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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Skill Changes, Part 2 (07/15/21)

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Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Green Knight Security (v2.0c)
« on: July 27, 2021, 08:38:36 AM »
This mod looks awesome. Any plans to update to the latest version?

Experiencing a bug where I don't get a warning about incoming invasion fleets. I get a warning with a distinct sound for expeditions, but when another faction is attacking my colony in order to take it over I get nothing, so I have no opportunity to defend myself.

Its possible that there's a standard notification popping up, but given the sheer volume of notifications generated by unrelated activity its impossible to read them all.

Discussions / Re: Sci-Fi Series similar to Starsector
« on: July 19, 2021, 09:10:50 AM »
You might like the Honor Harrington series by.... David Weber. First one is On Basilisk Station. It's available for free from the Baen Free Library.

To me it defeats the purpose of having fleet combat and being a fleet commander if I can't reliably command my forces in battle. I mean the command points are annoying enough, but watching my ships change orders on their own is just really frustrating. I'll order a ship to defend a point and then a different ship will order itself to defend a new point, I'll change that ship back to it's original orders and then a different ship will change orders and the process repeats.

Maybe folk around here have gotten used to it but any gameplay mechanic that exists solely to waste my time is bad game design, period.

If I give no orders, my ships will move forward until they contact the enemy. If I select just two ships and order them to do something specific you can't argue that I've given an order to the entire fleet. I selected two ships and my orders were just for them. Having all the other ships autonomously give themselves their own orders, forcing me to put them back on task when I wouldn't otherwise have to is objectively bad game design.

If that isn't how the game works, then I shouldn't be allowed to select individual ships in the first place. I should give the order and the fleet should independently figure out how to best accomplish that. But why the hell would I want to rely on a computer to do what I can unequivocally do better? Unless the dev's intention is to create a Deep Blue style fleet command AI, I'm always going to make better choices than the computer. Frankly, I don't want the computer to make those choices. I want to make them myself, that's why I'm playing a game about being a fleet commander in the first place.

Starting fleet:

Commanded two frigates on the right flank to capture Sensor Jammer Gamma, but every single ship on the map decided that means they should all go to Gamma.

I've proved that ships are giving themselves orders, which IMO they should never, ever do. But they do it every time, sometimes leaving points they're defending or an active engagement.

Ships I've given explicit orders to change commands autonomously. Ships that haven't been given explicit orders still shouldn't assume that I want them to fly off across the map by themselves, especially during battle. In huge fights with a lot of ships it's easy to miss when one or more ships has abandoned its post, necessitating more CP use to correct the problem.

I'm really frustrated with the battle system. Its so annoying to have ships randomly decide to leave the battle to defend a command point on the far side of the map where there are no enemy ships when I've already told them I need them in a specific place. The command point limitation means that autonomous choices by the fleet AI lead to a shortage of command points when I need to give orders at critical moments which leads to lost ships and lost battles.

Frankly, its really dumb that I can't order a ship to defend a point and expect them to stay there until I give them new orders. It doesn't make sense that when I order individual frigates to capture control points at the start of a battle, every other ship in the fleet automatically assigns itself an objective, forcing me to give them a new order to correct them. In a real fleet it would be an unacceptable dereliction of duty for a commander to ignore orders given by a superior, so why is this a constant scourge of every battle in this game? Ships shouldn't be allowed to make autonomous choices and assign themselves objectives, it defeats the entire purpose of commanding a fleet and the real-time-with-pause model of the battle system.

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