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Suggestions / Nemesis system and bounty hunters actually hunting you down
« on: February 02, 2019, 01:44:24 AM »
So there are games like Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of war that have a system which creates boss-tier enemies that are unique, can level and make things more personal.

Maybe it would be possible to implement system that creates fleet commanders that would level up, upgrade their fleets and eventually hunt you if you get on their bad side (like bounty hunters doing their damn job if you turn pirate or Vengeful relations description actually turning out true as factions send out a fleet prepared just to get you).
They don't need to be numerous, as it would probably end up in clutter, but giving them a decent chance to survive the lost battle would help creating more storyline of rivalry with that commander.
I think it would enhance overall gameplay and also would make late-game challenging.

And as I mentioned earlier, enable bounty hunter to track you down and hunt you if you anger a faction (with pirates only at vengeful and more rarely, they're already numerous).

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