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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: Codex Overhaul (05/11/24)

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Suggestions / Espionage, Sector Intelligence Operations, and Black Ops
« on: December 18, 2018, 03:58:11 PM »
With 0.9 out and building your own faction as an actual vanilla mechanic, are espionage and "Off the Records" gameplay mechanics planned anytime soon? I know NEX mod did some rudimentary stuff with its Agents and Saboteurs.

But I did some thinking: What if there was a structure that you could build on your colonies akin to the CIA? Something that deals in gathering intelligence and directing espionage operations like letting you know where Pather and Pirate bases are, increasing the chances of getting certain items when raiding on a particular planet because agents have narrowed down where they are on a certain planet, finding out derelict ships out in the unexplored sector that are definitely recoverable, etc.

I figured for something like that you can also now hire Intel Officers the same way you can hire Fleet officers for ships and Admins for colonies, and depending on your decision you can have them either placed in your colonies (which reduce and hamper pather insurgent sleeper cell operations, and find out pirate bases and Pather ahead of time), deployed as sleeper agents on any chosen planet of another faction (which can do what Pather cells do like blow up your refineries, and maybe even sabotage defense fleets and soften up ground defenses for raids), and maybe even have them flat out steal blueprints or valuable items from time to time if the Intel Officers are skilled enough.

And for Black Ops, maybe be able to hire a third party to raid a faction you really don't like or send out clandestine fleets that strike at faction affiliated traders (since now you can get intel about when Mercantile Fleets are departing). Or perhaps you can set your own faction bounties, so whenever someone else destroys ships of the designated faction they are paid.

On the other hand espionage and black ops can be used by rival factions as well, like fleets of hostile ships that show up at your colony doorstep unannounced unlike Expeditions to wreck your stuff, or sleeper agents that only start hurting your assets when their faction starts hostilities with you (and can only be neutralized/captured by agents of your own). Perhaps even proxy wars of some sort because the Luddic Church just paid a sum of credits to some Independents so they only turn hostile when they enter player controlled colony space. Perhaps you better keep some agents on the defense instead of deploying to the Sector because some fleet officer you hired off of Jangala was actually an undercover Tri-Tachyon corporate spy , and when he finally acts he severely damages the ship you put him in control of just before an engagement with a Tri-Tach assassination force or even disappears from your officer roster completely along with a nanoforge or even an AI core (the amount of sabotage damage and/or item stolen depends on how long he/she's been in your fleet (maybe determined by officer level since usually a max level officer has been in your fleet for a while)).

And sometimes your own sleeper agents who fail their mission, gets captured, or awaiting extraction after a successful mission needs to be picked up so you can have your Intelligence Operations send out a recovery fleet or even you can pick up your agents yourself (sometimes your transponders need to be off and/or need a squad of Marines to bust them out of captivity). And sometimes your own faction agents capture agents of your own and maybe even for a price your can get them to betray their own factions (sooner or later maybe a Diktat fleet shows up just to kill her or rescue her depending on what happens).

Just some things I've been thinking of what do you guys think?

Had a battle against a sizable pirate fleet, even thought I managed to destroy the entire fleet the option to claim victory didnt pop up. This is the second time this has happened, I don't know what exactly causes it. The only way for me to leave combat was to either exit the game or have all of my ships retreat.

Suggestions / More Uses For AI Cores?
« on: December 12, 2018, 04:23:08 PM »
So far in the game AI cores are for colony management, or dumping into a factions recycling bin (Unless you are Tri-Tach then you just probably hook it up to the Sector's equivalent of the Internet so it can troll Luddic Church nerds).

Unless I'm missing something.

What about the ability to use Gamma, Beta, and even Alpha cores as ship officers? Each core gives you a one time "Generate AI Officer" option that gives you a AI captain but consumes that singular core. And the option lets you randomly generate an AI captain with a set of skills a normal human captain would have, with Gamma having a basic low level captains worth of skill points (I have too many Gamma cores holy crap I just wanna duct tape like  dozen of them together to make one alpha core), while an Alpha level is basically a max level captain with bonuses for being the latest version of sentient Windows.

Of course you probably don't need to actually pay the AI captains, and all three levels of AI captains have their own set of bonus that progressively gets better as you go from Gamma core to Alpha cores.

The main incentive to use AI captains is that they allow you to go over the limit of officers you can have, so you can go pass the 10+ officer limit. But a major downside is that if a patrol of a faction that hates AI makes contact with your fleet and searches them there is a huge chance they will find out your fleet has MURDERBOT.exe acting as captain, the faction immediately brands you  criminal and starts hunting you down.

Another downside to somewhat balance this is the amount and quality of AI captains you can actually use in your fleet, a bit like the deployment costs for ships in combat. So say you can use a large amount of somewhat stupid Gamma Captains, but can only use say one or two Alpha captains.

Another thing I thought up of if is if you can attack the occasional shipping convoy and find AI cores in them, particularly  luddic church, and Tri-Tach convoys. If you take these cores to a Remnant red beacon system, you can give them to the Nexus there and who know maybe you can make some robot friends because you brought back some poor Beta core's girlfriend.

General Discussion / Flying Bricks and Burn Drives
« on: April 25, 2018, 01:40:37 PM »
As much as I love ships with heavy armor and disproportionate amount of guns on it, the Dominator and Onslaught seems to be extremely reluctant in using their burn drives.

They both seem to be something that should be on the front lines trading blows but every single battle with those ships they almost never use their Burn Drives to actually get there and fight. Even if I deploy them first and faster ships second, they always end up at the back of the fleet eventually.

And when the battle really starts to get going because they are lagging behind so much, most of the brunt of the fighting is done by everything EXCEPT the Dominators and Onslaughts. More than once I had half my fleet dying to a more flexible hostile armada before the big guns even arrive.

Note, I'm saying this when not in player hands. Is this just a case of computer controlled cowardice? Is there a number somewhere I can tweak to allow for more aggressibe Burn Drive usage?

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