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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24)

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Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.97a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: February 06, 2024, 06:40:29 PM »
I just got time to try out the new update. The new abyss area is fascinating!

I'll try building a colony soon to try out the crisis events.

Thanks for the update Alex.

Modding / Re: [0.96a] Solonis Union v0.9.2 (2023-06-15)
« on: June 22, 2023, 04:44:28 PM »

Removed Solonis Power Cell Adaptor - Coherer from Neon (A), Bismuth (A), Helium (A) auxiliary hulls.
Updated some variants

Fixed Oxygen-class battleship medium energy mount coordinates

Increased turn rate of various weapons.
Adjusted rarity of Sparkmarcher IPAC

Ship Systems
Buffed Hardlight emitter. From 10% flux per use to 5% flux per use.

Star Systems and Economy
Corrupted nanoforge now spawns in Random Core Worlds as a bonus seed.
Removed Gamma Core from High Command of the Solonis Union in Random Core Worlds.

Added Penalty to Solonis Power Cell Adaptor - Coherer. For Beam weapons with base range >= 1000, -100 base range.

Mod Integrations
Increased Detailed Combat Report support for scripted weapon damage effects: Disruptive Ions, Positron Annihilation, Neutron Beam, Position Breach.
- Still investigating "Unknown Energy" damage reports

Modding / Re: [0.96a] Solonis Union v0.9.1 (2023-06-14)
« on: June 15, 2023, 03:57:57 PM »

Reproduced and fixed NullPointerException when player without a commission opens the Add Industry menu.

Soviet Tom Bombadil, thank you very much for your error log and answers to my questions.

Modding / Re: [0.96a] Solonis Union v0.9.0 (2023-06-10)
« on: June 14, 2023, 06:41:12 PM »

Add null check to Solonis_Union_Industry.isValidFaction (
- Hopefully this will prevent the NullPointerException that Soviet Tom Bombadil encountered.

Updated TSG300/TSG350 missile. It should now stop going completely off course when fired from 2000 range.
Updated sprite for Ion Chaff bombs.
Updated sprite for Siege Railgun chaff.

Ship Systems
Updated Ion Chaff Launcher system. 6 chaff => 10 chaff.

Special Items
Removed "Solonis Union Core Blueprint Package" and "Solonis Union Capital Blueprint Package" from Union Arcology of Solonis (get them from High Admiral Alec)
Added blueprints to largest military market in Random Core Worlds mode.

Modding / Re: [0.96a] Solonis Union v0.9.0 (2023-06-10)
« on: June 14, 2023, 04:06:08 PM »
I'm a version behind - did this get fixed in the new version?

5737051 [Thread-9] INFO  sound.H  - Playing music with id [faction_generic_market_01_neutral_var01.ogg]
5740622 [Thread-3] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain  - java.lang.NullPointerException
   at data.scripts.campaign.econ.Solonis_Union_Industry.isValidFaction(
   at data.scripts.campaign.econ.Solonis_Union_UDFHQ.isAvailableToBuild(
   at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.ui.marketinfo.IndustryPickerDialog.updateTable(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.ui.marketinfo.IndustryPickerDialog.createUI(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.ui.marketinfo.IndustryPickerDialog.<init>(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.ui.marketinfo.IndustryListPanel.actionPerformed(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.ui.n.buttonPressed(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.ui.I.Ò00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.ui.I.processInput(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.ui.W.super(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.BaseGameState.traverse(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.state.AppDriver.begin(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain.main(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher.o00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)

I've taken a look at that specific line of code, but have not been able to reproduce the error.
Still I will try to make a release tonight with a null check on that specific line.

May I ask for some additional context on what happened immediately before the crash:
1. Which version of the Solonis Union mod are you using?
2. Were you playing in Random Core Worlds Mode?
3. Also, do you remember which market were you visiting before the crash?

Modding / Re: [0.96a] Solonis Union v0.8.7 (2023-06-01)
« on: June 10, 2023, 07:16:29 PM »

Nerfed Central Hangar. 1500 flux dissipation => 1000 flux dissipation. 0.25 shield upkeep => 0.4 shield upkeep. Removed ship system for now.
Nerfed Station Battery. 1000 flux dissipation => 900 flux dissipation
Nerfed Heavy Citadel. 0.6 shield efficiency => 1.0 like other stations. 0.25 shield upkeep => 0.4 shield upkeep. 1000 flux dissipation => 900 flux dissipation

Added stay_in_front_of_ship tag to gunship and mining drones.

Buffed IPR family, buffed PPR (more testing needed), buffed IPC, buffed IPAC, changed IPRS.

Ship Systems
Hid improved capital ship systems from the codex.

Star Systems
Added various market conditions to the markets for flavor.
Added hab glows to planet colonies.
Added stellar mirrors to the Autofacs

Modified special farming industry on the Union Arcology of Solonis. Climate Control condition now grants +2 production.
Fixed bug with special fuel production industry at the Autofacs. Administrator's Industrial Planing bonus production modifier now applies.

Special Items
Changed "Power Cell Adaptor" effect to grant up to 8% x market size to fleet size. (e.g. Size 5 => up to +40%)
It is now possible to obtain "Solonis Union Core Blueprint Package" and "Solonis Union Capital Blueprint Package" from High Admiral Alec.
- They can still be purchased at the Union Arcology of Solonis. (To be removed in the future)

Updated variantOverrides

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.96a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: June 03, 2023, 12:31:23 PM »
I noticed that the Sindrian Diktat now have two new special fleets that spawn using

I was wondering if Deputy Star Marshal Oxana Hyder should have a level higher than Level 1?

If I look into, it looks like she does have 4 admiral skills, but otherwise she is lower level than her subordinate captains.





Modding / Re: [0.96a] Solonis Union v0.8.7 (2023-06-01)
« on: June 01, 2023, 04:57:40 PM »
Updated with v0.8.7.

I had left the useDefaultAI flag on for the main menu missions.

Modding / [0.96a] Solonis Union v0.10.0 (2023-06-22)
« on: May 30, 2023, 07:30:14 PM »



Mod Integrations
Commissioned Crews
Starship Legends
Fast Engine Rendering


New Content
One new faction, 9 ship hulls, 12 modular weapons, 6 modular fighter wing LPCs, 3 hullmods, 2 star systems, and 7 markets.

Faction Overview - Solonis Union Expedition
Midline/high tech faction with heavy fighter support.

Solonis Union Armor Lattice

Energy Projectile Weapons
Long range energy projectile weapons
Extensive focus on small energy weapon slots
IPR and PPR family of weapons have low damage per shot (70/80) but can be upgraded with the "Refined Powercells" or "Overcharged Powercells" hullmods.

Fighter Wings
Baseline of 3000 engagement range
Default AI of retreating to their carrier when their shield is overloaded

See for full details

v0.10.0 - Improved Detailed Combat Result support
v0.9.2 - Fix NullPointerException with Misc.getCommissionFactionId()
v0.9.1 - Improved TSG300 missile accuracy, spawn blueprints in Random Core Worlds
v0.9.0 - Updated star systems with hab glows. Weapon buffs, station nerfs.
v0.8.7 - turned useDefaultAI flag off, otherwise AI on player's side will keep on making orders
v0.8.6 - version file
v0.8.5 - initial release

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.96a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: May 05, 2023, 10:38:47 AM »
And, it's out! See OP for blog post link.

Yay! Update is out!
I can't wait to look at all the lovely new capital ship graphics in game.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Animal Portrait Pack
« on: June 22, 2022, 12:41:32 PM »

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Iron Shell 1.17
« on: June 22, 2022, 12:22:31 PM »
Thank you for the wonderful mod!

I particularly enjoy using the Rampage Drive on the Indomitable-class Cruiser and Flagellator-class Destroyer, to the point where I often overextend myself.

I even had the chance to ram an Imperium battleship into an Imperium Battlestar the other day:


Modding / Re: [0.9.51a-RC6][WIP] United Aurora Federation 0.7.2e1
« on: May 24, 2022, 11:26:48 AM »
For fighter, is there an easy way to compare their weaponry when choosing to outfit a carrier?

Something like the Super Aria has 3 different weapons with unknown parameters:
1 x 40mm CN Class I (Some kind of kinetic)
2 x AMSSM Class III (HE?)
2 x HVAR Class I (HE?)

You can check the details of the weapons by pressing F1 to switch between the weapon details.

Thank you so much! :)

Over 300 hours of gameplay and I never noticed something as simple as this!

Now I can spend many more hours comparing weapons!

Modding / Re: [0.9.51a-RC6][WIP] United Aurora Federation 0.7.2e1
« on: May 24, 2022, 07:19:03 AM »
Thank you for the Mod!

Lots of high quality sprites to digest and good music as well.

So far I am loving the Shinoria (SP) with 5 Clemente MRM. Lots of medium missile firepower in subcapital combat.
Perhaps this strategy will falter when I begin battling with capitals.

For fighter, is there an easy way to compare their weaponry when choosing to outfit a carrier?

Something like the Super Aria has 3 different weapons with unknown parameters:
1 x 40mm CN Class I (Some kind of kinetic)
2 x AMSSM Class III (HE?)
2 x HVAR Class I (HE?)

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