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Hi there!

1. Really sorry about bad english. Hope it is understandable.
2. Sorry if already suggested. Lurked a bit, and didn't found any similar.

Yeah, iv`e found that article and understand that it is a well known problem, which is soon to be reworked. But i doubt proposal solution will help.

My suggestion possibly could solve problem more effectively and easier. It consist of a two parts:

A) Fleet is limited of 30 units. Instead of allowing additional units over an upkeep penalty, maybe it is better to allow having more than one small ship as a single unit? The group of same-fitted frigates combined into single battlewing, acting as a single combat unit, shearing orders and tactics just like a fighters already do, just like frigates should do. And yes, an officer, who command that unit contribute to all ships in it, off course less effective than to a single ship. If you ask about numbers, i guess allowing 2-3(depending on shiphull strength, as some are stronger than another) destroyers and 4-8 frigates would be OK. Cruiser should be alone just like capitals, IMO.

B) There are obvious inconsistency between real combat strength of smaller ships and DP needed. Lets consider as an example wolf and conquest. If you have 40 DP to spend, you can choose 1 conquest or 8 wolfs (5 DP each). Obviously, conquest is stronger, no one will choose wolfs in that situation. Why don`t just change this according to point A? No, the single wolf is still 5 DP, but a group of two is already 9 DP. Group of three - 12, four - 15, five - 18, maximal group of six wolfs is 20 DP or so. That means, you can use two groups of six wolfs, spending 40 DP, and a twelve wolfs are more comparable to conquest, especially if all twelve are under officer`s command. Numbers should be adjusted, no more than concept yet.

The only question to be asked: "What will stop frigate spam, not to create opposite problem?" Well, first off all maintenance, as group of 6 wolfs might be 20 DP on the battlefield, but still 6*5=30 recovery cost in supplies. Plus frigates dies more often than capitals, which makes frigatespam fleet weaker after each battle.

Of course there are lot of issues and problems to be solved:
-What to do if one frigates from group was disabled and recovered with its own unique D-mods? How it can be returned to group?
-Where player will get those amount of identical spendable material if not having colony with heavy industry?
-How can player control that group if personally control one of the ships in group? Opposite problem: AI is not able to control group as a single unit, making that tactics less effective it should be.
-Something i can not imagine.

Still, i think idea is promising as it can be easy adjusted and balanced by simply changing that values where needed.

General Discussion / Re: Harder than darksoul games
« on: February 17, 2020, 06:51:25 AM »
i got too many fleets (suply usage was 6-7 and fuel usage +30)

That is`n that much to make a problem. Please tell, have you any logistic (non-military) ships in your fleet, like freighters, tanker, salvage rigs, etc?

is there mod that will reduce supply usage let say -50%?

Not sure there is such mod, but it is definitely there are vanilla-game skills that decrease supply and fuel consumption (-25%). Usually it`s enough to forget a problem.

General Discussion / Re: Harder than darksoul games
« on: February 17, 2020, 06:30:18 AM »
Hard game?

Depends on what it is compared. Easier than battletoads.

All the difficulty is game mechanic, you haven`t explore yet.

Advice to easy start: go buy "drum" class tanker and some fuel into it. Make an independent save to file. Grab any "analyze" mission. And go on, fly there, salvage all you can and return. Buy some freighter on reward, like buffalo or so. Restore your supply and fuel. Repeat. You do not need to fight at all and gain literally millions of money and very fast.

General Discussion / Re: How do you all manage your weapons inventories?
« on: February 17, 2020, 03:42:41 AM »
I use the Mayasura abandoned astropolis to dump all my weapons (and commodities). I go there to refit everything, and there's the Mayraath dock right next to it for refitting ships.

Same thing in a Convus system near Asharu planet, there are abandoned terraforming platform. Hint: it have small useless present in it`s shipbay. ;)

General Discussion / Re: Anti-Remnant Fleet Advice
« on: February 17, 2020, 03:32:53 AM »
Have not tried but probably good:
Eagle, Aurora, Astral

Eagle is not bad, but is not good, actually. Despise it kill a lot, it dies even more often. Hoverer, that only means all you need is a large deck of spare eagles to defeat those AI tincans.

Aurora is not probably, but proven to be effective. Great survivability, that grant ability to withstand radiant`s sustain fire against most of the radiant`s builds. Requires a hight lvl cautious officer, off course. Different weapon loadouts gives a different roles to aurora, and it can handle all of them. Surprisingly good is a beamspam variant, other shiphulls often are not effective against remnant when beamspam, but aurora is. The only thing that makes aurora awful - deployment cost, that is almost as capitals have, but this is fair price as it almost as effective as some capitals.

The same story of deployment cost can be told about paragon. However it can deflect attack of two radiants while yawing under it`s ubershield. Less good in offense, thought.

General Discussion / Re: Fitting High-Tech Ships
« on: February 11, 2020, 01:03:25 PM »
1. Try "Shield conversion-front". Yes, i know why omni is better and blah-blah-blah. +100% in coverage, + 100% raising speed, -50% flux upkeep. It is an "accelerated shields", "stabilized shields" and "extended shields" in one bottle for a minor OP price. Does not work on all high-tech ships, but fit many of them. Was tested on tempest, medusa, aurora, odyssey and paragon. Works.

2. Some smaller crafts does not need a "hardened shields". Why? Coefficient are multiplicative. Some hight tech ships already has good damage-to-flux ratio, so improving it won`t help a lot, while eating a lot of OP. That is mostly said for medusa, shrike and tempest. Larger ships DO need a "hardened shields".

3. You need dissipation more than capacity.

4. Beams may not be a good idea to spam everywhere. Still using them can improve survivability, especially with an "advanced optics". But that means a team work of distraction and attack crafts, solo-beams won`t kill a lot. Except of tachs and phase lance, but they are not-that-flux-efficient and can overflow yours capacitors faster than enemy fire.

5. Sometimes you do not need to install rockets at all. Most of the rockets are single use, or to weak to make a damage. As high-tech ships are designed for longtime battles (if not phase ships), their few (and small) missile mounts does not help a lot, but eats OP that could be used as extra flux dissipation or additional hullmod. Astral and shrike are exception. And phase ships of course.

6. High-tech crafts have few possibilities to mount ballistic. Try needlers to crush enemy`s shields. Energy mounts are really bad at this because of bad flux-to-damage ratio or low DPS.

7. "Larger" are not always "better". There are not so big diversity of energetic weapons. Sometimes it is better to mount small weapon on a middle-sized mount or medium-sized weapon on a large mount. Or even don`t mount anything to spare some OP for dissipation.

8. Autopulse laser, ion pulser and burst lasers of all sizes DOES get benefits from "expanded magazines". May be extremely useful on short, but devastating strikes. Useless on long sustain battles, though.

9. Of course do not forget to install ITU, solar shielding and other good stuff.

It is also would be nice to have option "attack shields only" and "attack hull only". I can group those weapons on controlled ship and rapidly switch them manually. But AI ships obviously can`t. Sadly to see how my smaller ships trying to damage onslaught`s armor with needler or graviton beam, wasting flux, instead of using other weapons they have. And yes, using HIL against heavy shielded targets is the opposite side of AI stupidity.  >:(

Modding / Re: Is there any way to add custom fonts for translation?
« on: February 10, 2020, 11:15:13 AM »
game's fonts don't support Cyrillics

Cyrillics, you say?


If forum do?

UPD: obviously not. :-\

One way or another, good luck.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] DIY Planets - Terraforming and more!
« on: February 10, 2020, 02:20:05 AM »
Hi there!

First of all, a great mod pointed to satisfy players`s demands when all achievements are reached. Thanks a LOT.

But still a lot to do, i guess. Weird bug happened, when i just colonize a jungle world, the Water Transport Infrastructure appears in a build list. I have not trying to construct that and quickly check if colonized a wrong planet, but no. Then i was tried to make a screenshot, but WTI was already gone.

Another bug: Solar Shade  or Genepurge Project eats my alpha AI core. Both was equipped them and both finished while i was in a long term expedition. Upon returning there was only one core in storage.

And yeah, there are too much terraforming artifacts (TA) in game, even without the bar quest. I`v started a new game with that mod and have not explored even a 10% of outer systems yet, but already found 15 TA.

If not reducing spawn rate(i can understand why), maybe it better to find a way to order overneeded TA instead of selling them? First think: give them to factions local authority for money and relationship. Too boring, though. It would be better to convert them into something more needful, like AI cores, blueprints, nanoforges, etc. It could be implemented via bar quest or mission-like quest similar to procurement. Too boring ether. I can image repeatable bar quest of mixed type:

1. Met a drunken guy in a bar, who will give you a coordinates of other drunken guy, who is willing to obtain specific TA and ready to sell his soul (and secret pirate/remnant base coordinates) for it. First guy probably should be paid for it.
2. Second guy sells you a coordinates for TA.
3. Secret pirate/remnant base spawned somewhere in sector. It is strong and guarded by a huge fleet. End-game players shall enjoy.
4. When destroyed, base gives a LOOT. AI cores, blueprints, etc. But not TA, obviously.
5. ...
6. Repeat in a three to six month or so.

That is probably too much text for a single post, sorry.  ??? Also sorry about my bad eanglish.

P.S. is it moderation or i doing something wrong? Post does not appear. :-[

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