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Suggestions / Mercenary Officers Buff(?) Suggestion
« on: January 26, 2023, 08:32:18 AM »
Perhaps you don't need to spend 1 story point to hire a mercenary officer, having them rely on a "merc officer limit" like contacts. Players start with 2 or something and then can increase their limit by 1 story point each. However, renewing to keep the same one should cost a story point as it is.

Mods / [0.96] Too Much Information 0.97 BETA
« on: October 13, 2022, 08:06:35 AM »

For those nitpicks at the fine details.

Too Much Information is a beta mod that displays more information on your ship, weapons, and wings! It can be added to a current save, but cannot be safely removed. (unless you pretty much remove all the hullmods from your ships)

  • TMI - Ships will display several stats and stat changes about your ship that the current ship infocard isn't telling you!
  • TMI - Wings will display stats about your wings (Due to the nature of wings and stat modification in refit screen, it is difficult to track changes).
  • TMI - Projectiles will display stats about your projectile weapons like modified range and recoil!
  • TMI - Beams will display stats about your beam weapons like modified range and beam weapon range!
  • TMI - Missiles will display several stats about the initial missile stat! (Future versions will attempt to track MIRV and 2+ stage missiles!)

Bug Reports & Support (modded) / Disabled Weapons bug
« on: October 07, 2022, 03:46:05 AM »
A user has reported out that sometimes this weapon will refuse to fire (despite having ammo to reload) after being disabled mid-fire. The same user said it was somewhat fixable when it was re-disabled to be repaired again. Upon further inspection and some notice, I thought to myself the bugged weapon seemed to be missing "crystals" or its missile. I tried changing the weapon type to missile, same issue. I removed the render hint of RENDER_BARREL_BELOW and RENDER_LOADED_MISSILES to no avail. It would just stay forever in that state.

Suggestions / Convert your officers into mercenary officers
« on: September 28, 2022, 08:19:56 AM »
I like the idea of mercenary officers, I do. The selection just sucks and permanent officers level up reasonably quickly to outpace mercenary officers. So I thought...

why not have the option to dismiss our higher-level officers to become mercenary officers in our fleet? They're highly professional at that point when they are level 5 or 6.

It gives the option of choice too making a story point feel helpful in this scenario while also letting the player take on new officers that might have better skill distribution than your old past ones.

Suggestions / Updating Janino for next Starsector update?
« on: August 29, 2022, 10:28:09 PM »
I noticed a few user's mod lists are getting some issues involving

Could a janino update be doable right now for the next Starsector update?

Bug Reports & Support / Commissions and Relation Normalization bug
« on: August 13, 2022, 08:01:38 PM »

I attempt a satbomb on Mairaath commissioned as Hegemony.

I am a baddie  :-[

Hegemony is calling me and canceling my commission with them.

But the League is okay and just inhospitable with me that my commission with Hegemony got canceled despite me satbombing one of their planet!

Bug Reports & Support / Mairaath not polluted?
« on: August 13, 2022, 07:51:58 PM »
Quote from: The Last Hurrah
One station was pushed by its own thrusters, slowly at first, but faster and faster and with gravity's dread inevitability it crashed to the surface of Mairaath. Lines of great destruction were scored upon the face of the world, mushrooming into cloud-banks of ash as firestorms raged and the carefully nurtured weather systems spasmed into extreme failure states from terraformers' nightmares.

When we do a clean bombardment on habitable worlds, pollution is made. Why was the attack on Mairaath not create pollution then, that description above is definitely more than a simple tactical bombardment? Does pollution clear up after 120 cycles?  :-[

Bug Reports & Support / Decivilization cause ruin degradation.
« on: July 28, 2022, 10:30:36 PM »
Noticeably very rarely, decivilization can cause some market's ruins to deteriorate (but still maintain the same memory value) despite having a higher ruin value.

(For example, Mairaath's vast ruin can decivilize and degrade into extensive ruins).

I'm watching a few people play Starsector on Youtube and I noticed a trend that I wouldn't do myself. People press options: 1,2,3. When they see a disabled tooltip, there's no intuition for you to hover over said option to see why it's disabled as well as if it's enabled and may contain a tooltip.

A QoL I would like to ask is if they press on a disabled option and a tooltip is coded to show up, it should display that without having to use a mouse to hover.

Bug Reports & Support (modded) / Reset Mission when null won't work
« on: July 17, 2022, 12:33:47 AM »
In the main menu missions, you can press reset which will remove all the variants you created for that mission.

However, if the mission is "null" due to a missing weapon or hullmod that isn't found because of those mission variants. Pressing reset won't do anything.

Mods / [0.96a] Content Unlocking Missions 1.13
« on: June 18, 2022, 06:58:34 PM »

Welcome to the Persean Sector! You’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Although if you can't visit Patreon for some restriction reason, here's a direct download.

Content Unlocking Missions is a lightweight mod for those who want the 13 vanilla main menu missions to impact the campaign layer. Read through those main mission descriptions carefully! This is also save-game compatible (but I cannot guarantee anything if you remove it mid-save). This adds 5 derelict ships to salvage, 3 important character options to choose from, 1 bar encounter, 2 station encounters, and 1 Beholder Station-like entity. You do not need to complete all the missions for them to appear although finding them might be pretty under rewarding. ALL missions rewards apply retroactively. You do not have to do it again. Plenty of story points to gain from this mod. ;D
This mod was created using the new 0.95.1a method of SettingsAPI.getMissionScore(String missionid) and is primarily created as a proof-of-concept that yeah you can make main menu missions be worth completing for players. Really surprised this wasn't suggested years ago.
What does it change?
Click on the spoilers to see the reward. Hints are provided at the end of every mission text otherwise. If you want to cheat in missions, you may feel free but I made changes to make sure the mission is doable at the difficulty given without any refitting required.

A Fistful of Credits
The miner winked and sold me twelve containers of low-grade ferrous ore hiding four hundred thirty two CP-carbines with enough ammunition to fuel a small insurgency for an entire muggy Volturn summer season.
Changes: Moon Salazar is trained in an elite and a non-elite skill.
Reward in Campaign: One-time reward hidden in the fringes of Askonia.
Super Spoiler
Near the Askonia Fringe Listening Post, a pristine Pirate Mule lies there.

Turning the Table
Practical cynicism stoked by rumours of a Luddic Path cell operating in the local volume have led the Hamatsu’s captain, seasoned combat-salvage veteran Callisto Ibrahim, to retain a mercenary ship with a particularly tenacious reputation for protection en route to buyers in the Core Worlds.
Changes: ISS Black Star is trained in a non-elite skill. Luddic Path forces are reinforced with an additional Hound and Lasher while all trained in 2 non-elite skills operating under Coordinated Maneuvers.
Reward in Campaign: Renewable reward after speaking to a character in this mission. This reward is improved when you have completed their character-specific task in the campaign.
Super Spoiler
Visit Callisto Ibrahim on Agresus in the Arcadia system to purchase a tech-mined lootbox every 100 days. This lootbox has better rewards when you turn in her precious ISS Hamatsu.

For the Greater Ludd
Out of nowhere in low orbit around Nortia came a transmission for the captain of the ISS Black Star from one Brother Cotton, “a humble traveler on the Path of Ludd.” A meeting was arranged.
Changes: ISS Black Star is trained in an elite and a non-elite skill and Luddic Path allies all have officers while operating under Coordinated Maneuevers. PLS Praxis and Tri-Tachyon allies all have officers operating under modified Flux Regulations.
Reward in Campaign: One-time reward in the bars of the worlds involved in this mission.
Super Spoiler
Visiting the bar of Salamanca or by random occurrence, the bars of Askonia, Magec, and Corvus will spawn this event. Your answer will determine one of four rewards: a weapon cache, a beta core, a decent amount of Luddic Path reputation, or 2 story points.

The Wolf Pack
Tri-Tachyon mercenaries raid Hegemony logistics. Raid is successful and Kane Gleise captured by Tri-Tachyon.
Changes: The mercenaries mostly start with a random non-elite skill while the Hegemony convoy is only escorted by 2 officers.
Reward in Campaign: The star Valhalla awaits your one-time reward.
Super Spoiler
The star of Valhalla contains an orbit of Buffalo derelicts that are fully pristine and recovered.

Hegemony war efforts suffering under logistics attacks; using peace talk cease-fire to resupply. Tri-Tachyon uses advanced raiders to covertly attack logistics fleets. Hegemony surprises raiders with special anti-raider patrol in Valhalla system.
Changes: Advanced raiders have access to Phase Coil Tuning. Special anti-raider patrols have access to the Hegemony's famous Support Doctrine while being additionally reinforced by a Mule and Tarsus.
Reward in Campaign: Your one-time reward is waiting for you in the asteroid fields of Valhalla!
Super Spoiler
One of the asteroid field contain a wreck of enforcer meant to lure in suspecting travelers by the ships you use in this mission.

Hornet's Nest
A barren but promising world well-situated to become the center of culture and industry of Magec; our models project vast investment in resource exploitation from Guayota’s Disk.
Changes: Kanta's hounds contain an officer and are well-known for their Wolfpack Tactics.
Reward in Campaign: Renewable reward after speaking to a character in this mission. This reward is improved when you have completed their character-specific task in the campaign.
Super Spoiler
Visit Callisto Ibrahim on Agresus in the Arcadia system to convert up to 4,000 ores and 1,000 transplutonic ores into metal and transplutonics at a 1:1 ratio. She doesn't care how you acquire them. She will convert more per interaction when you turn in her precious ISS Hamatsu. This is one of the best ways to farm independent reputation.

The Last Hurrah
Hegemony attacks Mayasurian Navy. Hegemony is victorious and takes control of Mayasura system.
Changes: A battle between two major fleets. Officers assigned to both sides on ships above Destroyer size. The Mayasurians gifted with Carrier Group skill and The Hegemony granted a Fighter Uplink skill.
Reward in Campaign: One-time reward in an abandoned station.
Super Spoiler
Located in an abandoned terraforming station just right next to Mariaath. You can spend 2 story points to gain either a Cryoarithmetic Engine or Soil Nanites.

Dire Straits
Raesvelg blockaded by Tri-Tachyon Corporation. Hegemony forces and mercenaries relieve Raesvelg successfully.
Changes: Orcus Rao and a Hegemony commanding officer join the relief fleet. The Tri-Tachyon containment task force has a modified Flux Regulation skill.
Reward in Campaign:  Renewable reward after speaking to a character in this mission.
Super Spoiler
Orcus Rao can be visited in the Valhalla system at the Ragnar complex allowing you to recruit mercenary officers with guaranteed elite Ordnance Expertise and Ballistic Mastery for no initial upfront cost provided you have good standing with the Hegemony.

Predator or Prey?
Hegemony interception of Tri-Tachyon carrier detachment sent to reinforcement Raesvelg following the setback in “Dire Straits”.
Changes: The Astral is somewhat tougher with a level 5 officer.
Reward in Campaign: One-time reward by speaking to Daud's secretary.
Super Spoiler
After receiving the Hegemony 150th anniversary holo experience on Chicomoztoc, you can download the Daud holo experience to unlock Auxiliary Thrusters, Ballistic Rangefinder, Blast Doors, Dedicated Targeting Core, Flux Distributor, and Heavy Armor if you have not unlocked them yet.
Iron Shell Spoiler
Including the Aquila Reactor Protocol provided you have high rep standing with the Iron Shell and Hegemony.

Sinking the Bismar
Kane Gleise was released during prisoner exchange, now commands Onslaught-class battleship “Bismar.” Gleise defeats Tri-Tachyon ambush, but is defeated in follow-up battle by advanced Tri-Tachyon recon detachment.
Changes: Kane Gleise is a level 5 Hegemony officer.
Reward in Campaign: Your one-time reward awaits you in the Duzhak system.
Super Spoiler
Located near Druj in the Duzhak system. You encounter the enemies previously seen here.

Nothing Personal
Galatian Academy sponsors independent expedition to Tia-Tax’et, accidentally discovers secret Hegemony base refitting hulk of Bismar to renamed HSS Phoenix, and is wiped out by the Hegemony fleet.
Changes: The survey fleets are suspiciously well-trained with their officers. The HSS Phoenix has a level 5 Hegemony officer.
Reward in Campaign: One-time reward in the Tia-Tax'et system, but you need a really high IQ to unlock it.
Super Spoiler
Located in an abandoned research station in the Tia-Tax'et system. An encrypted cache lies there. You are required to unlock technology skills to unlock further rewards behind this station. AI Cores can lower this requirement. Final reward is a weapon of omega origin.

Coral Nebula
Persean League sends fleet to intervene in Luddic revolution in Zagan system. Successfully defeats Knights of Ludd / Pather fleet.
Changes: Mars Kato is skilled in his deleted signature skill: Strike Commander: His fighters have +50% missile, rocket, bomb, and torpedo hitpoints and deals +20% damage to ships sized destroyer and larger with +100% target leading accuracy. The joint Knights of Ludd / Pather fleet have +15% max CR.
Reward in Campaign: One-time reward in a small nebula of Zagan.
Super Spoiler
Located in a nebula near a stable location in Zagan. You are able to salvage a couple of pristine LP ships.

Forlorn Hope
Tri-Tachyon battleship holds off Hegemony Defense Fleet to cover retreat of remaining Tri-Tachyon forces, including phase cruiser with planet-killer device.
Changes: This battleship is gifted with a level 6 officer. The leading elements of the Hegemony defenders have 5 officers in total.
Reward in Campaign: A one-time reward and small renewable rewards in Aztlan.
Super Spoiler
Located near the Aztlan inner jump-point. Completing the mission grants a reputation boost with the Hegemony for paying respect every month. You may search the ship for a Beta Core of which a patrol officer will stop you.

Bug Reports & Support / CheapCommodityMission?
« on: June 18, 2022, 04:31:41 PM »
I was duplicating something for my mod and I noticed the local variation never showed up for some reason...

if (variation == Variation.LOCAL) {
Not really sure what's happening here...

requireMarketIs and requireMarketLocationNot... shouldn't that be a remote thing and not local? I commented that line out and contacts were able to give out local variations.

Could be just bad luck on my part.

Feels like one of the reasons people dislike inspection and expedition fleets overall is that it's mainly left up to RNG to decide whether they lose or not. If they don't like that, then they are pressured to go out of their way of exploration.

Then I see an opportunity for Neural Link skill to be worth taking. Allow the player to establish a neural connection to a ship in a colony's storage and bring up an opportunity for the player to actively participate (without their officers) in defending their colony vs such fleets with their colony defense fleets.

Bug Reports & Support / Unreasonable Pirate Partnership?
« on: May 15, 2022, 08:43:44 PM » wanted to report because not a forum user.

"all he's asking for is for you to own a size 12 colony
that'll export enough organs to meet the demand
this is very reasonable"

- use any carrier that can deploy a cobra
- engage any enemy with engage order at <1000 range
- cobra will just orbit around looking for an angle to fire and happily take potshots

- solution: can stay away, but that seems quite bad when there are ships that are up-close that can flank carriers easy especially when daggers and perditions don't have this issue. perhaps bomber wing ai can be taught to orbit outside?

of course, no one would notice this since cobras are known to be unreliable bombers (ironic) in the first place. Just something to consider.

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