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I was trying to post a bug report and I am not even sure how to do that, I took the bottom half of my starector.log, copied and pasted it in the forum for the mod I think was broken but I could not submit my post. Told me to contact an admin but I am not sure how to do that or how to find one. So please help me out if you can or point me to where I need to be/go in order to get help.

Modding / Alternative Portraits
« on: August 30, 2019, 09:07:39 AM »
Open the spoiler below to see a few of the portraits alternatives that the mod has to offer.


^ There are more than what is being shown here, I had some extra space so I filled the middle out with one of my favorite portrait sets.

This is a work in progress mod. There will be future updates adding more portraits. This mod can be updated freely and will not brake saves doing so. If there is a chance of it doing so I will mention it but as future updates will most likely only be adding and not removing then it should be braking saves.


I love the default art style that the game has and playing with faction mods. Sometimes I want to roleplay a faction with a certain portrait but the portrait doesn’t quite fit the theme I am going for. Other times I look at a station or fleet and there are two of the same portraits and that is just a little bit sad. So I made this mod to fix that.

Currently, this mod only adds in 18 alternative character portraits but there is a total of 231 variations of them combined so far and more to come.

I started off with my favorite portraits and made variations of them and then moved onto interesting looking ones. I plan to do them all eventually.

Two slight issues with this mod so far is that because of things like lack of female portraits I have done so far and the abundance of the ones I have done, that most of the females you will encounter will mostly be of three done so far in my portrait mod. The other issue is that I have not yet taken the time to make the portraits faction-specific as in the default game. I play with Nexerelin and random core worlds with a ton of faction mods. I don’t really take note of which faction I am dealing with and what they look like but I have once been flagged down by an academic in a bar that was an armored tin head and got a good laugh out it. I do plan on making a faction-specific version of the portraits like the default game but not until I am done with all the portraits.

The future plan for this mod is once it is done I will make a build your own mod package for you to download and package yourself. This will have options like all left facing portraits, all right-facing portraits, an even mix of directional facing portraits and (currently) default facing portraits. There will also be slimmed down version of this mod with the best four or five of each of the portraits. There will also be the option of faction-specific portraits like in the default game. There may be more options to choose from when I get to that point.

You can create your own faction capability mod file yourself with a little bit of know-how.
Simply navigate to the mod you want to make a compatible version of, say for example Hazard Mining Incorporated.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Fractal Softworks\Starsector\mods\HMI\data\world\factions

And find the faction file. In this case, HMI is the faction file we are looking for, open the file in notepad and check the faction ID, the ID is HMI. With that bit of knowledge, we can now make the faction in-game use all of the portrait variants as well.

Navigate to the Alternative Portraits mod faction section and find and copy the player.faction file (or any one of them) and then rename the copy to hmi. It should look like this: hmi.faction. The sentencing case doesn’t matter, only the spelling.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Fractal Softworks\Starsector\mods\Alternative Portraits\data\world\factions\player.faction

This example should help you with whatever faction mod you are using and want to make them compatible to use the portraits in them.

Although I made this mod, the art assets belong long to Fractal Softworks / Starsector and they can do whatever they want with them. You can only use their portraits for your mod if it is going to be used in Starsector (not elsewhere) but it would be best if this mod was made a requirement for your mod else there would be needless duplicates being created.


Version 1.0.0 (August 30, 2019)
Initial release


When attempting to make a purchase a warning pops up that informs you that it will raise your suspicion level, (giving you the option to not proceed to do so).

Or another option method is too instead inform you whenever you raise it by a level after the last purchase.

(The first option is before doing so, the other option is after you have done so).

Basically, the idea is to give the player feedback so they are awe of their actions and not caught off guard when leaving the station.

Edit: Just for clarification, there are few ways to make an illegal purchase and perhaps unknowingly doing so.

The first one would be opening the cargo black market, that is a no brainer and a player choice but beyond that...

There is navigating the ship fleet tabs of the available ships looking for the ideal ship to purchase. The process of switching back and forth between tabs you might lose track of what tab you are on when you spot the ship you want and go ahead and make the purchase without thinking. This has happened to me before, it was my fault but I was looking at so much info and focused on that, that I lost track of what tab I was on and was only focused on the ship types and ship specs.

The other way is when buying mounted weapons and not closing the black market purchase option. It is kind of hard to tell (to me at least) when it is on or off. So sometimes I end up making purchases from it.

The other one is when making Autofit purchases and forgetting to toggle off the buy from Black market option. It is clustered in amongst options you will generally want to be toggled on so you may forget to toggle it off (out of sight, out of mind - my mind sees all blue and says that it is all good). I think by default it is toggled on. This has happened to me often. I forget that I should turn it off when making a quick setup purchase.

I often find myself auto-equipping a ship and find I am missing a mod needed and want to check back into the shop to see if I can purchase it, then I have to close down the menu and then click to visit the shop from the main menu. I would like a button to quickly switch between other menus (fleet, refit) and get back to the shop with a click of a newly added button.

My potato of a laptop takes a long time load up the game, only for me to find out that there is a new version of a mod I am using is out once I am finally in-game. It would be best if I could found out if there any mods that are outdated before I even launch the game.

When landing somewhere and you want to use the option: Repair your ships at the dockyard – Auto purchase repair supplies to do so if you select that option. Of course with a coast announcement of how much it will coast you and how much you have, if you wish to make the purchase. (Confirm or deny option if you wish to do so).

I should clarify, I am talking about not using up your supplies but rather purchasing more from the base to make up for the repairs.

I am not complaining. I find it very fun.

Bug Reports & Support / I really hate that I know of this, it bugs me
« on: August 19, 2019, 01:18:37 PM »

I don't know why it is like that but I hate that it exists, there shouldn't be anything there.

This will make hunt downs easier and save the time from having to view each ships info with F1 to find out who to pick for the hunt of the last runaway ships.

Suggestions / Suggestion in the comment.
« on: August 18, 2019, 03:36:09 AM »
When traveling with the Sustained Burn on and you do something else like an Active Sensor Burst or Emergency Burn then it should re-enable the Sustained Burn back on automatically again.

The player has to re-enable it every single time and just gets so annoying the longer you play. I hate it when I forget or don't realize quick enough and just sit there or slowly trudge along for a while before having to manually get myself back to moving quickly again.

The blue background image bar of the Play and Pause UI elements on the left of the screen are leftover and not removed from the tactical map when going down into the battle map. They should be removed along as with the play and pause buttons as well, rather than remaining behind.

Suggestions / Autofit custom mod selection
« on: August 17, 2019, 05:50:04 AM »
A selection option to open up a menu (check/tick selection) so you can select the hull features & mods you own to be auto-fitted into the loadout selected.

This would make the Autofit option really great as for instance I want to add in the Burn Boost mod – Alignment Drive Field onto all my ships using Autofit, that is a lot of mod points and I don’t like doing the Autofit option and then trying to figure out where I am going to get all the points for the ship to add on the mod. It would helpful if the game did all the thinking for me. Not just for the lazy but for the noobs (like me) as well.

I was looking through the art assets in the cargo folder (I am looking at making a mod) with windows picture view and sliding through them and noticed that the survey_data.png is just 1 pixel higher than all the other survey data art assets.

That bugged me after noticing it so I fixed it on my side.

Not sure if you guys want to take the time to lower by 1 pixel so all the data survey icons line-up in the inventory or not. I just thought I would let you guys know.

So I found that when doing the simulation and testing my setup, sometimes I want to deploy my part of, or my whole fleet. So I start off with the ship I am working on and then I select who I want and deploy a long side them but then it closes the whole reinforcement setup menu before I can get to select who I want to go up against. I would think it is better too auto-close on the enemy setup rather than on your squad (Allies) setup as that is usually who would select first before then choosing who you will be going up against.

I like the auto-close feature just not when I have not selected anyone to go up against yet.

Suggestions / System tests in the Refit menu.
« on: August 08, 2019, 10:56:37 PM »
So I refitting my new ship and was looking at the Auxilary Thrusters - Increase the ship's maneuverability by 50% and found myself thinking just how much is that would that be a boost for this ship? Without it being shown in the ships info the only way to know would be to run a simulation and test it with it off and with it on. That would involve loading in and loading out more than once and hoping to notice the difference between then.

So I had an idea, wouldn't it be great if there was a button I could just press [Test Systems] and an asteroid would appear and the ship would just fly around it shooting it. Form there I could just remove the Auxilary Thrusters and see how the change affects the ship in real-time. I could also use a system like that to test how the ship increases its performance with a captain on or off the ship.

This type of system reminds me of a Training Dummy in other games in which the player tests their DPS with their current setup/load-out of equipment. This could very well be used in the same way.

Currently, the way it is designed is static, (or maybe I am mistaken in think that is static). Maybe a live little test area would have to be created too overlay the current design or something or, maybe it could be changed/redesigned to not be static.

I am not sure something like this could be easily added but it would be nice.

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