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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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Not only should ill-advised stay, but it should be made the S-Mod Effect for Safety Overrides. We should be allowed to S-Mod Safety Overrides again, seeing as it was the first mod to actually be s-modded in the actual game.

That's the most evil thing I've read here. I like it. A lot.

Fleet Journal seems to be what you're looking for.

Suggestions / Re: QoL: Please add a gate to Hybrasil
« on: May 16, 2024, 10:15:11 AM »

You can move the Gate Hauler there.

Suggestions / Re: Orbital Fusion Lamp ways too expensive to upkeep
« on: May 14, 2024, 05:42:43 AM »
I think the intent is the same as with the fleet size capped skills: you need to make an effort to utilize it 100%, otherwise you can only use its benefits partially. Case in point, even if you don't meet the full demand it is beneficial to install it on worlds with the Extreme Cold or Darkness modifiers. They won't get negated completely, but will still net you a better habitability.

The lamp does not decrease Stability to my knowledge, but it may increase hazard if installed on a world lacking either the Cold or Extreme Cold modifiers (as it increases heat level by 1, so gives Hot to a world lacking the aforementioned modifiers, or gives Extreme Heat to one already having the Hot modifier.



Granted, if you want to make full use of it, you need to use a Gamma Core where you have the Lamp and a +2 Volatiles Gas Giant, with a Dynamo, an AI Admin and an AI Core at Mining, or improve Mining for SPs.

Suggestions / Re: High Scatter Amplifier and laser PDs
« on: May 13, 2024, 09:26:57 AM »
If you have issues hitting frigates with a plasma, i suggest setting it to auto fire, tagging the frigate, and letting it handle itself. Autofire AI is pretty good at hitting frigates with large anti-everything guns.
These AIs will simply die with these weapons in such conditions, beams perform their task perfectly, with the help of various beams I destroyed 10 Ordos, there is no place for plasmas there, except of one on the flagship. With plasmas, the ship misses, which leads to self-heating and death, of course they can do a lot with plasmas, but the rays will do more without heating the carrier with blank shots. Here's how it works. In principle, I respect plasma as a weapon, but due to numerous disadvantages, the use of this weapon is questionable. I’ll also add the fact that plasma has a poorly configured collision, which is why in some cases it simply doesn’t even fire, which leads to a loss. I am attaching the recording.

This is not unique behaviour to Plasma Cannon, I've notice it mostly for ballistics, Helbore or Mjolnir for example, which have relatively high damage single shots. It seems that the AI holds fire if there is a friendly ship which is somewhat close to the line of fire. This behaviour seems less noticeable the shorter the weapon range is.

That said, going back to the original topic, while HSA can be made to work, it is basically converting beams (some more efficiently than others) to a function that, by default, is the task of another type of weapon. Looking at PD, it can be used for some Burst PD spam shenanigans with Expanded Magazines S-modded, but that's it, for regular PD Laser or LR PD Laser it's just a very minor DPS increase for a significant range decrease.

Suggestions / Re: Return Old-Style Faction Expeditions (kind of)
« on: May 13, 2024, 06:06:28 AM »
It's a hard no for me. Old expeditions seem like a step backwards and would go counter to the current crisis/event system. Maybe more independent/underworld bar missions could be a nice addition to Free Port but I definitely don't miss the old mechanic.

Also, about its -3 Stability malus, indeed it is not an issue in and of itself. On a world with Decivs or a potential Commerce location it's a sufficient hit to think about it. Adding more maluses in form of punitive expeditions means Free Port will, in effect, cause about -5 stability due to constant trade disruptions. Not a sight I'd like to see.

What is more dangerous?

Someone who runs a loosely knit but still somewhat unified sectorwide organization, has lived for just about the entire time since the collapse, who is able to procure just about everything, can make your life miserable at a whim, yet who you may also bargain with and come to an understanding?

Or someone who, while not the head of an organization, has achieved legendary status due to the acts of terror committed, who inspires people to join this organization which has moles in every other organization, thus can get critical information whenever necessary, who may sometimes miss their goal, but if they achieve it, worlds may burn?

Honestly, a difficult question. While Kanta is more approachable and public, her goal is not destruction only. So that may count for something. Then again, if we can believe the conversations with Cotton, then he has also changed his known behaviour (at least towards the player). If we look at our first meeting with the Loke clone, and take what he says for truth (even if it makes little sense), it seems that Elissa, Gargoyle and Kanta are very much looking at the Galatia Academy's activities with interest and are regarding the relay hacking as a bit of a mischief.

About their sanity and the singing in general: are Cotton and the player, conventionally speaking, sane? For the latter I can accept that it depends on how you play. However for the former, while he hears the singing as well and it is of great importance to him, it does not diminish his former terrorist activities and religious fanaticism.
While you, the player, start hearing the singing when encountering the Ziggurat and later the gates, Cotton hears them first in prison, then later before you go meet him. Does he hear the same singing? I am not entirely sure.

In conclusion: I do wish the lore would flesh out lots of characters way more (especially Cotton). I'd read the hell out of every new tidbit.

Make ships enter combat in an order specified by the player

If you just select all your ships to enter they will fly in in a random order, adhering to the logic that smaller & faster ships go first, while slower ones fly in at the end. While you can circumvent this issue by deploying first your slower ships, then some cruisers, then whatever else you want, it is a bit tedious and forces you to switch 3-4 times to the deployment screen before you can start giving orders. So a deployment system would be nice where you can pick the position your ships are deployed in.

Make the entire bottom part of the map available for deploying ships from

As it currently is, your ships are deployed from the middle of the bottom of the map. That is fine, unless you are reinforcing allies in a battle, in which case they are likely clogging up the bottom-middle part, partially or even completely hindering the deployment of your fleet. This can be overcome, as deployment from different locations already does exist (you can deploy frigates while pursuing enemies from the top right or top left side of the map). With that, it would be beneficial to be able to deploy ships in every battle from the bottom-mid, bottom-left and bottom-right part of the map.

These are not new things and have been suggested before here and here and likely at other places I haven't found. Admittedly, these are not severe issues, can be played around, but still can be a tad annoying.

AI inspections are now a crisis you can resolve. Defeat three inspections, go to Chicomoztoc and have a chat with Daud, and they won't bother you anymore.
my favourite implication of this quest is that Hegemony could have technically lost the AI Wars in terms of being able to fight off Remnants, but spun the propaganda enough to make it seem like they won. With the systems AI Remnants are occupying being actual key infrastructure that was wiped from the pages of history for the sake of creating a good image of the Hegemony Diktat.

After all, the blog post describing the story is called A True and Accurate History of the Persean Sector, so who knows just how bad the war has gone.

Been thinking about this. Did the Hegemony (+Knights of Ludd) win at all? After someone allegedly hacking the Aztalan relay there is a very friendly bar encounter, there one of the answers the player can give is something along the lines of "Looks like Tri-Tach beat you again."

More lore would be welcome on the matter, though with what we know about the Hegemony's heavy-handedness, if they had actually won any of the AI wars, would Tri-Tachyon still exist as a corp controlling entire planets?

Indeed Odyssey does not have to send off its bombers as it is usually in the thick of things, however I dare not give AI control over the ship as it gets suicidal due to poor usage of Plasma Burns. In player hands, again, it is better not to press a button and have your bombers stay by your side than to install a hullmod that gives no advantage to bombers. (Except for the Longbow, to be fair.)

The Mora is a bit sluggish. It has a definite presence in a battleline, against faster opponents however it is just a big, tanky, dangerous brick floating in the backside.

Legion works nicely though. I prefer Fighters or Interceptors for it however I had some success with a short-range Legion with Daggers. Atropi fly over you if fired from behind the ship, which is nice.

The only thing better than DTA for player ships is not to install it and never to press Engage for bombers. That way they usually try to place the mothership between themselves and their target, leading to greater survivability.

For AI it is different though. They work OKish with some fighters like the Gladius or the Warthog, but as bombers will pick their own position without any option to influence it they become casualties rather quickly. I think a minor change, capping their leash range to 2-300 units would do the trick functionally.

General Discussion / Re: The Making of a Ramming Ship.
« on: May 01, 2024, 02:52:37 AM »
in vanilla Low Tech ships are too slow to ram, Midline ones are too squishy. You should try High Tech instead. Though I don't think you're going to ram anything bigger than yourself, or even equal. Cause Fury/Odyssey are pretty light. You can also ram with Aurora, but you are going to need increase its base speed a little.

If you have plenty EMP equipped, you can disable a ship's engine and throw it out of the map.

I concur with Killer here, High Tech seems to be the best choice for this. The main benefit here is that shields will soak up the collision damage again and again, even during protracted engagements, while hull and armor give out after a while making you essentially explode upon contact (as Ludd intended). Think of it as "shield bashing" rather than ramming. Just be careful not to ram ships or wrecks your size. Or do, it's fun spinning around in an Odyssey going 200+ su without any control.

Suggestions / Re: Making phase ship less annoying
« on: April 30, 2024, 09:48:57 AM »
If anything, I'd prefer removing coil strain altogether. Also just improving phase AI. Oftentimes I see them deploy, then Phase --> Actively vent --> Phase --> Actively vent. Once they get within engagement range they are overfluxed already and can only retreat. 1v1 they are still good, or in player hand with the necessary skills, but in fleet engagements they are just a likely casualty.

General Discussion / Re: L/M Missile in 0.97
« on: April 30, 2024, 03:52:11 AM »
For large slots I tend to go with Squalls and some Locusts. The former is still good enough, while the latter is excellent for PD suppression giving better chances for bigger missiles to go through.
For medium slots I either use Reapers as finishers or Gazers/Gorgons for sustained annoyance. Pilum was my go to "I've got a medium missile slot but no OP to meaningfully fit it out with" choice, but for a while now they feel extremely underwhelming, even massed.

And while technically not a missile slot, but most carriers I use have Daggers or Longbows on them with their Atropi and Sabots respectively making up a good part of the damage my fleet does.

Reading this thread makes me feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Am I completely misunderstanding how story points work, or is everyone else?

- Worries about S-modding early game/bad ships: Do you realize you get the XP back if the ships are lost or if you scrap them? There's no drawback, go ahead and S-Mod your early game D-modded frigate all you want, scrap it later and get the XP back.

- Green options that give 100% XP - I literally ALWAYS take these. You get 100% of the XP back on the story point, how is this a waste? These are the most efficient possible uses of story points, there is literally no drawback unless you are saving the SP for something else and you can't spare them.

Seriously, people who are saying don't S-Mod ships that might get blown up or spending story points on green options, do you know how this works?

You get an incentive on future xp gain. You do not get anything back in fact.

The discussion is a bit more aimed at SPs being a universal everything point, instead of implementing its systems to already existing structures or systems which more lore-friendly.

Nevertheless Alex hath spoken and this system is to remain, such as it is.

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