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Suggestions / testing Smod behavor without save/load in sim
« on: June 26, 2023, 08:13:15 AM »
Alternatively is there way to do this without S/L?

Suggestions / Transport Mission and mechanics for shuttle and star-liners
« on: February 23, 2022, 05:34:36 PM »
Shuttle and starliners are in the game but they are wasted opportunities other than using the beds to smuggle marines towards pathers and pirates, for player themselves they are used to keep spare marine and crews, as well as that few times for establishing their colonies.
These ships are perfect for commercial 'air line' or 'carnival cruise', and an easy route for beginner to make money by moving across the core system on time and on request, while familiarizing with the navigation.
Starliners looks like it should have a hullmod of 'luxury berthing' allowing rare and high paying opportunities to arise, or able to sell food and goods based on current passenger amount. Some entertainment area are refitted for flare against missiles, but can also entertain the masses as firework. Perhaps some junior scientist, prospector and surveyor without access to their own fleet would like to survey the planet, station, ship hands on.
Core world navigation is a bit too easy, and there isn't other faction destination outside of core to enable longer and more eventful flight and scheduling. Those that do are pirates and pathers once again, not sure how would one put abstain pilgrim and hard-drinking, drug-binging-while-having-cybernetic-augmented-sex pirates on the same ship, ludd help us all.
The game setting might turn a little more commercial and dark humor than militaristic/industrial and grim. The harsh reality of the disconnected sector is there, but everyone has to take a break from that at some point, just like miners on drugs, spacer on organs and executives with lobsters and luxury goods.
The actions to take after taking certain kind of passenger should also make some effect, hunting down deserter fleet might not be a good idea while pirates on vacation are watching from the deck, or hijacking the trade route with anybody other than pirates onboard.
A passive fleet or more on behave of player's faction as a company to passively generate income and deal with increasing faction regulation/scrutiny might seems to be more believable and smooth transition than all of a sudden, nameless 3 years ago, now a single legend space mercenary fleet formed their million population colonies and every faction starts to hate them.

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