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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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Is there a way to prevent a specific ship and it’s bp from generating in salvage/as derelicts during a new game start as part of a settings.json Boolean?

Is there a way for a shipsystem to automatically regenerate ammo for ballistic/ammo weapons constantly while it is activated? I know that there is missile auto forge for missiles but there doesn’t seem to be code connected to it so I’m not sure what to do here.

Is it possible for a shipsystem to instantly kill a ship after its activation uptime runs out? Bonus if it can make it unrecoverable

I know there are stuff like the Titan or IEDs that can explode but those don’t seem to be timer based or otherwise don’t seem to work for some odd reason

Is there a way to give a ship a hullmod that changes the damage types of the weapons on it? Also if there is a way to change the hullmod dynamically without making it a modular

(eg. a hullmod on a ship that changes weapon types on it from energy to HE; and can be switched to kinetic or frag, or back to energy)

How do I make a rule/condition that displays the amount of times it’s been chosen? For example a value that adds 1 to itself every time you complete an interaction and can be shown again in a text box(like how many times you've done it).

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Diktat Enhancement 1.1.1e
« on: August 05, 2022, 09:25:36 PM »
I'm trying to find the Immigration Station and the L4 Asgard complex, but I they don't seem to show up on the map. Did I do something wrong?

Hi Terran Allias, that is definitely a bug. I already knew about it and the Discord releases should be okay but it seems I forgot to patch them on the forum release. I’ll try to release the updated bug-free version on the forums when I have time sometime today.

Until then, if you have Discord, it is recommended to grab the latest DE release from the unofficial starsector discord and start a new game, as changes don’t apply on existing saves.

EDIT: It should be fixed by now as long as you update and then start a new save. Plus the forum update should be updated to the latest version by now.

I don't really know what is wrong with this code:

(It's supposed to delete an entity and replace it with a similar entity in the same location with a unique marketplace data)

        // Replacing Drakon with Ravaryea analogue
        LocationAPI hyper = Global.getSector().getHyperspace();
        String amazing = "mamamia"; // 11000, -7500(Naraka), -4400,-4500(Askonia) +- 200
        for (SectorEntityToken e : hyper.getAllEntities()) {
            if (e.getLocation().x > -4200 && e.getLocation().x < -4600 && e.getLocation().y > -4300 && e.getLocation().y < -4700) {
                amazing = e.getId();
        PlanetAPI drakon = system.addPlanet("drakon_fortress", system.getStar(), "Drakon", "terran-eccentric", 280, 150, 12000, 1000); //formerly 450 and 650
        if (!isPAGSM) {
        } else {
        MarketAPI drakon_fortress_market = addMarketplace(

                new ArrayList<>(

                new ArrayList<>(
                new ArrayList<>(
                //junk and chatter
        drakon.getMarket().getIndustry(Industries.POPULATION).setSpecialItem(new SpecialItemData(Items.ORBITAL_FUSION_LAMP, null));

The market seems to spawn deformed; it fails to spawn conditions properly(no effect on hazard, or fail to show up on market screen) and has no admins or people on its comms boards. Does anyone know what's up?

Suggestions / Actually do the TODO stuck in Penelope Star’s code
« on: July 22, 2022, 09:41:14 PM »
Apparently there’s been a TODO on Ithaca for like 6 years that claims that it could potentially get abandoned infrastructure or something like that. So I believe that this TODO should actually be worked on or if not at least give a reason for why it was never worked on.

Hell, maybe even tie it into new update lore. I dunno.

Is there a way to make a missile not disappear when hitting shields/fighters? Also optionally how to make a missile bypass shields entirely?

For example, the missile moves to fighter 1 and hits it, but it’s still alive and can move on to target fighter 2.

Modding Resources / Re: Kitbash Database
« on: July 20, 2022, 08:21:15 AM »
will this be updated for 0.95.1a ships/update of midline stuff?

Modding Resources / Re: Spiral Arms II
« on: July 18, 2022, 06:07:23 AM »
I'm taking this fellow, thanks; and I'm gonna rework it and publish it in DE(assuming that's allowed, but I suppose it technically is since this is spiral arms)

Is there a way to change the text/descriptor of a mission based on a mod being enabled?

Example: Mission has text A and ships B by default, but have text C and ships D when mod 1 is enabled.

Is there a way to control the application of economy.json contents with a settings.json defined Boolean?

For example Boolean “DENotSpawnNonDiktatStuff” defined in settings.json, is it possible to use this Boolean to make it so economy.json stuff doesn’t apply when it is true for example?

How difficult would it be to entirely remove a modded weapon from a save? I accidentally ran my main save with a debug mod and now i have a blueprint and an item of a test gun on it.

If it's not used by anything, then you might be able to just edit it out of the savefile. Or drop it off in some cargo pods and let them be lost forever - after the pods with the item despawn, unless you've learned the blueprint, I believe the save should load without that test mod enabled.

Does anyone know how to code a faction's hull(or in this case) fighter doctrine to run different fighter IDs based on the mods being enabled?

For example: mod A adds fighters 1 and 2. If mod A is running the Sindrian Diktat(for example) would be running fighter 1. But if mod B is enabled alongside mod A the Sindrian Diktat would be running exclusively fighter 2 instead.

You'd probably need to detect this in ModPlugin.onNewGame() and then modify the faction's known fighters there.

I believe that should work, thanks!

Though, I have another question; how do you make a planetary condition that appears on a specific planet after it's been decivilized and changes if it is recolonized? I understand that there is Decivilized/Deciv Subpop and a ColonyDecivListener but checking the Deciv/Deciv Subpop java files doesn't seem to yield anything special and I don't really know how to use the listener.

And a little bonus to the above: How do you make it not spawn if the colony is colonized by a specific faction?

Does anyone know how to code a faction's hull(or in this case) fighter doctrine to run different fighter IDs based on the mods being enabled?

For example: mod A adds fighters 1 and 2. If mod A is running the Sindrian Diktat(for example) would be running fighter 1. But if mod B is enabled alongside mod A the Sindrian Diktat would be running exclusively fighter 2 instead.

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