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Suggestions / Questline: Infinity
« on: June 05, 2023, 01:44:56 AM »
The idea is simple

A quest line that takes place in a single system, upon entering the system the player is LOCKED inside of that system and all attempts at leaving are met with time resetting to an earlier point, specifically the point where the player first entered the system, technically the quest can't force a game over or a hard lock as the place features supplies you can purchase and/or pilfer

As you go through the quest you wind up having to decipher WHY you're stuck in that time loop and find a way to prevent the events leading to the time loop from taking place

Bonus points if the end of the quest provides a suitably meaty reward...maybe a unique variant of the Odyssee ? I dunno feels like it could add in a pinch of lovecraftian horror if done well

General Discussion / Re: Expectations for 1.0
« on: May 23, 2023, 05:06:21 AM »
A set of endgame "cataclysms" depending on the player's actions, sector wide events that lead to a climactic showdown where all the factions have to put up their dukes for survival, think mount'n'blade's endgame invasion event where a massive horde of an army called "the legion" just shows up and starts tearing the place appart

Same deal but in the Starsector cannon I could see, the Hegemony making a comeback, a REDACTED legion showing up, a Luddic Jihad turning the sector into a state of all-out civil war....

Basically a big bad event that will well a truly test the sector

Found another bug,  looks like the Leynos's left arm can't traverse at all, can't aim it no  matter what weapon is equipped.   I think left arms may have become haunted.

Too much master baiting

Noticed something wrong in my game,  Watchdogs seem to be missing their left arms.   Trying to fix it myself because I'm impatient, anyone else have the same bug?

Something KIND OF similar happened to me in mission mode in the refit screen, tried to change a watchdog's left arm's weapon and the option to change the weapon dissappeared, could be connected to that

Quote from: Mikey D. Honk link=topic=18751.msg394136#msg394136
But 50% max increase still wouldn't lengthen the blade by 4 of itself.
By the way, it's a long-standing bug/feature that a combination of PDAI hullmod and point defense skill with elite status will do this.

Frankly, I thought the blade was made standard to give the Aleste a good PD option.

*laughs in flamer/blade/Atropos interceptor*

Storm needler on one arm, devastator on the other.  The fortress shield can go for something like accelerated ammo feed.  Better for something more aggressive, anyway.

Eh feels like a Hegemony refit moreso than pirate

I’d be tickled pink if the Watchdog got the P treatment.

what would that even have ?

quad thumpers on the arms ?

and maybe a couple missile points in the chest ?

the queen keeps telling me about person named permaisuri? who is this person?

vaguely sounds like left unspecified act

Suggestions / Hull conversion
« on: April 24, 2023, 12:22:13 AM »
Watched a homeworld cataclysm lets play, made me wonder if it was possible to have ships captured by a specific faction automatically converted captured hulls to a faction specific hull type/loadout ?

Modding / Re: Macross mod wip
« on: April 19, 2023, 05:59:02 AM »
so are you gonna use the pilotable strike craft from Arma ?

Can I make what I believe to be a small request and could you please add regenerating ammo on missile launchers to the vanilla weapons in the same way you did for this mod ?

that would make my day

It may sound like I'm being a armchair game designer here but how about a quest-line that eventually culminates in the player gaining control of the AA corporation and go full sieg Zeon on they ass ?

So that comic got me thinking, ever thought of making this into a full fledged faction mod ? with quests and the likes like UAF and the like ?

Altagrave in mission refit is all kinds of mangled right now, its missing a leg and showing pieces of the spriggan and showing a missile mount from the spriggan

So wich mech is it in the picture ?

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