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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Uniquifying the Factions, Part 2 (04/30/22)

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Mods / Re: [0.9a] Foundation Of Borken v0.2.4-RC3 (2019-1-19)
« on: February 16, 2020, 03:14:32 PM »
I used Borken's Mental Healers to change a Reckless officer to Steady, but I've noticed that the officer keeps reverting back to Reckless, I used the Healer twice and both times the officer ends up being Reckless again. Sounds like a bug, could anyone look into this?

Slight bug, when equipping a flux battery of any kind, the weapon flux indicator in the refit screen seems to bug out and display the total weapon flux as 0.

Woah. :o

Is it a hiccup or can you reproduce it consistently? No idea how that happened, but if it's the former, and since it seems to have been resolved without much problem, I'd like to shelf it!

It just seems to be a hiccup I randomly came across while messing around with the Mythril Cloak, I don't think it'll end up being a huge deal since it seems to be based around the refire/cooldown indicator, which is fixed once you activate Shed Cloak again.

Hmm... can I assume that this is during an ongoing campaign? I'm... not really sure what happened with the Mythril Cloak - I've seen it happen when I mess around with ship modules; but existing ships get assigned random modules for some reason? I don't really know why that happens, but it happens even in the Mission refit screen, so I assume it can happen in campaign. While I can fix my problems with simply resetting the mission, I'm afraid that for an ongoing campaign, you only recourse might be to buy a new Mythril Cloak, and one with the correct modules, in case the ones in the shops, too, can get scrambled this way.

Actually this is from the YRXP test mission, I don't have a Mythril Cloak B in the campaign to test unfortunately, though the one I own (with the shield generator) in the campaign is fine, as is the shield generator one in the tester. It just seems to be this version with the built-in weapon that's bugged.

On another note, someone from the Starsector discord pointed out that the new Angel Rose HVB isn't showing up on the intel screen, but they stumbled into the actual HVB randomly in a system. I can't really confirm this since I don't have Vayra's Sector, I'm just the messenger.
Edit: The user said they updated to 1.8.1 which fixed the HVB not being there!

I redownloaded the 1.81 patch but the Sparkler bug still seems to be there, as is the 0 flux/sec display bug in the refit screen.

Are you positive that the bitbucket download was updated? Was the new patch uploaded somewhere else by accident?  :D

Sorry for the bombardment of stuff! I ran into 2 other bugs tonight, the Shine Ray seems to be extremely cheap on market, I managed to buy one that had a single dmod for around 10k-20k, could you double check the market price on it? On the refit screen for the Shine Ray, the main ship also displays 0 flux/sec even though I have weapons on it.

I'm still on 1.71, but I found a bizarre bug with the Mythril Cloak's ship system

Im not entirely sure how it happened, but it looks like if you fire missiles at just the right time before the cloak shuts itself and the system ends, the UI freaks out. It goes back to normal once you activate the system again though.

Edit: Fixed some typos.

Edit 2: Updated to 1.81, found an issue with the Mythril Cloak B,

Mythril Cloak B has the shield generator when it shouldn't, and the plating visibly glitches when activated. The A version seems to be fine however. My old Shine Ray in my playthrough doesn't have the updated crown, is that normal? The test mission doesn't have the updated one either.

Sorry for these frequent edits, this is the third one and it's regarding this:
Sorry, the patch above added some strange behavior of the Sparklers not moving at all when launched  :o

I have updated the file fixing this bug, so if you downloaded it BEFORE reading this post, please redownload it!

I've redownloaded the patch a few times, but the sparklers still don't move at all when launched.


Found another issue with the Shine Ray, deploying it seems to costs way more DP than the stats suggest, almost triple of what its listed DP is supposed to be.

Huh, that's strange. Though, in any case, I've reworked the "crown" of the Shine Ray for the next patch, so whatever this bug may have been, it will no longer be an issue.

(and perhaps a little teaser too - you might notice some new bits here and there ;))

Looks awesome already, can't wait to see more!

I didn't notice until now that the front applique armor on the Shine Ray has what looks like a sprinkler danmaku cannon on it, but it doesn't fire, nor does locking onto it reveal that it has any weapon at all, which is weird since I took a look at the armor sprite itself in the files, and it has a small mount on it. The weapon can even look disabled as well.

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback! I will go through them one by one below.

No problem! Thanks for the timely reply!

The numbers are specific to the wing. For example, the INF goes from 2 -> 5, AT 1 -> 3 and Sniper 1 -> 2. I'm also unsure about writing all these down on the tooltip because am planning to add a bunch more and that might make the tooltip a bit too big eventually. Thus, I supposed a general description of what it does sufficed. I suppose the question in my head now is,  and not just for you, but also for other users - 'would you prefer a long block of text outlining the numbers, or can we go with the general descriptor?'

Yeah I suppose that's kind of tricky... as Starareo suggested, I think adding a tooltip on individual LPCs would be a better option, and leaving the hullmod's description as general. We avoid the wall of text while making sure players still know what it does for each LPC.

Hmm... this seems to be a side-effect of using the effects of the Reserve Deployment shipsystem script to make the hullmod work... Unfortunately, I have no other idea how to limit the usage of the wings apart from this, at least until the next SS release comes around. Maybe I could just add a supplemental malus to the hullmod, to balance the effects of this bug.

Yeah I think some sort of downside to the hullmod other than just being really OP expensive would be a good idea. The problem with balancing with only OP is if something is good enough, then the OP cost is more of an inconvenience than an actual deterrent. Maybe the added bays could cost more to maintain, or make it take longer to refit extra mechs, something along those lines.

I've actually noticed this behavior a few times too, but I think it has more to do with the fact that the fighters were given limited ammo. Iirc, all vanilla FIGHTER fighters all have either unlimited ammo or reloading missiles, so this behavior must have been quite rare. And based from some testing I think they only do it while in regroup stance? When I set them to engage, they still do rings around ships as usual. In any case, I think it's quite a clever, if unexpected, AI behavior. Why not RTB when you've spent your limited missile bank and you're just hanging around?

Oh, I didn't actually catch that. I had them on regroup stance during my testing and didn't actually try setting them to engage. :P
That said, yeah I do think it's pretty interesting as an AI behavior, though weird how it'll occur on regroup stance only. The missiles tend to have a pretty large engagement range, so if you're trying to regroup them to rebuild replacement rate, they'll fire off missiles and immediately try to rearm after being sent out, lowering it back down again. But good to know!

Hello! I've been enjoying the mod so far, but I've noticed some things while messing around with the new Mechs. First, is that the Mechanized Infantry Bay hullmod is a little vague in its description. It says it greatly increases the size of all Mech Infantry and Mech Support squads, but could we get any specific numbers like how much they're increased by, just to be more clear?

I've noticed that the extra mechs from the hullmod doesn't lower replacement rate when they get destroyed and need to be replaced, is that intentional? It only lowers once the extra mechs are destroyed and you start losing ones in the original sized wing. You'll see me demonstrate what I mean in the video I'll link below.

I ran into a bug where a carrier with Mechanized Infantry Bay doesn't actually run out of replacement rate when they hit 0% CR. I tested a Condor with one of the Mechs and a Talon wing at 0 CR, and both continued to respawn from the hangar at 0 CR. Once I killed off an entire wing, it disappears from the carrier HUD but continued to respawn.

And finally, I know it was mentioned that Yuri fighters now retreat once their armor is punctured and fighter missiles now no longer reload, but Valkyries now act more like bombers, they'll release all their missiles and then immediately return to the carrier instead of engaging targets until their armor is gone. They feel more like bombers now instead of normal fighters. Maybe adjust their role to a bomber or let them engage targets/fighters a little bit longer before they retreat.

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