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I think the combat gameplay and it's mechanics serves it role nicely, the only hindrance is when the AI acts stupid, but what game doesn't have incompetent A.I. You'd need to tie the behavior with the environment akin to what FEAR did and that just adds predictability.

The only thing that sucks about the game is the survey lottery system. There's nothing worse in this game than going to a constellation to look for the planet bingo (Class V habitation planet (With no transplutonics), Gas giants and barren or rocky) and missing that one planet you need to make full use of those items we get for that area. It doesn't help there are a lot of stars with no planets in them making exploration even more tedious then it already is what with all the traveling you'll be doing, which makes up a majority of what you do regardless of your playstyle, going from point A to B. Honestly if hyperspace was full of those nebula storms it would help make the traveling a bit more bearable instead of tab out gameplay. Time is money, time is of real life importance, time is what leads to the late game mechanics, burn speed is everything.

General Discussion / Re: Finished a playthrough
« on: August 03, 2021, 02:16:17 PM »
The Revenant is actually for just these reasons more than worthy to be used as main freighter and tanker for small fleets. Especially since 1 Revenant is enough to carry fuel AND supplies for getting two capitals to almost any point in the sector. I use almost only a fleet consisting of 1 Revenant, 1 Radiant and my Ziggurrat Flagship.

I guess with that new ship phase crops is a serious thing and is probably why it's getting adjusted for next patch, I haven't tried it myself but it's good that one method can't encompass everything too easily. As a side note, I hope the previous boss ships become recoverable as well with the AI skill next patch. The Mom and Cryo-dad boss ships. Even if they got power crept by now it would still feel good to obtain a rarity the major factions wouldn't have. Granted every faction already feels like the Persian League in terms of useful ships by now...

General Discussion / Finished a playthrough
« on: August 02, 2021, 10:54:09 AM »
In the sense that I got where I wanted, unkillable. The future changes means I can't really talk about much with skills and such. I'm glad raiding is getting fixed soon, I felt dirty abusing it, but man was I a glutton. The Revenant was a cool addition, if Prometheus and the Atlas didn't get buffed from being pigs with fuel in the last version I think it would have been an interesting competitor against just using Colossus and Phaetons. I suppose the phase gimmick helps with those stealth and smuggler runs, would have been nice if it had shielded cargo, though with how ridiculous you can decrease your sensor profile to the point where you'd have to be touching for them to see you, it's probably moot. Patrols probably need sensor array specific ships I suppose. I wonder if a capital ship variant of a phase logistics ship would be too good. Since this build encouraged all these neat things, I feel as though being stealthy is a lot more rewarding than I previously thought, was a fun experience, if not highlighting the limitations of the AI. The next build can't come soon enough! Also looking forward to more boss battles, and the ability to craft or get those ships too of course heh. The Ox is still the best ship in the game btw.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Cari's Minimal UI
« on: October 20, 2019, 01:09:17 AM »
Wonderful mod, makes seeing things much easier too if you're using the color sets. On that note, I don't suppose you could do a Lite version but with amp'd up brightness on some of the greyed out text this game loves to use? Specifically the planet names in intel? I like to stay laid back on my chair and not have to sit up and squint to see the names of the planets right away. I mentioned Lite mostly because I actually like the color scheme of the game, just not so much the black text on a dark background.

Thanks for the mod thus far!

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