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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hostile Activity (09/01/22)

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For Linux, edit your file.

Memory configuration in launcher was indeed in the original release of 0.95, but removed in a hotfix due to causing strange, difficult-to-repro bugs ingame. I heard that it can still be enabled in data/config/settings.json

There is no "" file... The launcher is "starsector" ... but the file in /usr/bin is a bash script without .sh ... :)
So thx a lot :)




Step 2: In the vmparams file, replace the text "-Xms1536m -Xmx1536m" with the memory you want to allocate to Starsector.  These numbers should be the same value.  For example, "-Xms4096m -Xmx4096m" allocates 4 GB of memory for the game.

Where do I find that under LINUX?
I wish there was a config file in the $HOME directory or at least in .starsector directory.
Why does the launcher - the most logically place - not have such an option?
Or why does it not determine how much memory the maschine has and configs itself properly?
With tons of tabs and zram (something linux has and windows does not) and other background tasks I use about 8GB of 32GB.
In the Taskmanager I see the java-server blah -Xms1536m -Xmx1536m but I see no way to change it.

thx in advance,


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