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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: A Tale of Two Tech Levels (05/28/21)

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Suggestions / Boarding ships
« on: December 01, 2012, 11:01:26 AM »
Well, i sometimes think that when you board ships its like wait what i didnt capture it? So what would happen is each ship has seperate boarding points in which you can spawn marines. This would be where your marines spawned. Since it would be like the ship combat, you just run it and gun the crew down. There would be different types of marines like veterans and captains, etc. Since they just had thier ship blown up, they would be very weakened. So in theory you could win with much better ods. Anybody like this?

i clicked my capital ship in battle and hit view info because i wanted to see some of its stats so i would select it for a battle. This is what i got after the game crashed.
Fatal: Ship hull varian
[exported_variant_TD_reliant_c861ce33-e36d-4459-a22c-9a0afd7e63f3] not found!
Check starfarer.log for more info.

Suggestions / Should we add this game to "Steam Greenlight"?
« on: August 30, 2012, 10:45:19 AM »
Since Steam Greenlight has just come out i was thinking this game could be suggested for greenlight. They said you could add early builds of the game ie an alpha. I was wondering if this could happen since this game is amazing and i think lots of others will too.

Then how is it supposed to be pronounced? i pronunce it yO-mOz

And i forgot to say, what happened to the old warhawks. They were so cool in the way that they were before only being kitbashed after the falcon. Now they seem very blank and boring.

well for the caelus mod i have some feed back.
1. It needs more weapons, because at the time it seemed that there werent very many weapons i could choose, so i didnt like it to much.
2. The pirater needs to be more challenging fleets, i was flying around and i could slaughter the pirate fleets, they were no challenge.
3. The pirates need fighter wings, and smaller frigates ie like the hound.
4. We need small faster ships, i like flying around in a small frigate rather then a big frigate with lots of weapons.
5. We need more factions, or we need more fleets flying around.
6. The spawn points need to be farther apart.
7. Im not sure if you wanted it to be vanilla balanced but if you did, this isnt very vanilla balanced, and i want to see the old ships.
8. Other then that i thought it was good, but it needs alot of improving, which i think you are doing at the time.

so umm i have made some sprites and when i look at them they are terrible. :/ So i guess i will just test the game for bugs and balancing issues. Sorry peoples.

ok so i have finally got and is there any way that you can increase the grid size or what is the pixels/inc or cm you use?

the thing is im not sure which programs im supposed to use or how i get the grid thing up for pixel spriting. Which ones do you use?

Hey guys i saw you needed a weapons spriter. I have never done any of this but i can try if you guys want. Since i think your mod is awesome i will be willing to help. Im not sure what programs to use so i guess reply back if you need me or you dont etc.

You can still use some of the other missles cause it takes forever for just guns to kill ships.

Dear Balancers of the Project CAEULUS Mod. I have some things i would like to say about some of the ships. The mineflayer varient (i dont remember the ship) has 2 burst lasers, 2 swarmers and i think some kind of rocket pod. I found this ship nearly impossible to kill because it moves so fast and its capacity is too high. Like this thing is harder to kill then a purifier ship from Uozmoz's mod. I think that it is a excellent idea to make a near impossible to kill frigate because we need something to tank up the damage. But i still think it is unfair because once campaign comes in this ship will be unstoppable. If you put antimatter blasters and 2 harpoons this thing will easily slay destroyers by its self. So im thinking that you make it have like 3 small energy mounts and it will be like that. Or you can keep it this way and have the FP at about 10 or have its op be very low so you cant give it stuff that is too good. Also I have one question to ask. WHERE ARE ALL DA MISSELZ!?!??!?!?!?! When i was playing everything had only energy mounts or only ballistic. i think i saw only different ships with missels and those werent very good missles. Because when i was playing with the blue faction ships (whos name i have also forgot) they had tons of frigates. But they had no missles. I would happily trade that medium energy mount for a couple of missles and an extra small energy mount. And for the lag i found it was really bad because of the size of the battle. But still maybe we could add some missions with little groups of ships because that is more like the campaign. Well once there is a update i will stop playing this mod. It was fun and i have done my job in this so far. Hope you can fix some of this stuff.

Ok i finally was able to fix it, thanks guys for the advice. Now my friend wants me 2 play civ 5 with them so i cant test your mod. Honestly if this comes out the way you guys are hoping Alex should have it on the game when you install it.  :)

 :( Something bad happened. I dont know if this is with you guys but as soon as i downloaded this file it was instantly a notepad. Like how its supposed to be a compresed zip file instead it had the notepad thing next to it. If this has happened to you any idea how to fix it?

Hello i would like to say that your mod looks awesome and i could be a game tester. Since i dont have the most high end computer i could be an example for the people who dont have great computers. If you dont need me to test because you have to many its okay, i will still play the mod

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