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The tooltips for buildings only show their upkeep cost, not the revenue they generate from exports.
For the player to gauge profitability they obviously need both revenue & upkeep.*

Obtaining the revenue that's a direct result of the building is a rather slow & tedious process, requiring the player to manually add up the export value of each of the goods produced by the building.

Showing this information in the tooltip would make life easier for both those wanting to optimize their income, and those still learning how the economy system works. (e.g. It'd more verbosely demonstrate why a 5 production building becomes worthless when operating alongside an 8 production building)

*(arguably the demand created by a building also has monetary value if it's being fulfilled by your own colonies, but accounting for that is more complex and beyond the scope of a simple tooltip.)

- Take a ship with omni shield.
- Fit "Shield Conversion - Front"
- Fit "Shield Conversion - Omni"
- Remove "Shield conversion - Front".

Boom, you've got an otherwise invalid configuration! =)

The reverse exploit, fitting "Shield Conversion - Front" to a ship that already has front shields was fixed long ago, and remains so.

Unlike the reverse exploit, this one is of absolutely no tactical benefit, only achieving a reduction in shield arc.

At the moment you should never fly with a full:

- fleet; in case you are given opportunity to salvage, or explore.
- captain or administrator roster; in case you encounter an event that gives one

Rather than failing silently, these events that would otherwise grant us a reward, should 1st prompt if we wish to make space for the reward.

Suggestions / Show excess stability in colony management screen.
« on: November 24, 2018, 05:11:17 AM »
When you reach 10 stability, the only way of knowing how much excess you have is to:
1) bring up the stability tooltip
2) Add up a dozen or more modifiers.

Instead, in the case where actual stability exceeds effective stability, show the actual stability in brackets afterwards.
At the very least, include it in the stability tooltip so I don't have to keep adding up a dozen numbers in order to determine how to optimize my colony.

Very minor bug.

If you delete a planet's shield building, the background view of the colony management window doesn't immediately update to reflect this.
All other UI elements do immediately update (Intel, Command, Map etc).

The colony management window requires you to back out of the screen, and re-enter.

Rather than just vanish, it'd be nice if the shield faded out over a couple of seconds.

Suggestions / Make the Cryosleeper salvageable?
« on: November 23, 2018, 09:22:42 PM »
Relocating it should be possible...... but expensive! :D

-10 burn speed
100 fuel/LY
100 supplies/day

Arriving at a planet with it in your fleet will automatically remove it from your fleet, and place it into orbit.

Suggestions / Intel screen (events tab) feedback
« on: November 23, 2018, 08:23:28 PM »
I'm sure the Intel screen is a work-in-progress anyhow, but here are my thoughts:

It's extremely hard to scan-read the filters the way they're arranged at the moment (not logically ordered; text labels are neither left-aligned nor regularly spaced).

- Instead of the horizontal flow layout below the map, they should be to the right of the map; 1 element per row. (e.g. this)
- They should also be alphabetically ordered.
- If some are important enough to appear out of order, they should be grouped separately.

This will make the screen much easier to use, and also easier to localise.

More generally;

- The colour coding is good; can it be expanded upon?
- the "New!" tag given to events is good.
- Replace 'New' filter with 'Recent'.
Change its meaning from "events that haven't been viewed yet" to "events that happened within the last x days, but have not yet expired.".
Reasoning: Atm it's too easy to click an event, then lose track of it because it no-longer appears in 'new' where you 1st found it.
Analogy: Your Husband/Wife/Partner/Parent 'helpfully' tidied away your stuff before you'd finished using it.

In this save (same save as my other bug report), have a look at my colony "Hope's End".

According to the tooltips:

The planet is producing 7 drugs. (7 from Pop & Infra)
The planet is demanding 9 drugs (7 from Pop & Infra, 2 from Mining).

The planet is exporting 7 drugs?!?!

These numbers don't make sense; why (how?!) is the planet exporting when local demand exceeds local supply?
Shouldn't it be importing 2 drugs to fulfil the demand from Mining?

If "Use stockpiles during shortages" is checked, the demand from Mining is successfully fulfilled by the stockpile.
Though I've no idea how long the stockpile would sustain this shortfall; is it only temporary?
Moreover, doing this reduces the profitability of the colony  (by 8k/m)! why?!

- 2 Persean League fleets (+ station) vs 1 small Pirate fleet.
- The Perseans attacked the Pirates
- If I leave them to their own devices, they'll kill many of them. (presumably the auto-resolve causes the Pirates to flee, and the Perseans pursue)
- If I join the battle, they'll immediately allow the Pirates to disengage without chasing them down.

Save here:

Perhaps AI's decision to pursue isn't working properly when they massively overwhelm, as they do when I join the battle?

Suggestions / Make 'take all' salvage button recognise the Ctrl modifier
« on: November 23, 2018, 06:25:49 PM »
Ctrl + 'take all' = take all cargo & fuel that'll fit without going over fleet capacity.

For extra convenience, have cargo prioritised by:

1) Supplies
2) Heavy Machinery
3) Transplutonics
3) Volatiles
5) Metals, up to 500.
6) Colonization goods. (stuff a new colony has a demand for until it's got a space port; food, domestic goods.... err, other stuff???)
7) others by base value

Upon returning to the core systems (within range of the comm relays) my frame rate tanked.
Typically 60fps 80% idle; immediately dropped to 40fps, 50% idle, and drops as low as 30fps, 10% idle when time accelerating.

To double check I stopped what I was doing in the background (OBS recording & Twitch), but the lag continued.

Cycle 217, 11 colonies.
Lag only occurs when time is passing.

If you move away from the core worlds, the lag immediately disappears.

Thankfully it's reproducible in this save:


I haven't managed to reproduce this yet, but here's what I was doing:

- I was auto-piloting to one of my colonies. Not sure how close I was, perhaps 1 tick away from docking. I was not manually paused.
- Entered the map screen (not sure if I'd gone directly into the Map, or via Intel/Command)
- On the map I LMB'ed one of my other colonies (in a different system), and selected 'Show colony info'. (to bring up the colony view)
- Map closed, colony view opened, but it displayed the colony I was auto-piloting to, not the one I'd selected in the map.

At this point I assumed nothing had gone wrong, and thought merely that reaching my destination had taken precedence over my UI input.
Though in retrospect I should have realised that I'd somehow managed to skip the colony main menu!

- Did some stuff in the colony.
- Closed down colony view, expecting to return to flight.
- Flight resumed (the various in-flight UI elements were present & time was progressing), however my camera was not on my fleet, it was stuck in a close-up of the colony I'd selected in the map. (The camera position that's used for the colony window background)
- I had to bring up another UI window, then exit out of it, to get rid of the incorrect camera position.

I think the transition to the colony window occurring in the same tick as arriving at my destination caused the wrong 'previous camera position' to get pushed into whatever variable stores the return state for the colony screen background camera.

I'll keep trying to reproduce this, and update the bug when I lock it down.
Just putting this here as a reminder that it exists.

- Build a new colony
- Build a mine
- drop some drugs into the colony stockpile
- set the 'use stockpile' toggle.
- Notice the demand for Recreational Goods isn't satisfied even though they're available. (all other goods demands can be satisfied using this methodology)

It was suggested in discord that this might be caused by drugs being illegal on the planet because it isn't a Free Port. (or in fact any kind of port, as it hasn't built one yet!)

If this is the cause it needs to be made obvious, and probably changed, as it makes fulfilling the demands of mining impossible until a spaceport has been built.

At the moment there's no way of distinguishing between planets with explored ruins, and planets with unexplored ruins.

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