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General Discussion / [0.95a] StarSector Tierlist Hub
« on: April 01, 2021, 04:30:25 PM »
Banner here soon™
Tierlist Hub

Why not solve a problem we would have later in the early days of the update?

  Weapons    LPCs  Hullmods 


More tierlists will come soon™!

For a tierlist hub to work it needs to be sticky, so vote sticky!

OP Changelog
Changes made in the 10th of April of 2021:
  • Added OP Changelog
  • Added Skills tier list

General Discussion / Ship tier list
« on: January 02, 2021, 12:43:00 PM »
So I was thinking about which ship is stronger than which to the point I decided to create a tier list, but unlike last time I used tiermaker to make the tier list, so here is the link for the tiermaker site.

I used the normal tier list logic of which ship is stronguer is based around on how left and up it is.

The logistics ships are last for the tiers since they need to be categorized apart from the cobat ships.

Tier list

Updated Tier list


Suggestions / A second smaller randomised start
« on: December 25, 2020, 07:09:00 PM »
The reasoning is that the current randomised start is comparable to the fast starts most of the time, which is not what I want most of time, I what something more comparable to the normal starts using the Wayfarer and the Wolf, so someting more like 2 or 3 frigates of varying quality

Discussions / Me Venting about the "It's a kids game" fallacy
« on: December 25, 2020, 04:55:00 PM »
This is because so many people use it to disqualify games when it simply can't do that, because it's a appeal to authority argument, which, in this case, uses the autority of kids, which have no autority, to disqualify games.

Suggestions / Show a flasing text after using distress call
« on: December 08, 2020, 02:35:03 PM »
"Go to the inner system jump point" or someting similar

The reason to demand this modification is to make the skill more user friendly, it is one of the least used skills and as such I expect that even some veterans don't know that you need to move to the inner system jump point to meet the fleet that came help you.

So I found the cause of the 30 FPS on AMD gpus, it's the Vsync technology used on starsector, this is the benchmark results of the game before I turned vsync off:
12-09-2020, 18:14:02 java.exe benchmark completed, 5802 frames rendered in 209.672 s
                     Average framerate  :   27.6 FPS
                     Minimum framerate  :   19.6 FPS
                     Maximum framerate  :   31.2 FPS
                     1% low framerate   :   18.4 FPS
                     0.1% low framerate :   13.7 FPS
12-09-2020, 18:17:49 java.exe benchmark completed, 6342 frames rendered in 211.547 s
                     Average framerate  :   29.9 FPS
                     Minimum framerate  :   26.8 FPS
                     Maximum framerate  :   31.6 FPS
                     1% low framerate   :   23.2 FPS
                     0.1% low framerate :   11.3 FPS
13-09-2020, 10:22:20 java.exe benchmark completed, 63420 frames rendered in 1267.703 s
                     Average framerate  :   50.0 FPS
                     Minimum framerate  :    0.6 FPS
                     Maximum framerate  :   61.9 FPS
                     1% low framerate   :    3.5 FPS
                     0.1% low framerate :    0.6 FPS
13-09-2020, 21:49:26 java.exe benchmark completed, 42613 frames rendered in 1526.578 s
                     Average framerate  :   27.9 FPS
                     Minimum framerate  :    9.8 FPS
                     Maximum framerate  :   60.9 FPS
                     1% low framerate   :   12.1 FPS
                     0.1% low framerate :    7.0 FPS
27-10-2020, 20:48:06 java.exe benchmark completed, 72 frames rendered in 2.391 s
                     Average framerate  :   30.1 FPS
                     Minimum framerate  :   27.6 FPS
                     Maximum framerate  :   30.3 FPS
                     1% low framerate   :    8.9 FPS
                     0.1% low framerate :    8.9 FPS

and this is the video I got after turning Vsync off:

So I was doing some tests with both variants of the Legion, and I got one loadout that is basically the oposite of what the general thinking of how should you fit a Legion, and even more the XIV variant, since it uses shields as the primary way to tank, but it needs to have fleet logistics 3 or combat endurance 3, both would be the best way, and I aredy talked enought so loadout:




I'm almost sure this one will be even better next release, since you can remove the cost of both Heavy Armor and Hardened shields which is much more than the 10% ordinance cost bonus you get from Loadout Desing 3

So I was having some fun whith the Nex Hyperion spawn sunday, and one thing I noticed is that it is in a bad position in vanila, I mean it is the stronguest frigate in game by desing, but by the time you are able to get one, you either: have a full capital fleet or have enought colonies making ships that you don't really care about which ship you will be using, if not both, which kinda ruins the whole point of the Hyperion, which is that of a super ship that can take out a small capital fleet alone kinda meh, because by that time the player would either be bored of the save, or going for multifleet combat, maybe the apeal will be better next update, since one of the objectives of the update is to decrease the avarege fleet size.

If that fails what should be done to it?

One thing is for sure: it has one of the best systems in the game, you can cross the map in 10-20 seconds, can shoot from the ship on frame 5 after the teleport and them teleport away.

Fan Media & Fiction / The Transporter Rolepay
« on: February 27, 2020, 03:24:15 PM »
So I though of starting a Roleplay series were I don't fight enemys head on, I atually will have almost no combat power, as of now the first episode is up, I also have a full build for my character but I don't have acess to it now so I will just leave the video and the markers for the builds, for now.

Lvl 1, Lvl 10, Lvl 20, Lvl 30, Lvl 40, Lvl 50.

General Discussion / So let's try to find the worst weapon on vanilla
« on: February 24, 2020, 04:15:24 PM »
since the post from @sogriffin, I was thinking, which weapon would be statistically the worst weapon in the game, I also asked myself what would be the worst weapon for each mount and size of mount.

I think I know which weapon is the worst in game, and it's the Standard Bomb Bay, I mean why would anyone equip a ship whith one of these things if you can equip a carrier whith Piranas, which use the same weapon and are better at using it, which is not to say much since piranas are a joke.

also medium missile Proximity Charge Launcher falls on the same category as the bomb bay, why? Just, why? Wasps are a good fighter and you whant to give a ship this thing? This thing also ends up being the worst missile weapon of all.

Medium Balistics:
Thumper, know for not doing damage to shields and armor, this weapon gets the worst end of the medium balistics, mostly because it is outclassed by every weapon of it's size and group.

Large Balistics:
Storm Needler, just go to the added explanation to understand why.

Small Missile:
Atropos-Class Torpedo(Single), this weapon get's outclassed by basically all the small missiles, even the single Harpoon is more versitile, mostly because it can garantee a hit on a overloaded frigate, unlike this thing, which does not do much outside of being a good bomber weapon

now for the mounts I don't think I have enought knologe for:
Large Missile;
Small Energy;
Medium Energy;
Large Energy;
Energy in general.

Added Explanation:
This is suposed to be a statistical analisis, so a weapon can be blody overpowered, but even then be the worst weapon in the game because every other weapon is better than it, an example of this is Megas post, were he points out some weapons, like the Storm Needler as being the worst Large Balistics, the main reason as to why is very clear: it has 700 range against all of the other large balistics which have 900 range and 1200 for gauss, is the weapon capable of performing? Yes, it the weapon capable of performing above the avarege weapon of this mount type? No.

other thing to make clear, this is about geting the worst weapon in game, in which you can equip in a ship, so even if X weapon is not acessible in the campain, but you can equip it on a ship if you get it, it does count.

Discussions / Hi Guys I'm back
« on: February 16, 2020, 04:18:57 PM »
So for some reason starsector software decided to stop work on my notebook novenber last year, and by that I mean the idle droped to 0% and the game was running at 30 fps, this somehow only hapened at my notebook, and at the same time my brother was running starsector on his notebook, which was far older than Mine, at 60 fps and 10% idle, but the game has now retuned to normal, I'll post the vídeos of the bug as soon as my notebook is capable of being used.

Some other things that hapened this year:
I entered college for digital games, which means as soon as possible I will try to make a mod.
I did not go to the second day and third days of college because I did go to the hospital to see if I had dengue dever, which was not possible, since that was on day two, not on day 8, and now I Will lose this entire weak of classes just because of a dever I don't even know I have...

so first off let's know who is Guardian:


but why whould I call this ship stronger than a Radiant?

Simple this ship can just out-range, out-run and out-tank a Radiant, that's all because of how the ship is made, but first let's see what this ship, and why all she does is tranform this ship into a moster.

First, she has Auroras ship system, Plasma Jets, making she Really fast, since her's acelleration goes from kinda meh to insanely good, acelleration defining the true speed of a ship in combat, Radiant system is locked to the direction the ship is going so if you are acellerating backyards to disengage and the ship is still moving foward ativating her's ship system will not only send you foward but also disable your shield, allowing for your armor to be sheaped in the time the shield needs to get back up, meanwhile Guardian's system just make her able to desingage an enemy beyond that, the only mobility system that surpaces Plasma Jets is Hyperion's Phase Teleporter;

Second, she has Paragon's Signature hull mod Advaned Targeting Core, alone she is not scarry, but when conbined whit not one, not two, not three but for Gauss Cannons makes she being the ship which has the longest targeting distance for kinetics, and she also can out range ATC+AO Tachyon Lance by about 50-100su, making she not only the only ship in game which has this combination of out ranging a Paragon;

Third, as all droneships she is an automated ship, making her really better to suport, since you only pay for Supplies and Fuel to use;

Fourth, she has Missile Autoforge as a base mod, so she can just span missiles all she whants whitout getting punished for this;

to her Stats,
from the three ships which have 25k base capacitors, she has the worst flux dissipation at 1k/s vs 1.25k/s of Paragon and 1.5k/s from Radiant;

she also has the most armor from it's group at 1.7k armor vs 1.5k from both Paragon and Radiant and almost tying up whit Onslaught at 1.75k;

she has the highest base OP at 450 vs 320 from Radiant and 370 from both Paragon and XIV Onslaught;
she has 3 large Hybrid(Balistic+Energy) weapon mounts, are complemented by 2 Large Composite(Balistics+Missiles), recomended loadout is two Gauss and two Tachyon Lances and the backyards most left empty;

8 Medium mounts to furter complent her's Large payload, 2 Missiles and 6 Hybirds, Add the missiles you want, Harpoons are recomended, and of the 6 Hybrids use the 2 forwards and backyards but not from the sides, recomended use is 2 Heavy Mauler in foward and two dual flacks at backyard;

8 Small Hybrid mounts, use the two foward facing turrets from both sides to place 4 Burst PD Lasers to protect your foward from missiles;

recomentded Hull Mods to make her even more powerfull, no Lodout Desing:

Advanced Optics(AO) for the extra range on her Tachyon Lances, since it needs to have a range similar to the Gauss Cannon to be usable;
Stabilised Shields, Herdened Shields and Extended Shields to increase the Shield power;
Resistent Flux Conduits for extra vent speed;
Heavy Armor and Armored Weapon Mounts for for extra armor;
44 Caps and 50 Vents;

for Lodout Desing 3 pesants:
Reinforced Bulkheads for extra HP, not like she needs it;
49 Caps and 60 Vents;

Video Explanation
I'm with a cold now, will get gameplay to use in it and do a Post Comment

General Discussion / Ansering to a necropost...
« on: September 14, 2019, 01:07:43 PM »
This may be a little bit of a necro, but I have to chime in here. It just happened to me too. I clicked on the agree to turn on my transponder and got attacked anyway.  If this is supposed to be a tutorial, it needs to teach you HOW to turn on the transponder. I am literally alt tabbing out of the game to write this and I just checked.. I do not see anything with the words transponder on the control bar.  I just thought I would post this before having to open up a new tab to look up how to actually do the tutorial.  (This game looks like it will be amazing..just hard not to show my frustration at a tutorial)

try hiting top bar 1 twice, it's configured to that as default

Suggestions / Avenger cannon: a limiteded ammo small balistic weapon
« on: August 28, 2019, 03:23:57 PM »
So I was thinking of how could we give more uses for extended mags, and I though of this new weapon, só let's see what it is capable of:

Name: Avenger Rotary Cannon
Damage type: High Explosive
Fire Rate: 60 shots per Second
Ammo: 300 shots
Low damage per shot
Mid-short range

Special effects:

Under Acelerated Ammo Fedder:
2*reload rate vs 2*fire Rate

General Discussion / Need help increasing the memory aloction
« on: August 11, 2019, 05:52:26 PM »
So I'm having a problem finding the place were you can edit to change the memory alocation, I know that's a thing in java, but I have no idea were you can change it;

why do I want to change the amount of memory?
that will get it's video on Bug and Reports soon

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