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Modding / Re: [0.95a] OMM "Star Descriptions: A New Hope" Update (29.7.)
« on: August 01, 2021, 02:45:34 PM »
I don't know which descriptions you have been reading. Did you just read the short version when you mouse over and press F1? That is the only way I can make sense of your critique.
so actually reading the description again, it is completely unrelated to the ship itself. it just states that the freitag corporation is employed for haresting, but - that's it. no actual mention of the ship in there. even if the class already says it the descriptions should also state what it does, except not just in a title but more thoroughly. it does not have to be an entire book, but at least a sentence is needed, and more if it is very special.

the ship that is there purely to defend salvage just says that salvage is life blood, but it is missing descriptions and flavor text.

i do not know if you have a general faction design idea - the current one seems to be civillian ships - but it might be good to first give most your ships a civillian role, then make them able to do something in combat with systems that complement the civillian nature(if you have a salvage carrier then you could say that it uses salvage drones, which you might even just make as a new entity and give to the ship). and then a description about the ship's function can be made, from battle to exploration and trade, with an added part of it's history. the name(ship class) should complement that.
All of them have roles, function and history. Example:

to be honest i do not remember, but specifically with the home base i feel like the writing does not fit starsector, in my opinion. specifically, each world by any faction usually has a description of it's history or current situation, political or otherwise.
It's not on the station, I admit that but I did a ton of flavour and lore

the Nathantia- it costs 3 million credits, something nobody can afford untill end game, hell it is as expensive as 6 paragons!
Freitag Corporation is a luxury brand and you pay a premium for their ships. I clearly state that in several descriptions and on the mod thread. You pay about 3-4 times the normal amount on Freitag ships to reflect that.

ah, i apologise then. the thing is just that some of the descriptions are either lackluster or...weird. it felt like the descriptions are supposed to have a certain meaning that however got lost during translation, such as that of the corporation's headquarters

Apart from the one for Anthozoa station, would you mind being more specific on which ones are weird, lackluster or their meaning got lost in translation?
That would be very helpful to me.

Sure, I am not a native speaker but I was kinda proud of some of those descriptions and I would really like to know how and where they don't hold up so I can improve them.
I'm used to reading english books and watch english tv shows/series so I'm really asking myself how I screwed up with these descriptions.

Ok i play little more.
Its all wanderfull, but where serious problem - ship dont have systems to support they passive roles. Enemies seek not drones - they seek main target and this pseudo carriers cannot stand even little agression. Almost zero armor, weak energie pool, no methods to redirect agro or tank it. They cannot push enemies by fireforce - they dont have it, its literally weakest ships in game - and no compensation for they weakness.
Its outstanding design - but for more then 15 hour of play with this faction i honestly have no idea how to survive with this fleet or save faction from grim destiny to be eaten by major factions.

Sorry about that. I didn't take care of fleet composition of Freitag AI fleets very well. Some ships that should spawn more often like the Sand Hopper (the only pure military ship atm, you could try bringing more of these in your fleet) are way too rare. That might be a reason for being weak.
The Sand Hopper also brings a weapon platfrom into battle which can be used as a fleet anchor. You could try playing defensively around some of these weapon platforms, they are meant to be used like that.

On the other hand all those ships are civilian grade, so they should be rather weak.
In your own fleet, did you make sure all of them have militarized subsystems and Escort/Assault Package?
Are you playing with the mod commissioned crews which will double the bonus from those hullmods? If not, try doing that, it should improve combat viability.

Other than that I suggest mixing Freitag ships with actual military ships (vanilla or modded, doesn't matter)

also, installing a different weapon afterwards did not really work well as it just did not have a different weapon in combat
There are some limitations with weapon swapping on drones I have to work around. The drones will start with "the wrong" weapons and refit within 20 seconds to swap to the correct weapon loadout. That is what you are seeing when this happens:
after a bit more testing, what appears to be happening is that the drones go into the ship to be what is usually being rearmed. however when they come out they seem to be replaced by the correct variant. i do not know why that is happening but that is essentially what went on.

and sometimes they are also still overloaded even  though the ship has still a lot of flux
I could not reproduce the weapon malfunctions or overload you mentioned. The "Weapon Malfunction" floaty you see at the start of combat is from the weapons used as an interface that need to be disabled and made invisible. The whole weapon changing on fighters/drones is a bit hacky since it is not really supported by vanilla and a few such glitches will be visible unfortunatly.

if I may ask, is it intended that the salvage defender has no salvage gantry?
Yes, that is intended. It is a military ship supposed to defend other ships that have a salvage gantry and in order to do so it carries a defensive weapons platform. For example Crevette, Euphausia and Nathantia, which all have salvage gantries

also as a note, it might be a good idea to team up with someone who is good at writing. apologies if i am wrong, but i would assume you are japanese or korean or something and used google translate to make the descriptions(or maybe it was just a quick description). either way, by having someone translate or write the descriptions of the ships and game things you could both possibly have a higher quality of descriptions and more time to program. it is of course okay if you do not do that, it is your mod after all

I'm quite shocked by this comment since proofreading and improving my descriptions was done by someone who studied english literature. Neither of us is asian. Google translate isn't involved either.
I'm checking all descriptions to see what went wrong. Maybe I made mistakes when I copy/pasted them or something


Star Descriptions: A New Hope
- Descriptions to everything. Special Thanks to Finn
- Basic algae farm on Limnopilos: produces 1 Supply/Fuel per day
save compatible

click the banner to download

Lazylib, Graphicslib, Magiclib and Dronelib required

Thank you for the feedback!

I realize holding back the update with all descriptions finished until I got some other things solved was a mistake. I will upload a minor update with said descriptions this evening (about 5-6 hours from now) should be save compatible.

I won't say much about balance until I have a better overview over all feedback.
Please do not let that discourage you from commenting here, each one is extremely helpful to me

liking the aesthetic a lot, Starsector needs more weird biopunk designs.
Glad you like it! More of it by the original artist over here:

the mod _already does_ utilize drone lib. and here i am commenting on reddit you might do some fun stuff with drone lib...
Not quite actually. I laid the groundwork and I am planning on using dronelib but so far I was not able to take full advantage of it. I still put it in the description so players won't download an update one day and then wonder why it's not working cause suddenly Dronelib is required.

anyways, as a side note, this, esentially temporal field for allies, you might wanna change it if it does not scale with size

what i mean is if it applies universally to anyone then it is completely useless on a frigate but always needed for say a paragon. so perhaps the duration might scale with deployment cost(deployment cost specifically so later on if you have junker ships they will be able to do things for longer. right now it is recovery cost anywqays)

In my tests it was still useful on frigates but I will definitely keep an eye on this shipsystem since it can easily be either too strong or too weak. Also, I will keep your suggestion in mind, thank you.

On a general note, I will take some more time with the next update. I think OMM is in a playable state for now, has enough features for players to test it and the game-breaking bugs should be ironed out. One thing is actual dronelib integration which will need quite a bit of effort and refinement of drone weapon swapping and mouse control. If everything goes well I might be able to make proper functioning wepon groups as well or at least make it possible to fire missiles/limited ammo weapons seperatly.
As stated, the current version is an alpha and a lot is going to change in the future. The indev version in the changelog lists features and updates that are already working in said indev version if you want a sneak peak of what's coming

Suggestions / Re: combat boarding
« on: July 28, 2021, 03:15:43 AM »
This has been discussed to hell and back. I'd like to refer you to this:

But don't think of this as being reprimanded by me, I just thought it necessary to let you know about it

General Discussion / Re: Which mod should I get?
« on: July 26, 2021, 11:03:01 PM »
No such Org might be an option.
Maybe Underworld as well, though that's more about pirates and "shady business"
There's a well sorted mod index in the mod section. Look around

Great mod, loving it!
So, could super weapons be different sizes like small or medium ones? Not saying you should make different sizes for all of them but in vanilla there is the antimatter blaster for example which is pretty powerful and one of my favourite weapons.
If that were against your intended design I'd completely understand, though.
Thanks for this very nice mod  ;D

Mods / Re: [0.95a] WhichMod 1.0
« on: July 25, 2021, 10:34:08 PM »
Congrats to the new WhichMod version! I had a go at it and it works like a charm. The weird external thing it was before always put me off and I never tried it, but this is great!
I see this quickly becoming one of those mods everyone installs without thinking like console commands or commissioned crew.

Thanks for your hard work, you did a great job on this

Hotfix: market generation conflict while starting a new game with other modded factions caused a crash. FIXED please redownload

General Discussion / Re: Rollback
« on: July 24, 2021, 12:27:07 AM »
For previous Starsector versions go here:

For a different skill system that is still pretty vanilla friendly and customizable to your liking I suggest Quality Captains found here:

Alpha Nexerilin only build

click the banner to download

Lazylib, Graphicslib, Magiclib and Dronelib required

V0.1A "the Integrating of the supportening™" Update
- very basic corvus campaign integration. You can now play vanilla, Nexerilin or Nexerilin Corvus mode  :D

- added Commissioned Crew support which doubles positive effects of militarized subsystems, assault and escort package
- Shield Drones no longer transfer flux to the mothership so they can actually die now and the mothership spends less time being overloaded
- Shield efficiency of all drones that still transfer flux to the mothership drastically improved. Same reason as above, spend less time overloaded
- various changes to AI behaviour
- fixed a special FX graphical glitch that revealed hidden weapons. Also base sprites like the ones on the Mjolnir will no longer float next to Nathantia

I believe you might be able to fix this by deleting mission variants manually.
Go to saves in your Starsector folder, missions, look for the mission in question and delete everything in that folder.
Not sure if that will fix it but i's worth a shot

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