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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: The Pilgrim's Path (07/19/22)

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Suggestions / Re: A change to how size 3 and 4 colonies work
« on: Today at 03:08:10 AM »
Another way to look at this would be instead of changing what's already in place, add something.
When colonising the player is presented with an additional option: Create Outpost.

too much thinking
Outposts are small settlements that have a very limited ability to produce things with thier small populations, but can still be used as a storage depot, waystation, or the seed for a colony.
They are essentially size 2 colonies that cannot grow on thier own, the player must actively decide to develop them.
Outposts are completely ignored by all other parties in the sector as they're too small to be worth bothering with even if anyone knows where they are.
They can not have any administrator/leader (like the smaller core worlds) and so cannot benefit from skills, but they also do not count toward the colony cap.
However, each outpost does contribute -1 to your management ability, so they are still 'soft' capped by player faction stability.

Limited to 1 industry building, and 1 additonal structure.
The low population (lets say 200) is not enough to run many things fully, with the following effects:
  • Any producing industry: -1 output, added items are capped at +1, cannot be upgraded
  • Spaceport: Cannot be upgraded, -50% accessibility
  • Patrol HQ: Cannot be upgraded
  • Defensive Station: Cannot be upgraded
  • Waystation: Does not contribute to accessibility
Commerce could be used to magnify the income from the population, but with only a single other slot to build something the stability loss could be potentially dangerous. Probably not the best choice.
Tech Mining, being a motley assortment of individuals and small groups, is completely unaffected.

The player can decide at any time to either abandon the outpost, or develop it.
Both are done on the colony management screen.

Abandoning is done via a single button press, with confirmation.
It requires that the player be at the outpost, and thier personal stockpile to be empty.
If the player fleet has enough crew capacity, the population (200) is added to the fleet. Any excess beyond the fleet cap will disappear.
Any resources in the colony stockplie are liquidated for some fraction of thier base value.
No trace of the outpost will remain (unless you renamed the planet).

Developing the colony requires that the player bring 1000 crew and add them the the colony stockpile, and have the 'develop' button on the management screen active (can be toggled like free port).
After a month (for building infrastructure etc, and to allow the player to have second thoughts), the colony will become size 3 and start behaving 'normally'.
All outpost restrictions will be removed, and growth will commence. Conditions permitting.

Large Harpoon is pretty much the Hurricane
Keep seeing folk saying this, and I don't see it at all.

Harpoon is an accurate ship-to-ship weapon with excellent guidance that is non-trivial to avoid.
Hurricane is an inaccurate area bombardment weapon with minimal guidance that is easy to avoid.

Literally the only things they have in common is that they're guided missiles and do HE damage.
How are they the same?

I'm trying to think of how a large salamander would work
One potential way is to have it two-stage, like a big chunky sabot/pilum.
First stage is a large 'carrier'. Long ranged with decent speed, but poor turning and acceleration.
When it gets close enough to a target it 'pops' and releases a number of salamanders.

You could also in theory, re-purpose this into a generic 'carrier missile' chassis that's a large missile in it's own right.
On it's own it's long range but slow and tough, but does only area/proximity frag damage if it hits. Mediocre.
But it has a sub-muntion bay that is presented like a small fighter bay.
And you can put any other small/medium missile in this bay, and when the large missile triggers it releases a suitable number of that type of smaller missile aimed at whatever is nearby.

Like a configurable cruise missile. You pay the OP cost to fit the chassis, then pay again for the payload (possibly with some amount of reduction since you're only using the ammunition, not the launcher itself).

General Discussion / Re: Vigilance is bad
« on: August 06, 2022, 01:45:19 AM »
I think the Vigilance needs a full rebuild like the Hyperion got.
dig down on the missile specialist and get some small missile slots

Add expanded missile racks built-in, this encourages using ammo-dependent missiles but doesn't actually improve the Pilum/Salamander
Salamander doesn't use ammo, but Pilum does.
Expanded Racks does help Pilum as it gives them a longer time until the missiles become rate-limited and can only fire as fast as they are reloaded.

Suggestions / Re: Halve Maintenance Cost if BP is Known
« on: August 01, 2022, 02:07:28 AM »
The main issue with giving a buff based on blueprints known is how easy they are to acquire.
Blueprint packs are how you get the vast majority of them, and they're so common it's not unusual to find multiples of them into double-figures.
Single prints are elusive enough that its not so much of an issue.

It comes down to what you want this buff to be...
Something big like the global maint. savings etc. would need prints to be much harder to find than they already are in order to not quickly trivialise logistics.
Something small enough to not care about the player having every print (and every buff), is also small enough for the player to not really care about it either.

Another avenue to consider is just straight up ignoring packages.
Only single prints give buffs.
That way you avoid the (lack of) rarity issue, and now there's always value to finding a single print.

randomise the buff given by knowing a print. Almost any ship stat could be adjusted (probably not burn or DP).
You'd have to set this up to allocate which prints get which buff during sector-gen so savescumming makes no difference.
But you could have every game giving different buffs to different ships.
You'd definitely want to split up or ignore the packs for this though...

General Discussion / Re: Looking for combat progression path
« on: July 31, 2022, 01:51:29 PM »
If you're piloting a big ship, reflexes are not a factor at all, except for maybe catching reapers with a quick shield. Don't worry about that. In fact, past frigates, you don't need that much reflex.
Can confirm. I have garbage dexterity, and I find larger ships much easier to deal with.

Don't underestimate system bounties. Pirates found in those use their typical pirate equipment, but the difficulty can spike, if you get jumped by several fleets.
System bounties frequently align with pirate raids, being issued while it is active or just after it ends.
Either way there will usually be a lot of ships loitering around, and it's usually worth avoiding 2 specific places if you're not up for a 'big' fight.
  • Any Pirate base/planet
  • The fringe/outermost jump point
Both of these can see large groups of lurking pirates that can easily overpower unwary fleets. And around the jump point in particular there's usually lots of trader debris for them to hide in.
A good source of money, supplies and fuel if you can fight that fight though...

Suggestions / Re: Halve Maintenance Cost if BP is Known
« on: July 31, 2022, 01:10:50 PM »
As an avid explorer I can say that getting hold of most, if not all the blueprints is not difficult at all.

The single most effective thing you could do to make this workable is remove the blueprint packages.
Or at least break them each up into multiple smaller packs and make them much less common.

Go into the specific mod folder.
Find the file named "mod_info.json", and open it with a notepad program.
Find the line in the file that reads "gameVersion".
Change the data in "s after the : to read 0.95.1a-RC6

This is no guarantee it will work though.
Outdated mods sometimes use things that have been changed or depreciated, so they'll behave unpredictably.
Possibly may even just throw an error if you try to start the game with it enabled.

If you want to run a fuel plant, you will need a +2 volatile deposit by default.
You can reduce this the following ways:
  • Industrial Planning skill - reduce requirement by -1
  • Any AI core in fuel prod. - reduce requirement by -1
  • Alpha core in mining - reduce requirement by -1
  • Use 2x story point on mining - reduce requirement by -1
This is all cumulative.
So if you take the IP skill alone, you can run fuel production with a +1 deposit.
IP + story points takes you down to +/-0
If you combine any 3 of the above, you can use any volatiles.

Gas Giants are special - they are the most reliable place for volatiles.
They always have some volatiles, and have a good chance to have the most (+2).
They are also the only place you can use something you can find to increase volatiles by a further +3. (This is the only way to fully use another thing that can be found.)

If you don't want to use a Giant, both Cryovolcanic and Icy worlds can get the maximum amount of volatiles.
Toxic worlds also have a small chance to generate good volatiles deposits.

Also, the 'class' of a planet is largely irrelevant.
All it is is an aggregation of how many different conditions the planet has and at what level.
You can see class V planets that are hellish balls of lava just because they have lots of minerals and some other stuff.
Don't worry about 'class'.

If you don't care about that, Tundra Worlds are habitable and can have volatiles.
Every type of habitable planet (except Desert) can have volatiles.
You don't want volatiles on hab worlds though - it stops you from using something that you'll want to use.

General Discussion / Re: So what's the plan with the Fury?
« on: July 28, 2022, 01:54:19 AM »
This thing so dumb. And I love it.
Perfect small child!

Prox. Launchers manually controlled - both in same group + linked.
Everything else automated.
Boost in. Rinse everything with Ion. Dissolve with charges. Run away. Repeat.

General Discussion / Re: Something interesting....
« on: July 28, 2022, 01:03:09 AM »
Secrets of the frontier
Fairly sure it's this.

General Discussion / Re: first colony (optimal)
« on: July 26, 2022, 03:25:09 AM »
No no, getting food up and running soon is a great strategy, especially since you'll be setting up a world with low hazard and thus low upkeep. It's just that you don't need a high yield node
Food is good. It makes decent money because it's a huge market, so even a tiny share is worth a fair bit.
And farming is the easiest industry to get into because it's so forgiving - farmland dosen't really matter beyond "is it present or not".

Just being fixated on the +1/2 etc will mean you're looking for a specific planet condition that in combination with other things you're looking for is quite uncommon (as you've found).

General Discussion / Clipped Wings - An Eagle Thread
« on: July 26, 2022, 01:06:06 AM »
Prompted by this:
At this point I feel like I should make yet another new thread, but for Eagle. Then again I'd surely be detected by the system as a bot or something.

Caveat: I am incredibly biased. I do not like the Eagle. Like, at all.


So, Eagle thread. Feel free to try and convince me (or anyone really) the Eagle is cool and good.
What's my beef with the Eagle anyway?

Well, it's not that the Eagle is specifically bad per se, it's more that it's just not good. It doesn't seem to have anything it can do that another ship cannot do better.
It has many attributes, some of them are even fairly good. In a vacuum.
However, unlike any other ship in the game Eagle has all it's attributes conflict with each other in what is a perfect storm of disappointment and mediocrity.
It's the exemplar of Jack of no trades, master of none, Eagle just is.

Eagle has a very underwhelming speed. But it also has a mobility system. Cool!
Unfortunately, even with this system active it is not fast enough to chase or run away from things.

It's weapons are... Confused tbh.
Short-ranged energy weapons are mounted towards the back of the ship, away from targets.

While long-ranged ballistic weapons are mounted in the nose, and fixed so they cannot be aimed without turning the whole ship.
Since it's a cuiser, Eagle's turn rate is not stellar. But it has a mobilty system that fixes that!
Neat. But that system can't be active all the time, so Eagle spends a significant amount of time not being able to use arguably its most useful weapons.

Missiles. Eagle has 2x small missile mounts. Which for a cruiser is effectively zero.
Eagle cannot meaningfully do flux-free burst damage at all.
Which is huge. And not in a good way.

In order to use all it's weapons Eagle needs to not only face it's target, but stay within range of it's gimped energy guns set far back on the hull.
Which means that in order to do any damage to anything Eagle must always create flux close to the enemy.
So it's always getting flux built on it from 2 sources.
And since it cannot rely on missiles this means it cannot "reset" fights to create openings to attack/escape.

Eagle has decent armour. But not enough that you'd want to use it as a primary defence.
So it must rely on shields to defend itself.
When it gets attacked, it will raise shields. And hits will raise flux.
Okay. No different to any other ship, so what's the problem?

Here's where the confluence of compromise takes effect...
Eagle has to create flux to attack.
And create more to defend.
It can't reset the fight to vent.
It's armour isn't strong enough to use in place of shields.
And it can't run away.

So what happens is the Eagle will attack, and if it can't defeat it's target in that initial exchange, it will stall.
It will get fluxed out and start flickering it's shields while it's armour and hull gets pecked away.
And then it dies.
In every version of the game I have ever played, the AI Eagle behaves like this. I stopped using them entirely because they're so... Disappointing.
Even as an enemy AI Eagles are one of the easiest targets, simply because they can't cope with being shot at, can't meaningfully hurt you beyond thier opening volley, and can't run away.

Even in a fleet setting where most of these issues are mitigated to some degree, Eagle is a consistent underperformer because it just cannot get damage onto targets fast enough to be worth the effort of fielding it.
I will take any other cruiser (and a few destroyers) in preference to Eagle any day of any week.
In most situations I'll take a pile of supplies and fuel in preference to Eagle :P

Some (maybe most) other ships in the game have one or more of these "issues".
But Eagle is the only one that has them all, and it suffers badly because of it.
And that is why I don't like the Eagle.

How can Eagle be improved?
More speed?
More missiles?
Less awkward gun layout?

Apparently this is important:
And please include in your OP that the deployment cost is currently 20 in the dev build. I think that's crucial for this type of discussion.

Suggestions / Re: Various small UI suggestions
« on: July 25, 2022, 11:53:08 PM »
I'd like colony threats like Pirate raids, faction expeditions or inspection fleets to have a countdown to arrival / estimated arrival date on screen whenever they are active.
There's plenty of space under the date in the top-left to accomodate this.
It's such a chore to have keep constantly flicking in and out of intel to see how close important events are.

ninja edit : not technically not a ui suggestion, but can toggle systems like burn drive have a minimum duration set in the csv, so that the system doesn't instantly get toggled if the player's mashing the button
I've been burned by this many times. I've been trying to train myself to hold buttons instead of mashing them to avoid it.

some sound of effect when you deploy shields.
This already exists. And for turning them off again.
They're in \starsector-core\sounds\sfx_shields\
You'll probably recognise them once you hear them on thier own, and be like "oh, thats what that was..."

General Discussion / Re: first colony (optimal)
« on: July 25, 2022, 10:04:54 AM »
does it have food +1 or better (more self reliant, stable stability)
I'm gonna save you a lot of disappointment with your search: You do not need this.
Even the worst farmland possible is enough for your colony to be "self-reliant".

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