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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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Hmm - to alter the projectile spawns, you could do:
And then manipulate:
Thanks! Just tested this out and it works! Just one issue however - this solution doesn't seem to work with beam weapons - the beam line itself disappears when moving the projectile spawns this way.... I simply changed my plans and decided to move a projectile weapon instead.

Is it possible to move a weapon's x and y position dynamically via code? I tried getSpite().setCenter() but this seems to only move the art and not the projectile spawns.

Heck yeah! Anime girls, Pink ships, fireworks, And single digit frame rates. Cant wait mans ;D
With any luck, single-digit frames shouldn't be too much of an issue moving forward! The missile AI is slightly more optimized and and each weapon's burst potential is still reduced in comparison to pre-2.0. But most significantly, the changes to ship layout will definitely put a cap on how many missiles you can have on screen at the same time. In short, you can look forward to 12 fps rather than 8!

1: the yellow smiley on the Sapphrites armour plate looks a little out of place to me.
I dunno, I like it. But I could add an alt-skin in the folder without it that players can swap in if they like!

2: With YRXP not having any shields (and likely no phase ships either) it brings a (slight) issue with the 0.95 skill tree, that being how you have to pick the shield/phase skill to get to the missile skill (which is blatantly going to be a high value skill on YRXP ships). Have you thought about any way to make combat 4 (shield/phase) not a wasted skill point if piloting YRXP ships?
Nope! I can't be helped! I've seen how crazy the missile specialization bonus is for YRXP though... I wonder if it'll be nerfed in the near future? Otherwise, I'll have to balance around it....

Hello again!

I've resumed work on YRXP and below is a teaser of what's new for 3.0! They're (mostly) new ships, replacing a bunch of the old ones. Actually, some of these I did finish before I took the break, but posting a teaser and announcing a hiatus at the same time would be a bit daft!

Right off the bat, you can see I've decided to completely remove all shields from all yrxp ships - making it a distinct attribute for the faction. In lieu of that, some ships get replaceable drones that hover in front of them, a bit like analog shields I guess. A bunch of weapons have been reworked, most significantly the missile AI (credit has to go to Tartiflette as I used his guidance code as the basis!). Most of the ballistic artillery line is also removed - just the mortars, really. Since I've decided that ARIA should be the faction specializing in long range HE artillery. In return, YRXP gets a new line of short-range, high-dps HE Autobolter/Chainbolter guns. I've also decided that YRXP will get to keep some of the mech infantry, though I've not decided which ones to keep and which to retire.

Still, there is a lot of work to be done. I've yet to do any capital ships, and there's still the hvb line. Speaking of which, if you're wondering where the itasha went, I decided only HVB ships should get itasha decals from now on, to make them more special. Standard YRXP ships get standard paint and decals.

Oh, and one last thing - as an answer to one of the comments I have received, none of what I am "removing" from YRXP will actually be deleted. I am instead moving them to a "cut" BP that won't be used in the campaign, aside from a special market which will contain only cut content. So if you really want to use the old guard ships or weapons, most of them will still be available to you (some have received updates, and their old stats are gone).

Thank you, fixed!
Fast! Thank you very much. Looking forward to the next patch.

I am running this code to dynamically give a specific missile weapon that does not reload, a 24 second reload cycle for 32 rounds:

for(WeaponAPI weapon : ship.getAllWeapons()) {
    if(weapon.getType().compareTo(WeaponType.MISSILE) != 0) {

    reloadData = BASE_VALUES.get(weapon.getId());"found missile " + weapon.getId());
    if(reloadData != null) {"found *correct*! missile " + weapon.getId() + " | " + reloadData.ammopersec + " | " + reloadData.reloadSize);
    weapon.getAmmoTracker().setReloadSize(reloadData.reloadSize);"check " + weapon.getId() + " | " + weapon.getAmmoTracker().getAmmoPerSecond() + " | " + weapon.getAmmoTracker().getReloadSize());


However, only the setReloadSize() command is working properly, as shown by the debug logs inserted in the code:

38215 [Thread-3] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.yrxp_engineering  - found missile yrxp_aam_3
38215 [Thread-3] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.yrxp_engineering  - found missile yrxp_aam_3
38215 [Thread-3] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.yrxp_engineering  - found missile yrxp_sead_58
38215 [Thread-3] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.yrxp_engineering  - found missile yrxp_PART_missile_frigate_b_srm_33
38215 [Thread-3] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.yrxp_engineering  - found *correct*! missile yrxp_PART_missile_frigate_b_srm_33 | 1.3333334 | 32.0
38216 [Thread-3] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.yrxp_engineering  - check yrxp_PART_missile_frigate_b_srm_33 | 0.0 | 32.0

Simulator testing also reveals that the missile weapon is still not reloading.

Any idea as to when this mod will be made compatible with 0.95?
Hi, as I have announced in the YRXP thread, I'm currently not working on my mods at the moment, but will do this one right after YRXP when I do come back. That said, I have worked on it a bit before stopping and for instance, I've already done this suggestion below.

Could you please add a setting option to remove that asteroid miner ship? I personally don't like it and don't want to use it or see it among pirate ships.
The Lithovore will only be available for purchase in the special markets made available by this mod (same place you get the forge ship hullmods) and no other faction.

Hey everyone! Sorry to disappoint, but I'm currently taking another break from modding right now, so there isn't a set date for the next update...  :'(

But for sure, it will come in this order when I do come back: YRXP->YREX and other side content->ARIA->RYAZ. See you then~!

The unique aesthetic and playstyle of this faction really speaks to me. I know you've mentioned previously that YRXP is sort of on the backburner and that's completely understandable with all the effort you've put into it and your other mods. I never knew about the hullmod slowdown, I guess my games haven't gone on long enough for it to affect it to a noticeable degree. I'm still running the old starsector version with YRXP 2.1.2 while I wait for issues with the new starsector update to be smoothed out.

Just wanted to chime in that I am also looking forward to the fixed/updated version. Thanks for all your hard work.
Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! But I'd also like to say that YRXP is not on the backburner anymore! In fact, it'll be the first of my mods that will be compatible with the new version!

...that said, this coming update is much, much more comprehensive than any I've released before. You could probably even call it a remake at this point! But also owing to that, it'll be a good while before it's ready, so I hope you can patiently look forward to it!  ;D

Help! I'm a few years into my current campaign with YRXP (and bunch of other mods), specifically in cycle 212 now. Caparice and the yuri faction are still intact, and everything seemed fine until a few months of in-game time ago, when I would get a lot of micro-stutters every couple in-game days. I'm talking a 1/2 second stutter every second on the campaign layer (but not in combat!), which gets annoying fast. Alt-tabbed out of the game and opened up the logfile, and the whole thing is swamped with YRXP notifications like the following:
Hi! Sorry, this error is caused by the Yuri Void Warfare Doctrine hullmod all yuri ships have. I've fixed it on my side, but I can't actually release the fix for you anyway because the mod is already incompatible with older saves even in its WIP state... If you wish to be rid of this problem, I'm afraid you will have to remove all YRXP ships in your fleet. I'm not sure if it also causes a slowdown on the overworld, but if it does, it'll come from YRXP fleets... my apologies for the inconvenience.

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Boarding Util v.1.0.0 [YRUTL]
« on: March 19, 2021, 06:07:44 PM »
I was playing the new RYAZ update and fought Knight Templar ships. It would seem their unique shield type does not react well with the new boarding mechanic as I get a Fatal: null error occasionally when using the skill. Sadly, I'm not sure how to consistently replicate the CTD.
Hmm, I've never played with Knight Templar, so I'm afraid I'm unable to give any suggestions. But from a cursory look, it seems the mod is only updated to 0.8.1a, maybe that has something to do with it?

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Boarding Util v.1.0.0 [YRUTL]
« on: March 05, 2021, 07:49:51 PM »
wait, does crew capacity play no role in boarding at all? that's like the most obvious thing to affect it. because after all the fancy, it all boils down to how much meat you can throw in the grinder. because even some unarmed crew that some onslaught might be filled with will easily dispatch those measly five marines that you can send off of a hound, simply due to overwhelming numbers.
Uhh, sort of. It's ship size that plays a role in boarding. To give leeway to the edge cases of 0 crew capacity ships (like those of Aria).

Any idea when the YRXP revamp will happen? I'm trying to decide whether to start a game with the new and improved Azalea 2.0.0 now or wait so I can enjoy it and Yuri at the same time.
Ah, it won't be anytime soon! I've just started, actually.

Modding / Re: [0.9.1a] Boarding Util v.1.0.0 [YRUTL]
« on: March 05, 2021, 01:12:02 PM »
This looks amazing!
Thank you very much!

Is it possible for the amount of crew vs the number of marines to increase the chance of a negative effect? I want to try this with all of the factions so badly!
While it's a fun and immersive idea, I believe there is no cargo for the AI. The feature itself is already slanted in favor of the player but adding this on top...

Sapphrite-class Shielded Frigate

I was just supposed to just play around with the missiles again after I added an Interstellar Promenade start fleet on Nex, but after a while I got bored and decided, "I wanna make a new frigate". So I did.

For the next leg of YRXP, I'm planning a rather significant revamp of the faction. I wanna really home in on the faction's unique focus and so I'm looking at replacing a bunch of ships that I think are... uh... maybe kinda ugly, but more imporatantly, don't really mesh very well with the theme. And so I'm going to add new ships to replace them. The prettier ones, I'm just going to change some things around, not too major.

Still, I didn't expect to have a new ship done so soon. But I wanted to augment the small-ship list of YRXP first and foremost, since I want that to be their focus. Most of the ships from now on will really not have shields at all - even imported ones. I want that to be a common trait, no more half-assing the theme from now on! ...hopefully. We'll see. I've also learned a bit more about modding while doing ARIA and RYAZ so I'm eager to apply those to YRXP!  ;D

IW-701-S Seraph Wings (and seemingly all "HELMUT" inspired designs) seem to be a bit odd, from a graphical standpoint, especially with their weapon mounts being ... stretched out, but apart from that, I'm a big fan as you know.

Do you think the bug that seems to be related to the Aether Shawl or whatever it was is going to be fixed next update, or was that never proven to be true for anyone else but that user?

EDIT: There seems to be one or possibly more variants of ships that have slot id's for weapons assigned to them that don't exist.
Yeah, the _____ Wing-class ships are part of those I'm doing a rethink for. I don't have anything concrete in mind, but I do want to change something about them for the next update.

Uhh... regarding that bug... maybe? Haha... I'll try to look into it again since I'm finally back to this mod after a long time. I had some trouble just remembering what code does what when I was making the Sapphrite...

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