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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: The Pilgrim's Path (07/19/22)

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Bug Reports & Support / 0.6a Corvus Hegemony station 0-crew bug
« on: September 14, 2013, 03:12:18 AM »
Alright, so, I found something interesting with the crew groups on the Hegemony station. The game started off alright, the crew on the Hegemony station looked perfectly okay, and what you would expect from the start of the game. The crew looked correct for game start, based on games from earlier versions.

However, when I came back quite a bit later, something weird happened. There were phantom groups of "0" Elite, Veteran, and Green crew members. And there were no other groups of those levels of crew. That does in fact mean the starting surplus of Green crew was entirely gone, besides that phantom group. Only the Regulars were okay, as far as I could see.

Then, even more interestingly, after shift-clicking, the group size on those phantom groups increased to 1 from 0.

Haven't tested whether it occurs every time yet, or whether other stations have the same bug, but I don't have the time at the moment.

Bug Reports & Support / Engine Flameout - Maneuvering Jets bug
« on: January 07, 2013, 11:12:38 PM »
I think I may have found a bug with Maneuvering Jets:

If your engines Flameout due to enemy fire, and you mash the special abilities activation button, your engines might reactivate, turn on Maneuvering Jets, then burn out again almost instantly.

I have reproduced this behavior twice in a Conquest.

Bug Reports & Support / Maneuvering Jets problem
« on: September 07, 2012, 09:23:09 PM »
Alex, I think I might have found a bug: If your Maneuvering Jet engines are disabled, your turning seems to be impeded/lopsided even after your Maneuvering Jets are deactivated.

Bug Reports & Support / 0.51A Sunder refuses to retreat.
« on: March 15, 2012, 02:41:58 PM »
Ship: I have a Sunder with two pulse lasers, a Tachyon laser, three dual light machineguns, and two harpoons. The rest is into venting. Only mod is Gun runners, but I am not using any mod content on the ship.

Bug: When I manually send the sunder to retreat, sometimes it acts as if I said no to retreating. But I'm 100% sure I DID press yes. The ship then becomes dually controlled by me and the AI, and the ship can go up to 300 units off the map but can never actually leave. The AI also acts as if I simply just handed over control and proceeds to do combat, not retreating like I ordered.

I suspect that (non impacting and impacting) debris and asteroids cancels the retreat AI for some reason.

Replication: It doesn't happen 100% of the time, but it's at least 75% of the time.

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