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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Uniquifying the Factions, Part 2 (04/30/22)

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Discussions / Re: Final Theory (tactical 4x-lite)
« on: June 24, 2022, 04:17:48 PM »
Yeah, I'm afraid I'd have to agree with most of that, especially with regard to the repetitive/samey battles. It's not a particularly bad game, just very mediocre in a lot of ways

Naw, you're not doing anything wrong. I forgot to make the mod actually read that setting, so it doesn't work... (same for the showXP settings)
It'll be fixed in the next release. Sorry about that!

Please feel free to translate any of my mods. Thanks for your hard work!

Does this mod properly apply the bonuses to all sections of multi-section ships?

Of course! Thanks for translating!  ;D

I'm sorry, I did not phrase correctly. I'm not forcing him to work on the mod, I just want him to know that he has a lot of fans who support him.
Naw, you're good.  You were clear about not wanting him to feel pressured.  I just wanted to let people know that the usual reasons for slow progress don't apply in this case, and that there are ways to help.

Does this mod affect the game performance in a bad way? Wouldn't keeping tracks of ship performances exhaust the game, I'm asking because I have no idea how it works.
This mod has a very low performance cost.  The stuff it keeps track of is insignificant, especially compared to what vanilla keeps track of.  During most frames it does absolutely nothing.  I'd say the biggest performance cost of this mod is that it can sometimes add several milliseconds to the time it takes to generate the dialog menu when you visit a bar, due to some of the bar events having poorly optimized generation code.  Also, I've noticed that very large battle reports won't always scroll smoothly.

Ah, that makes everything much more clear, thank you!
You're quite welcome  ;D

Also epic mod but im confused now does the default settings make it so that you get one positive trait and one negative trait each rank?
Traits always come in pairs in versions 2.0 and up, but they aren't always a positive and a negative. With default settings you will often get two positive traits at later reputation tiers. These are the settings that control how many negative traits your ships can have at max fame:
   "minNegativeTraits":1, # This is the minimum number of negative traits a ship may have due to events

Yeah, pretty much it is removing negative loyalty or at least making the lowest level fairly minimal for negative effects.  I do think losing loyalty for losing your ships is fine though, just that the disloyal scores go too far in the current version.
Yeah, I can see how some of the lower loyalty levels might be too punishing for some people's tastes.

This mods great, I really like the extra layer of identity that it can bring to ships, I've been using it since 0.9.1a and loaded it up for my new playthrough.
I do like the trait side-grade and upgrade events instead of having to mothball a ship and start from scratch, allowing you to slowly specialize ships instead of rolling the dice every time.
Glad to hear it!  ;D

One thing I've noticed is that it's a lot harder to gain purely beneficial traits even with outstanding combat results whereas a slight boost to the damage rating in the combat calculation in the older version meant that you could guarantee a positive roll with exceptional combat results.
For versions 2.0.0 and onward, combat performance only affects how quickly your ships earn fame and loyalty.  Ships will get the same traits no matter how well they do in combat.  It's possible to convert bad traits into good ones under the right circumstances (up to 7 good, 1 bad by default).  You might want to check out the changelog for 2.0.0 if you want specifics.

I've tweaked "xpMultPerDamageDealtPercent" to 0.009 but I'm not getting the same effect, is there any other variable I can change to have the desired effect?
That will increase how much xp ships get from dealing hull damage in battle, making them earn loyalty and reputation faster.  You might want to change how many negative traits ships may get by editing the "reputation growth" section of the options file.  Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with a satisfactory way to support the old combat rating system as well as the new system, so versions 2 and up can't be configured to work the way starship legends used to. For that, you'd need to download version 1.5.6 (see the "old versions" link on the first page).

For your next update, is there any chance you could add a setting that allows us to disable the "this fleet recognizes you because of notable ships in your fleet"? I'm playing Nexerelin and I want to be able to stealth without being recognized because of Starship legends.
Do you have a certain spooky manta ray shaped ship in your fleet by any chance?  Starship legends doesn't change when NPC fleets recognize you, although a few people have requested such a feature.  If I ever do add something like that there will certainly be a setting for it.

My personal suggestion would be to cut the low loyalty values entirely.  Have the baseline be the minimum.  Then have loyalty be something like a kill streak, it rewards players for keeping their ships alive and not shuffling around their officers.
If I understand your suggestion correctly, it would be very similar to simply removing the negative loyalty levels.  I might add a setting for defining the min and max loyalty levels in the next major update, as long as it doesn't turn out to be more complicated than I expect.  In case you're not aware, it is possible to simply disable loyalty reduction by setting "baseLoyaltyLevelsLostWhenDisabled" to 0.

Hmm... yup. Reproduced on my end. Will be fixed in the next patch. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! In the meantime you should be able to see XP info by enabling dev mode with console commands, but I recommend turning it off before unpausing.

Nice, thank you so much  ;D
No problem  :)

I used to play with as many traits as possible with the old version and thought it just got removed, maybe you should keep the option in the config by default and just keep it on 1 by default.
That's exactly what I'll do once I'm confident that the setting works properly with values other than 1

I guess it really is just weird rng. most of my ships were all well-known or famous at the time so it certainly wasn't an issue of those frigates having a disproportionate chance of being chosen for a perk reroll. That aside, I really like the bar events and would like to increase their frequency. they seem to be related to the trait sidegrades by the look of things but I'm no exactly sure how.
One of the events is functionally identical to the sidegrade opportunities that randomly pop up, just with additional prose. That's the only way they're related, really.

is it related to the average additional bar events setting by any chance?
The "averageAdditionalBarEvents" setting will increase the total number of events you're likely to see when visiting a bar. To make a particular type of starship legends event more likely you'll want to change the values in the "barEventChanceMultipliers" section.

Also, I have display ship xp set to true(both options) but I'm not quite sure where to view it. doesn't seem like it comes up in the reports either.
You can see XP details in the reputation hullmod tooltip. You should also be able to see a new column in the battle reports that shows the amount of XP each ship earned from the battle.

I'm noticing that crew loyalty is very hard to build up, but extremely easy to lose.
Thanks for the feedback!  I agree with a lot of it, but there are a few things about the loyalty system that I don't do a very good job of explaining anywhere.  The main thing is that it requires exponentially more XP for loyalty to improve at higher loyalty, making it difficult to achieve high loyalty levels, but very easy to recover from low loyalty levels. (At least, that's the goal.)
Loyalty LevelXP Required to Improve
Openly Insubordinate4000
I tried to balance this so that players of average skill will generally keep most of their ships somewhere between insubordinate and loyal.  Unfortunately, that's a very difficult thing to do without a significant amount of data to analyze, so it's bound to be off.  Different playstyles also complicate this.  Another related problem is that loyalty is harder to maintain early game due to smaller battles yielding less XP.  This is something I want to address at some point, but I haven't settled on a solution yet.

Loyalty reduction can also be reduced or even negated under the right circumstances.  Weak ships that participate in battles involving strong opponents are far less likely to lose loyalty, as well as ships with any hullmod or skill that reduces crew casualties (e.g. Reiniforced Bukheads, Damage Control, Containment Procedures)

I know all that doesn't address every point you brought up in spite of being rather longwinded and rambley, but I do appreciate you taking the time to give feedback, and I'll keep it in mind when I consider future changes  :)

Yeah in that case nothing weird is happening, it's like the Sith version of 1.0. Always 2 there are.
Yeah, pretty much  ;D

Right, so unlike in versions prior to 2.0, the setting is traitPairsPerTier instead of traitsPerTier, meaning ships will get that many pairs of traits each tier (so twice that number of traits). This limitation was necessary due to fundamental changes in how trait growth works in 2.0+, and the reason I removed traitsPerTier in the first place. For ongoing saves, changing this setting won't change the traits a ship has at all, but will change its tier to match the number of traits it has, which is why your legendary ships with 8 traits became notable ships with 8 traits.

Hi all, sorry for the late replies. Just got back from travelling.

Is it possible to set a minimum ship rep score for the mod to start to kick in?  Nothing obvious stands out in the settings file.  I was just hoping to set it so that the majority of my ships have no modifiers on them until they've been in my fleet for a good while or something really noteworthy happens to them.
It sounds like you'll want to increase the amount of xp required for a ship to become notable. You can do that in the options file by increasing "xpRequiredOnAverage" for the notable reputation tier.  You can also adjust the rate at which different ships earn xp by adjusting the various "xpMult" settings. (You can prevent civilian ships from getting any traits this way.) Note that in versions 2 and later player level increases xp gain by quite a bit (up to 10 times at max level).

I've noticed some things that'd I'd like explained to me. It seems that different ship sizes have different weights to them in the trait rerolls. I get suggestions for frigates more often that not. It might just be weird rng. More importantly is the same ship can get two trait rerolls in a row. I have a tempest in my fleet with an officer and that thing gets nearly 1/3 of the trait reroll suggestions. one time it even gave me the same suggestion twice in a row. beyond that, some ships simply never get reroll suggestions. My flagship is an eradicator P and I've never had any suggestions to reroll the traits on that thing for 5 ingame years with the average day interval for suggestions set to 10. I tried removing all ships from my fleet except for a phaeton and it and then I set some other officer to pilot it but I guess 2 ships is too few to trigger trait rerolls. It's just that all the sidegrade suggestions go to the same ships and I'm not quite sure what to do. I've had a pair of centurions for a while and they've got over a dozen rerolls between the 2 of them but my flagship has had none for a long time. Do you know why that would be?
This mostly comes down to weird RNG.  Sounds like I might need to change things up to ensure more even distribution.  The likelihood for a ship to be chosen for trait suggestions is proportional to the number of traits it has, with civilian ships being half as likely to be chosen.  There are no other factors.  So, for example, an onslaught with 8 traits would be 4 times as likely to be chosen as a dram with 4 traits.  Trait suggestions are less likely to occur at all if you have few notable ships in your fleet, but it can still occur rarely as long as there is at least one ship in your fleet with at least one trait.  If the total number of traits in your fleet from all ships is 50 or more, then new trait suggestions will be as likely as possible.
I know it's not a real solution, but if you really want to you can use console commands to change traits to whatever you want.

Hey, I was wondering if there is any way to adjust the amount of traits per tier your ships could get like in the older version or if you're planning to add it back in if it wasn't. I really miss my ships with all the reputations after updating the mod :D
There is, actually, although it's not properly tested yet. There is a "secret setting" called "traitPairsPerTier" that you can add to the options file to change the number of traits you get at each tier.  If you want ships to get 6 traits at each tier then you could edit the options file to look like this at the end:

I found it, thx!
Glad to hear it!  So do you think the reputation hullmod was there right after the battle, or do you think it was added later on?  Just trying to decide if it's something I should continue to investigate.

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