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General Discussion / Re: Your favorite mod ship
« on: January 09, 2022, 11:21:24 AM »
There are some fun ones for sure.  The Flying Dutchman from...I think Vayra's sector (could be wrong) is just a pin cushion of large ballistic death; the cost of a few disappearing crew is well worth the power of 7 (SEVEN!) mjolnirs covering you from every angle.

Archaean Order's rework of the Atlas mk. II is one MONSTROUS missile boat; don't think I've seen a ship with more missile-capable hardpoints.  the fact that limited missiles can actually reload in that mod just makes it all the more terrifying...and still so cheap to deploy too!

The Vindicator (S), also from Vayra's sector (again, I THINK, correct me if I'm wrong) is the rare "stock" double barreled variant of an artillery gun and it's quite the spectacle.  Long range, high impact and a cone explosion at the end of its range make it one hell of a standoff machine and the ship system lets it reload for rapid fire bombardment for a few shots, giving it some tremendous finishing power.

General Discussion / Re: Question on Ballistic Hullmods
« on: January 05, 2022, 09:50:49 AM »
Range increases do stack, but you'll never see the numbers reflect it, sadly.  If your eyes are keen you might notice the weapon arcs reflect the change though; it's harder to eyeball with smaller base ranges but it is there.

General Discussion / Re: Is harpoon spam viable?
« on: January 05, 2022, 09:49:35 AM »
As long as you're keenly aware of your ammo count and know when it's time to pack it up and leave, then yes, harpoon spam can be utterly destructive.

It's always strange to me to hear folks using up all their command points--I barely give ships commands at all.  Extra command points are something I skip over.  Makes me wonder just how differently people are doing things.

I find that mixing ships of similar speeds tends to help keep them together.  If one of your ships has a mobility system like phase skimmer or burn drives, they're going to use it with reckless abandon to get into battle as fast as possible, orders be damned.  In fact, I tend to avoid giving the AI ships with burn drives at all; I commonly see them dive enemy formations at the absolute wrong times, as they have zero concept of tactical timing and cooldown conservation.

The weapons you equip also matter; an AI with all machine guns is going to fly differently than one with hypervelocity drivers.

Never use reckless officers if you want your ships to stick together.  They are all but kamikaze pilots.  If that's not part of your strat, mentor them down to aggressive or pitch them because they WILL throw your ships away.  I tend to level up my officers with as many defensive skills as possible so they survive their own dumb decisions and provide them ships that can take a punch, with strong PD, good wide shields and a ship that can turn and defend its engines.  Eagles are a great general purpose cruiser for this.  I also find the apogee incredibly durable when modded and skilled properly; even when out of missiles an AI can keep an apogee alive and distract enemy squadrons for a long time.  Consider making more of your officers carrier specialists if you can; they'll spend a lot less time diving and a lot more time sending fighters to do the diving for them.

When you order a ship to capture a nav point, they'll then move on to other things once the capture is done.  If you then order them to DEFEND a captured nav point, they will stay in that general area.

For escort ships, you'll be hard pressed to find something tougher than an omen.  It's expensive for a frigate, but has solid shields, is fast, and its ship system works as phenomenal point defense.  Only problem is that its peak time may run out long before the ship it's escorting.  If you don't need the PD, get your hands on some monitors and mod out their shields.  Those things can take a cruiser level beating.

Also, some may scoff, but...bring your flagship and pilot it with decisiveness.  Whether you bring a heavy artillery platform or a strike frigate, you need to start clearing the board of extra targets while your fleet holds their ground.  It's been said already that enemy numbers heavily affect your fleet's AI behavior, so the faster you start tilting the board back your way, the better it goes.

General Discussion / Re: What Goals to follow in early-, mid- & endgame
« on: December 30, 2021, 12:50:18 PM »
The early game goal should be to get levels for both your commander and officers.  Levels mean the difference between your ship and the dozens you're fighting and the right skillpoints add efficiency in combat, travel or both.  Get officers, get them leveled and fitted for a ship you want to keep and figure out what kind of ship you'll be flying so you can spec for it ASAP, even if you don't have it yet.  Money and resources are gained and lost, but XP is forever.  Spend story points, get that bonus XP rolling, mentor your officers, whatever it takes to get those XP bars green and climbing NOW.  The other main goal is to scoop up blueprints like mad.  They're the other thing no one can ever take away from you and they open up incredible options later.

The midgame (depending on what you think of as mid-game) for me is about finding a suitable system for a colony and prepping what you need for it.  This means extra crew and a sizeable cash balance to kickstart your colony's economy, preferably with an item or two meant to complement your first industry.  Get fuel tankers and surveying equipment on your fleet (shepherds are a wonderfully practical logistics ship for this reason and you won't miss them in combat) and start sniffing out systems with multiple planets and at least one class IV or V world.  Jobs can pop up which clue you in on this, even if you don't take them, since they tell you not only the type of planet but the target system.  Once you've planted roots, get an industry up, a waystation and a patrol HQ, ASAP.  Try to make sure your nearest neighbors remain friendly or at least neutral to you so you have ample warning when hostiles come knocking from the other side of the sector.  Once you've got a suitable income that you don't have to scramble to stay in the black every month and your heavy industry is online, it's time for the endgame.

At this point, it's up to you.  Do you want to follow the story through and get some sweet special gear?  Have you had quite enough of the hegemony stealing your cores and feel like wiping them out?  Once you've got your faction up and running and making you a net positive income every month, you're really free to do as you like with the sector.  You can replace lost ships and weapons more cheaply than even the black market, you've probably got elite level officers tailored to your favorite combat vessels and enough fuel and cargo capacity to comfortably loot the far corners of the sector and you should have enough patrol fleets in your home systems that even if a massive invasion heads your way you have time to respond accordingly...even if that simply means paying off your attackers.

General Discussion / Re: Why HE vs Armor, and Kinetic vs Shields?
« on: December 30, 2021, 12:36:39 PM »
An energy shield, according to most imaginations and theorem, works by near-instantly dispersing the impact of a projectile over a wide area, as most ablative armor does.  Kinetic weapons focus tremendous kinetic energy onto a single, narrow point, forcing a shield to work that much harder to spread out that concentrated force.  Armor works by being thick, having physical hardness and simply acting as a brake on projectile velocity.  Shields tend to "flatten" shots while armor tends to "catch" them.  Thus, explosions tend to force ablative armor outwards, thinning its protection, while high kinetic energy forces a shield to "stretch" inwards more sharply.

Poke an inflated balloon with your finger and see if it pops.  Now poke it with a needle.  That's shields.

Drop a stick into sand and see how much sand moves out of the way.  Now drop in a stone.  That's armor.

General Discussion / Re: Paladin PD on a Sunder?
« on: December 21, 2021, 11:44:10 AM »
Did not know the paladin PD could shoot past friendlies.  That is most interesting...

I really don't even bother with explorations that aren't a derelict station or a domain survey ship.  Orbital habitats and research stations are especially high priority; probes and derelict ships are just bottom feeding mostly.  If it's a very specific ship I distinctly want and can't get somewhere else at the time, I MIGHT go for it, depending on the clue.  "Heart of the system," "jump gate," or any "orbiting a--" are easy pickings.  "Some distance away" is one I'll have to think about, depending on my current situation; if I have to upend my current goals for it, I probably don't take it.  "Outer reaches" is just a hard pass; you'll burn hundreds, maybe thousands of supplies just HOPING you come across what you're looking for.  If you happen to be running neutrino detectors this time can be significantly reduced but I just can't be bothered to carry around so many volatiles most of the time.

General Discussion / Re: Shield Shunt
« on: December 21, 2021, 11:35:59 AM »
Keep in mind the MJOLNIR is an energy weapon; solar shielding DOES help against that beast of a gun, even without shields.  If you find one of your ships constantly flickering shields when it should be just armor tanking, shunted shields are the way to go.  Remove a decision point and the AI becomes much more focused on its job.

Yeah as long as your fleet in particular is NOT positive ID'ed, meaning your transponder is off and they haven't recently spotted you with it on, you just take a minor rep hit for trashing their expedition.  This makes things easy because in your own systems you never have to run with your transponder on.  Just shut it off, wait near your friendly fleets, maybe let them soften up the heggies a bit if needed, then jump in alongside your patrols and swarm the buggers.

General Discussion / Re: FIX THE DAME AI.
« on: November 23, 2021, 11:22:15 AM »
HEY!  You watch your mouth!  The AI is not a dame!

She is a LADY.

General Discussion / Re: A list of myths and misconceptions
« on: November 22, 2021, 12:04:26 PM »
Myth: the Atlas mk II is bad.

General Discussion / Re: Is this system viable for an Empire ?
« on: November 22, 2021, 12:01:25 PM »
Seriously, 11 planets.  Give every one of them a patrol HQ and NOTHING is taking those planets from you.  They could send fleets in for MONTHS and you'd still have time to come home and intervene.  That terran world will cost basically nothing to get going; drop farming and mining on that world and you should definitely pump as much cash and story points into pop growth and accessibility as possible to really blow up your early economy.  Then when you're flush with cash (and you will be from a planet that cheap) get some heavy industry going so you can replace your losses.  After that, you're free to corner the market on whatever commodity you want.

General Discussion / Re: The S-mod slippery slope, SP vs OP balancing
« on: November 17, 2021, 11:28:58 AM »
For my SP slots, heavy armor isn't really my go-to.  The loss of maneuverability is something to keep in mind and I don't always want my heaviest ships turning even slower than before.  Hullmods that come with a disadvantage like that are something I prefer to keep as an option and not a permanent thing.  Most hullmods don't have such a downside so that's not a big list.  More than any other choice, baking in S-mods is something that I feel needs to be a case by case decision.

General Discussion / Re: Player colonies - how far is too far (for defense)
« on: November 12, 2021, 04:18:07 PM »
Systems don't really share defense unless your military base supports interstellar travel, i.e. it's upgraded at least once.  Then some fleets can at least patrol in hyperspace.  It's for this reason that I try to settle in systems with multiple planets, hopefully good ones: having multiple patrol HQ's means multiple fleets in that system.  Get yourself a system with 6+ planets and very few forces will be able to break through (at least before you can arrive to intervene.)

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