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Mods / Star Wars Mod Update: v2.04 new guns
« on: February 19, 2012, 08:27:29 PM »

Fixed: Many turrets and angles so that things are actually lined up like they should be.

Changed: Increased spread of medium turbolaser dramatically from 2-10 to 10-20 for balance it may warrant a even higher increase.
Changed: All the variants to add the new heavy turbolasers and rebel versions of guns.
Changed: cr90 added the hidden botton medium turbolaser, and changed the side quad guns to cannons as they should be.
Changed: Anything left over that had piliums or swarmers to concussions.


Rebel ships firing green lasers? Unacceptable!

Added: Rebel Turbolaser (sw_laser_turbo_rebel)
Added: Rebel Turbolaser Cannon (sw_laser_turbo_rebel_medium)
Added: Rebel Quadlaser (sw_laser_quad_rebel)
Added: Imperial Heavy Turbolaser (sw_laser_turbo_heavy)
Added: Imperial Turbolaser Cannon (sw_laser_turbo_medium)
Added: Concussion Missile Launcher in 4, 6, 8 and 10 payload varities (sw_missile_concussion_x)

Changed: Increased Quadlaser effective range very slightly
Changed: Balance tweaks to Proton Torpedoes
Changed: Slight tweaks to Turbolaser spread and damage
Changed: Renamed Fighter weapons


Added: Put rebels and imperials into the campaign.

Fixed: Naming of everything so that now they all have good names, no more tie interceptor interceptor etc.
Fixed: Nebulon B forward gun arc and radius were switched.
Fixed: Changed name of tie interceptor and bomber in wing_data to make compatable with campagin.

Changed: Increased energy per shot of turbo lasers from 75 to 190, added spread.

TODO: Will add ships to stations, imps will be added to tritach and rebel to the starting

station, this will require the tt mod to be active for my mod.

Here are some pictures of the sprites I'm using:

More Ships
Added: sw_sd_interdictor Star Destroyer version of the interdictor
Added: sw_blastboat Skipray Blastboats are part of most imp compliments.
Added: sw_nebulon_b Finally found a sprite
Added: sw_ardent the first sw legacy (comic) ship, more to come.
Added: sw_victory1 first generation star destroyer

Changed: Interdictor is now Interdictor Cruiser id remains the same
Changed: Added launch bay to the Acclimator
Changed: Acclimator has point defense laser cannons not turbo lasers.
Changed: X-Wings have 360 shields
Changed: Point costs: Acclimator up, cr90 down.

Fixed: Interdictor Cruiser had one engine glowing the wrong color.
Fixed: Rebel mission didn't have a flagship set.

TODO: Make variants for victory 2, nebulon B2 and a host of others.

v2.0 BETA

First major milestone reached!
All major ships have been added, all major weapons are complete.
Balance is mostly there. AI has some problems with the really big ships.

Added:    Two test missions, one playing imps the other playing rebels.

Fixed:    B-Wing was all crazy since I had tried to make it turn around the cockpit instead of the middle.
   It's really too bad that you can't set the collision stuff to be centered around the shield.
Fixed:    Interdictor now has engine glow and correct bounding.

Changed: Proton torps for cap ships.
Changed: Added two more launchers to the SD
Changed: Tie Bomber squad size +1 (now 4)
Changed: Tie Interceptor squad +1 (now 4)
Changed: Lowered cost of B-wing squad. They may be tough but not that tough...
Changed: Halved max flux of Home One and Star Cruiser, no longer invincable ships of doom.
Changed: Lowered shield damage to .6 for home one and star cruiser.

TODO: Maybe make the yt-1300 a little bigger
TODO: Figure out of the tt station mod works and add imps and rebls to the normal game.
TODO: Add all the pirate stuff.
TODO: Find some more imp sprites for more varity (need some of the pocket star destroyer models)

I guess I've broken the game by doing this, so don't read any further if you have interest in just having fun with the existing game.

If you build up a large fighter fleet it becomes trivially easy to kill pretty much anything. 3-4 squads of fast fighters (wasps or balanced fighters) and then 4 or so squads of bombers you will just win against pretty much anything. (tempests with speed boost also do the trick anything over speed 200 really). All you need to do is take all of the waypoints  before they can and then your fighters/tempests just wreck everything. Especially bombers seem way too overpowered when you send a squad of 4 at a cap ship.

So I guess the main problems are:

Fast ships will beat them to the punch and contest/capture all the points and prevent reinforcements.

Those same fast ships are nearly impossible for the AI to kill.

Bombers do far too much damage to AI opponents.

Suggestions / Being able to shoot other weapon groups with a key press.
« on: February 17, 2012, 01:52:18 PM »
Can you eventually include an option to shoot group 1, group 2, group 3, group 4, and bind them to whatever keys you would like? I've got one of those cool gaming mice and while I can do stuff like bind autofire to mouse4 or whatever it would be even cooler if I could bind my missle group to a seperate key or button.

Another key for mechwarrior style SHOOT ALL MY GUNS AT ONCE would be pretty awesome too.

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