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I just started a colony and then 2 days after I left the system it just switched over to another faction's control.  No invasion mission, nothing.  I jumped right back into the system and there was no fleet there or anything.  I used console commands to instantly teleport there and loaded older saves from the day and checked.  There's no reason, I just get an alert at the same time every time that my market is transferred to Legio Infernalis for no reason.

This is ridiculous design if it's not a bug.

They were sending a colony expedition there.  They sent that colony expedition 4 in-game days after I discovered it and before I sold the survey data anywhere.  This is also terrible design.  If the colony expedition conquered my colony that I founded first, that's garbage.

Finally, despite them some how conquering my sovereign territory, we're not at war.  Apparently, invasions are not hostile acts.

Seriously, WTF is going on in my game!?

I'm going to wipe them off the face of the sector incase the legio is the problem.  Will report back.

I have big problems with the Vulture Scavengers (which I believe are added by Nex, if I'm wrong, by bad)

I don't have problems with opportunistic scavengers trying to muscle me out of debris fields, etc.; my issues are:

1. Killing them hurts my rep with the independents.  This is nonsensical.  The independents are, by definition, an unaffiliated, misc. category of peoples.  Why would they all care if I blow some random scavenger fleet?  Also, they were going to kill me for the scavenge too!  Why am I a bad guy for defending my own business and livelihood but when they do the same thing is "lawful."

2.  It's "lawful" because neutral pickets will join the fights on the scavengers side.  This is also nonsensical.

If this isn't making sense, let me tell you a story that happened to me this morning:

I'm TT and at war with the Heg.  I joined a fight between a couple Sindrian fast pickets and a Heg invasion force and saved all the Sindrians' lives.  A vulture scavenger fleet happened to be right there and claimed the debris field (literally the one from the battle I just won) and I had to fight them for it.  This is already ridiculous and unfun.  But then, the Sindarin pickets (whom I had just saved and were literally involved in the battle that created that debris field) all were willing to join the battle against me.  That is absolutely ridiculous, irrational nonsense.

Anyway, they're all dead and I glassed Volturn for good measure.  *** lobsters.

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