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Modding / Removing portraits from existing vanilla factions
« on: July 21, 2020, 11:22:06 PM »
Hi there.

I am a novice in Starsector modding, and although I haven't released anything in the Forum yet I've done some small mods for personal use. I was planning on releasing a Portrait Pack with new portraits, but I was looking for a way to remove portraits added by the vanilla faction files into vanilla factions (without editing the original ones) so that, for example, Hegemony Factions characters do not appear with non-Hegemony portraits, like portrait13.png,  portrait15.png, etc.
I was unsure if there was a way to do this, as with the Portrait mod that I made all that I do is add new portraits into a custom Hegemony.FACTION file.

Thanks for the help in advance.  :D
 If this thread doesn't belong here I ask that it's moved where it'd be appropriate.

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