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Update your Starsector (latest is 0.95.1a-RC6).

Bug Reports & Support / Re: The Typo Thread
« on: Today at 08:23:34 AM »
The YaribayFollowup option if you didn't give the cryptokeys to Daud has the wrong option ID: "gaATG_yaribayFollowup1", when it should be just "yaribayFollowup1".

(Also there's no check for whether you already had this conversation with Yaribay)

Ah! Thanks a lot for the quick response! I read it within the hour it was posted but then had other stuff to do and was busy with other stuff programming yesterday, sorry.

Been enjoying trying to make my own mod using Nexerelin with it, really adds an insane amount of depth to the game and never play without it! <3
:thumbs up:

Is there a place that explains such things further, like a wiki or other place that helps info wise on using Nexerelin's workings etc.? Haven't successfully
found something like an info hub on these things as well as for the Java stuff.
A couple of gameplay features are covered on the GitHub wiki and/or the first post of the Nex thread (though they may be sometimes out of date), and I try to add ingame help where applicable.

There isn't such a thing for modding help, but I try to document the code reasonably well.

As I said on Discord: an AI core battlestation (or a human-officered star fort) with player support should at minimum inflict severe losses on that fleet. (I've just watched an unassisted alpha core HT battlestation almost kill a 1000 FP console-spawned pirate fleet, with only one enemy capital remaining on the field)

I was wondering where all the patrols were, but the radar in the screenshot suggests two large ones incoming.

Also, are you sure you didn't modify any invasion-related settings (or have a mod that does so)? Among other things that one fleet looks awfully dense, especially for Hegemony with its 5-1-1 doctrine; I'd expect it to split into two fleets before it gets to 10 capitals.

If you continue having problems, post a save; I want to try one of these battles myself.

honestly my play experience seems to be entirely different then anyone elses.  am i doing something wrong? i do end up doing a lot of smuggling and nefarious profit generation to try and race to keep up, but am i somehow antagonizing them into overdrive (or is that even possible)?
There isn't such a mechanic, no.

Modding Resources / Re: [0.95.1a] GraphicsLib 1.6.1
« on: January 18, 2022, 04:39:09 PM »
Quick check: Is this a laptop or such with an integrated card, where the GTX 1050 maybe isn't being used with Starsector?

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Troubleshooting
« on: January 18, 2022, 04:28:49 PM »
Make sure MagicLib and SEEKER (and Diable Avionics) mods are up to date.

Modding Resources / Re: [0.95.1a] GraphicsLib 1.6.1
« on: January 16, 2022, 05:11:35 PM »
Also how many mods? My own 1050 can handle only so much faction mod content before its 2 GB VRAM gets used up completely in battles.

Random ships picks ships known to the faction (except for player faction, where it uses the independents faction), using FactionAPI.pickShip.

Check if your faction is also using vanilla ships too often in its fleets and stores. That can be fixed by changing the priorityShips and/or hullFrequency tables in the .faction file (vanilla factions will offer some examples).

Hello ! First of all, thanks for this amazing mode.
Sorry if I'm talking about obvious things, but I've a question.

I remember that in my runs using Nexerelin, there were missions that ask the player to use operatives to stop/interrupt an industry.
But now I can't find any mission like this;

Is it a strange bug/problem coming from my list of mods, or are these missons just disabled ?
They're now sometimes offered by trade (IIRC) contacts, or in bars.

love the mod (what we we do without it? lol), but what do i do about hegemony and aggressive mod factions that just rush and steam roll right off the bat? im barely getting a decent fleet and by that point my own faction is down to 2 planets left and hegemony has like 17 worlds (no faction weights).

this is on random relations and map regardless of size.  hege is at war with like 5 other factions but they dont seem to put up much of a fight or resistance other then mods like diable and then one tends to just roll the other (altho in this case its a large map and spread out and they dont seem to be fighting much)

and throwing everything i have at them trying to get back some of the space we've lost has been epic but seems to be a losing battle. ive called in max fleet support invasion but that only brought 1 carrier, a doom and about 50 cruisers so wasnt much help and my own fleets while having some levels 7's and 5's (rest are like level 3) that have extra elite skills still can only a field a handful of ships and this is against waves and waves of hegemony battleships with all kinds of upgrades on them.

how do i save my peoples from the fascist oppressors? lol i get worked every time unless i luck out at the start and they go after other factions first which buys me some time to get on my feet. 

in hindsight i guess i should have been using my agent to be keep us friendly and not overwhelmed but that still wont help on the battlefield...
Right now all I can say about this is that in my last game, Hegemony was about breaking even or expanding slightly (after losing some of their planets for a bit), and in the game before that, they got whipped badly by me and the League, to the point where my failure to help them retake Chicomoztoc (after basically switching sides) could have sealed their fate. (both non-random sector)

Random sector Heg by default starts at only the size of two normal-sized factions and shouldn't be able to overpower multiple of them at once. If you have faction weights disabled that's even more messed up.

For fighting invasion fleets in particular, stations are a big force multiplier and you want to use them to your advantage; at minimum you should be able to bleed off most or all of their advantage before the station dies. Also with the new ground battles, you can do things to keep the invasion from succeeding even if they win in space.
EDIT: Also, a halfway skilled player is much more effective at invading than NPC factions are, take advantage of that.

Is there a way to easily edit the starting relation with your own faction when doing a faction start (set at +60 by default) ?
It's hardcoded, albeit still fixable after the fact thanks to console.

Doesn't patrol HQ always use the upkeep of a size 3 colony, since it doesn't get more patrols with increasing colony size?* So it's the build menu that's bugged.

*Although this should also be explained somewhere

Bug Reports & Support / Re: The Typo Thread
« on: January 15, 2022, 08:23:00 AM »
I noticed that Vigilance description hasn't been updated for its new hybrid mount, so it still says "energy and missile mounts".


One thing I specifically want to do with the Diktat is to give back Andrada some of his ground defense power that was lost when the Ground Operations skill was removed. With it, it seemed to me that Sindria could hold against (the new) invasions regardless of what happened to Cruor or Volturn; now, not so much.

Also not sure how to buff Askonia system against NPCs but not the player (who already has enough trouble getting near Sindria with a size 7 High Command's worth of patrols plus the Lion's Guards flying around the place).

The ship procurement using Nex operatives first goes to the production gathering point (the base game feature; Command (D) -> Custom production (5) -> top-left of screen). If you don't have one (don't have a colony yet, for instance), it goes to the nearest market where you have storage. If none, it goes the the planet the procurement took place at.

You can check the procurement intel to see where it's going, if it's still there. The intel also lets you set a custom destination if the action hasn't completed yet.

Modding / Re: npc starting locations
« on: January 12, 2022, 04:48:18 PM »
I could make shared systems much rarer (IIRC the only case in vanilla that doesn't involve Pathers, pirates or indies is Valhalla)

anyone have any ideas on how i can group ai starting systems more together?
You can't, except by editing the code.

id like to have each faction have a half a dozen planets of their own spread over a small area so they dont get rolled and can support each other economically or militarily if they arent all spread out.
This isn't really a thing; two planets in adjoining stars have no more ability to "support each other economically or militarily" each other for most purposes, than if they were 20 LY apart. (Same-system planets do at least share patrol fleets for defense)

Disabling a faction with Nexerelin still leaves their ships and weapons in the game. I'd like to play without a vanilla faction, their faction ships and their faction weapons.

I always end up using certain Tri Tachyon ships and weapons. They are too good! Thought it might be fun to play without them being available. Have only factions from mods and pirates. Is this possible without a lot of effort?
If you disable TT, any faction that knows the same ships/weapons/fighters that TT does will still have them.
I can't think of a feasible way for the mod to change this behavior in the context of shared tech types (whether the specific items are added to the relevant BP package by vanilla or a mod), unfortunately. Although removing a particular ship/weapon/wing from its blueprint package is a matter of editing the relevant CSV files.

I think that part of the frustration with these features comes from players being used to being able to do whatever they want to the AI unopposed. When the AI is no longer stupid and no longer bends over all the time, they feel threatened.

I'd argue that scavengers trying to claim debris from the fleet that literally blew all those ships up in the first place is pretty damn stupid.
Admittedly that's a special case, but it's clearly the AI trying to bend the player over here.

False: this is not my feelings at all.  Also, this is like a year later and this garbage behavior still isn't fixed.

You say that it makes sense for independents to be mad I fought one of them; clearly you didn't actually read my post.  I AM INDEPENDANT AND I WAS THERE FIRST.  If they would be mad that I killed the vultures they should be just as mad that the vultures attack me.  They literally are acting like pirates and then patrols jump in.  Get you player-punishing double standards out of my 4x.  There's no place for them here.

I will repeat myself because no one reads:  It's nonsensical that the patrols (especially when I just saved them)  would side with the vultures.  That's the problem.  It makes literally no rational sense.  It's just arbitrary garbage that a logical person could never predict and plan for because it flies in the face of basic human behavior.  It's just "to make things harder" and that's just awful, uncreative, *** false difficultly.

Would it be easy to change a setting that just makes them into pirates instead of independents because that's what they literally are?
ask your mom

(I could have posted useful and relevant information here, but that's for people who try to have a useful discussion to begin with)

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