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Dividing the entire order into two different ones may not be such a bad idea afterall.

"Escort" to make sure the ship is not flanked or rear-ended by the enemy

"Assist" to get the ships to try and focus fire the same enemy the ship the order is on is engaging, without getting into its firing line.

There's a subforum literally named "Suggestions".

Do they no longer teach reading comprehension? :P

It's alright, I'm pretty sure my first "suggestion" in this forum got posted in General Discussion instead aswell  ;D

As for the OP, ships with aggressive, reckless and Fearless (AI core only) personalities will already try and get into shooting range of whatever the escorted ship is aiming at if there are no enemies endangering its back.

 This is not at all specified anywhere as far as I know tough, Vanilla could certainly include it in the Tip collection.

-Fleshed out "The things about [Redacted] making them the strongest faction in the game" section of the thread a bit more more, it's no longer a list, I've added two more aspects that were still missing and the things belonging to the third section have been removed
-I've gotten rid of a lot of typos plaguing "The Vanilla [Redacted] Roster" section of the thread, let me know if there's any more
-I've reformatted the thread a bit, only using font 12-10 sizes and inserting the meaty parts of every section into spoiler tabe. Let me know if you like this more than what was there before :)

I could be able to start reworking the "Things your own fleet should apply (or keep in mind) when fighting the Remnants" section of the thread today, but I'm most likely going to add a "Special Credits" section at the end thanking everyone in this thread for their invaluable help instead. Have a good day!

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Automated Commands
« on: June 16, 2021, 05:44:19 AM »
A saviour, a hero has arrived!
Thank you, oh herald of Ludd and all the helpers you had in this just endeavour.
I will use this Mod for the good of the Persean Sector, microing my fleet did not feel the same with the amount of information and capabilities both Autonomous Ships and Automatic orders added to the game!

Will let you know if there's any issues related to the mod but I can't assure you it will be anytome soon since I've finally found work and I just won't have time to play Starsector as much as I did in the past month!

Suggestions / Re: give the squall a miniscule flux cost
« on: June 14, 2021, 03:03:40 AM »
EMR+Right Officer Skills+Autoforge gets you up to 9x the initial ammo, otherwise it's "only" 3x.  In vanilla only the Gryphon has the Autoforge to manage the 9x fleet, and frankly if you've got that great an officer to put on a Gryphon you're far better served with a Hammer Barrage than a Squall.

That's not the most interesting thing though.  That this suggestion is currently requesting a nerf for what's already the most underwhelming and least-used large missile weapon in vanilla is the most interesting part of this suggestion.

I do agree with everything retry says, since it's 100% accurate. That said, I've been using Squalls on my Midline fleet in this fourth 0.95 modded capaign to great effect.
Sometimes it aims its rather limited ammo at the wong targets, but that applies to all missiles:
But when it works (I don't even have ECCM on my (PL) Conquests by the way) it's the most kinetic damage intensive weapon in the entire game (with Elite Missile Spec) and gives ships with large missile mounts a huge damage spike as long as they last, the "overloading a Radiant" kind of damage spikes (with minimal help from other weapons, the enemy AI really not liking to get its hull hit by Mjolnirs really helps):
Then there's also to mention that every single missile-rocket hybrid that's fired from the Squall deals some 250 kinetic damage, which is close to the damage a single Hypervelocity Driver shell does. Start massing them like this and things are going to get deleted, especally if they're over-reliant to their shield being good like ramnants:

In all honesty, despite being potentially very effective, even the humble Medium Sabot Pod has more charges that the Squall. 5 Volleys is an absolute pittance and just one less volley than a Small Sabot SRM. They need to be made cheaper to reflect their low damage potential or they need a lot more ammo to be more widely used.

Nobody that's sane is using them seriously. They're probably one of the most unused weapons in the game right now. They need more ammo.
I do not care if they get rebalanced up to costing 30 Ordinance Points, having them get 10 volleys instead of the current 5 would make it compete with all the other large missile weapons.

Thanks for the info!

Welcome to the forum by the way! Make sure to hang with us at a local bar, I promise I'll behave  ;D


If you were using the same mods with the previous version, then the results should be the same, no?
No. Let's exaggerated for easy numbers:

Mod A doubles the effectiveness of ships in combat.
Enemy B receives a 10% boost tweak.

Because of the mod, enemy B is now 20% stronger than before with the same mod activated.

It's actually not even an exageration actually, it's more or less what's happened to Starship Legends.

Sundog (I love you by the way, keep hurting me) more or less had the AI fleet bonuses in his mod scale differently depending on the factions, with Remnants getting the most buffs, which is in line with vanilla where the same happened overall in 0.91.

Now that remnants got double or even more your total Officer Skill Points, now that all their skills are Elite and worth more than yours despite being more numerous, now that Remnants get 3 Commander Skills (Flux Regulation,Coordinated Manouvers, Electronic Warfare) applied to all their fleets (while all other factions only get two) and now that the Deployment Point Balance is heavily dependant on officer skill quantity, Starship Legends improves the already massive buffs Remnants get even further, probably a lot more than 20% and you're unlucky enough to get things like
1)Improved damage
2)Less shield damage taken
3)better top speed
4)Improved Repair speed
5)Improved Weapon range

..and so on. It could be a lot closer to 30% harder for you even if we account for the modifiers your ships are getting. If a mod buffs both you and the enemy with the same percentges overall then the enemy that already has better stats than you will have an even greater advantage.

I use an Radiant as companion. I had the luck to get one on the red planet mission. With the right Skills it can have 60 % CR even with Alpha Core. This is enough for 2 full Deployments.

The best non-Omega Loadout for the Radiant is 4 Burst PD-Laser, 2 Tachyon Lances on Hardpoints, 2 Autopulse on Turrets and a Plasma Cannon on Turret. As addition it should get 4 Annihilator Missile Pods. Each Weapon type should be it's own group. Missle Pods should be divided in right two and left two.

It should get heavy armor and hardened Shields as built in mods and integrated Targeting Unit and Resistant Flux Conduits as additional Mods. Remainding OP on Vents until full and the remainder on Capacitors.

Of course it needs an integrated alpha core. It is worth it! The Radiant can really wreck havoc and offers save space during hard battles, if treated correctly. It is also cheap to deploy and fast on the battlefield. It does a good job against any enemy. ยด

That is a lot of weapons that can be made to work with integrated hullmods, altough I'd still swap some things around to give it a modicum of PD for they AI to stay aggressive.

I'd personally keep the Tach lances on the Hardpoints, cut the Autopulses and swap them with 2 Plasma Cannons instead, slap a Paladin PD in the middle and swap the annihalators for simple burst PD lasers, or Graviton beams if you want it to keep pressuring the enemy along with the tach lances at long range. Everything else then goes into flux dissipation.

1)Overhauled the Annihalator variant of the Radiant to not use Hammer barrages, it now synergizes them with Squalls and 2x Plasma Cannons instead
2)Overhauled the Eradicator Version to be more offense focused and have all of its missiles able to aim direclty behind it aswell. The variant now does not use Hardened shields
3)Introduced the "Ancient" variant for the radiant, sporting 2x Plasmas, 1 Tach lance and 4 Gravitons as offensive weaponry
4)Eliminated the "Cleanser" radiant variant as it's become superflous with the improved Eradicator and Bastion variants

Edit: nevermind, I forgot to add the "Ancient" variant. Working on it now :P

Edit 2: Overhauled the "Strike B" Radiant to not use Hammer Barrages, it now has 2 Plasma Cannons, 1 Paladin, 2 Cylone Reaper launchers and 4 Sabot Pods.

Edit 3: Gave up on the Ancient variant, it does not work well at all and attempts to make it work have it too similar to the other ones :P

I know that one single Engagement is enough to get fleets done.


The Ziggurat uses 50 % CR per Deployment. A Paragon uses only 20 %.

Pick one
and let that be your statement. Losing 50% CR not only is not an issue for two back to back engagements if you got 100% (even justv 85) Combat Readiness but it's also something that does not influence actual in combat performance either.

You optimally want the best ship to command possible for yourself so that you can have the best chance at beating whatever it is you're facing. Ludd's Angry Broccoli could lose 100% combat readiness each engagement and I would still pick it over the Paragon if it came down to combat performance.
Stick Efficiency Overhaul into that Moloch-Cursed Abomination if that CR hit really bothers you, but don't let that awfully minor inconvenience prevent you from realizing the fact the Zig is the strongest ship in the game the player is allowed to pilot, in both vanilla and the vast majority of the modiverse that has not completely lost their collective marbles when it comes to balancing their content.

The AI Paragon vs AI Zig discussion I am not going to cover extensively, because it makes no sense whatsoever. A mentally defective child Pather infected by a man eating nanite swarm unleashed by TriTachyon could probably still master the way the Paragon fights while the Ziggurat, being a phase ship, tremendously scales with player skill and tactical awareness, both of which the AI lacks a whole lot of.

I'm really wondering tough, I have not played with the Zig all that much, but what would even be the reason you'd let the AI drive it instead of yourself?
Super ship worth 75DP, unique in the sector, chance of losing it forever?
Ah, whatever, give it to Jimmy the Reckless officer with all the wrong skills for it. I want to drive that Overridden Hammerhead instead.

I..uh...I don't think you're seeing the scope of how much damage a Ziggurat does when player driven.

 You don't need multiple engagements with it. Just the one is enough.

And no it does the same regardless of the weapons being [Hyper-Redacted] or not. It's also supremely tanky if you integrate reinforced bulkheads and heavy armor on it plus the required addons. You just trade shots with the enemy using phase to cycle through your burst weapon(s) faster and everything, everything dies.

I personally played with 6 Gamma core Glimmers which were 24 skills in total since I integrated all of them into their respective ship, it's the best I could do since I was a good deal over the 240DP limit. Do 5 glimmers all with beta cores stay above the 42% CR malfunction treshold? How many Betas can you fully integrate before that starts happening, provided you stay at or under 240 combat ship deployment points in total?
I use five Beta Glimmers, with maxed out Crew Training and Reliability Engineering on all of them they stay at 50% CR. Although one more and that goes down to 38%. I prefer five Betas over six Gammas, though - more skills, so less chance of them getting blown up.

Ok now I think I've got an even more horrible memory than originally thought and that I actually had 8 Gamma Core Glimmers instead of 6  ::)

Will do some math once I come back from sunbathing. I also caught this pretty thing!

It's a stunningly beautiful green hue Natrix Tassellata. It does not bite, it just likes to hiss very loudly pretending to be a viper if you don't handle it with care to make it feel comfortable!

I use 5 Glimmers with integrated gamma cores with integrated

Hardened shields, ITU, and front shield conversion

front shield conversion actually makes the ai stay alive for way longer lol and they count towards the officer limit meaning you can deploy a lot more when fighting enemy remnants

I would've probably Integrated Unstable Injector instead of Front Shields, to make sure the Glimmers are as hard to catch (without using Safety Overrides) as possible.

I personally played with 6 Gamma core Glimmers which were 24 skills in total since I integrated all of them into their respective ship, it's the best I could do since I was a good deal over the 240DP limit. Do 5 glimmers all with beta cores stay above the 42% CR malfunction treshold? How many Betas can you fully integrate before that starts happening, provided you stay at or under 240 combat ship deployment points in total?

To @AcaMentis

Introducing D variants of Remnant ships using unorthodox weapon loadouts would be something I'd love to see Vanilla do, despite remnants as a faction needing love in many other places which would come first.

As for the Autopulse vs Plasma discussion, you are correct.

The Autopulse is a good weapon that's easy to fit and to keep going. It's more or less a large energy weapon version of the IR Pulse Laser but with comparatively lower DPS and a large amount of stacked charges.

A single emptied out Autopulse only requires 250 flux per second to fire but it's good damage to flux ratio makes it quite decent if stacked or supported by weapons able to exploit the hard flux buildup, which is what the "Autopulser" Radiant Variant does, coupling 4 Autopulse Lasers buffed extended magazines with a single Tachyon Lance.

The plasma on the other hand is the single most DPS intensive weapon in the game if we take large weapon mounts with limited ammunition out of the equation.
It's got terrifying damage per shot, the projectiles just CHAD their way through litterally every other piece of destroyable ordnance in the game and it can more or less do everything, from pressuring shields to deleting hull.
The predictable downside is the Flux requirements, which incidentally are also what makes having just two of them so good on the Radiant. A single Plasma Cannon consumes 825 flux per second to fire, which is more than 3 emptied out Autopulses generate (750). Having two at the front hardpoints guarantees the Radiant amazing DPS while also keeping the other 3 large mounts and the 4 mediums still empty and available for you to install litterally everything else.

Having Autopulses will most of the time ensure the Radiant always stays cool on flux (unless you have more than 3 with expanded mags) which will render it very capable of sticking to the enemy and keep using its missile weaponry.

Using just two Plasma Cannons at the front hardpoints will on the bother hand inevitably have the Radiant go up to 90% flux or more no matter what you do, since the Fearless AI has the same tendency to abuse everything you give it access to like the psychotic toddler it is  :P

That logic behind Remnants not using the Hammer Barrage does make a lot of sense, unless we're willing to hypothesize that they scavenged Hammer pods and the Hammer Barrage from both the Luddic Church and the Pathers during their ongoing crusades on the fringes of the sector to hunt the slaves of moloch  :)

As for the Radiant variants making use of the Hammer Barrage, do you have any ideas to add to my own?
I was thinking of making it quite filthy in the rocket department by swapping the Barrages for two Squalls, they'd already have both EMR/ECCM and they pop out disgustingly fast with Elite Missile spec. It would also add much welcome EMP damage to the ship's damage mix, which it currently lacks.

The fact I am just 12OP short from being able to fit that variant with 2 Plasma Cannons at the front and a Paladin in the back saddens me to no end, altough I guess 2x Autopulse with expanded mags pressures shields in a burst much more efficiently.

Strike B
I will most likely swap the 4 front IR Pulse Lasers for PD lasers, cut 6 vents and install two Cyclone Reaper Launchers instead on this guy.
The fact Vanilla does not give us a large Annihalator Rocket missile mount or a medium/large one for Atropos Torpedoes saddens me to no end. Thank Ludd for mods helping me in that regard, altough I don't think anyone has introduced a simple large missile mount firing annihalators yet   :'(

Edit: Nevermind my speculation on the Annihilator variant of the Radiant. I can fit two Plasma Cannons at the front  :P

2xAutopulse + Expanded Magazines + Plasma Cannon = 40+10+30 = 80

2xPlasma + Paladin PD = 60 + 18= 78

This one uses Annihalator Rocket Pods and Hammer Barrages, two weapons that I don't think Remnants get to use at all.
You can check what weapon blueprints a faction has access to in their .faction file. For reference Remnants know every type of missile weapon that the Black Market can have on offer, so I'm not sure why they'd shy away from ever using those two. Too large a pool for the random autofit to consistently draw from, I suppose?

Oh! Good catch!
I wish they got some Vanilla Variants using Annihalator Rocket Pods, Hammer Barrages or even both in the case of the Radiant. Flux Free pressure is very good, especially on ships that generally don't have access to ballistic weapons and usually rely on energy damage to pressure shields.

...wait, does this imply Remnants will potentially get new weapons to play with if you sell blueprints of weapons on the Black Market they somehow don't know yet? That's hilarious  ;D

Edit: I've edited the post you quoted to be more accurate

Edit 2: fixed the "Autopulser" Radiant variant, it still had the old variant refit screenshot.

More or less completed my variant collection at the bottom of the OP. It is  now is made of the grand total of 23 variants, of which
-9 Radiant Variants (plus two extra subvariants)
-4 Brilliant Variants (plus two extra subvariants)
-2 Scintilla Variants
-5 Fulgent Variants
-3 Glimmer Variants

This took way longer than I had planned due to adding more variants as I went, testing and improving all of them (there have been some significant changes of the variants from my last post, just don't ask me which ones) plus writing descriptions, taking screenshots and showcasing their capabilities with words so that some of my design choices could be understood. I am going to add the two Lumen variants tomorrow, altough the ship isn't that impressive in any way, shape or form and you're not really gonna miss much.

I'm going to finally start working on the section of the OP that I actually intended now, Ludd forsake my sidetracking :P

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