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I know that base max lvl for officers is 5. Lvl 6 with Leadership skill. Officers in pods usually lvl 6 or 7. Iirc Alpha cores are lvl 8.
Managed to find a lvl 8 officer in a pod and I thought it's an absolute maximum for officers.
But then i found an absolute Chad, lvl 14 officer. He has so many skills that UI unable to show them properly. And now I'm confused is there even a limit on lvls for officers founds in pods?
I don't run any mods affecting officers and I haven't touched any files. 

General Discussion / Shield shunt hullmod seems pretty bad
« on: April 08, 2021, 09:31:09 AM »
Options are good, and having option to make shieldless build is great, but current Shield shunt seems to work entirely backwards. As someone already pointed out: "You are spending OP to make your ship worse". Even ships with terrible shields like Conquest better of spending those OP on anything else and still have shield to catch some occasional torpedo or scary HE weapon shot.

Let's compare it with Resistant Flux Conduits. They both provide 50% EMP resistance, Conduits cost 5 OP more on capital but provide you with 25% flux vent bonus (which now even more important, because we no longer have additional 25% from skills) and leave your shield enabled. Again, I don't think 5 additional OP worth it even for Conquest, even if you need EMP resistance you better off just squeeze this 5 OP from somewhere and get yourself Conduits.

I see 2 ways how Shield shunt can be improved:

First one is by giving it additional bonuses, like increased armor, maybe some flux buffs or very limited armor regen. Which is sound like pretty herd to balance thing.

Second one is reverting hullmod cost into giving OP instead. And plain additional OP is way more flexible than any bonuses, because you can spend them on whatever this exact ship needs. It's even sounds more logical, because I imagine by disabling shield you're also removing all the equipment need for it to function, freeing up space and system energy or whatever for additional modifications.

Or a hybrid of both can be used, by giving out additional OP and a bit of bonuses on top. Shield is still too good to ships with decent flux stats and shield efficiency to give up for a bit of additional OP.

Anyway, does anyone have any success with this hullmod?

General Discussion / Frigates and overnerfed Sparks
« on: April 06, 2021, 04:46:09 AM »
TL:DR Frigates are way overtuned and tools to deal with them either lacking or nerfed into the ground.

Yeah....after smashing my fleet into red beacon system for an entire week I came to a conclusion that I have no ways to deal with enemy frigates. They are too fast to hit with any projectile weapons (even with elite skill), they are too fast to engage when you manage to catch them and they are too fast to disengage from when you need a room to breath. Also contrary to fighters they have way more firepower, too sturdy to kill with some random projectiles and have lvl 8 officer each. Not the matter they also usually outnumber you 5 to 1 at best.

So what's the options to deal with them? Beams and fighters (interceptors specifically). Beams just don't cut it against Remnants, you need enough of them to punch through 0.4 shield with almost cruiser level flux stats and enemy likely fall back way before you start dealing hull damage. All the while a dozen of his friends close in on you from all sides.

And fighters just lack any effective options against frigates now with sparks nerfed. Fighters specifically completely useless in this role simply because they are too slow. 150-180 speed is an embarrassment when frigates have close to 200 speed on average. To be effective against frigates fighters must have around 300 speed which leaves us with 4 options: Talons, Wasps, Sparks and Thunders. Talons and Wasps are too fragile for late game fights and former ones also drain your crew like crazy. Thunders have only 2 fighters in a wing and armor penetration of a finger. And Sparks...they are a qiuntessence of everything you want from fighter/interceptor: 300+ speed, shield, 0 crew, hitscan burst weapon, 5 in a wing and all this for 8 points. But now they barely competent in dealing with unshielded enemy fighters and that's it. Removing fighter skills was more than enough nerf to fighter spam, because now reaching critical mass of fighters is harder.

Now Ai has superior numbers, superior stats, superior officers (which I think is a part of stats), extremely aggressive behavior and I left with 0 tools to counter that. Every fight this entire week plays exactly the same: immediately got encircled by dozens of enemy frigates, got swarmed by insanely aggressive AI, while any enemy I'm trying to focus dash out of my range and got shielded by a swarm of allies.

Also about range. Who's idea that was to give 40+ ECM rating to all fleets? Even pirates and pathers fleets regularly have 40+. -20% to range is massive especially when closing in with target is a suicide.

Those missions where you required to start production of some commodity (like 4 units of fuel) on one of your colonies simply doesn't pay. After meeting requirements I'm greeted with a sound and pop-up message that mission successful and I'll be receiving monthly payments for the next several months. But it's always months remaining: 0. I tried several such missions and they all have the same 0 month of payment. Income tab also showing that there's no additional payment.

EDIT: Finally managed to receive payment. This mission works only if you meet requirements before accepting the mission. Otherwise you get 0 months of payments.

General Discussion / Salvage and salvage gantry in 0.95a
« on: April 01, 2021, 05:08:06 AM »
TL DR: I don't see any reason to lug around salvage ships in any scenario (exploration, combat etc) due to lack of meaningful bonuses they provide.

So, I just got 27k ore from salvaging mining station with no salvage bonuses. That was amusing, but it also made me stop and gather my thoughts about salvage in new patch.

What was my plan regarding salvage in 0.9.1a? 3 salvage rigs + salvage skill netting me x2 bonus on all yields and turning Research stations into BP pinatas. That would be ridiculous in 0.95a with all the new rare items added, so I see and agree with exclusion of rare items from the bonus. But that left salvage ships in a weird spot.

Now salvage bonuses provide you with additional common yields and post-battle salvage. Common things already drop in unreasonable quantities (*cough* 27k ore *cough*) and 99% of them end up in a space lock immediately anyway, so only valuable things are heavy armaments, supplies and fuel. And I feel that supp/fuel drops were decreased substantially because only times when I see triple digits yields of those is finding occasional tanker derelict. Do I need to tell that those salvage rigs that you lug around consume supp and fuel, occupy fleet slots and have massive sensor profile? Over time they consume more supp/fuel then provide from bonus yields.

With post-battle salvage bonus situation is even worse: 9% from two rigs. And salvage skill exist and available literally at lvl 1. It gives you +50% salvage bonus (2 rigs), +20% post-battle salvage (whole salvage fleet) and -75% crew loss in non-combat situations. All this completely for free with no downsides and conditions. This skill is awesome.

Dragging around salvage gantry ships is not worth it in any situation.

I think easiest way to make them useful again would be just increasing post-battle salvage bonus. Maybe increasing fleet repair speed and cost discount on top.

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