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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: The Pilgrim's Path (07/19/22)

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General Discussion / Re: Instant actions feel wrong
« on: May 28, 2021, 06:32:10 AM »
I agree with the OP. The click-click-click of everything has never felt right to me. Accomplishing any task in zero time with a few clicks and a fancy text blurb feels cheap. Those bits are less like a game and more like flicking a couple pages forward in a book to get to the better parts. It can also be a bit exploity... if there are multiple enemy fleets around a station, you can fight all of them at full CR and hull strength since dock repairs are instant. Just don't make the station owner angry and the CR system becomes nearly irrelevant for those fights.

But I'm not sure adding time to tasks is the right answer. As an example, mining in Nexerelin takes time. It used to hold your fleet next to the planet/moon/asteroid for about five seconds every time you mined. Now it's a cooldown, so mining is instant but you have to wait afterwards and can freely move around in the meantime. I do not know if the community requested that change or if it's something Histidine came up with on his own. I do know it feels better than the old way. Needing to wait five seconds before each mining action finished got annoying really quickly. Now you click, go, and are only forced to wait if you want to keep mining.

I don't think the current Nex mining system would work well with vanilla mechanics. We can only salvage debris fields one time now, so the cooldown is usually irrelevant. Dock repairs also only need to be done once. Surveys and ruin sweeps are the same, and planets aren't always close enough for cooldowns to matter, but sometimes they are. Would the old Nex mining method of forcing you to wait a few seconds every time you want to do one of these things be better? Keep in mind that we'll do these actions thousands of times over a run. That will add up and can greatly affect the player's perception of the game, even if a single wait event is so small on its own.

If mothballing doesn't work, you can use the Console Commands mod to remove all traits. Make sure your character is piloting the ship in question, then open the console and type "removetraits". You can also manually add or remove specific traits. If you want to remove a single trait, like Dutiful Crew, type "removetraits dutiful crew" and it will remove only that one.

You will not get the same perks on the next levelup. To guarantee it, add the traits you want manually, while keeping in mind that the Evans-Zhao score (whatever it's called) has an effect on how powerful each trait is. If you wanted the +10% armor trait, adding eight traits to a ship that has never seen combat will not give you that 10%; it will be at 7% or 8%. This has been my experience with manually adjusting traits.

Some do. It probably depends on various planet conditions. They'll even dismantle industries. As an example, I invaded Kazeron, put Orbital Works on it (or maybe it already had it), then gave it to the Indies since I wanted to chain raid their blueprints but needed a junk planet to do so. They immediately removed Orbital Works and started to put in a patrol HQ. The only structures on that planet were a megaport and the orbital works, so... why?

General Discussion / Re: When I get to the midgame, I quit
« on: May 16, 2021, 08:32:19 PM »
I feel somewhat similarly. If you don't have good planets, it almost feels like "what do I bother building here?" I have a couple like that in my current playthrough.

This topic makes my mind turn to Dwarf Fortress. That game, like Starsector, also has randomly generated worlds where you can only do certain things if you have certain materials available. But... you get to choose before you start. When you get ready to embark, you get a basic survey of the area you're about to colonize. You can see shallow metals (not which kinds), deep metals, flux stone, the presence of forests and rivers, active volcanos, and more. Many of those things give you hints that certain ores may or may not be available. You get to decide if you want to embark on a metal-poor region and have to import most of your iron.

Starsector does not do this. When you generate a world, you are completely blind until you start surveying manually. There is no deciding that you will do a run with crappy volatiles but lots of ore, or a food-poor run on the fringe. You're stuck with what you get in a game that can take hundreds of hours per playthrough (typically how I play), so getting a planet with farmland and transplutonics feels bad when you've sunk in dozens of hours already. There's no way to remove the transplutonics, so those soil nanites are useless. Yes, it's just +2 food which is basically just more money, but it doesn't feel good. Then there are the taps and fusion lamps that require you to use other planet items in order to bring in enough resources to run them, so there can be layers of disappointment.

Towards the end of .91, I would use the command line mod to "survey all" before I started a run proper, just to see if there were any good planets in that sector (then I'd reload so everything wasn't surveyed). Sometimes there weren't, so I would delete that save and generate a new one. I guess that's save scumming in a sense, but I consider it the equivalent of looking up things in the Prima Strategy Guide.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Unknown Skies v0.43 (2021/03/27)
« on: May 11, 2021, 06:53:34 PM »
Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I tend to look through mod files myself to see what stuff is added. UnknownSkies\data\campaign\market_conditions.csv contains the human-readable names for the various conditions that this mod adds. I've added them here behind a spoiler. Other CSV files contain the new planet types.

Magnetic Crust
Chaotic Structures
Perpetual Dust Storm
Military Virus
Ancient Religious Landmark
Pre-Collapse Military Base
Floating Continent
Crashed Terraforming Drone
Old Space Accelerator
Psychoactive Fungus
Underground Network
Parasitic Spores
Accessible Sub-Ice Bedrock

I like this mod since it adds some much needed variety. It makes bounties considerably less annoying since "the target is near a burnt world in a system with a giant star in the Chungus constellation" narrows it down more than the old "the target is near a barren world in a system with giant star..." when the system in question has five barren worlds.

If you reload the game and go to the wreck without paying the historian, that item will not be there. So yes, historian magically conjures up items and places them into ruins or wrecks like Santa Claus.

No, not Santa. If another thread is to be believed, the items are conjured up like Will Smith.

Once, I left a derelict ship alone in some star system in the armpit of the sector, since my cargo hold was full. Years passed. A visit to the historian informed me that a blueprint was on that ship I ignored so long ago. Neat, but that meant I had to trudge all the way back out there to that nondescript system in the corner of the map because I didn't salvage that one random Venture (or whatever it was). I guess it's appropriate for a genie; you wished for a blueprint, but you didn't wish for it to be right in front of you, so instead it was placed as far away as possible.

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