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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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Just as a previous poster, I prefer to train a general archetype of officer for a certain composition of the fleet (tanks with every possible defensive skill, hybrids with missile+regular guns or fighter+missile, pure support PD/salamander boats, and so on).

The only type of ship I'd be willing to tailor an officer for would be a unique modded uberboat with unusual weapon mounts or active system.

General Discussion / Re: Is it the end of system override?
« on: March 24, 2021, 01:16:18 AM »
IMO the only hard nerf for AC is lowered armor penetration, which in turn means "popping heavy cruisers in one go" is going to be less probable.
Honestly I've never even used SO on any ship after a hour or two into the game due to a wide variety of downsides (huge OP cost, no vent, extremely limited PPT and range), so nothing is going to change in my tactics.

General Discussion / Re: Which missiles do you use for Drover
« on: March 23, 2021, 02:16:43 AM »
Depends on the fleet composition. Harpoons if I have lots of missiles already, and at least a few fighters with flares. Swarmers if we're really hurting in PD department. Salamanders+ECCM if there are enough fighters to not care about EDC and replacement rate, which is almost always true.

General Discussion / Re: Why does anyone like these ships?
« on: January 31, 2021, 01:39:58 AM »
Cannot tell you anything about Mora since I consider this ship a waste of supplies. I'd rather pick Condor than this pile of garbage. The only selling point of this ship is durability, although by the time you can afford lugging around a burn 8 bathtub with you, enemies would probably have capitals. Good luck surviving at front lines against big boys!

Lasher is a perfect pack of speed, firepower and durability for a low, low price both in credits and DP. Unlike Brawler it probably would not die to a random missile. Unlike Brawler it has an option of retreating due to having better speed and maneuverability. Definitely the best alternative to Omen/Tempest, I always have a couple of those bad boys under my command until late game.

Shrike is also extremely cheap, and highly versatile to boot. It can support you fleet with pilums/salamanders, fighters from CH and a nice array of PD. It can tank in a pinch with it's effective shield and huge flux pool. It can be aggressive and suicidal with a healty mix of sabots, HB and lasers. It can brawl, disable, pursue. Basically anything!
But the best thing about Shrike? You don't care if it actually blows up. 26k is a laughable price, and with an officer you can restore it over and over again, until you are ready to discard the old and purchase a new one.

General Discussion / Re: Ship tier list
« on: January 03, 2021, 03:32:04 AM »
So I was thinking about which ship is stronger

Stronger at doing what, exactly? And at what point of the game? AI controlled or in player's hands?

 Nothing beats Salvage Rig if your aim is self-sustaining fleet, same goes for Shepherd and early game exploration/looting. Gryphon/Pirate Falcon/Doom/etc is a mean beast, capable of deleting entire fleets in human hands, while being pretty meh support vessel under AIs. Dominator is a powerhouse that will plow through early game fleets without any effort, but at later stages it turns into punching bag with zero chances of survival. And so on, and so forth...

General Discussion / Re: Poll: Paragon with Large Synergy Turrets
« on: December 02, 2020, 01:38:33 AM »
Probably never. Paragon is a ship I'd bring to a long, drawn out fight with multiple rounds or while being heavily outnumbered. I need it to sit in a middle of my battle line and shoot at stuff for 20 minutes straight. Sustained damage is always better if you're fighting uphill, especially in hands of trigger happy AI.

What about all of the capital ships in the game?

They're also faster than Apogee, at least in one direction. Except for the obvious Paragon, a-and also Astral, with which you'd probably never want to reinforce anything.

Beam loadouts are not terrible either. Not as good but certainly good enough. A HIL coming in from the unshielded flank is dangerous as hell.

True, but why not field a Sunder instead? It's pretty common and costs less, has more mobility, plus twice (actually more, depending on actual weapons) the forward facing DPS, with enough hard flux damage to be a threat by itself.

Why do you say it has no missiles to help when you mention its large missile in your loadout (it has a small missile as well)...?

Because of the strange angle of large slot. Apogee can't reliably hit anything but capitals with Squall (and even then it sometimes struggles without ECCM/skills), while Sabots will last for about one minute of actual combat. It's just a waste of OP in my opinion.

Also the thing about plasma is not that it cannot score a hit on smaller ships. It's about Apogee happily chasing random frigates to the edge of combat map. That means you need to pay attention and command this ship not to do stupid things, which is not the lazy way most of us prefer to play.

General Discussion / Re: Could my game be bugged?
« on: November 28, 2020, 12:01:36 AM »
I reread the OP and something is confusing me. Do you have a commission (vanilla feature), or an alliance (Nexerelin feature) with Hegemony? The latter blocks AI inspections, the former doesn't.

Having a commission with Hege will also block AI inspections if you have Nexerelin installed. At least it was a thing as far as I can remember. Same goes for Tri-Tach and their blue friends from outer space.

Ah, alright, because i'm considering my Apogee build right now and wondering what would be best:

Would it be best to build it as a energy cannon (Plasma cannon which i recently got, heavy blasters, anti-mattter blasters/ion cannons on front + dedicated targeting  core)
Or would it be better to build it as a beam ship (Tachyon Lance + Ion beams and some Tactical lasers on front)?

Apogee is not really a ship that can kill. Unless we're talking some meme SO build with autopulse+AM blasters+hurric, of course. Plasma is kinda bad here because it will miss 90% shots on anything smaller/faster than Hammerhead. Tachyon cannot deal any hard flux, and you have no missiles or ballistics to help out.

It is slow ship, with awkward side mounts you cannot use, anemic firepower and useless special ability. I usually build it as a pure tank/support, with maxed out vents/caps, hardened shields, lots of IPDAId PD, empty forward small slots and no missiles. That way it can basically keep half the enemy fleet busy, which I consider to be much more helpful than one more subpar damage dealer for 18 DP.

My usual strategy is to hit hard, vent often and use my semi-intelligent allies to create openings and take the brunt of returning fire.
The most common progression is Omen (or Lasher with modded weapons), then Hammerhead, and then straight to Onslaught XIV. Those ships combine impressive firepower for the DP, decent tanking capabilities, above average speed and extremely low requirements for a personal skill. Easy to build, easy to master and easy to dominate the battlefield is the name of the game!

100% lonbows all day every day.
Or, if I'm spamming missiles, 50% LB /50% spark+lux. Any other fighter is a waste.

At battlesize 500 you have 200-300 DP to use. For 10 officers + player deployment even for minimum 200 DP, average ship is at least a cruiser. It's not like having exactly 200 is that optimal either - reserves are nice to have when you need to grind down multiple expeditions/etc.
I prefer 400 and small-ish fleets, which usually means being heavily outnumbered. My usual setup is AI Paragon, hyperagressive Onslaught with all de dakka, plus some carriers/missile boats and a bit of pocket change aka frigs. So yeah, in my case 10 officers is almost overkill  ;D

Are people really putting officers on Omens in late game?
Frigates tend to pop out of existence without one. Even Omen, at least in modded game. It's not like you can deploy 10 capitals/cruisers simultaneously, might as well make those little bathtubs as effective as possible.

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