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Suggestions / Can we have shortcut for structures menu (M)
« on: April 19, 2020, 08:17:10 AM »
I am almost sure someone already suggested it, but I am too angry to do the search.

I was testing some self-made modifications to one mod, using console commands to check if values are right. And I had to go from a space map to construction menu and back. Click on planet, then "I" to go for stockpiles, then "M" to go to structures. Can we have "M" shortcut for it directly, cos' today I made annoyingly long I-M combo?

General Discussion / Second Mothership.
« on: March 28, 2020, 11:41:05 PM »
Need help.

I just found a second mothership. Usually there are only one. And it is not just a mothership - there are too many survey ships and probes. The [redacted] on the other hand, are few and weak. Mining stations, research stations and orbital habitats are so rare, I found only couple of them yet.

That is not typical in vanilla, so I blame mods to cause that weird generation. Here is list:
  "Boggled AI Core Production",
  "timid_admins", - <this is for "better colonies">
  "Boggled Terraforming",
  "HA", - <this is for high-tech armada>
  "Boggled Gate Construction",
  "swp", - <this is for "ships and weapons pack">
  "Boggled Station Construction",
  "US", - <this is for "unknown skies">
The map seed is MN-266301745203875863

So here is the question: which one of mods causes this? I will remove it and put in a Devil's ass, where it belongs to be!

Modding / [0.9.1a] Transparent planetary shield v1.1
« on: March 11, 2020, 10:17:33 AM »

Inspired by Stormy Fairweather and his great idea.

I was messing around with a textures and suddenly realize, I can share it with a someone who might need it. Should be working as an ordinary game mod. I am not a modder, so if someone can frame this idea better - you have my blessing.

ZIP contains separate folders for each shield color (red, green, blue, etc). Just place your choice to the "mods" folder and activate it with the launcher menu. You can install all the folders, but you've better not activate them at a same time. We all will DIE! Was not tested.

V1.1b - added rainbow version by DarkOmegaMK2
V1.1a - some sober bugfixes.
V1.1 - Industry icons added. Added clear, pink and yellow colors.
V1.0 - Initial drunken release.

Discussions / Two small questions
« on: March 07, 2020, 08:56:20 AM »
1. Is there are any mod, that allow currently inactive (but autofiring) weapon group to target a mouse position, not center of a target enemy ship?

2. Is there are any thread for asking such a small questions? Have not found one.

Hi there!

1. Really sorry about bad english. Hope it is understandable.
2. Sorry if already suggested. Lurked a bit, and didn't found any similar.

Yeah, iv`e found that article and understand that it is a well known problem, which is soon to be reworked. But i doubt proposal solution will help.

My suggestion possibly could solve problem more effectively and easier. It consist of a two parts:

A) Fleet is limited of 30 units. Instead of allowing additional units over an upkeep penalty, maybe it is better to allow having more than one small ship as a single unit? The group of same-fitted frigates combined into single battlewing, acting as a single combat unit, shearing orders and tactics just like a fighters already do, just like frigates should do. And yes, an officer, who command that unit contribute to all ships in it, off course less effective than to a single ship. If you ask about numbers, i guess allowing 2-3(depending on shiphull strength, as some are stronger than another) destroyers and 4-8 frigates would be OK. Cruiser should be alone just like capitals, IMO.

B) There are obvious inconsistency between real combat strength of smaller ships and DP needed. Lets consider as an example wolf and conquest. If you have 40 DP to spend, you can choose 1 conquest or 8 wolfs (5 DP each). Obviously, conquest is stronger, no one will choose wolfs in that situation. Why don`t just change this according to point A? No, the single wolf is still 5 DP, but a group of two is already 9 DP. Group of three - 12, four - 15, five - 18, maximal group of six wolfs is 20 DP or so. That means, you can use two groups of six wolfs, spending 40 DP, and a twelve wolfs are more comparable to conquest, especially if all twelve are under officer`s command. Numbers should be adjusted, no more than concept yet.

The only question to be asked: "What will stop frigate spam, not to create opposite problem?" Well, first off all maintenance, as group of 6 wolfs might be 20 DP on the battlefield, but still 6*5=30 recovery cost in supplies. Plus frigates dies more often than capitals, which makes frigatespam fleet weaker after each battle.

Of course there are lot of issues and problems to be solved:
-What to do if one frigates from group was disabled and recovered with its own unique D-mods? How it can be returned to group?
-Where player will get those amount of identical spendable material if not having colony with heavy industry?
-How can player control that group if personally control one of the ships in group? Opposite problem: AI is not able to control group as a single unit, making that tactics less effective it should be.
-Something i can not imagine.

Still, i think idea is promising as it can be easy adjusted and balanced by simply changing that values where needed.

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