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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24)

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So, how's the Interstellar Mall hullmod? Have you fixed the uninhabited system error?
Uhh, I believe I have. Thanks for reminding me, I'll give that a test too.

That. Is. Awesome!
Thank you very much!

don't kill us with too much anticipation
Sorry for the wait, but I would like to proceed at my own leisurely pace this time to avoid a quick burn-out.

Neat! Will manufacturing bay hullmods have additional effects for carriers and missile ships?
Ah, at the moment, no, Manufacturing Bay, from YREX is still the same as it always has been - but you mentioning carriers does give me the idea to add in a replacement buff for carriers with a manufacturing bay. It makes sense after all.

Sort of an update regarding YRXP 3.0, I've been playmodding again recently (playing normally then stopping whenever I see something I don't like and fixing it) and I think i've gotten quite a few aspects of the mod to somewhere I'm satisfied with.
Private stream archive - capturing the hypershunt close to my colonies

The largest and most visible updates are the handful of new ships you'll see in the video. The big one is a battleship-size vessel with a Ballistic Shield, similar to the Snowstorm and Honeycomb - of course the armor bonuses are scaled up for its size too. It is about halfway complete - I'd just finished with its shipsystem, Ramming Speed (shared with one other ship), and what I am to add next is a built-in melee weapon that only activates at the same time as Ramming Speed, and causes a boarding action whenever a ram is successfully pulled off. That it's offset to the side might be an issue, but oh well. Visible only in the deployment screen (bit expensive and wasn't what I needed at the moment) is destroyer-sized, cruiser analogue with a huge detacheable armor/combat module, which, if destroyed, basically reverts the ship to one of the existing missile destroyers. Lastly, and which featured prominently later on in the video, is the new version of the Snowstorm mod. KRM. It has new weapons in the form of swivelling arm-mounts (pretty cute, I think) and rather than the three Shooting Stars, I instead gave it a built-in alternative to the Sparkler medium mount, but which launches the kinetic Sticker-HV missiles. It also features the new iteration of the "Homing Laser" weapon - super agile and accurate, but has a shorter overall range, and, best of all, doesn't mess with enemy PD's anymore! I think I am quite satisfied with how it looks now, but maybe I can up either the firepower or fire rate a bit.

I've also given a large overhaul to the missile system, thanks to the new mod functions Alex released in the latest RC. This will be the new system with regards to YRXP missiles: Most will have limited ammo - Sparklers, Orb rockets, even the MLRS ones. They still have sizeable ammo stores by default (doubleale via EMR) so they're not completely useless. Only PD missiles will have infinite ammo/reloading ammo by default. When a YRXP missile is mounted on a YRXP ship and (only if you have Commissioned Crews) also have Yuri crews, then all missiles will have periodic reloads (similar to YRXP v1.0, iirc) EXCEPT for the Last Smile. Many thanks to Alex for making this a reality!

Speaking of missiles, I've put in a lot of elbow grease into balancing the spectacle of having lots of missiles flying across your screen, as well as reducing the strain on the CPU. I've optimized most of the missile AIs, increased the burst fire rate of most missiles again, but overall reduced their flight-time to a few seconds. I've also reduced the fire rate of some pretty intensive missiles like the Aurora Crown (mostly due to its flarespam - which I have also reduced). In addition, due to the overarching effect of the pilot skill, Missile Specialization, I've had to mostly reduce the fire/reload rate of most missiles (primarily Aurora Crown and Ticklish) to compensate. It's not just the doubled ammo store, but that +50% fire rate made certain missiles (again Aurora Crown and Ticklish) incredibly strong. I have a feeling that skill is going to get some more vanilla tweaks later on, so the balancing continues....

Lastly, with regards to guns. I've decided that mountable YRXP (ballistic) guns will mostly be the "gatling gun" variety. That is, all of them will be short-ranged, rapid-fire and low-alpha damage (think Assault Chaingun). This will extend to all forms of guns - HE, Kinetic, Frag and PD. That means a few things - most cannon-type weapons are out (probably a couple of exceptions), and in return, I added, and will add, some more gatling-type weapons. Obviously, this is for the use of the new set of extremely well (frontally) armored ships with Ballistic Shields. I think this contrast in ship-types could make for interesting gameplay and fleet compositions.

maybe he can do it by changing the facing of the module itself instead of the slot
This worked, thank you very much!

ship.getPhaseCloak.yadayada(), alternate defence systems are just phase cloaks in a janky trench coat
This works, thanks!

I have another question - is it possible to rotate modules for a specific ship only? When I use this for example:


All ships of that type have that slot rotated at the same time, which is definitely not what I want.

Hi, is there a way to reference isActive() from a shipsystem set to replace shields (right click shipsystem) in the same way you can do it for the normal shipsystem via ship.system.isActive()?

Oh, I meant that if you decided to release the assets and code, someone else might be able to finish them up. Or at least get them working.
Sorry, I'm not up for the responsibility of debugging the mod and addressing player feedback at the moment, and pushing it off onto someone else would be unfair.

What's the status of the preview ships featured in the last couple videos? I don't know too much about Starsector modding but maybe someone could slap them into the current working build somewhere?
Most of them are either completely new or full overhauls of existing ships (sprites and all) that I have not released yet, so unless someone tries to reverse-engineer what they saw in the videos into a full ship, it wouldn't be possible.

I received a request to clarify my stance on unofficial or bootleg updates of my mods so here it is:
- I fully allow anyone to make any changes or updates to all of my mods.
- I also allow anyone to post these (download links and the like) anywhere they like, including the official threads of the respective mods.

Publicly posting links to unofficial builds is heavily frowned upon in this forum. If anything, you should make these requests through private messages.
I don't mind if people want to post links to custom builds of my mods, no worries.

A unofficial updated version of a mod but good luck finding it.
Oh, I don't think I'll be coming back to modding starsector anytime soon, so if someone has a link to this update, I'm sure people would appreciate it!

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Boarding Util v.1.0.0 [YRUTL]
« on: March 05, 2022, 04:16:18 AM »
I was playing the new RYAZ update and fought Knight Templar ships. It would seem their unique shield type does not react well with the new boarding mechanic as I get a Fatal: null error occasionally when using the skill. Sadly, I'm not sure how to consistently replicate the CTD.
Oh, unfortunately I don't know how knight templar ships work as I've never played with them. But you are likely talking about the lightning strike power right? If their special shield system somehow insisted that the ship has shield, but doesn't actually have a shield that I can reference for its effective arc, then that *might* cause a crash. I'll keep it in mind when updating this in the future, thanks!

In a somewhat similar vein...
Ah, actually, I had updated YREX for the new version when I was last working on YRXP, so I might as well upload it. There's nothing new in it but compatibility with 0.95.1.

Here you go: Download

EDIT: I was wrong, there are actually some changes in this version; mostly bugfixes, but also a new industry icon for the Privateer Haven by Mayu!

Privateer Haven by Mayu

This has been fixed in the CC's latest release. You no longer have to do this.
Thanks! Removed it from known issues.

So my game crashed.
Found this in the staresctor.log
Heya, this is an error that AlexTheos posted a solution for a few pages back, let me quote that for you:

yes hello it is me Not That Alex

the thing about targeting lasers in WS0027 in variant yrxp_fleet_carrier_sf is a known bug and i guess creature hasn't gotten around to fixing it

in the mean time just delete these from YRXP/data/variants/yrxp_fleet_carrier_sf and everything SHOULD be fine


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