hull Points by 10%
1.0.0 Was initial release with the faction, its starting star system, and version checker integration.

Photos courtesy of

Modding / Re: Flags for faction founders, open to requests!
« on: March 24, 2020, 05:17:14 AM »
Nice work!

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Player Faction Flag Pack v1.0
« on: March 24, 2020, 05:14:16 AM »
I only necro because this ia a mod page - you can change player color in player.faction
On windows its in data\world\factions\player.faction and its called "color" they appear to be RGBA (A is alpha, ie transparency) but I could be off. I changed mine to be green for example. You can change the UI colors here but not sure what all changes.

Nice flags, thanks!

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] The Xhan Empire, version 1.6 war(minipatch)!
« on: March 23, 2020, 10:36:29 AM »
I added this for my second playthrough and I love the style. Can't wait to see what you make next!

Mods / Re: [0.65.2a] Seeker v0.1 - Prototype (06/06/2015)
« on: March 23, 2020, 09:00:53 AM »
This mod sounds exactly like what I'd want to add to my Starsector game :) Looking forward to whatever you make!

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