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nope. its not even supposed to be obtainable currently  :'(

Getting a CTD whenever I try to hover my mouse of any of the OVERLORD hullmods in the refit screen. This is the error that comes up:

thanks, fixed in dev.

I'm new to this mod. Is the Aleste supposed to always have a free sword on the left arm regardless of weapon choice?
in the current version, yes.

Found another bug,  looks like the Leynos's left arm can't traverse at all, can't aim it no  matter what weapon is equipped.   I think left arms may have become haunted.

Will check it out

Noticed something wrong in my game,  Watchdogs seem to be missing their left arms.   Trying to fix it myself because I'm impatient, anyone else have the same bug?
This is probably related to a change I made in dev, though not sure how it ended up in the current version. will look nto it .

How do I download the 0.95.1 version? There are a lot of mods updating to 0.96 but there are still many that haven't, how do I download the older version of these mods?


How does    ShipAPI.setLayer(CombatEngineLayers layer)  work with modules?

it looks like it works but modules will still render beneath the weapons of the parent ship? Is that expected behavior?

Hotfix, should fix the crash with kouto and hullmod mouseover crashes

Also, okay, I think there might be some kind of crash involving the Kouto-E's missile swarm and having lots of targets? Or possibly the Einhander's seeker energy missiles? I'm not sure, I spent several hours trying to track down exactly what was causing this and the one that eventually got me through the combat was leaving out the Kouto-E I was using in my group.

The specific error:
491247 [Thread-3] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain  - java.lang.NullPointerException
   at com.fs.starfarer.prototype.Utils.void(Unknown Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatEngine.advanceInner(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatEngine.advance(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatState.traverse(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.state.AppDriver.begin(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain.main(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher.super(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)

The thing is, in smaller combats both mechs were behaving just fine, and the crash behavior wouldn't happen every time the weapon systems were used. I'm really at a loss on exactly how to reproduce this - I think it has to do with the Kouto-E missile swarms having too many targets? I'm sorry I can't be more specific, I spent hours banging my head against what was causing this.

There isn't anything special with the AI used here, so Only thing I can think of is this, from patch notes:
Already-launched guided missiles with the "STRIKE" tag no longer auto-target fighters if there is anything else nearby
This only aplies to kouto though
Not sure why it has strike tag in the first place, but maybe try testing with it removed from the Kouto missile weapon (name is M3 Pod)? I've yet to run into this crash myself, but ill keep messing around.

This should work for 0.96 by fixing the UI related crashes, but I haven't been able to fully test outside of repeated simulation battles with the roster, so for now i'll deem this "experimental" let me know if you have any issues!

Gonna try and power through making a .96a compat update today without any of the new stuff, pray for me  :'(

Speaking of, had a bug report and some feedback.

So, w/r/t Nexerelin support, during the "tutorial" invasion at least, it appears that the Cataphract Strike option is available even without a Fenris in the fleet. I haven't had a chance to try a full invasion without one just yet, so I'm not sure if the bug is omnipresent. But it's definitely there in that circumstance - I was able to repeat it across multiple saves.

For feedback, I have to say that I'm... definitely not a fan of the Valkazard's defense fleet on non-Valk starts being as big as it is now, because in the end? The reward isn't worth the effort.

Like, make no mistake, I'm a huge fan of the Valkazard, it's one of my favorite mod superfrigates (well, essentially-frigate) and its start is the exact flavor of start I love, but it isn't so impactful that it needs to be locked behind a 300+ DP fleet of Redacted. At that point, you've essentially assembled your end-game fleet already and are mostly picking it up as a vanity item, which especially given that there appear(?) to be plans to attach a bit of a Questlineâ„¢ to it, doesn't feel especially rewarding or impactful. Remember that the Planetary Shield colony item, a huge power multiplier for colonies, is guarded by only about 100-150 DP of ships, albeit one that's guaranteed to be a nasty Redacted capital. If anything, I feel like that's where the sweet spot for Valkazard acquisition would/should be; guarded by a Big Nasty Thing to make jetting over immediately to pick it up a dicey proposition at best, but not so huge and powerful a force that you can only contemplate going for it in the late game.

Still, this is all just from where I sit, and I don't have any idea what your long-term plans are or anything; this might all be part of an intended larger plan! But as the mod exists right now, in the moment, it doesn't feel great.

Avanitia  pinged me about the huge DP fleet guarding valk a while ago, I think I lowered the amount in dev for now, but i'll probably end changing how you can acquire it if you don't start w/ valk.

Thanks for the report about the fenris ability bug. more than likely, im checking for ships with cataphract hullmod and skipping the check for fenris somehow. Maybe I can preserve the behavior but buff the ability if you have Fenris present.

For a small progress report, i've been implementing a bunch of stuff Selkie (co-author of Iron Shell) has given me. It's taken a bit longer than I would have liked since i've had to split my attention between modding and a few other things, but most implementation is complete, and i'm currently doing a bit of testing before I let it loose to a wider audience for more feedback. Hopefully, this shouldn't take much longer. Currently, there are 4 new destroyers (technicaly, one is a skin of an existing mech, tho) that will be added. In the meantime, somoene showed me this cool fanart of valkazard made by Government-Monkey on reddit. cheers

I've been having a problem for the past two versions where the einhander (p) flames out while phased and the ship still takes damage from incoming fire.  Quite annoying, really.

weird, ill look into it when i get a chacne

it is not

So that comic got me thinking, ever thought of making this into a full fledged faction mod ? with quests and the likes like UAF and the like ?

the tl;dr is that I doubt i'll ever go the full faction route, but I do want to expand to at least include some quest content and possibly expand the presence of the arma corp on the campaign layer.  if / when that happens, ill make an arma lite or something for the ppl who just want wingcom/strikecraft support

   - Pilots have a small chance to level past threshold for max officer level, up to level 12
   - Level up chance increases as number of engagements (consecutive battles before victory/retreat) ship is involved in increases

I have a question concerning this mechanic. Is it influenced by the number of DP the enemy fleet has, or is it based solely on the # of consecutive engagements? I've faced numerous endgame-sized bounty fleets, and almost all my pilots have so far reached level 6 a while ago, but so far no higher than that. I guess that engagements where the enemy orders a full retreat would definitely count; not sure concerning a player retreat. If it's the former, then the enemy fleet/s themselves would have to be big enough for them to retreat then re-engage multiple times, and in my case their size is already pushing it.

I walked back on this almost immediately, I think, but never added it to the changelog maybe. Level 6 pilots is pretty strong as is, but letting them go all the way up to twelve (even with a minuscle chance per pilot) quickly proved to be absurdly OP, especially since you can convert them to officers...

Normal level up chance is still increased by number of consecutive engagements, though (it probably should be affected by amount of DP destroyed as well in some way though)

Heya Shoi, I have been running with the new update and i noticed something, I promoted at least 3 wingcom pilots into ship commanders , It took me a while to realize that after promoting them, their spots are now empty, Making the wingcom wings just regular fighter wings. I tried hovering my cursor to the wingcom hullmod and its still empty unlike the previous versions where doing it assigns a new pilot.

Altagrave in mission refit is all kinds of mangled right now, its missing a leg and showing pieces of the spriggan and showing a missile mount from the spriggan

Was that in the showcase mission? I wasn't able to reproduce just now, but i'll try again later.

Anyway, someone showed me this earlier and I figured i'd share. very cool!


Also, nice comic.

mmm, strange, i wasnt able to reproduce, but I will look into it.


i really enjoy the squadron levelling aspect of this but the engagement range reduction is something i would like to remove (i basically just want this to add some personality to my squadrons with the levelling up feature, chatter etc etc). I'm not worried about things being 'op' or whatever, i'm just having fun with the game sandbox.

I've dug around the files and changed the values of the reduction in the script file to test etc, but i can't seem to get it to work - could anyone suggest a way to achieve this? is there another file to change? i can't find a reference to one in the hullmod file

thanks in advance!

you need to compile the modified script and then replace the current one that lives in the armaa.jar

Hey hey! Reporting in a mild English error on the Overlord Suite hullmods

On the first line of the details, it reads
"Assigning an AI Core to this vessel will grant it's wing all the skills the core possesses"

The highlighted "it's" reads as "it is", which would make the sentence awkwardly read as "grant it is wing".  The corrected sentence would read like the following;

"Assigning an AI Core to this vessel will grant its wing all the skills core possesses."

Hopefully I presented this is a non-offensive way that isn't too confusing. Thanks for the awesome mod!



There is a peculiar bug with the weapon 'BA assault pod'. First thing to note. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be able to get this weapon. I got it from an illegal arms trader. But it has no description so maybe its just isn't fully implemented yet.

Regardless. Whenever I completely destroyed the enemy fleet. The game still won't let me claim victory if the pods spawned by the weapon are all still alive. I found this out by manually destroying every pod by myself. When the last pod was destroyed. The the message 'the enemy is defeated' appeared.

thats a wip  not meant to be obtainable, it causes that issue since the pod 'missile'  spawn a ship under the enemies side (hence battle never ending until they explode)

Altagrave in mission refit is all kinds of mangled right now, its missing a leg and showing pieces of the spriggan and showing a missile mount from the spriggan

Was that in the showcase mission? I wasn't able to reproduce just now, but i'll try again later.

Anyway, someone showed me this earlier and I figured i'd share. very cool!

Ahh, okay!

shoi, is it the wrong version by any chance?

the version file on the package says 2.2.1???

I thought I made a mistake or something but I downloaded it again just to double check and that seems to be the version on the link?
Just downloaded to verify, but im not seeing that. Shows in 2.23 in .version file and mod list

I'm a little confused, are you talking about the crash you had previously, or the one that quote of mine is talking about?

If it's about the portrait, this update should fix it. :) This is basically the dev build, with what is hopefully the portrait fix + dealing with another bug that may potentially appear in the future

- fixed filename issue with ceylon decos that could cause a potential issue when another mod updates
- Kouto
   -Minigun firerate has been lowered considerably
- added illustration for new meshan
- fix bad portrait name for Ceylon HVB
- added new hullmod icon for wingcom
- fixed buggy spriggan wing
- revised valken sprite, again
- fixed spriggan lpc not being sold
- fixed valken(p) not being sold
- added spriggan to cataphract bp
- added cataphract bps to arma sleeper start
- garegga dp: 10->9
- watchdog dp: 10->11
- fixed log clutter while iterating through dialogue keys
- fixed CTD that could occur due to misnamed deco weapon
- made initial encounter in valkazard start more FUN

This is fine! The main reason I asked is because the bug you mentioned can happen w/ the spriggan powered cataphract - the bug is tied to their drone strike system that uses the tempests terminator strike, which for some reason randomly can cause a crash. I think this will be fixed in the next version of star sector, but I haven't ran into it lately using the dev version ->

let me know if you still run into it using this version, and if that failstry removing the spriggan powereds from your fleet. I'm 99% sure this is the cause, but if it persists with spriggan powered removed then i'll dig deeper.

what's your modlist, and what arma ships are you using?
Assuming you have already updated, there's a few things that could be happening here, though I can't say much else without more information

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