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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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General Discussion / story line?
« on: March 17, 2022, 03:24:31 AM »
maybe its just me but i feel like there is more to the story in the game but i have NEVER actually seen it. and so am wondering now, if there is more story line and if so, how do you trigger it?

so far the only story i have seen aside from the tutorial is, the tri-tac mission to get an alpha core, which seems to be only that 1 mission and then ends. this feels very open to having more happen later on but i seem to have never had anything else happen down this path. (is there more down that story path or is the 1 mission it?)

and the red planet quest line, where you buy the old spacer a drink, listen to a story, go to their contact, pay him off and then go to the red planet which is the planet with a shield.

and then the beta core quest line where you happen upon a debris field sending out a signal, interact with the AI find its counterpart and return it. and then that is basically it.

is there any more story in the game that is not one off bar missions deliver this, deploy that, kill them? and if so, how do you find / start them.

General Discussion / general question about sector travel
« on: January 24, 2020, 11:54:37 PM »
so there is always a LOT of storms in sector travel, which you either have to go through or usually go very far to go around, depending on how thick the nebula is. so my question is, is there a hull mod that reduces, or negates the negative effects of the speed boost you get by being accelerated by the storms in sector travel? or a mod that adds one?

i would be greatly Thankful for any assistance.

(note i tried to do a search, and went 5 pages deep into the bugs section and did not see it reported)

when you apply a gamma core to a colony structure or industry it lowers the colonies bottom line income.

this would seem counter intuitive to what should happen, as one would think a colony that has to pay less to import needed materials, would then have more credits at the end of the month for the bottom line.

also not sure if it could be considered a bug or not. but in the same line as above. a colony that uses say all of the resources it makes.. (3 drugs produced) and (3 drugs needed) on a colony will still make a profit for selling drugs. (this happens for all commodities)

im sure as things are now, if it were adjusted so that your colony only made income on commodities its not using itself. it would be nigh on impossible to make a profit on almost any planet with had anything built on it. as the upkeep costs would eat up everything you made and then some.
if and assuming this is a bug. a possible fix / re balance i can think of is to make the upkeep what it costs the colony to purchase the resources for that particular industry. if the colony can make all the required resources local or get them sourced within the faction then the upkeep would be 0 or near 0 (for cases where its imported in faction) and then products that industry makes but that the colony does not actually use are what makes a profit if any is to be made by that industry. ( assuming its not a industry supporting another industry on the colony.. aka light industry for the most part)


additionally resources we place on a colony in its resource depot could (should) be attempted to be used and or sold by the colony to improve the bottom line. (possible 2nd option next to or as well as use local resources in case of a shortage) possibly keeping say 1-3 months supply available  in case of that shortage.

Suggestions / idea for a new character skill in the leadership line
« on: April 12, 2018, 06:57:31 AM »
i have a new idea for a player skill to be implemented within the refit screen of a ship. possibly on the same screen as weapon grouping, or similar screen. that would change the way the combat AI is handled on a per player ship basis. it would be able to make one of your capital ships for example largely ignore a frigate that may be harassing it except to defend itself and instead proceed across the battlefield, even at great distances, to engage say another capital or even cruiser sized target where its weapon load out would do more good on the battle field. at the same time it could be used to make a frigate an anti missile or anti fighter/bomber platform and try to keep that frigate from getting to close to other ships where its load out may not perform well.

you might be able "depending on coding" to specialize or generalize a role for a load out quite a bit. depending on your proficiency with this character skill. my idea for the 3 skill levels would be that each level of the skill would unlock a few more options. that a commander could apply to each ship in their fleet to refine their general role in their fleet. up to and possibly including a ships personality, the ships targeting preferences, and the likelihood a particular ship will follow an order given while in combat. (attack, defend, escort etc.) though my "vision" for this skill would only let you choose one item from each skill rank you unlock. so up to 3 "roles" but only 1 within each rank.

if a ship in your fleet does not have a role selected from this list than the default AI would handle your ship as it does now. and they would do what ever they feel like doing each captain having largely free will to do what ever, regardless of what ever they may be better at doing. like they do now.

first rank ship -  general role
escort - will follow escort orders before other ships are assigned to them.
hunter - will prioritize trying to stay on the front lines and target "stragglers" that separate from the line
defender - will prioritize holding points and following defend and attack orders
scout - will try to get around to the back side of the enemies lines to harass from the back sides.
support - will try to stay in your back lines but still within weapons range to give support with long range missiles or long range weapons.

second rank - target priority - does what is on the tin. will prioritize these ships over others if they are a "viable" target dependent also on a ships personality if any. and self preservation when assessing going for the target.

third rank ship personality - just as with ship captains you can hire, give a general personality to the ship so it will more or less aggressively follow its orders, favoring self preservation, or "get the job done at all costs"

i dont believe this would remove the usefulness of orders while in combat and in some cases can enhance your orders as you will have a general idea of who is the most likely ship to follow your commands dictated by their roles within
your fleet. also the ship captains you can hire will still have a role as well since they will bring their skills to the ship they are on. and also a hired captains personality would override any personality given by this skill.

i believe this skill would also be a useful addition to the combat space within the game by giving a little more control of a battle indirectly, and may also help in removing some situations that happen where ships will run away
from combat that we would rather them engage the target aggressively. and vise versa, it could also be used to give more focused roles to ship variants as i mentioned. instead of just listing them as combat or elite. we would now also be able to have
that mean something in battle by assigning ships whit these load outs a role that fits them.

this may all be a pipe dream that cant be coded at all. but regardless i thought it would be a good addition to the game if possible and if Alex were willing to add it.

if not i wouldn't think less of the game for sure, i think its one of the best space games i have played in over a decade. i just want it to be the best it can be. Alex if you end up reading this to the end, let me say Thank You, your dedication to this project has not gone un-appreciated by me and very good work so far. keep it up.  :)

so first and foremost i have no idea where i should be actually posting this. so i threw my hands up and threw the dart in here.

how many processor cores does starsector support. and also, how well does it really use those cores. or in other words. is it able to say split the work loads up something close to 50% on core XXX and 50% on core YYY for example. or is it more like 90/10 split etc.

please excuse my crappy wording in the question i really dont know exactly how to form the question. but i "hope" that its worded well enough to get the question im trying to ask across.

Suggestions / choose your own adventure boarding and exploration
« on: May 13, 2017, 02:24:20 PM »
was just thinking of a way to possibly make exploration and boarding more interactive.

when boarding a ship could possibly make a short story with options at the end of the text just like a choose your own adventure book. such as, you enter the ship through a vented cargo hold, your Marines see no opposition in this area of the ship and with no atmosphere its no wonder, the ships crew would avoid such a place. Your Marines use one of the terminals in the cargo hold to get some basic layout information on the ship they are in and advise that there are 3 different ways to get further into the ship. at the same time a few marines set up an emergency shield in the cargo hold to prevent further atmosphere venting.

1. Use the main cargo hold door to get further into the ship.
2. Use the maintenance tube. to move deep into the ship.
3. Open the adjacent cargo holds bulkhead door to get access to another cargo hold.
4. Take what you can from this cargo hold and pull back to your ship and leave.

essentially every time you go to a new room, you might find a fire fight. possibly some more salvaged cargo. etc. and you would not get everything the ship can give unless you can take the bridge from any remaining crew, if there are any. larger ships could have a lot of rooms while something like a hound might have 3 or 4 rooms.

something similar could be done for planetary exploration. instead of using rooms you would do something like

1. explore the distant craters.
2. explore the nearby caves
3. explore the ruins you saw from orbit

and just use your imagination on what kind of difficulties that the crew may find in their adventures. also probably going to need a few red shirts. on those away teams.
the initial survey of the planet might tell you how many areas there are to explore on a planet before you commit to anything.

so i have been pondering how we could make Starsector great again tm (its always been great BTW) and have come up with a few ideas that may in my humble opinion. be worth putting here.

1. economy and its taxes.

 obviously having a 30% tax on both purchasing and an additional 30% tax on selling is far in the extreme if your going to be trying to make any kind of profit. instead of using a high tax and stability to affect prices solely, we could probably use a 3rd system. (i know you don't like complexity for complexity sake but i truly think it would help here.) a fluctuating supply and demand system. in order of importance for determining price, this system should be the largest contributor, followed by planet or station stability, and then tax. so, obviously high demand, gets higher prices, while over supply, gets lower prices, and depending on the commodity, this could vary a lot. in my opinion the system should be somewhat randomized so that every month is not the same as the month before. so trade routes are not so obvious go here sell XXX make bank once a month. in addition again in my opinion, the planet or station stability should affect the prices by changing how much the prices can vary. so for example a planet with 9 stability may have a variance of only a few credits between a high and low price, but a planet with 1 stability would have a much larger variance between the high and low prices. additionally tax could be affected by the stability of a station or planet, as a local government has to allocate more or less resources to police a market to prevent illegal deals. taxes could also be affected by things like your standing with said government. poor standings incur higher "import taxes" that could vary in range from station to station (local government to local government, state to state, etc.) also taxes could be affected by the wars that a government is fighting. so a lot of hard war going on, higher taxes in their systems. easy war going on. not so much. in recap taxes could be affected by station or planet stability, standing with the local government (station senior staff) and a factions overall standing with you and the wars it is in. taxes should probably stay relatively low in most cases as to allow for an easier (though not necessarily easy per se) chance at making a profit once supplies and fuel costs are factored in.

additionally to make trading profitable have possibly an economy tab (like bounties) in the Intel screen. where you can find local contracts to move goods from point a to point b for a certain amount of credits, just like bounties work. instead of costing money to purchase the items. and getting money selling the items. you would show up, talk to a person in the station or on the planet, who once you arrive loads up the cargo, in sealed containers. for you to deliver where upon delivery you get paid. possibly add an option to get UP TO half the profits up front for things like fuel and supplies to make the trip. with a stipulation that late arrival or no arrival of goods will incur a lien on your future purchase and sales. in markets.

if at some point the player in game development (say with outposts) the player gains the ability to produce their own goods. possibly make an option to make money through trade by approaching business people on planets and stations and make contracts to sell to them the player made goods. (more if the player moves the product themselves, less if an AI picks up the goods though as with the player if the AI bites the dust the player is going to have to foot the bill for replacement of sold goods)

also how ships are acquired via black market and the black market in general. additionally when it comes to markets. i was thinking about the ship markets. and how easy or dreadfully hard it is to acquire that ship you have been searching for, for literal in game years. currently you have up to 3 different markets to find and purchase ships on.

 the open market, Again in my humble opinion it seems that the open market should largely be filled with both civilian craft, but also a fair number of D mod military hulls, primarily the ships that, that faction flies, and the ships from the factions that it is at war with in their area. these being ships the government is trying to sell off to help pay for their wars. and supply the independent citizens that may have taken a commission to help the faction. (so possibly require certain levels of faction rep to purchase larger military hulls. and possibly even more rep if said hulls have no D mods. or largely restrict non D hull variants to the military market.) as a way around getting certain ships if you dont want to take a commission with that faction. though obviously taking the commissions for a faction should still make it substantially easier and possibly cheaper to get the more rare hulls. additionally on the open market seeing more ships with military refits if you are in a system with a lot of fighting going on i think would be reasonable.

on the military market, i would love to be able to "window shop" even if i have poor standing or neutral standing with a faction, if only as a way for that faction to try and persuade you to improve your standing and take their commission, seeing cheaper prices for their ships may also help with this.  also seeing more variety would be helpful when trying to find those oh so rare ships that you spend years looking for.

on the black market, prices for ships should be both cheaper and more expensive (as to be quite prohibitively so) depending on what your looking to buy.) looking for a old beaten civilian freighter that the seller just does not want to pay taxes on to the government, that should be one cheap ship. but if your looking for that rare military ship that you just can not get otherwise, (probably due to very poor standing with whatever faction) then those military ships should be very expensive, and very excessively expensive for pristine hull examples. though again in a war torn system. this type of ship should not necessarily be rare. unless of course the hull is rare by virtue that their are not a lot of them around anyway. just that the party selling such a ship is taking excessive risk both to "salvage" the ship and then present it on a market for sale. the same kind of system should or could be put into the trade markets black market.

2. bounties.

bounties could use some love in my opinion. currently they are really simple quests. instead i feel they could use some livening up. such as, not all targets of a bounty should be of the pirate faction. instead some targets should be foreign government reps. and higher ups in corporations (think CEO of a company) who had a bounty put on them by a competitor. now if one just checks the intel screen like they can now. they should not get any additional information than what it already gives you. in which case if one does not do any homework before going out to kill a target. you may find that when you get there you really dont want to kill that person as it could easily make you an enemy of the state for someone you dont want to. or possibly (if say your killing a CEO for a company that makes fuel in hegemony space) increase the price of a good sold in a particular factions area of influence for a long while if your looking to buy, and make it very cheep to sell. and if you take out a foreign diplomat for example (without a faction commission for an opposing faction) you would take a small rep hit with that faction. (since you didn't represent a larger threat. but could conceivably argue that it was just a "job")

instead of just instantly going out and killing the target, one could land at a local station or planet and attempt to get further information on the target from the local government, the quality of the information that you get could depend on who you are asking. so a person in tri tech space may not know a lot about a target that a person in hegemony space made a contract on besides some basics, but those basics may be incorrect. while if you are asking within the same space as where the contract was made you should get a lot of reliable information on the target. and then possibly. if you are talking to the person who made the contract. you may be able to haggle for a better price.

3. faction commissions.

to me when i see "faction commission" i see a contract, one that should come with a term length. and with more perks than just go kill targets and get paid a pittance. in my opinion a faction commission should only last one-two in game years or cycles. as they are i believe just like the commissions that make a militia, or a irregular army as opposed to a professional army (Air force, Navy, Marines, Army, Coast guard.) as such to sweeten the pot to get people to take the commission a faction could put offer to give the player further deals (that might change over time) such as very cheap fuel or a monthly supply of fuel for free. xxx credit per month/week. cheap supplies or a free supply of supplies per month. possible selection of weapons, likely rare and or expensive. a ship (such as a frigate or destroyer, and if they really want you and like you a cruiser. and if you have a very large fleet already possibly a capital ship if you dont have one.) possibly the ability to fly around their space without your IFF on all the time. etc. etc.

i dont believe that taking a commission should instantly make you enemies with another faction. though it may hurt your standing with them a bit. i dont think it should just boom. 100 standing to -50 standing. instead your standing should take large hits if you decide to act upon your commission against said factions. i say this mostly because if your commission comes to an end. as i believe it should at some point. then you would not then be put into a situation where your all of a sudden at war with everyone and have no safe space to fly though. obviously taking out a bounty target against an opposing faction while having a commission with said opposing faction would have serious consequences. as you now pose a serious threat since you represent a military force) if it ever gets found out.

4. player outposts and their worth. (player production, possible to build ships, fighters, weapons, supplies, fuel, etc.) as i put in the brackets there, i dont know a lot of anything about what the game play features will be like with outposts. but it would be quite cool if i could possibly build more than one and then possibly specialize them into this or that. such as a ship dry dock, or the ability to produce fuel if it is on a planet that can support that. etc.

5. standing with factions. even if i go to -100 standing with a faction. over a long period of time that standing should in my opinion gravitate back towards neutral if you take no further actions against that faction. an exception being pirate factions. and the reverse should be true, over a long period of time even with a +100 standing. it should slowly return to a more neutral standing as your no longer working to help that faction. again i think this should take quite a long bit of time. but if down the line in the game you want to switch sides this could be one way to do that.

sorry for the excessively long post. but i had been pondering these ideas for a while and wanted to finally put them down here. even if they are met with a lot of negative responses.

General Discussion / Marines
« on: April 29, 2017, 09:43:25 PM »
do they have a purpose currently? do they actually do anything in regards to salvaging ships and planetary exploration in this build? and is there any reason to have a few at all in your inventory?

Suggestions / enhance market intel.
« on: December 30, 2014, 04:59:35 PM »
in the current build we get updates quite often like

"XXX" market prices updated.

then if you go to the Intel tab you can see that "xxx", "yyy", and "zzz" had there prices updated..

to me this is a bit worthless, literally.

to me this is the equivalent of getting an ad on TV where Walmart is having a sale this weekend only with 50% price drops on all those things you wanted, so then you expect them to tell you the % of the price drop and the new price... and then they just don't tell you.

it would be more useful as intel if we could at least see the new prices and by what % they went up or down by.

perhaps eventually have a trait that affects this intel further and lets you "keep" this intel in a ledger so you can see what the prices "where" last you knew for a planet and then further upgrades tell you how old that information was.  then further again and you may get a range of what the prices have been in the past, then a further upgrade again and you may get a market average price. and then after that another upgrade and you get a list of possible suppliers/consumers.  and then you can go again an step further and see what the last known prices were for those items on those suppliers/consumers. "from your own last known intel"

this obviously would be a lot of work and require UI work. but i think it would be worth it when further "down the line" development happens for industry skills come about.

so currently i have a fleet that consists of
1X Gemini
1X Lasher
1x vigilance
2x talon
3x broadswords

(i have this massive fleet of fighters because it seems hanger space is no longer used as well as having logistics replace fleet points. so it seems viable)

im currently using 26 supplies per day (sometimes more if im also repairing hull after a battle but usually not less than this)
i just got out of combat and still have the game paused.. for reference for the following.

currently my Gemini is using 2 supplies per day and gaining 8% combat readiness per day and will be fully combat ready in 2 days so will only use ~4 supplies
the Lasher and Vigilance are also both using 2 supplies per day but gaining 15% combat readiness per day and will be ready in just over 1 day. so about 5-6 supplies total

but the fighters.. hoooo boy i can only imagine all my pilots are like 500 lbs and drool chunks of un-chewed food or something.
the talons only use 4% of there CR when they enter battle but they also lose 4% combat readiness every time they replace a hull in battle, that does not sound too bad.. and honestly i dont even think that is that bad either. the bad part is what follows to get them back into fighting shape.
they use 4 supplies per day for only 4% CR recovery per day. which means if you can get CR up to 80% you can possibly expect up to 20 days to return them to full fighting power. where my other ships would only take a fraction of that.

now i thought to myself.. well, how long do you think it REALLY would take to build a new hull for a ship.. and yea probably some time. but at the same time, i cant get over that my destroyer being much larger, more advanced, more ship systems etc. still can be fully repaired and combat ready in a short few days compared to building simple cheap glued together fighters that take weeks to build.

this was the same with the broadswords.. only its 3 supplies and 3% CR instead of 4 and 4%. (more advanced.. takes longer sounds legit, i agree. still painfully slow though)

so now that i got that little math lesson out of the way for people who may not have realized what was going on under the hood (or so it appears) lets look at the game play point of view.

i can hold 340 supplies with my current fleet. (which i was planning on making into a carrier fleet of sorts thus the number of fighters in it)
im losing ~26 supplies per day mostly to fighters eating me out of house and home. with a full cargo of supplies i can go ~13 days before were boiling our shoes to eat.  that means i have to constantly either 1. purchase very expensive supplies. (not really feasible.. you will go broke before you get fully combat ready) or 2. fight some pirates etc. for supplies and cash to buy supplies. the kinds of pirate fleets you would want to target this way would likely be full of cargo haulers buffalo II and hounds. which for a carrier fleet means your going to have to deploy said fighters. (because your light on other combat ships) now even if you win you will likely lose a few fighter hulls.. as well and since you deployed them you will lose some CR from that as well. thus putting you right back into the hole you were in before you fought them pirates... making you need a LOT of supplies to regain your CR with fighters.  i have been playing a few hours with just this fleet makeup and its quite the vicious cycle. LOL i get up to about 40k in cash in a few fights.. and a full hold of supplies.. then stop fighting for a while.. to get my CR up.. buy all the supplies i can.. still not get to full CR.. rush to find another fleet to engage before my supplies are gone and then repeat.

sure i could sell a fighter wing or 2. maybe 3. but then my fleet isnt really a carrier fleet like i wanted because im going to have to replace them with frigates or the like to stay combat effective for the pirates im raiding.. or go back down to 2-3 ship pirate fleets. (a Gemini a combat ship does not make but carrier yes. thus no trust in AI to avoid the enemy so i fly it)

(idea start)

the best solution i can think of with a few minutes of brainstorming my predicament was to introduce a new commodity for fighter craft to go along with supplies. called "fighter craft parts" where fighter craft parts are specifically used to replace fighter hulls instead of supplies. run out of fighter craft parts.. no more hulls will be made (or eat a ton of supplies to do it kind of like now) it would also let us separate out the way the 13ish extra hulls that wont be flying right away anyway factor into the combat readiness of the 2-4 actual pilots that will. if you lose a pilot during combat have the combat readiness drop like we do with frigates after a certain amount of time. also the wing would lose more CR per deployment by default this way for balance because we don't have to worry about how the hulls factor into the equation at the start of battle.

also while hulls are being built it would still affect your logistics as supplies do now. to keep that balanced.

purchasing enough fighter craft parts to replace a wing should not cost more than the wing itself for balance, and could be balanced with the cost of fighter wings currently with pricing them cheep and just requiring more of them per ship for expensive wings. though this may also require them to take up less than 1 space per part so that they can stay at a reasonable size within your cargo. depending on how many would be required for some of the pricier advanced fighter wings with this method.

the flip side would be to make each one expensive.. but then to require much fewer to replace each hull in a fighter wing. (<-- my preference)

anyway that was my long drawn out thought process on how fighter wing CR affects supplies currently. i hope it was not that complicated to understand and just long winded.. though i could not think of a way to make it shorter sorry.

what do you think?


this would also help move off of supplies = logistics capacity. currently i feel people will see there logistics as kind of to the side of supplies in there relationship.I feel that it will not mater if they take leadership to increase logistics because even small carrier fleets will  run through there supplies so fast that increasing logistics really wont make a difference in the size of fleet one can fly around with because you just wont be able to to hold enough supplies for long enough to get your fighters back into combat readiness before you run dry of supplies. instead having a fleet of cargo ships to hold your supplies and move in tandem with your smaller fleet of fighters and carrier would more directly influence your fleet size. until you hit a critical mass where you just cant earn/ purchase enough supplies fast enough before you run out of fleets to fight.
instead with my idea, we could maintain your fleet size with logistics more due to logistics still being used to replace hulls as it is now.. but also with the cash it costs to buy the fighter craft parts to maintain your fighters. saving supplies for food and larger ship repairs (perhaps even large ships could have a similar commodity for repairs as well.)

Bug Reports & Support / camera jump while using show video feed.
« on: August 05, 2012, 09:07:10 PM »
my flag ship is an Hyperion and while i was using show video feed on a hound every time my Hyperion used its system skill to teleport around my camera would jump with the teleport and then reset on the hound. im pretty sure this is what was happening because my hound got close to my flag Hyperion and that's when i noticed the connection.

Discussions / what is your antivirus of choice.
« on: August 05, 2012, 05:24:27 PM »
so because of the recent release being seen as a virus by a certain antivirus program. i thought i would start a thread to see what antivirus programs people use..

currently i use Norton. though im going to be changing that very soon to BitDefender in light of some research. which you to can find here.

that's quite a bit of options there because well.. there are a lot of options and im sure there are more than what is listed.

also you can change your vote ;)

Bug Reports & Support / i can has maths pweas.
« on: June 05, 2012, 09:56:51 AM »
take a moment and look at this picture

did you notice anything... funky...

10.5 actually  :P

now maybe my crew is really frugal and supply efficient. and they really are only using 10 supplies of there allotted 10.5.. but if they're actually using 10.5 i think it should display 10.5

Suggestions / a second type of AI routine for fighter craft.
« on: April 11, 2012, 05:03:29 PM »
so was reading up on the definitions of aircraft fighter roles around the WWII era (since that is a strong reference for the game) and started thinking the way the AI handles fighters now is ok.. for some fighter types really good for others and rather poor for some.

my idea to cure some of the deficiencies would be a new AI routine rather than switch up weapons or ranges or projectile speeds etc.

right now we have the what I shall call (orbit) routine.. fighters/bombers/interceptors/support/assault (those are the fighter types in the game A.T.M.) all use this and I would say for the assault/support that would be a good routine.. settle into an orbit and devastate your opponent like a modern time Lockheed AC-130 ( in real world applications

but for the bombers/interceptors this "should" be a not so good idea and for some in the game it isn’t.. while others again in game does not make much difference (though game is not fully balanced yet so who knows) to me these types of fighters should have a different type of AI one of swoop in on target (probably not even pass over the ship its attacking) drop its payload(for bombers) or fire a few volleys of its main weapon and bug out. or the (zoom) AI to re arm or lose target lock of the ship its shooting. and then line up again to fire.( zoom in action

now I left out fighters because there a bit of a mixed bag... some being multi role (thunder) and some being more interceptor (broadsword) I believe these should be able to use both types of AI depending on there target and or weapons. and I will list what I personally believe they should/could do.

thunder (true multi role fighter can do a little of everything) vs. ships orbit, vs. other fighters zoom
broadsword (Area defense interceptor) vs. ships zoom vs. fighters zoom
talon (point defense interceptor) vs. ships avoid or zoom vs. fighters zoom
gadius (multi role fighter) vs. ship orbit vs. fighters zoom
xyphos (air superiority fighter) vs. ships zoom vs. slower fighters than it orbit vs. faster fighters than it zoom
warthog (gunship AKA assault in game files) vs. ships orbit vs. fighters avoid if possible or zoom
wasp (point defense interceptor) vs. ships avoid or zoom vs. fighters zoom
dagger (light bomber) vs. ships zoom vs. fighters avoid if possible or zoom
trident (heavy bomber) vs. ships zoom vs. fighters avoid if possible or zoom
piranha (medium bomber) vs. ships zoom vs. fighters avoid if possible or zoom
longbow (support/gunship) vs. ships orbit vs. fighters orbit (could use different/more weapons to actually be valuable for support role) (should be the go to fighter that’s good for escort duties)
mining drone (civilian craft) vs. ships orbit vs. fighters zoom (being a civilian craft it probably should fill more of an escort role)

atleast thats my 2 cents.

now i think i see vultures circleing and i think im going to seek shelter. *runs for cover*

alright well i was looking at my ships and noticed my lasher had a green shield absorption of 1.1 but the crew on the lasher was predominantly green. as can be seen in the photo. also as can be seen i have no hull mods also at the time it listed a red combat speed and red travel speed. i then switched the positions of my lasher (box 2) with my wolf (box 1) and then back again. and this is what i saw....

no red travel speed numbers no green shield absorption number and its better 1.0 instead of 1.1

 also i can confirm that it made these same differences in combat. i had the lasher first. as a solo frigate and with a green crew was doing the listed travel speed in the screen shots in combat (100). but when i got the wolf i made it the flagship, then went into battle transfered command to the lasher and i had a combat speed of 95 with the green crew. which then stuck out of combat.. and is then when i did the switching around of my ships like i stated above.

seems like something funky is going on here.

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