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General Discussion / Re: im pretty new and my goal is to destroy the pirates
« on: September 07, 2023, 01:23:52 PM »
You simply can't. Just like how you can't kill real world piracy, pirates always find a way in starsector to go on.
I mean you can if international polities butt out and would let people deal with problem. Piracy in the modern world is an intended feature, rather than something that slipped through the gaps.

General Discussion / Re: On SO Eradicators
« on: September 07, 2023, 01:17:53 PM »
To basically summarize SO Eradicators are meant to break battle lines, rush snipers, and quickly kill most frigates and destroyers.
Only High-Tech frigates and destroyers are fast enough to kite them for a one vs one fight. So, you need to invest in more HT small ships, or invest in cruisers set up to brawl.

Vanguards concern me way more, they're undying missile boats typically loaded with reapers.

There aren't any other cruisers that demand the same kind special attention and evoke the same anxiety that I might randomly lose a ship, except for maybe Doom.
SO Aurora with an aggressive or reckless officer with a good build. It's not even close. Thankfully you'll never encounter it due to the AI never using SO Aurora builds, or at least none that I can remember.

Suggestions / Re: The Ability to get rid of Kanta's Wrath
« on: August 14, 2023, 03:58:31 PM »
... despite Kanta being dead.

An unwarranted assumption! She's survived for a long, long time; I'm sure she's been thought dead many times over the cycles. And even if that were the case, it's easy to imagine scenarios where it still results in increased HA.

TL;DR is "working as intended" :)
So, is there any way to remove the increase to HA with the exception of being nice? I don't particularly want to blow up all pirate-controlled worlds if somehow Kanta with her zombie ghost army of pirates will keep harassing me.
Also, yes, +2 from Kanta's wrath is absolutely irrelevant, but it's annoying, like a fly that keeps landing on you.

Suggestions / Re: The Ability to get rid of Kanta's Wrath
« on: August 14, 2023, 11:10:21 AM »
The "with a helmet" option is indeed the first one!
While we have your attention, if you just raid her base for the engineer, you get a permanent +2 HA from Kanta's wrath. If you destroy her base afterwards by either decivilizing it, or I presume saturation bombardment (I didn't do this because I'm pretty sure it said it would make the other factions angry), it will not remove Kanta's wrath despite Kanta being dead.
Tested without mods.

Fun idea from the Discord to flesh out the ramifications of the Sindrian fuel monopoly:

Feature: Persean League tolls along efficient hyperspace trading routes.
Lore justification: Persean League's hierarchy recoups lost revenue from lower trade tariffs in an attempt to differentiate itself from the Hegemony (while offering preferential treatment to Kazeron-aligned trading companies via better, cheaper trade routes).

Feature: Patrols enforce a speed limit over 10-15 burn in Hegemony space in an attempt to prevent interstellar trade collapse due to fuel shortages in the face of Sindrian anti-matter fuel tariffs post-Askonia crisis.
Lore justification: Antimatter burn efficiency could be a bellcurve around 10 burn; staying at speed in hyperspace takes less fuel. Also, this speed limit enables easier projection of force for Hegemony capital material.

Feature: Sindrian commissions offer a fuel stipend and [LG] ships, but require mandatory participation in random mundane parade/propaganda events.

Gameplay justification: Offers practical differentiation between factions in the form of tangible mechanics affecting the player in different regions of controlled core-system hyperspace. Also creates real justification for rampant hyperspace smuggling beyond banned goods.

Could be interesting :)
Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback!
Heg: "You were going too fast, now pay the toll or serve your time."
Players: "Genocide it is then."

Did you get -100 from sending him out the airlock or from other stuff? If it is from the airlock then you probably hit the helmetless button.

Otherwise, I find just doing missions and working for pirate contacts to be the best way. It takes time but you're also making money.
He's talking about Kanta's wrath passive increase of hostile activity. I haven't tried it, but I doubt being friends with the pirates will stop it.

Also BaBosa, genocide doesn't work, apparently Kanta's ghost is just as dangerous as cyborg Kanta. I also probably can't remove that HA increase due to destroying her station.

Edit: Woops, wrong user, second part of my post was meant for SteelHeart.

and 200 hit strength, which means they can strip armor and destroy hull quickly, fulfilling the role of the HAG.

I know you people don't like the HAG but this is kind of ridiculous don't you think?
It's quick vs the remnant, which are mostly shields. Killing one frigate quickly while getting surrounded isn't as good as getting a bunch of heavily damaged frigates to back off.

I found a build for you to play with. It may be better, I haven't tested it vs Ordos yet.
Fill all medium mounts, except the PD mount, with Arbalest Autocannons. This includes the 4 back mounts.
Replace the two side HAGs with Mark IX Autocannons.

The reason it seems to work vs swarms is the better anti-shield damage in terms of volume of weapon mounts, which pushes ships back, and 200 hit strength, which means they can strip armor and destroy hull quickly, fulfilling the role of the HAG.
The issue is OP expense. If I did my math right, you'll be down -26, so you'll need to drop Hardened subsystems, and decrease caps or vents by 1.
I recommend vents as you'll be up 158 flux dissipation.

Link the front Arbalest with the PD, but don't link the back or you'll over flux yourself.

General Discussion / Re: Bounty fleet size
« on: August 09, 2023, 05:38:44 PM »
Hi i am a new player to starsector and i absolutely love the game!
I play the game unmodded (vanilla) and something caught my attention with a new game i am playing.
I started with a Wolf-class Frigate, ensigned with the Hegemony for the montly cash bonus ;)  did some pirate hunting and some smuggeling.
After saving enough money i bought another Wolf-class Frigate and 2 Centurion-class Heavy Frigate and 1 Enforcer-class Destroyer.
I did some bounties which i could handle, got some more money that way, but then it struck me, man my storage space is to small and i want more salvage when i won the fight.
So i bought a Buffalo-class Freighter and 2 Salvage Rig-class Auxiliary. But now when i look at bounties, there fleet size has 3 Destroyers !Always! and i can not handle that.
Why do the non combat ship (although in my eyes non combat, because i will never send them into actual battle) count for the bounty fleet size to go up.
I understand the Buffalo and Salvage Rig are classified as Destroyers, but buying these ships early on just compleetly ruins the capability to run bounties :-[ is this intentional or has this another reason?
As far as I'm aware, bounty size is mostly based on time played, not on fleet size. Runaway bounty size is a problem a few other players have noted when either players are new and don't know how to build their fleets quickly, or when bounty hunting isn't the focus of the playthrough.

No solution as of yet. However, if you talk to your Hegemony contact, the one at the end of the tutorial on Coatl in the Aztlan star system, he will give you bounty hunting missions and let you choose from three missions of easier to harder difficulty. He's a medium contact, so his easy missions should be exactly what you're looking for.
Other people will offer bounty hunting missions, just check any planets bar every so often, and these people function exactly the same as the above contact.

General Discussion / Re: N00b questions
« on: August 09, 2023, 04:29:15 PM »
My gameplay experience is that installing an alpha core in Tech-mining is a complete waste of resources; whether or not you also spend story points to improve the industry and regardless of what level of ruins you're working with, it does not appear to meaningfully improve the chances of getting things that you actually want or noticeably extend the useful life of the industry, and a 50% increase in the amount of garbage produced by Tech-mining is closer to what I'd call a penalty than a benefit.

Also, unless perhaps you're setting up way out in the boonies and refusing to use any items, a few well-developed colonies can easily cover your operating costs and then some - if I recall correctly, Dorus alone can net something like sixty to eighty thousand credits per month, depending on how much of its import demand can be met within faction, from Commerce, Light Industry, Fuel Production, and Refining even without anything boosting production, and Ogygia will do about as much with the same setup. Why bother keeping (former) Tech-mining colonies for income when you already have more money than you're ever really going to need?
Could be rare items are fixed and not effected by the bonus, it could be rare items are affected by the bonus. Who knows, I almost always get something useful from doing this however, typically one colony item, a few blueprints although that depends on how many I have, and some AI cores.
I always set up out in the boonies as that's really the only place you find perfect systems. Depending on the run, my main colonies all located in the same system use at max 1 colony item so as to not attract Pather attention. In such runs I also typically have multiple high commands within the same system to ensure I don't need to bother fighting expeditions. When all is said and done in such runs, I'm making typically 200,000 - 300,000 a month. Which when taking officers, crew, and ship resources into account, is just a little more than what I need per month. With a handful of size 3 worlds, I can push that up to 500,000 easily.

They're an awful stopgap money printer because if you leave them going too long you're not going to be able to recover the alpha core you installed as a governor, which makes abandoning them once you no longer want them problematic, and on top of that a size-3 mining colony with decent resources and accessibility can pull in fifteen or twenty thousand without any items invested or probably more than double that with an Autonomous Mantle Bore. Additionally, while it can vary quite a bit from game to game, alpha cores are quite often not something you have in the early part of the game when you might actually want something that could reasonably be described as a "stopgap" money printer, especially if you're setting up your 'stopgap money printer' before exploring a nontrivial fraction of the sector.
By the time I've decided to set up a colony, I've explored a good chunk of the sector, and typically have around 10 Alpha cores. If I'm going for a no babysitting run, as mentioned above, I'm not ever going to use the cores on my main colony, and it's unlikely my fleet will need them. So that leaves size three worlds as the one place they are useful. The stop gap is to help fund my main colony development. Of course, I could just resort to piracy to fund my colonies, but don't because well I don't feel like it.

A Patrol HQ likely isn't going to do anything meaningful to the sorts of fleets that pirates generally send out to raid colonies, especially if the hostile activity meter actually gets high; the point of putting one in the system is to do something about shipping raids, because shipping losses can cripple colonial income and it doesn't actually take that much to kill a lot of the smaller fry that might go after trade fleets. It'll also passively contest pirate control over any satellites in the system, which means less baby-sitting.
Shipping raids typically don't occur due to HA being low for small systems, especially when you have one massive system drawing all the attention. You don't have to babysit the coms as the colony will remain over 5 stability. If there's no coms in the system a colony gets -1 stability, if it's in the system but not under faction control +0, and if it's under faction control +1/+2 depending on com type. TLDR, there's no babysitting for size three AI worlds besides dealing with the Heg.

Which means the only thing you have to manage is the Hegemonies AI inspections, which can be easily bought off every couple years.
Pathers can be bought off every couple years, too, or shut up permanently if you give them the bomb, and there's a significantly larger benefit to sticking a couple alpha cores on a major colony with a base income of over a hundred thousand than on several minor colonies with a base income of maybe a fifth that much.

Also, a major colonized system can stand a pretty good chance of fighting off an AI inspection fleet (or, really, any other expeditionary force) without player intervention, so if you really want to take a hands-off approach to colony management putting the cores on the big worlds is a much better way to go.
Yes, but in the scenario where you use AI cores, you always have to pay off the Heg, you don't always have to pay of the Pathers if you set things up right. Likewise for RP reasons, paying off the Heg is okay, but paying off Pathers is a bad idea, giving them a planet killer is a terrible idea.

Unless you steal the Heg's Pristine Nanoforge, or have multiple extreme heat worlds with a high command plus a Cryoarithmetic Engine, they will eventually reach a strength where your colonies can't handle them. I haven't seen it this version, because I always steal their nanoforge, but in past versions the most extreme fleet I've seen from them is 5 very strong fleets.

Also, so what if Kanta's mad? Blowing up an inconvenient pirate base or two every now and then is hardly a problem for the sort of fleet you ought to have by the end of the storyline or with well-developed colonies, and even at 5 stability base pirate interest plus Kanta's wrath is only just over the passive hostile activity reduction of a military base on a size-6 colony.
Time, effort, I'm lazy, I want to seal club larger and larger Ordos, and finally leaving pirate stations alive increases profits thanks to the core worlds getting hit with a -50% accessibility. Which typically only decreases their market share but lets them still buy everything the need.

General Discussion / Re: N00b questions
« on: August 09, 2023, 10:24:41 AM »
Path interest from industries is barely relevant; you have to have both interest-generating industries as well as an item that you actually can and want to use on the same planet before it'll exceed the threshold, and even then it's pretty easy to manage the hostile activity generated by a mere seven Path interest.
It's about reducing management to a minimum for a new player, experienced players that don't want to baby sit, experienced players that want to maximize profits by leaving nearby pirate stations alone so they can hurt the AI factions market shares, or for role play reasons.

Currently two pirate bases can spawn near player colonies, and they will increase in hostile activity over time, to the point that even a stability 10 size 6 high command world can't cover them.
Kanta's wrath is impossible to remove, even by destroying Kanta's den. So, completing the story causes 2 additional HA to be tacked on forever.
With these two issues, barely managing your colonies becomes an issue if you have Pather HA tacked on as well. You will start getting stability penalties, and that will lead to a HA spiral.

For what possible reason would someone ever actually need more than the half-dozen or so colonies that the player character and three hired administrators can manage? ...
I read the rest of what you wrote, just keeping it small for readability's sake.
Tech mining colonies to get the final blueprints that the player is missing. Once the vast or extensive ruins are mined out, you convert the shut down the tech mining and switch it over to whatever industry is available for the world. An Alpha core on tech mining along with a story point increases yields by 50% if I remember correctly, so vast ruins are always pretty useful to mine.

Size three AI worlds are a good stopgap money printer for when you need your main system to be a low profit fortress system so you don't have to manage expeditions to your main colonies.
They are also a good colony item sink for all the access colony items you will end up having, and those items dramatically increase profits. The most profitable I managed to get one AI world was a 175 hazard barren world with Catalytic Core refining and Fullerene Spool megaport, with a waystation. It produced 60k a month.

In general, size 3 worlds are so small and have so little market share, that they'll never get hit by expeditions if you don't make them free ports. Which means the only thing you have to manage is the Hegemonies AI inspections, which can be easily bought off every couple years.

Lastly, pirates no longer raid player colonies unless they reach enough hostile activity, which means while yes you may lose a com station or two, you don't need a patrol HQ for size three worlds as nothing except the Heg is going to attack them, and the AI core admin will keep stability at or above 5.

General Discussion / Re: N00b questions
« on: August 08, 2023, 03:37:57 PM »
Is there a way to create stable points in a system (for Nav Buoys, Comm Relays and Sensor Arrays)? I thought I saw something pop up in the tips during a save, but it only caught my eye too late.

On a related note: Are the tips in a text file somewhere? I tried just cycling through them, but they are random, and I keep seeing the same 5-6 with a new one interspersed only occasionally.

Colony questions: I got a decent Terran colony running and starting to grow, although the pirates love to raid my system. :/  When is a good time to start a second? My first colony is just about breaking even with food and light industry, usually turning a small profit every month, and there's a nearby volcanic world with ultrarich ore and rare ore that I want to start mining.
Yep, if you have an alpha core and the required materials (heavy machinery and fuel I forget how much), you can create a stable location at the expense of story points and the fuel. Just go up to the star.

Program Files\Fractal Softworks\Starsector\starsector-core\data\strings\tips.json You can use any text editor to read the file.
It will normally install in the 32 bit directory so Program Files (86x), on the main hard drive. You can access this location faster by right clicking the game launcher and left clicking open file location.

When you have the money is the only reason to wait.

Also, be aware that Light Industry is not a very profitable industry unless you turn your colony into a Free Port, and even then I'd be inclined to build Refining.
While this is true, be aware that refining draws two points of Luddic Path attention. If you hit seven or more points total, it will cause an active or sleeper cell to form on your colony, and will generate hostile activity. It will be a sleeper cell if a few extra colonies in the sector, yours or AI (not including the ones at the start), are at eight or more points.
You can increase Luddic Path attention points on AI markets by selling them domain era artifacts that they can use on an existing industry on the world you are selling to. Always save before you do this, because sometimes they just won't use them. Also, the Luddic Church will never get Pather attention.

The points for Luddic Path attention are as follows. 1 point for mining, 2 for refining, 4 for AI cores and domain era artifacts, 10 for AI core administration. It may be less points for lesser cores, I forget. You can see this information in game by looking up Luddic Path cells on planets under the Luddic Path information tab.
Size three worlds never attract LP attention, so if you need more colonies, just make sure they stay at size three and give them AI core administration.

General Discussion / Re: Play with just one ship possible?
« on: August 06, 2023, 10:21:47 AM »
But whatever you choose, there are at least 4 points in the story of the game where you actually want and need to have more than 1 ship to get the actually coolest things.

Space broccoli, doritos, new big Sindrian pew pew, and what's the fourth? The red umbrella?
I presume the Heg's AI disaster. But I've beaten that with one Hyperion.

"S-mod: Increases the ammo/charge regeneration rate for ballistic and energy weapons by 50%."


"S-mod: increases rate of fire of non-missile weapons by 10%. Note that this will also increase their flux use"

While you have charges for your Thumpers they are doing roughly 1466.3 frag DPS per Thumper. (1,333*1.1)
After that they drop to roughly 750 frag DPS per Thumper. (500*1.5)

The DPS doesn't decrease that much vs exposed hull even when the enemy had heavy armor. Vs shields it's 366.575 and 187.5 DPS respectively.

When you first engage A Paragon, it's dealing 1,099.725 shield damage a second, from just the Thumpers. Thanks to them being frag damage, a Paragon will not use its fortress shield against them.

General Discussion / Re: N00b questions
« on: August 05, 2023, 09:43:58 AM »
Thanks for that. Interesting that I am usually limited to 240 DPs. I've only seen it higher once, but I don't remember the context. I've got both the officer improvement skills (Best of the Best and I forget the other), and I'm still usually limited to 240. All of my officers are 4-6 level. Most are maxed out now.

I have what I think are some fun suggestions that I'd love to see added/modified for this game, mostly based on my old role-playing days from running Traveller games. :)

I think I'm about ready to finally try to start my first colony. I'm going to watch a youtube tutorial first though.

If you're fighting a station it will be increased beyond 240. Stations are all the obvious stations, and domain era motherships.

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