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Hi, thank you for checking.

I checked on my side again and it seems the effects appear normally now. Damn I wish I took a screenshot.

As about the Flux stats increase, on the XVI battlegroup Enforcer they show up in the codex, are the XIII Flux stats modifications different from the the XVI one?

Either way The problem is fixed for now.

Amazing mod by the way :)

Hi, thanks for the reply :)

Hmm, Maybe it's just an enforcer thing?

Because I checked with XIII enforcer and there aren't any stat increases. I'll check with other ships later

Hi i think the XIII hullmod effects arent applied. kindly check.

Also, i found the military package blueprint but the thing is that it doesn't have legion and onslaught in itt. Are their BP separate? Are they found like any other normal ship blueprint for example in Prism freeport or something like that?


Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.8.5
« on: September 16, 2022, 07:08:27 PM »
I just fought against an legion invasion fleet made of 3 hel scaith and a bunch of hel dominators, After reading the forum it seems I am not the only one noticing that there is something wrong with the balance.

Hel scaith tanking 2 Onslaughts and 1 Legion eating in total like 15 torpedoes and still going strong is definitely something wrong. I like challenging fights but fighting immortal ships that not only tank ridiculously, but also agile and have a lot of firepower isn't fun. Killing one dominator took forever, then when I saw there are bunch of other dominators I simply quit the fight.

Those ships should be like boss ships. Even in Difficult mode there should be like 3 or 4 of them maximum. Not a whole fleet made of them.

Edit: I just noticed that the ones I fought are post nerf. It made wonder how terrifying they were before the nerf.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.8.5
« on: August 25, 2022, 06:21:13 PM »
I'm trying to build a rosenritter only fleet. I noticed that most of the regalias (this small ones and the 25do ones) can't sustain their built-in weapons. Anyone managed to build a decent rosenritter only fleet? I am getting my ass handed to me by an ordo (which I can defeat easily with other fleets).

General Discussion / Re: The XIV is back with a vengeance
« on: January 11, 2022, 03:00:01 AM »
Alex needs to give the XIV Onslaught and Dominator heavy ballistic integration of whatever that hullmod name (the one that reduces OP price of large ballistic weapons).

It is sad to see the most effective onslaught build still being 90% point defense

I'm confused by this statement given Onslaughts did gain Ballistics Integration in 0.95.1a.  Just double checked in game, my Onslaught XIV has ballistics integration.

Dominators didn't get the hullmod, but they did get a 10 OP bump from 0.95.1a, which is kinda like half the bonus (2 large mounts with the hullmod would be a 20 OP savings).  I don't think I've ever downgraded the large mounts on Dominators I run, given they both focus forward and large ballistics tend to be the best ballistics.  I don't remember seeing builds posted to the forums with people filling them with mediums, although perhaps I've missed it.

As for going heavy on point defense, they kind of are over mounted for their DP.  If they actually had the flux to fire all offensive weaponry, they'd outgun Radiants and Paragons.  Assuming 1 large = 2 mediums = 4 smalls:
Onslaughts come with 5 large gun mounts, 9 medium guns, 6 small guns, and 4 medium missile mounts (52 small equivalent). 
Radiants only come with 5 large mounts, 4 mediums, and 10 smalls (38 small equivalent). 
Paragons have 4 large, 6 mediums, 9 smalls, and 4 small missile mounts (41 small equivalent).

They simply don't need all their mounts dedicated to offense to put out good damage numbers, so filling the rest with PD to prevent Reapers from removing their heavy armor defense seems like a good investment.

OP's pic kinda confused me because I didn't see the hullmod in his pic. I haven't used Onslaught recently so I missed that

As about Dominator, even with the +10 OP still can't afford anything above Mark IX  because of the flux cost Large weapons require a lot of flux dissipation and dominator doesn't have that. But that pilot skill that gives more flux stats for every op spent on weapons fixes that.

As about weapons, unlike the rest of the ships you mentioned, Onslaught can fire at max 3 large weapons at the same time at one target (a large one, 2 at small one)
But that's not the issue here,  Onslaught simply can't perform well when more than 2 large weapons are firing at the same time due to bad flux stats. You can even see in the video posted by OP, if that was the AI it would have been dead. So this is why despite having 5 large slots, putting offense weapon in each slot feels like a noob bait simply because the price weapons (before the heavy ballistics integration) prevented the player from putting a lot of points in flux stats/hullmods

General Discussion / Re: We need weapons that counter fast ships
« on: January 11, 2022, 02:51:50 AM »
I am not talking in 1v1 scenario, I am talking in multiple ship battle:
Fast ships can:
-Close in distance quickly on high Flux target and hit them with burst weapons
-Can rotate ships if get high in flux in the frontline
-Can equip long range too, they can kite properly with them
-They can change from area to area quickly, picking up lone ships with 0 danger
-Can literally control the flow of battle by aggroing and baiting the ai
>Godlike under the player hands (like soloing ziggurats with one Doom or soloing 3 Onslaughts and 2 Dominators with one single Hammerhead)
>Don't need escorts or babysitting, the ai is performant enough to make a decent judgement between engaging and retreating
>Can easily retreat in a dangerous situation (especially fast ships with mobility ship systems)
>Are good with or without SO so good versatility
>Some fast ships have decent shield stats, so they are fast and tanky

Meanwhile slow ships:
>They require escorts (ok that's not a bad thing it's normal for such an archetype but escort ai isn't reliable)
>If the battle has too many fast ships from both sides, they literally will spend the whole battle chasing left and right without achieving anything
>They are done for if they are caught.
>Generally have low flux stats (Paragon is an exception)
>Require babysitting
>Have to rely on a good firing line on the frontline (pray the ai doesn't screw you) otherwise they'll get attacked from an unprotected side by multiple ships and killed (the ai always attack from ubprotected side)
>Player can't do much with a slow ship even with good piloting (Paragon is OP so it's an exception)
>Can't retreat, once flux is high pray the ai will move in and help otherwise say goodbye
>Generally slow ships don't have a significant flux advantage over faster ships so they can lose flux battle easily, the worst is that they can do nothing if high in flux

I tested a full fleet with fast ships, a full fleet with slow ships and a full fleet with mixed (fast and slow) against remnant ordo, fast ships fleet was signifanctly the best in terms of battlespeed, babysitting and overall performance.

General Discussion / We need weapons that counter fast ships
« on: January 10, 2022, 09:04:46 PM »
Currently there are no counters against fast fleet. The only way to counter fast fleets is to fight them with a fast fleet.

Especially knowing how the AI performs way better with a fast ship than a slow ship, speed is the most important stats in the game.

Currently the only weapons that supposedly counter speed are:
-Salamander: a meme missile that hits 5% of the time. And ironically it only hits slow ships since fast ships can easily dodge it or block it with shield
-Emp weapons: Unfortunately low tech ships don't have access against those but currently they are the best method that counter fast ships
-Mines: another weapon which is mainly used by a fast ship (doom)

So my suggestion is to introduce an area denial weapon or give salamander emp buff (make it hit through shield when high Flux)

Currently, In a fleet vs fleet battle where all ships are properly equipped, fast ships perform better than slow ships

General Discussion / Re: The XIV is back with a vengeance
« on: January 10, 2022, 08:48:30 PM »
Alex needs to give the XIV Onslaught and Dominator heavy ballistic integration of whatever that hullmod name (the one that reduces OP price of large ballistic weapons).

It is sad to see the most effective onslaught build still being 90% point defense

General Discussion / Re: The XIV is back with a vengeance
« on: January 08, 2022, 04:53:19 PM »
Do you have a footage of you beating a full ordo with that? I don't know your build seems to be very flux hungry and Remnants love ganging up on slow ships and killing them one by one.

I gifted a planet to a faction thinking that it would help it. But unfortunately even after a year in-game, the factions hadn't built a single thing in it. Is that expected?

It would be great if factions build security and other economy buildings according to the planet resources

I hope Alex is checking this thread because I wouldn't want to see all this effort going to waste

General Discussion / Re: Shield Shunt
« on: December 21, 2021, 04:40:26 AM »
Shield shunt is a meme hullmod that doesnt bring any real benefits. The only ship in the whole game that can equip and get small results is the onslaught (have to spend like 80OP worth of hullmods to make up for it though). Also shield shunt should oly be used by player piloted ships since the AI will just die with it.

General Discussion / Re: AI: Escort vs. Normal
« on: October 14, 2021, 04:02:18 AM »
Here's an advice: Ditch low tech ships. They have 0 chance against an equally equipped Remnants. Switch to Furies and other fast high techs if you want to win with minimal losses.

Setting aggressive/reckless to your low tech ships will only cause them to be kited then get singled out by the small ships. That's not a good idea on a ship without omnishield

General Discussion / Re: Ludic path .95
« on: June 03, 2021, 05:59:40 PM »
I was wondering how long it would take for someone else to also notice Luddic Path gave you bounties on Remnant Nexuses.

Now, if only both the Vanilla Path and Luddic Church did not get absolutely butchered by terrible ship variety/performance and Ill Advised Modifications wasn't crippling enough to make Ludd himself cry from the heavens, normal people would almost be tempted to make a Church/Path themed campaigns...

I actually just finished a Luddic Path campaign. Limiting myself to only luddic path ships. However I used Luddic path modded ships . It is the most challenging campaign I've ever had. Starting being enemies with everyone is difficult. But when you reach a strong point it feels rewarding. Strongly recommend

Did you also fall in love with the LP Tyrant from Vayra's Ship Pack? It's so good and tasty. I notice this is not the most recent sprite of the LP Tyrant but I could not find one on the forum and I had to type Luddic Path Tyrant on Google Images to find it.

For reference, not having it on speakers is highly suggested  :P

There's also a lot of great Luddic Church/Path ships from DR's Ship/Weapon pack too, don't forget your daily prayers to send off some Argent Energy to feed that lovable Trumpet-wielding Skeleton and help him in his coding toils and mod updating efforts  :P

You can listen to this on Loop one hour a day as a sobstitute to praying:

The LP tyrant is okish. It has unstable injector as built in mod which is not good on capitals. The best Luddic path capital (by far) is the Castella LP. That thing has luddic path written all over it because of how it works. But the MVP of luddic path ships is the Venture LP. Best ship in the whole roster.

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