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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: A Tale of Two Tech Levels (05/28/21)

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General Discussion / Custom building your own patrol fleets.
« on: January 20, 2020, 05:08:23 PM »
So I've arrived at that point where my pilot officers are maxed out, flying the best possible (to my newb mind) cruisers and it takes a bit of the steam out of continuing to fly about and get in yet more fights, it gains you little without the officer's improvement through experience. What I would really like to be able to do, is to custom outfit a patrol fleet of choice ships, ideally the tweaked to the max ships they are currently flying, and hand off my maxed out officers to that fleet. That new fleet would serve as a system patrol fleet for a colony system keeping it relatively free of pirates et al, freeing me to do a bit more universe exploring. Moreover, that would give me the opportunity to tweak out a whole new fleet and a brand new crop of green officers.

I'm still very much a newb at this game, but I don't think anything like that is possible at the moment. There appears to be a way to build ships, I am not sure how or if that interfaces with the random patrol fleets your system generates. However none of that does what I would like. I don't want to tweak a few parameters to generate semi-random fleets commanded by random sub-par officers that will inevitably get squashed by serious opponents. Moreover that current function does not serve to allow me to clear house of my existing maxed officers to train up new ones. Simply discarding the existing ones and discarding or mothballing my existing ships is not a solution either. If that is my option, I'm better off just not playing.

Is anything like what I described possible in the existing game? Is there a mod that would allow this? Is this something even that 'could' hypothetically be modded into the game?

I'm a newbie to the game. I've been given my first bounty to go hunt down someone. If I select the mission then click "show on map", it gives me a location many light years away I can laboriously head to. I do so. The location that it flags however is in deep space, hyperspace territory, a couple stars nearby. I have been all over that space, scanning everywhere. I have thoroughly explored both the stars nearby, including heading out into interstellar space. I have wasted a year of game time and at least two hours of player time, just fruitlessly wandering about. This is not fun.

What am I missing? Is there some esoteric trick known only to long standing intelligentsia?

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